Virginia Photos 2003

Pictures and Adventures of Life in The Old Dominion
New Bern Bear 1  01/02/03 Welcome to New Bern North Carolina! My family and I took a trip over the Christmas break to New Bern North Carolina. New Bern is a fascinating city of 25,000 or so people and filled with wonderful historic buildings and modern wonders. The friendly atmosphere of its people is everywhere! Located were the Trent and Neuse River meet New Bern is a town that has the best of both worlds, water and land. Over the next week, I will feature photos of New Bern.  Enjoy! 700,000 Dollar House 1  01/03/03 Got $ 700,000 in Spare Change?! This beautiful 1903 Victorian Mansion is for sale. Located on the Trent River in New Bern NC it is a breath taking house with slate roofs. Don't like the color well for $25,000 more you can paint it, personally I think I like the color!  Enjoy! New Bern's Founder 1  01/06/03 The Founder of New Bern NC Baron Christopher De Graffenreid from Bern Switzerland , founded New Bern NC on September 11, 1710. Although North Carolina had been previous settle, incredible as it seems, New Bern was the first organized and substantial colony in North Carolina.  Enjoy! Ten Comandments 1  01/07/03 The Ten Commandments and School  Over the past couple of months there has seem to be some controversy of placing the Ten Commandments in school. What's the problem? I understand the separation between Church and State but how far do we carry it? Some people say if offends there religious beliefs and should not be placed in public school but they seem to a minority of opinion. However, because of this, they cannot be placed. I say what about our rights? If we want them we should have them, after all doesn't a majority rule in a Republic or Democracy? Besides, many of the Commandments express good traits of citizenship for our county and mankind. Schools should project positive traits, so humanity will grow in a positive direction because some of our parents, so often fail in this area and the schools are left to clean up their messes. Their are so many negative distractions that are protected under law, why can't we express the positives ones like the Ten Commandments, and build a better future for our children!  Enjoy!
Tyron Palace 1  01/08/03 Tyron Palace New Bern NC Tyron Palace was the last royal palace capital resident built by the British prior to the American Revolutionary War in New Bern NC. After the war, the palace fell in disrepair because it represented the much despised royal crown. Early in the 20th century, it was rebuilt from the preexisting foundation and now serves as a beautiful tourist attraction in New Bern. It is a must see for all visitors to the city. Noah's Ark 2  01/09/03 Animal Paradise Noah's Ark Animal Complex recently completed on Callaway road in Franklin County VA is up and running for business. The complex is an excellent resource for your animal's needs. The structure, open fields and pond lends a relaxing setting to its furry cliental.   Enjoy! Sea of Debt 2  01/10/03 Rising from Sea of Debt After being forced to close because of debt, The Grandin Theater curtain once again rises. Roanoke's last true movie theater with its mixture of Victorian and gothic interior is entertaining the people of the valley once more! The theater not only shows a great selection of movies but provides an atmosphere of the way movie going used to be unlike many of these mega-plex movie theaters today. If your in the valley go visit the Grandin you won't be disappointed!   Enjoy! Birth Place of Pepsi 1  01/13/03 Birth Place of Pepsi-Cola! I was walking down in downtown New Bern and chance upon this really cool discovery, New Bern NC is the Birth Place of Pepsi-Cola, Wow I didn't know that!  Enjoy!
Science Muesum Visit 1  01/14/03 Science Museum Visit! My youngest daughter and I took the day off a while back and visited the Science Museum at The Center in The Square in downtown Roanoke! We had a splendid time, exploring the museum. Every parent should take some time off once in a while and escape the rat race and enjoy spending time with their children. The race will wait, they grow so fast...  Enjoy! Camera Ham 1  01/15/03 Camera Ham! My brother in law Steve decided he wanted to be published by shooting a picture of me, while I was taking one of him.   Enjoy! Warehouse Restrarant 1  01/16/03 Historic Lunch! The Harvey Mansion Restaurant was originally a warehouse built in 1797. Since then it has seen many faces and housed many dreams. It is one of the last remaining structures of its day still standing in New Bern NC.    Enjoy! Virginia Museum OF Transportation 1  01/17/03 Along for the Ride! Roanoke's Virginia Museum OF Transportation is a great stop for any local or visitor alike. The museum boast some excellent exhibits of modes of transportation from the past. Housed in a turn of the 20th century rail station the museum's atmosphere gives the visitor a feeling of stepping back into the past.    Enjoy!
Snow Bell 1  01/21/03 Snow Bell   It snow the other day! Although we only got an inch or so it covered the ground with a blanket of white. The temperatures have been down to 15 F! It is supposed to snow this Thursday, I know my students will be excited about another day of sledding!   Enjoy! Giant Ground Sloth 1  01/22/03 Welcome from the Virginia Museum of Natural History! My Earth Science Department took a field trip today to speak with the museum's research staff in a behind the scene tour. The museum is a winner despite Gov. Mark Warner's narrow sighted budget cuts which I have the solution for, but he has yet contacted me! Anyway, the museum was moving in a new exhibit as we visited and it should be up and running in a few days. Check it out and support the museum! Hey, if your into bugs, "The Bug Doctor" at the museum needs a new technician to help with research, he's a great guy and worth helping out!   Enjoy! Freezed Dry 1  01/24/03 Freeze Dried Snow Mocha It has been burr... here in Virginia! Even the snow has been freeze dried like instant coffee! Temperatures have only reached a high of 12 F! The present weather is a balmy  7 F. The arctic blast has covered much of the nation and is expected to even reach Florida by today.  Be careful as you bathe in polar weather!  Enjoy! Wood Meade House 1  01/23/03 The Wood-Meade House  I discovered this beautiful old historic home in Rocky Mount, Virginia the other day. I thought the rounded brick porch column support was really unique. The house is listed on the 1966 Virginia Historical Society landmarks registry and that's all I can tell you at this time. However, I think it would be really cool to learn the living history of the home and tell its story. If anyone has information concerning the house please e-mail me at I would like to feature it again on the site.   Enjoy!
