Virginia Photos 2002

Pictures and Adventures of Life in The Old Dominion
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Jeffereson High School 1 Up From the Sea of Debit 1 SunRise 1  08/17/02 Really Cool Sunrise  This really cool sunrise was taken from my backyard. Virginia has some really spectacular sky scenes! HideWay Museum 1  09/07/02 Hideaway Museum!  Rocky Mount, Virginia my wife Dori and I found a wonderful little museum tucked away on the second floor at the Retail Merchants Association Building. The museum was really great. you need to check it out,  I recommend it!  Enjoy!
SunRise 2  09/10/02 Incredible Sunrise!  Wow! What an incredible sunrise I caught on my way to work. Given the sad day of events of 09/11/01 a year later, has reminded me of the beauty that still exist in the world God has given us!  Enjoy! Virginia Captial  09/16/02 Virginia's Capital  Welcome to Richmond the capital of Virginia. I managed to slip away from a law conference I was hanging out in and took this picture around 7:17 pm. Looks like someone is still at work! Could it be Gov. Mark Warner? Probably not!  Enjoy! Apple Festval 1  09/21/02 Boone's Mill Apple Festival  The Boone's Mill Apple festival was a great time for all! There was folk music and crafts by local artisans. The food was excellent and a course there were apples everywhere!  Enjoy! 1880house  09/23/02 Historic Home  The first day of fall! Cooler temperatures are at hand, supposed to be down to forty tonight, excellent! I decided to cycle out into the country this evening and capture this image of this beautiful 19th century Virginia country home, while collecting my fair share of gnats.
Blue Lady 1  09/25/02 The Blue Lady  My wife Dori and I visited this quaint bookshop located on Floyd Avenue in Rocky Mount, Virginia. The "Blue Lady" is rich in Virginia history. The building originally was the law office of Confederate General Jubal Early prior to the outbreak of the Civil war in 1861 and later served as a one room school house. The shop contains many excellent works of fiction, history and children books, including stories by local writers. A "must see" for locals and visitors alike!  Enjoy! The Great Pumpklin  09/30/02 The Great Pumpkin!  I found this huge pumpkin while cycling the other day and marvel at its immense size. Perhaps "Linus" will at last find "The Great Pumpkin" this year!  Enjoy! Blue Ridge 2  10/05/02 Blue Ridge Mountains  The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges on Earth! The Mountains are full of wonderful outdoor activates to explore such as the Appalachian Trail which runs from Georgia to Maine!  Enjoy! Roanoke River Gorge  10/06/02 The Roanoke River Gorge  I snapped this image several hundred feet above this beautiful river gorge on a bridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway  over looking the Roanoke River.  Enjoy!
Camp Bethel Heritage Day  10/07/02 Camp Bethel Heritage Day  Once a year, Brethren churches gather at Camp Bethel to celebrate Heritage Day. People from all walks of life gathered to celebrate with music, food and crafts in the spirit of Christ. I myself purchased a great Cat in the Hat "Hat" which my daughter soon claimed. I hope those people who made the hats will make more for next year, looks like I will need another one!  Enjoy! Civil War Cannon  10/08/02 Confederate Civil War Cannon  I found this Civil War Cannon on the roadside outside of the Appomattox Courthouse National Park. I visited the park a while back on my way home from Richmond. History fans need to check this site out. The National Parks receives a thumbs up on this one keep up the great work!  Enjoy! This Little Piggy 1  10/09/02 Blazed Pig Anyone?  This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none and this little piggy went hunting all day long!  Enjoy! Out Of Gas Ballon 1  10/10/02 Missed Opportunity!  I went to soar like the eagle but I ended up running around like an Ostrich. My wings were clipped when the balloon ran out of gas!  Enjoy!
Eagle Football 1  10/11/02 Checking it Twice  Dori, Megan and I watched an exciting game in what ended up as a 36 to 20 win for the Franklin County Eagle Freshman team over the previously undefeated Patrick Henry Patriots Freshman team.  Way to Go Eagles!  Enjoy! Tree signals fall colors 1  10/14/02 Tree Signals Change  The Blue Ridge Mountains are beginning to experience the seasons of colors. Tourist will be flocking from all parts of the country to immerse themselves in nature's canvas of colors. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers an excellent corridor to enjoy this show. The Park Rangers every year remind you to enjoy the show but keep an eye on the road! In The Name Of Progress  10/15/02 In The Name of Progress  After years or controversy, the old Harris House is finally coming down. There is a great need to widen the road in the bend just ahead, which has caused many accidents and some deaths over the past years. The house and its owner have given the citizens of the county some great laughs over the years, when the owner in a dispute with county refused to paint his house and it went unpainted for decades. While it saddens to see this wonderful peace of county folklore go, the widening of the road and saving of lives will justify the loss!  Enjoy! Secert Squirel  10/16/02 Secret Squirrel  Who's spying who? This little guy seems as curious about the camera as I am about him!  Enjoy!