Think Your Having a Bad Day 1  01/27/03 Think Your Having A Bad Day?! Look At My Teeth!!!! It's another manic Monday and the students will finally get a week of school. The snow and cold weather are behind us for a while its supposed to be in the forties this week a change from the teens.  Enjoy! Old Church Marker 1  01/29/03 Stone Church   I recently was out taking photos of Rocky Mount's historic homes and ran across this curious marker in a yard across from the Wood-Meade house I feature the other day. The marker seem out of place because it set in a yard of a home from the 1940's. It would be interesting to know the history behind this now vanished church. If anyone has any information please contact me at .  Enjoy! Ice Bridge 1  01/30/03 Bridge Over Frozen Water...   I capture this old  foot bridge in Callaway the other day. Temperatures are supposed to warm up to freezing, a nice change from the bitter cold of the past few days, Thursday evening  forecast is snow!!!!!  Enjoy! Stall Manager 2  01/31/03 Stall Manager My family and I went for a drive in the newly fallen snow and happen upon this real cool scene of the employee's of the Blue Ridge History and Farm Museum hanging around the hay cooler!  Enjoy!
Grateful Nation 1  02/02/03 A Grateful Nation Mourns  A Grateful Nation mourns the lost of the seven crew members of the space shuttle Columbia. These seven represented what is best about humanity and our desire to reach out and make a better a world through the exploration of space. May God bless and keep them in his loving arms and grant their families peace. The Ridge and Valley Photo Journal Essay salutes these heroes and will not update this page for seven days in honor of each.  God Bless America and Israel! In Season  02/10/03 "In Season"  Abandon cabins are now in season in the area. "Hunters" please remember the "Bag Limits" on these slightly domesticate units!  Enjoy! Quiet Sunrise  02/11/03 Quiet Sunrise  Another glorious snow day in Virginia. I couldn't help but be capture by the beautiful Sun-flare over the snow as the sun rose, it reminded me of God's never ending wondrous creation.  Enjoy! Lee 1  02/12/03 Virginia's Son  Robert E. Lee was a great Virginia son. Lee was a great general during the American Civil War and a great college president afterwards at Washington and Lee University which partly bears his name. Lee serve both sides with conviction before the war, during the war and afterwards.  Enjoy!
War 1  02/13/03 America Stands Ready! America stands ready to defend her peace against those who would do her harm. As we stand on high alert against cowards who would harm the innocence in their acts of terror, we shall overcome all who threaten the rights of people to be free!  Enjoy! Love Pig 1  02/14/03 Happy Valentine's Day  May your day be filled with spirit of love!  Enjoy! School's Out 1  02/17/03 School's Out!  Virginia has been having a blast of snow and the Farmers Almanac has been 100 percent right! Snow is in the forecast we shall see.  Enjoy! Frozen Cow 1
Frozen Cow 2 100th Picture Snow!  02/18/03 Snow Bound!!!  Virginia has been snow bound for days. Sledding has been good along with quiet moments of reflection.  Enjoy! Ice Garden 1  02/19/03 Ice Garden  Temperatures have been below freezing the past couple of days preventing the melting of ice and snow across the region but are expect to rise today and cause melting. I capture this picture of a frozen bush before thaw expected today.  Enjoy! Snow Mountains 1  02/20/03 Iced Over  The mountains still remain iced over despite the warm temperatures yesterday.  Enjoy!
Snow Melt 1  02/21/03 Snow Melt  The snow is falling off the trees as warmer weather has set in. The forecast is one inch of rain this weekend, have fun and keep dry!  Enjoy! Flood 1  02/24/03 Flood!  Flooding ravages Southwestern Virginia from a combination of melting snow to inches of rainfall over the weekend, stay dry!  Enjoy! Heathless Home 1  02/26/03 Hearth without a Home...  The chimney stands ready but the hearth lies cold without a home to warm. This 17th century flume lies still and undisturbed as nature reclaims the land around this once small and modest home. One can only wonder of the tales told to children so many generations ago as they gather around the fire.  Enjoy! Guinea Hen 1  02/28/03 Sound the Alarm!  These Guinea Hens sound the alarm of approach. Originally from Africa, these fowl are now domesticated world wide and are value for their eggs and meat. They also make great "watch dogs" and sound off when someone approaches. My friend keeps several of these birds on his farm not for their meat or eggs but for their company. Also wild Peacocks not native to the region have been seen all over the area too, I wonder how they got there....mmh?  Enjoy!
Snow Wagon 1  03/02/03 Missing Horse Power  The eerie sound of silence echoes from this snow covered barn as the animals have settle in from the cold. The wagon is stands ready but no horse to lead can be found. The Ridge and Valley Photos would like to pay tribute to the memory of "Mr. Rodgers" Thank you neighbor for the message of love and hope you brought to us, May God bless and keep you in his arms.   Enjoy! Awaiting Spring 1  03/04/03 Awaiting Spring!  The Rocky Mount Farmers Market lays barren, but soon the Earth will bring forth life as Spring approaches in two weeks. The warm weather will bring the sounds of the open air market and trading of stories and goods.  Enjoy! Rocky Mount Court House 1  03/06/03 Hear Ye Hear Ye...  The Franklin County Court House is an historic court house dating back to the early 1800's. It's classical style is typical of early 19th century Greek revival period of American Architecture.  Enjoy! SunRise 3  03/08/03 A New Day is Born  Sunrises are one of the best shows on Earth. I brave the cold this morning to capture this image but found myself in prayer, as I thank God for the glory of His Wondrous Creation.  Enjoy!
Here Comes The Sun 1  03/10/03 Here Comes The Sun!  After days of overcast and gloomy skies the Sun has emerged and spring like days are here!  Enjoy! Diamond On Main Street 1  03/12/03 A Diamond On Main Street!  Under the canvas of the Blue Ridge Jewelers lies a precious resource center. The Creative Learning Center is an excellent store in which to purchase materials for learning of all ages. On my visit, the staff made me feel welcome and were very knowledgeable about resources that suited my needs. Whether you are a Teacher or Home Schooling Parent, this is the place for your instructional needs. They also offer tutoring sessions for students who need help with their work. Check it out, I highly recommend it!  Enjoy! Lane 1  03/14/03 Economic Woe or Economic Greed?  The Story of Lane continues to haunt many people of this area as it hurt the economy of Franklin County. Lane furniture was a highly successful furniture manufacturer producing high quality pieces for several generations. Suddenly, they closed citing production cost and NAFTA as the cause according to many former employees who I spoke with and the company declared default. Many employees who had dedicated their lives to the company suddenly found themselves out in the cold with no compensation to speak of. The company claimed it did not have money to operate. If this was true ,the story would end here, but Lane move its equipment and has reopened overseas using a cheaper labor, Economic Woe or Economic Greed? Talk with people on both sides and...  Decide Yourself! St. Patricks Day 2003 1  03/16/03 St. Patrick's Day Parade  Roanoke held its annual St. Patrick's/Celtic Festival yesterday.  I managed to take photos during lunch from my graduate class I am taking from UVA. The festivities and the parade were wonderful, even the overcast skies and threat of rain  did not dampen the day's events  Enjoy!
Lucky Pig 1  03/18/03 Lucky Pig!  "Biscuit" wears his "Green" for St. Patrick's Day!  Enjoy! Whos Hunting 1  03/20/03 Who's Hunting Who?  I paid a visit to my friend's house today and caught this standoff between Cat, Fowl and Dog! To see the outcome click the picture below! Whos Hunting 2 Sunrise 4  03/22/03 Altostratus Sunrise!  I awoke the other day before Sunrise and notice this beautiful interaction between light and cloud forming on my horizon. After I took this photo, I spent the rest of the moment watching this incredible scene unfold!  Enjoy!
Hotel Roanoke 2 Hotel Roanoke 1  03/24/03 Hotel Roanoke  Looking for 5 star service look no further! Hotel Roanoke is the place with its ultra modern convention center to its 19th century atmosphere this historical landmark since 1882 has provided countless visitors to the valley comfort and elegance. Click on the historic landmark for further history below! Old Bridge 1  03/26/03 Old Bridge  The Old 10th street bridge in Roanoke is one of the last Iron Bridges in the area. Built early in the 20th century, this bridge spans the Norfolk and Southern Railroad in downtown.  Enjoy! Heroic Pig 1  03/28/03 Heroic Pig!  "Biscuit" displays his patriotic pride. God Bless Our Troops is message that all Americans should heed. Next time you have chance thank a soldier for answering the call of freedom and say "The Pledge of Allegiance" with pride. Make no mistake we live in a free society that has been  paid for with sacrifice. We need to support our troops, president and this country. God Bless America!  Enjoy!
Snow Again 1  03/30/03 Wow Snow!  I woke this morning to an incredible event, The Blue Ridge is enjoying a late March snow. We are supposed to receive 3 to 4 inches. Let it Snow Let Snow!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy! Dumpster Dog 1  04/01/03 Dumpster Dog!  Its a bird, no its a plane, no its a shame! I have a feeling that this poor guy has been dropped off at our Wade Park Dumpster. He doesn't seem to have a collar and is hanging around there. Why do people do terrible things like this? They should have taken him to the S.P.C.A were he could have been adopted by some more deserving person, unlike the low life that abandon him. I have tried to befriend this guy but he is real timid. I believe with the right kind person and love he would be a wonderful pet.  Remember Don't Abandon Pets They have Feelings Too! Roanoke Higher Ed Center 1  04/03/03 Higher Education Center  Once the nerve center of the Norfolk and Western railroad this mid nineteen thirties office building has become the Roanoke Valley Higher Education Center which, houses many Universities off site campuses. The center is state of the art for both student and facility.  Enjoy! Awaiting Orders 1  04/05/03 Awaiting Orders  The Norfolk and Western Railroad help create and shaped the town of "Big Lick" into Roanoke City in the early 1880's. Now called the Norfolk and Southern, the railroad provides the area with a vast diversity of economic growth and products.  Enjoy!
Flower Spring 1  04/07/03 Spring Awakens  These Daffodil's are among the first messenger flowers that tell that spring is here!  Enjoy! Evening Sky 1  04/09/03 Last Light  Rain has been falling over the past couple of days, not many good shots. I took this picture the evening before the rain started and capture the last light between sky and field.  Enjoy! On the Hunt 1  04/11/03 On the Hunt  "Morris" is stalking something among the rocks. As you can tell the day has improved and the weekend is suppose to great. I hope to get some great astrophotography shots this weekend for the website, however, me and Astro a-focal photography are still in its infancy, so don't hold your breath!  Enjoy! Moon 1  04/13/03 One Small Step... and then a Cat Attack!  The other night was breath taking views of the heavens. I practiced with A-focal Astrophotography and I took a few shots till my old digital Kodak 215 "vampire" battery draining camera exhausted the power to my dismay! Learn a lot about camera mounts and eyepiece focusing through a digital preview screen. Had some other great potential photos until "Morris the Cat" rammed the tripod just as timer snapped the photo! I love cats but ....    Morris's Moon Picture! To View just double click the picture!  I however despite "Morris," I managed to get one last shot as the battery faded.....    To View this shot just double click the picture!  Enjoy!
Moon 2 Morris Moon 1 Insect 1  04/15/03 What is it?  I snapped this weird insect among the flowers the other day, not sure what type of insect it is. It flies and has a furry coat with two huge black antenna and extends some type of feeding tube to take nectar from the flower.  Click on the thumb nail below to get a different view point. If you know what type of insect it is please e-mail me at Look forward to hearing from you.    Double Click the picture to see it up close! Insect 2
Flower 3  04/17/03 Tulip Time  Ah yes, Spring is here and so are the tulip blooms. I fell in love with these flowers when I lived outside of Amsterdam many years ago.  Enjoy! Two Chimneys 1  04/19/03 A Tail of Two Chimneys  These two chimneys once adorn the Wade House now long gone. The grounds and the house now make up "Wade Park" in Franklin County and is enjoyed by all who visit the park. The park provides activities for all ages which include: outside gyms, trails and a running track.  Enjoy! Sunrise 5  04/21/03 The Best Show on Earth  Who need's TV? Not me, one of the blessing my family has come to appreciate is the lack of television. Living in the countryside far from cable and in a broadcast shadow where free TV doesn't work half the time has become a blessing. Sure we could get a satellite system and but I would have to pay for channels that I believe do a disfavor to our children today with their less than quality programming and I am not willing to support that! My family and I have come to rediscover, true programming not by some mindless, moral lacking stations but the show natures tunes us into everyday. Do yourself and your family a favor turn off the set and watch a sunset or a sunrise and rediscover the beauty of God's channel of His Wondrous Creation.  Enjoy! Electric Lunch 1  04/25/03 Electric Lunch  Eating at the Market Building in Downtown Roanoke is always a "charged experience!" The food choices are made for a worldly taste and the atmosphere electrifying.  Enjoy!
Presenting Colors 1  04/27/03 Presenting The Colors  I visited Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia this weekend. I was fortunate to see the changing of command of Virginia Tech's Core of Cadets. I will be featuring Tech this upcoming week on the Ridge and Valley Photo Journal!   Enjoy! On Review 1  04/29/03 Passing on Review   Virginia Tech's Core of Cadets passing in review! The soldiers were sharp and true to military standards, it brought back my days of past military experience.   Enjoy! Smith Field 1 Smith Field 2  05/01/03 Smithfield Plantation   Located on Virginia's Tech Campus, The Smithfield Plantation dates back to 1773. It is a beautiful colonial structure with wonderful matching grounds. You can tour the plantation for 5 dollars for an adult or 3 dollars as a student or child. A great deal to sample life from the era which bore America's Birth.   Enjoy!
Sunrise6  05/03/03 Rise and Shine   After several cloudy days the Sun finally unveils itself and a beautiful day awaits.   Enjoy! Callaway Fire 1  05/05/03 Fire in Callaway!   Callaway's local chainsaw/Lawn tractor shop has burn to the ground! I spoke with the owner briefly as we watch what was left of his shop smolder. He vows to set up a temporary structure and return to status quo as soon as possible.     Click Thumbnail to see additional fire picture  We hope to see you back in business soon! Calllaway Fire 3 Callaway Fire 2
Lyric Theater 1  05/07/03 LYRIC Theater   The LYRIC Theater is Blacksburg and Virginia Tech's on the scene alternative style movie house.   Enjoy! The Grove 1  05/09/03 Education Pays!   This stylish home is the President of Virginia Tech residents. Known as "The Grove," the house is a classic style of Victorian age. The next time someone reminds you that education and hard work pays off listen, remember this photo, who knows maybe someone day you will President of Tech.   Enjoy! Mothers Day 1  05/10/03 There are all kinds of Mothers, Remember Yours!   I happen upon this mother duck and her ducklings while on walk around Virginia Tech. Mom and the young ones head for the water as I approach and Dad keeps a keen watch on me. Happy Mothers Day!   Enjoy! Bee Happy 1  05/12/03 Bee Happy!   I shot this amazing photo last night in my wife's flower bed of a bumble bee sipping nectar.   Enjoy!
Iris 1  05/14/03 Iris   Here's another cool shot of a flower that I found blooming in the garden. Iris are quite common in the Ridge and Valley. These beautiful blooms however, do not last long and are replaced by a simple green plant blade.   Enjoy! Morris 2  05/16/03 What a Long Strange Trip its Been     Weather has been really rough lately. We are experiencing a wind fall of rain this spring and photo opportunities have been limited. Morris volunteer to pose for today's photo. I hope to get out and about this weekend for photo ops, as for Morris isn't that a face only a mother could love?   Enjoy! Carnivorus Pig 1  05/18/03 Carnivorous Pig!     "Biscuit" has reverted back to his ancestral nature. Pig's by nature are omnivorous in that eat both meat and plants as a source of nutrition. Bon Appetite!   Enjoy! Contridicting Terms 1  05/20/03 Contradicting Terms!     As I travel out and about I notice from time to time ironies such as conflicting terms side by side. These two terms are as far apart in the spectrum as one can get yet they remain side by side! I went back to re-shoot this photo and the "Psychotic Rage Paintball" had moved a few stores down. At last maybe the "Peace of Mind Store" will truly find its karma!   Enjoy!
Out of the Green Rises 1  05/22/03 A Flower Rises Among the Green....     In a world were everybody is telling you this or that, dare to be different and rise out of the mass and dream... and achieve. Remember God gave you a wonderful gift of life, even when times seem bad there is always a new day waiting for you!   Enjoy! 1984 Insect 1  05/23/03 The Class 2003 has Emerged!     These Locust were born seventeen years ago in 1986 and have finally emerged from the ground. They will spend the next few weeks feeding and breeding. Their offspring will emerge and take to the air in 2020! Hope to See Ya!    Enjoy! Smith Mountain Lake 1  05/25/03 The Sun finally Shines!     After four weeks of what seem never ending rain, the Sun finally emerges and people head for the lake. Smith Mountain Lake is a man made reservoir with approximately 750 miles of shore line, created by Smith Mountain Dam, which generates electrical power for AEP.    Enjoy! Liquid Fish 1  05/27/03 Liquid Fish     This fish pond seems to contain more fish than water. Actually its feeding time at the pond and the fish are awaiting their afternoon meal.    Enjoy!
Sunrise 6  05/29/03 Yes Virginia, The Sun Does Rise!     After what has seem a never ending parade of rain the Sun emerged and shined for a day.     Enjoy! Final Approach 1  05/31/03 On Final Approach     Canadian Geese have been hanging out in the field behind the house. This guy has been cleared to land and join his friends.     Enjoy! Geese Walking 1  06/02/03 Geese Walking     I had a chance to walk among the Canadian Geese as I photograph them.      Enjoy! Stand Off 1  06/04/03 Intellectual Stand Off!     I was out walking the road by the house the other day, when these guys came up to discuss physics with me.      Enjoy!
A New Day Rises 1 Only At Night 1  06/08/03 Only At Night     I shot this photo around 10 PM last night. This flower only blooms a short while and only at night!      Enjoy! Moon 3  06/10/03 Moon Over The Ridge     The weather gave me a break and we had full sky viewing last night.        Enjoy! Nectar Please 1  06/12/03 Nectar Please!     This little guy is ready to tap into the flower, bon appetite!        Enjoy!
Sunrise7 Bird Light 1  06/16/03 Bird Light     The weather here has been rain as usual. This spring has been the second wettest on record. The rain has been a blessing considering the severe drought we had last summer. I took this photo last month and decided to hold it for a rainy day. The weather is suppose to clear this up coming week and I will be out looking for photo opps.         Enjoy! Among the Thisles  06/18/03 Among the Thistles     Another day of rain! I was out walking with my daughter and I tried to take a photo of some yellow finches. The picture came out blurry so I took one of the thistle patch I ended up in.          Enjoy! Friends 1  06/20/03 Friends     Wow! You know how people are always telling you about something truly amazing and you wished you been there to see for yourself?!!! My daughter and I were returning from Roanoke and happen upon this is incredible moment in nature, a deer and a black cat were playing tag with each other about 15 yards from us. Aware of my presence, they ignore me and continue on with their game for five minutes as we watched  stun in disbelief!  God sure does provide us with wonders!     Enjoy!
Fossil Man 1  06/22/03 Team Fossil      The fossil duo are at it again. They have a great selection with museum quality pieces at prices that the common man can afford at the Roanoke City Market on weekends! If your into collecting, check them out.  I can tell you they are a few pieces lighter today, as I purchased from them!      Enjoy! Sunset 2  06/24/03 Sunset on the Blue Ridge      The Sun's light fades from the day as the mountains turn their unique blue color.      Enjoy! Mixture House 1  06/26/03 Old and New Don't Always Mix      This Franklin County home has always had a interest for me. The house was constructed around 1810 and I am fascinated with the post colonial architecture. I often found myself wanting to purchase this home and restore it to it's true self. Since, I probably will never own this fine home, I would like to comment to the present owners and ask them to lose the satellite dish and set up a white post fence instead of chain link to restore the house to its true grandeur.      Enjoy! Signs of the Past 1  06/28/03 Past Signs      I found these old and wonderful glimpses of the past near the market area in downtown Roanoke. Imagine taking a ride in a carriage or having a Pespi:Cola for a nickel, some of us still can, talk and spend some time with your great grand parents or grand parents and let them take you back. The experience will be the reward for both!     Enjoy!
Heavenly Light 1  06/30/03 Heavenly Light     I was out photographing the other evening and saw this amazing shaft of light reaching down from Heaven's itself!     Enjoy! Organic Food 1  07/02/03 Organic Only Please     The Roanoke Natural Foods CO-OP is an excellent place to purchase natural foods. The selection is great and the staff always ready to lend a hand. This site highly recommends this Mom and Pop operation!     Enjoy! Red White and Blue Pig  1  07/04/03 All American "Biscuit"     "Biscuit" the pig celebrates The day of American Independence. As each of us celebrate the birth of our nation, let us pause and give thanks to God and all who have gave the ultimate sacrifice and pay the price for our freedom. Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!     Enjoy! ScareCrow 1  07/06/03 Friendly Scarecrow     Driving up Callaway road towards Bent Mountain a friendly sort of fellow can be seen, waving to all who pass him by     Enjoy!
Sunrise8  06/06/03 A New Day Rises     I woke this morning wondering, what picture I was going to publish because I forgot my camera on my hike yesterday and God provided the answer with a another impressive sunrise.      Enjoy! Sunrise8a  06/14/03 Glorious Rise     The sunrises have been spectacular lately despite the day's weather which has consisted of late afternoon thunderstorms and muggy temperatures. I managed to darken slightly the lower part of the picture to enhance the Sun's ray burst.         Enjoy! Casting Off 1  07/10/03 Casting Off!      My older daughter Lena is trying her hand at fishing at the Lost Arrow Fish Farm located on Callaway road. The fish farm is an excellent place to relax and take the family and have fun. The owners tell me there are catfish as large as 53 pounds in their ponds, Wow! Lost Arrow Fish Farm 1
Friday Evening Line Up 1  07/12/03 Friday Evening Line Up      Looking for a date, try the bird line!  I took this picture last night as I traveled home from Roanoke on Naff road in Franklin County   Enjoy! Now Showing 1  07/14/03 Now Showing!    My family and I decided to hit the road this weekend and head up to Christiansburg, Virginia  for the weekend. As we were heading home we ran across a drive in movie theater!  The StarLite is perhaps the last  of a breed of under the stars movie theaters that have been replaced by those indoor mega monster movie complexes. Ah yes, I can remember taking my date and watching the show under the stars. Now I can again, this time with my soul mate!   Enjoy! Face Off 1  07/16/03 Go Ahead and Blink!    Our cat "Morris" and a seven foot black snake face off. Double click the picture below and see the size of this guy! Black Snakes are actually great to have around, they keep the really bad snakes and rodents away. Judging by the size of this one this area should stay clear! Face Off 2
Local Art 1  07/18/03 Local Art    Local artiest display their creations for sale in the open air market in downtown Roanoke. Speaking of art, the center in the square has lost all state funding and is in dire need of donations. Please give if you can to their cause, they have enrich us with culture and the human spirit and their lost would diminish us all!   Enjoy! Lazer Warrior 1  07/20/03 Laser Warriors    I spent Saturday afternoon being a combat photographer. I captured these two on a search and destroy mission! Special Note: Camera flashes work wonders against one's opponent laser gear!   Enjoy! Stately Mansion 1  07/22/03 Stately Mansion  This fine old home predates the Civil War and The American War of Independence! It is a classic example of colonial architecture that dominates the "Old South."   Enjoy! Brown Eye Susy 1  07/24/03 Brown Eye Susie  I found this wild Brown Eye Susie growing on a bank.   Enjoy!
Mars 2a Mars 2  07/26/03 Distant Voyager Comes Home  Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in 59,620 years on August 27, 2003. It will be only a mere 34,646,418 miles from Earth! I photograph this image at 2:45 AM last night. Sorry if it seems fuzzy but everything seems focus at that hour! I like to thank "Jim" At Scopes and Stuff for the information. Check Out his shop at  , he's got great deals on telescopes!   Enjoy! Mars5a Roanoke Market 2  07/28/03 Eatery Row  Located in downtown Roanoke, these turn of the early 20th century buildings have been recreated into restaurants. The Ridge and Valley pays tribute to Bob Hope who was lost yesterday. Thanks for the century of memories, may God bless and keep up you.   Enjoy!
Rain Approaches 1  07/30/03 Rain Approaches  Rain is in the forecast, as the Blue Ridge approaches a record rain fall for the year. Given the severe drought of the previous year we will gladly take it!   Enjoy! Flower 4  08/01/03 Flower of Hope  Rain continues to dominate the forecast. I snapped this photo the other day and thought it would brighten up our day!   Enjoy! Stone Walking 1  08/03/03 Stone Walking  Why walk when you can fly? This little guy has taken a break in flight to go searching for a meal. Seems, he must have been flying economy no thrills class and has to "fend" for himself!   Enjoy! Alice in Wonderland 1  08/05/03 Alice in Wonderland  These giant mushrooms have sprouted up in my yard from the recent bonanza of rain. One can imagine a pipe smoking caterpillar on top talking with Alice.   Enjoy!
Bathing Beauty 1  08/07/03 Bathing Beauty  "Biscuit" the life pig stands ready upon his guard tower!   Enjoy! Power Dam 2  08/09/03 Super Charged!  With the abundance of rain this year, the old power dam has become cascading rapids. Click on the hyperlink to see change in water flow during the drought that occurred in 2002!  Power Dam 2002   Enjoy! Wild Flowers 1  08/11/03 Flower Power  Rain continues to fall at record rates! Flooding has occurred, as the ground is completely saturated. Although battered by the constant downpour, these wild flowers remain vigilant in their beauty.   Enjoy! Psychrodelic Pig 1  01/28/03 Psychedelic "Grateful Pig"      "Biscuit" has return from his recent Grateful Dead tour.  Enjoy!
Coke Vs Dr Pepper 1  08/13/03 Battle of the Titians  Coke verses Dr. Pepper, the debate rages on and you thought it was Pepsi. Dr. Pepper is the local son of Virginia. It was created in Rural Retreat, Virginia back in the twenties of the 20th century in a drug store. While Coke has been around since the turn of the 20th century, the Dr. stills gives it a run for popularity. The Dr. Pepper sign was built by Dominion Sign Company in the 1950's according to the son of the owner of the company. I am not sure of the age of the Coke Mural.   Enjoy! St Andrew 1  08/15/03 Towering Spirals  St. Andrews was constructed between 1882 to 1907. This medieval architectural style church is an inspiration to all who see her. She sets in one of Roanoke's most dangerous neighborhoods calling out to all those around her, "come and find peace."   Enjoy! Dumas Hotel 1  08/17/03  A Room for a Song!  The "Dumas Hotel" located on Henry Street in downtown Roanoke is a old hotel which has been converted into a music center as a part of revitalization of the city's historic heart.   Enjoy! Educated Pig 1  08/19/03  Educated Pig  "Biscuit" prepares for school. Actually pigs are highly intelligent animals and rank close to dolphins in intellectual abilities.   Enjoy!
International Fountain 1  08/21/03  International Fountain  Nestle between two sky scrapers on Church avenue Roanoke Virginia, International Fountain serves as a place to relax and beat the heat of the day.   Enjoy! Visitor 1  08/23/03 Visitor by the Window  I was working on lessons the other evening when a visitor passed by my window.   Enjoy! oops 1  08/25/03 Oops!  Looks like a another high wire act gone astray!   Enjoy! Old Span 1  08/27/03 Spanning Worlds  The old bridge transcends one from civilization to nature at Wade Park.     Enjoy!
Cow Invasion 1  08/29/03 Holstein Invader!  Crossing through a downed wire fence, this Holstein makes her amphibious assault upon my yard.     Enjoy! Rust in Peace 1  08/31/03 Rust in Peace  This civil defense siren slowly rusts away. The siren reflects a different age of the cold war which has past. I hope for all the children of the world that all sirens may at last rust in peace!     Enjoy! Approaching Fall 1  09/02/03 Approaching Fall     These flowers colors signal that summer is quickly passing into fall.   Enjoy!  Ridge and Valley's Photo Journal Essay 200th Picture! Franklin County High School 1  09/04/03 Home of The Eagles     Nestle against the Blue Ridge Mountains in the outer edges of the piedmont province of Virginia is Franklin County High School. A great school with a dedicated staff to provide our county's children with a world class education.  Enjoy!
Rocket 1  09/06/03 Callaway Joins The Nuclear Club    North Korea Who?  Wade Park Dumpster Silo runs missile drills in response to North Korea's threat to test detonate their recent acquisition.  Enjoy! Snapping Turtle 1  09/08/03 Its A Snap!     All my friends and family will tell you I try to save every turtle that crosses the road. A course some are a little hard to convince that your really trying to help. Snapping Turtles are very common in the Blue Ridge and very aggressive. Saving these guys from the road, requires my Seven Foot Walking Staff, which these guys really like to clamp down on! Better the staff than losing one's fingers!  Enjoy! Sunrise9  09/10/03 Wow, Best Yet!  The sunrise yesterday was incredible! The red rays of the morning Sun seem to give the clouds a fluorescence glow.    Enjoy! Deer1  09/12/03 Gentle Friend  A quiet visitor pauses and my wife captures the moment!    Enjoy!
Handy PiG 1  09/14/03 Handy Pig!  "Biscuit" Shows his support for the Children's Miracle Network.    Enjoy! Beyond OZ 1  09/16/03 Beyond OZ  I photograph this picture when I lived in Juneau Alaska of the Tin Man and friends. The Cowardly Lion became a brave soldier, The Scare Crow  a College Professor, Dorothy and Toto return to Kansas to run the family farm, The Great Wizard of OZ became a traveling salesman and the Wicked Witch of the West became bottle water, but what ever happen to the Tin Man....? Beyond OZ 2 Morning Glory 1  09/18/03 Morning Glory  These flowers bloom early in the morning and late in the evening. They have a beautiful star pattern in their bell and are quite common here in the valley and ridge.   Enjoy!
FLower Bed 1  09/20/03 Rise and Shine  Looks like these flowers have over slept. They must be really comfortable in their flower bed.  "Flower Bed" Get it? "Flower Bed" Get it?   Enjoy! Spider 1  09/22/03 Itsy Bitsy Spider....  Ever watch a spider spin a web? You should!   Enjoy! Indian 1  09/24/03 Looking Back  Virginia's early history can be trace back to Indian tribes that settle and hunted along the Ridge and Valley. Spear and Arrow Heads can still be occasionally found in farmers' fields that are plowed in the spring.   Enjoy! Ground Cover 1  09/26/03 Over Looked!  As one tramples through the fields or on some mountain ridge to view the macro splendors of nature, one can easily miss the splendors of the micro-worlds at one's feet!   Enjoy!
Hokie 1  09/28/03 Awesome!        Ever spend time with 65,000 people at once! Try a Virginia Tech Game! Thanks Dad for taking me to the game! I had a great time!       Enjoy! Carnivore Delight 1  09/30/03 Carnivore Delight/Vegetarian Nightmare!        What would be a great game without "Eats?" Virginia Tech serves up massive turkey legs at the game. One leg can feed five people, it has been rumored! All I can say is pass the tofu please, for the rest of you bon appetite!          Enjoy! First Snap 1  10/02/03 First Snap!        UCONN goes on the attacked, against VT! Watch the next several pictures to see how this game played out!          Enjoy! Hokei Pokie 1  10/03/03 The Hokie Pokey!        Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your left foot in and shake it.....          Enjoy!
VT Counters 1  10/04/03 VT Counters!        VT Counters and scores almost every possession in its 47 to 13 win over UCONN!          Enjoy! Blue Ridge 3  10/05/03 Blue Evening        As the Sun begins to fade as the night approaches, the Blue Ridge Mountains turn from green to Blue.           Enjoy! Heritage Day 2003 1  10/07/03 Camp Bethel Heritage Day!        Thousands of people turned out and enjoyed themselves with food and homemade crafts in the fellowship of Jesus Christ. If you missed it, check it out next year, it's a great time!           Enjoy! Chemical Nightmare 1  10/08/03 Almost Heaven West Virginia?        I recently drove through West Virginia to experience wild and wonderful West Virginia. While I did experience some breath taking views, my travels took me to the heart of chemical alley in Marmet area on the Kanawha River near Charleston. I know plants such as these provide necessary products and jobs for people, but at what price? While my stay lasted no longer than a few minutes, I could feel sickness of the air that came from these plants and I wondered about the people and the wildlife, how they fared under this chemical nightmare. Perhaps, such plants as these could be redesign and all could coexist without the danger of toxins.        Enjoy!
Chemical Duck 1 Shame 1  10/11/03 "Why?"       I had mixed emotions about publishing this picture because I like to portray the positive sides of life, but I felt this story needed to be told. I understand the need for hunting, but not waste! These Deer were shot and dumped at the dumpster without purpose! Hunter's such as these give bad names to the rest, who hunt and use what they kill. Makes you wonder, what kind of person who would do such a senseless act of violence.  Enjoy? Spider 2 Spider 3  Grand Daddy Long Legs are one of the most venomous creatures on Earth, yet because their fangs are so small and cannot penetrate the skin, they pose no threat to humans. There are three types of Grand Daddy Long Legs. This version is called "The Harvester" and hunts without a web!  Enjoy!
Spider4 Spider4a  10/13/03 A Spider's Life       I have been following this spider's life since I saw him create his web one evening. Spider's lead such uncertain lives spinning their webs and living on what they catch. Spider's often drug their victims and store their prey in cocoons for leaner times and then consume them. I will try to keep you updated on this fellow's progress.   Enjoy! Spider4b Spider 4c
Sunfire 1  10/17/03 Forest Fire?       What appears to be a raging wall of fire is actually a sunrise, I caught yesterday. God's wondrous creation never ceases to amaze me!  Enjoy! Traffic Clown 1  11/02/03 Traffic Clown!         Halloween brought the best out of many students and staff at Franklin County High School. Our Security Officer is adds his own special touch to the occasion. I will be out for several days and should be updating within the week.   Enjoy! Plane 1  11/10/03 Fly and Drive         Sky Ridge Motors seems to have you covered. The plane actually is artwork and will not leave the ground but sure catches one's eye! I will try to keep you updated with photos as I publish away from "Home Base."   Enjoy! Leaves 12003  11/12/03 Golden Foliage          Find it were you can. These leaves manage to peek on Bent Mountain.    Enjoy!
John Cline 1  11/14/03 A True Servant            Who was John Cline? John Cline was iterant Brethren Preacher who preach the word of God during the American Civil War to both sides. Despite warnings from many friends, John often crossed the battle and picket lines to spread the word of God. While riding home one night, John was killed crossing the line. John, knowing the risk, still risked it all for what he believed was a just cause, to save all men both North and South. His message was simple, "love one another." We should all do the same and make this a better place for all people.  Enjoy! Venussunset 1  11/17/03 Venus Rises            Just after sunset, Venus can be seen rising for an hour, before she sets again. Venus is the star object seen in the upper right corner. I am still publishing from the remote site and this has cause a problem with the guest book, people have spoken with me and e-mail me expressing that they can cannot leave comments. I am sorry for the inconvenience, the remote site does not support front page extensions. I believe that I have a solution to the problem hope to have the guess book up and running in a few days. Thanks for the information!  Enjoy! Racing 1  11/19/03 The Final Lap            I caught the last race at the "Grand Slam Amusement Center" which will be closed for the winter. Check it out in spring looks like a great time for all.  Enjoy! Street Light 1  11/21/03  Thanksgiving?            Deck the halls with....Hey what happen to Thanksgiving? It seems like every year, we trim the tree earlier.  However, you got to admit they did a great job!  Enjoy!
Y 1  11/23/03  "Mini Y"            A "Mini" Y visits the Y.M.C.A  Enjoy! Sunset3a Sunset3  11/24/03  Beautiful Sunset            Megan and I were out looking for photo ops and caught the setting Sun!  Here's another photo of the same sunset a few minutes earlier. I never grow tried of "God's" miraculous show!  Enjoy! Thankful Pig 1  11/26/03  Thankful Pig            "Biscuit" reminds us to give thanks for the plenty that we enjoy during this time. He also is thankful that "Turkey" not "Pig" is served during this holiday! As for me all I can say is pass the veggies. The Pig artist has done an excellent job with her creation! See you guys after the holidays, I will be traveling and hope to bring back some great pictures from the road.  Enjoy!
Atlantic Bird 2  11/28/03  Beach Cruising             This seagull hovers overhead looking to score an easy meal.  Enjoy! Kite Surfer 1  11/30/03  Kite Surfers             A great twist on kite flying. These guys used kites to "Catch Air" Surfs Up!  Enjoy! Kite Surfer 2 Flight 1  12/02/03  Art of Flight             December 2003 marks a century of man flight. These guys make flight an art as they take to the air and touchdown!  Enjoy!
Touchdown 1 Dock 1  12/04/03  Docked             These boats "retire" for the winter in New Bern, N.C. I will continue the road show pictures for the next few days. We are expecting snow and Ice here in the Blue Ridge tomorrow, maybe we will have a white Christmas this year.  Enjoy! First Snow 1  12/06/03  First Snow             The season's first snow has fallen. We received six to eight inches of snow on Thursday and Friday. Snow is expected to continue today.  Enjoy! Parade 1  12/08/03  Christmas Parade             Rocky Mount held its annual Christmas Parade yesterday in downtown. Everybody had a great time! The Eagle band picture here did a wonderful job. I want thank everyone for greeting me as photograph the parade.  Enjoy!
Between the Lines 1  12/10/03  Hey I paid Taxes!             ....... I can drive between the lines! Actually this wonderful old car added a wonderful nostalgic flavor of Christmas past to our town's excellent Christmas Parade!  Enjoy! Ocean Wave 1  12/12/03  Peace by the Sea             When things seem to get to hectic, try walking along the shore, watching the waves or listening with eyes close and if you don't live by the sea just imagine and see!  Enjoy! Kite Race 1  12/14/03  Go Fly A Kite             Ever been told to go fly a kite? Do it, It's a lot of fun!  Enjoy! Ice 1  12/16/03  Ice Storm              The area received about a inch of snow covered by two inches of ice over the past weekend. Today is expected to be in the mid-fifties, and Wednesday is expected to bring more snow and ice!  Enjoy!
Students 1  12/18/03 Line Up!               ....Off to the lab we go! I thought my students would enjoy this photo. Merry Christmas!  Enjoy! PastChristmas1  12/20/03 Christmas Past               As we begin to celebrate, let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. This humble log cabin and the families she bore celebrated not with glitter and tinsel but with family and rejoiced in the love that God gave us on that silent night his only son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  Enjoy! Waffle1  12/22/03 Who Are You Kidding!!!               Wanna Bet! Where's the building, its a field! I took this picture in the Kinston area of North Carolina as I will be presenting pictures from the road for the next view days.  Enjoy! Time 1  12/24/03 Count Down to Christmas               The hours count down to Christmas and the children are all snuggle into bed in hopes that Saint Nick will be soon be here. Lets us remember a Christmas long ago when the greatest gift of all was given, God gave his only son Jesus Christ to bring salvation to the world. The picture is the town clock in New Bern, North Carolina.  Merry Christmas!  Enjoy!
Cow 2  12/25/03 Merry Christmas               .....from the Cow Cafe'. The Maola Milk Plant in New Bern, North Carolina put on an excellent light show for Christmas. Christ is born Today!  Merry Christmas!  Enjoy! Flags 1  12/26/03 Many Flags of New Bern               New Bern, North Carolina has been under many flags during its long and rich history. I will continue to update pictures daily from our road trip over the next couple of days and will return to views of the Blue Ridge and Valley of Virginia at the beginning of the new year!  Enjoy! Horse 1  12/27/03 Fit to be Tied               This early 19th century horse hitching post still stands ready in historic downtown New Bern, North Carolina.  Enjoy! CSS Neuse 1  12/28/03 CSS Neuse                The CSS Neuse  a confederate iron-clad warship of the Merrimack Class located in Kinston, North Carolina is in the process of restoration. The Neuse's mission was to defend the port of New Bern but was not battle ready when the union invaded. The Neuse defended the river the best she could but was forced to retire up river were her crew scuttle her to prevent her from falling into the union's hand. (The Neuse's Bow)  Enjoy!
CSS 2 Neuse Boat 2 MoonVen1  12/30/03 Moon and Venus Rise  I shot this view of Venus and the Moon rising together. This astrological event is not common but is beautiful. The photo website will be changing over the next few months to as it will become a entity of its own! I will announce the change over date until then you can continue to access the photo journal at Thanks for your wonderful support!  Enjoy! Cofpot1  12/31/03 Perk up for the New Year!  The Coffee Pot a Roanoke historic restaurant since 1936 prepares to brew in a new year!  Enjoy!
Partycow1  Journal Entry 01/03/04 Party Cows!  These cows still deck out for Christmas don't know the meaning of quit or do they? Perhaps we too should celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, not one day a year but everyday in our hearts.  Enjoy! Car 1  Journal Entry 01/07/04 A Little Late...  Hey did you cover the car last night, oops!  Enjoy! wpe40598  10/23/03 Golden Rise   God's pallet of colors is never ending, what another spectacular sunrise!  Enjoy! Spring 1
High Above 1 Moon 5 Taking Aim 1  04/23/03 Taking Aim  This 18th century cannon stands ready to repulse invaders along the Neuse River in New Bern. I took this photo a while back and meant to publish it.  Enjoy! Indian2003  10/19/03 Missing!       Indian Rock Community's Indian is missing! You may have read my earlier journal entry concerning Indians and the Ridge and Valley's history. My students are very concern to the where a bouts of their friend they see daily on their cheese wagon commute to school. Hopefully, he is only being repaired and will soon return to the delight of many.  Enjoy!
LastFruit2003  10/21/03 Last Fruit       These pears are the last fruit of the season. As Autumn's cooler temperatures bathe our region, the leaves are beginning to turn their splendid colors.  Enjoy! ScarryPig2003  10/29/03 Scary Pig        "Biscuit"  blazes in orange and black as he prepares for "trick or treat."    Enjoy! Leafing2003  10/27/03 Leafing       Leaves sure have been a disappointment compare to last year. The excessive rainfall this year has really had a effect on the color this year. Most trees are simply losing their leaves without much of a change in color, sorry guys. There are very few exceptions enjoy the brilliant ones when you find them!   Enjoy! Halloween2003  10/31/03 Happy Halloween!         From the Ridge and Valley Journal Essay to you, we wish you a safe and happy holiday! "Trick or Treat!"   Enjoy!
Boat Dec2003  12/29/03 Ready to Sail                The old year is preparing to set sail. These boats are located behind the Sheridan Hotel in New Bern, North Carolina.  Enjoy! Wooly Bear Catepillar 2  10/25/03 Styling..       This wooly bear caterpillar seems to be styling in his bristle coat and dark shades. The dark shades are actually is eyes and his coat tells a story of winter to come. The old saying goes something like this; If the whole coat is black it will be a hard winter, If the coat is black and red and then black, the start of winter will be hard and then follow by a mild period and then end on a hard note. The length of black determines the hardness of winter and the length of red determines the period of mildness. This guy predicts a rough start and a long mild period of winter, then follow by a short but hard finish before spring.  Enjoy!