Cat and Mouse  10/17/02 Cat and Mouse  The Cat in the Hat and Minnie Mouse team up for spirit week at Franklin County High School. Home Coming is this weekend! Go Eagles!  Enjoy! Locust Hill  10/18/02 Echoes of a Distant Time  This fine old plantation home is one of the best examples of its kind in Franklin County. Built around 1831, Locust Hill is not open to the public but one can still view it from the roadside and image its rich history as it echoes voices from another time.  Enjoy! All Out Of Steam  10/21/02 All Out of Steam  This old 1885 steam driven tractor is in dire need of restoration. Located on route 122 outside of Rocky Mount Virginia, many pass by it on their daily commute and feel that this gentle giant should be given a second lease on life. I hope the owner will restore it or donate it to the transportation museum in Roanoke to be restored, so many can marvel at life in the age of steam!  Enjoy! Amazing Grace  10/22/02 Amazing Grace  I took this photo a while back behind my house. I heard their was an old grave site in the field behind the house. I found the site buried under some brush. What I didn't expect to find was the longevity of the person buried there. Ally Gallaspy, born July 1, 1779, died July 6, 1893!!!! She lived 114 years and 5 days! If anyone has any information on her please e-mail me, I couldn't find much in the Franklin County records.  Enjoy!
Fall Colors 1  10/24/02 Fall Color Nature has finally unleashed its canvas of colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I expect colors to peak over the next week!  Enjoy! Old Power Dam 1  10/25/02  Old Dam This old hydroelectric dam has seen better days, located on Power Dam road, it used to serve the town of Rocky Mount Virginia early in the 20th century, now it collects trees!  Enjoy! B-2 Bomber  10/28/02 Deadly Silence The B-2 Stealth Bomber Flew over 65,000 people at the Virginia Tech vs. Temple honoring the Tech graduates who obtained the rank of General. The plane was no more than what seem fifty feet over head and all I heard was silence!!!! Wow!  Enjoy! 18th Century Mansion  10/29/02 Colonial Splendor This 18th century American Colonial Mansion is deck out for fall. This beautiful home can be view on highway 460 west of Salem Virginia.                                                 Enjoy!
Millionaries Club 2  10/30/02  Millionaires Club The Texas Tavern is the favorite bistro of the masses in Roanoke Virginia since the early 20th century. Try the world famous Cheesy Westerns or a Bowl with! Billed as Roanoke's Millionaires Club, the tavern chains the silverware to the counter! Their motto is "We seat a 1000 customers 10 at a time" A must see for all visitors of the valley!                                                        Enjoy! Fall Colors 2  10/31/02    Peak Week The foliage is peaking this week, despite the overcast skies and rain, nature continues to put on an impressive show!  Enjoy! Fall Colors 3  11/01/02 Fiery Show  No need to call for fire emergency services, this tree burns with color!  Enjoy! Better Days 1  11/04/02 Better Days  This old cabin has seen better days! Located on highway 220 between Roanoke and Boone's Mill is one of the last examples of log cabins from the early times in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Enjoy!
Election Day 1  11/05/02 Every Vote Counts!  This abandon 20th century election precinct station in Callaway stands as a reminder that on election day every vote counts! Given the budget crisis that Virginia faces this year, too much has already been lost to bad politics. Now, people of Virginia, is the time to send a clear message to Richmond.....No more! Let's elect people who will protect the interests of Virginia!                                                              Enjoy! Promise 1  11/19/02 A Simple Promise  As we prepare for the wonder of snow and trees lay bare of their leaves and the world seems asleep, lets us not forget the simple promise that life will again renew itself and our hearts with the joy of spring!  Enjoy! Flower 1  11/06/02 Rainy Day Cure!  Another day of rain! Given the drought we had over the summer the rain is a welcome sight! With grey skies dominating the past two weeks I thought I publish this to brighten your day!                                                             Enjoy! Snake Plant 1  11/07/02 Snake Plant  My wife got quite a surprise when she went to water her snake plant!  Enjoy!
Bed and Breakfast 1  11/08/02 Fall Getaway  Fall is a wonderful time for a quick getaway! The Clayborne House circa 1895 Bed and Breakfast located in Rocky Mount Virginia, provides an atmosphere of Victorian age with fall splendor.  Enjoy! Star Verses Star 1  11/11/02 Star Light Star Bright, First Star I see at night  The Roanoke Star is the world's largest man-made star in the world! Visible for more that 60 miles at night it has often given comfort to travelers knowing they are almost home!  Enjoy! Washington's Tree 1  11/12/02 Washington's Tree  This great oak provided shade and a nights rest for then 16 year old George Washington in 1748 as he surveyed Lord Halifax Properties of Western Virginia.  Located in the Crystal Springs Section of Roanoke City, this wonderful tree provides the Ridge and Valley with living history that is old as the United States herself!  Enjoy! Roanoke 1  11/13/02 Roanoke "Star City of The South"  Once known as "Big Lick," Roanoke is a modern cosmopolitan city nestle in the valley between the Blue Ridge Mountains. Roanoke boasts a history rich in culture and as diverse as its inhabitants! Roanoke has been honored as the "All American City."    Enjoy!
Frozen Corn 1  11/14/02 Frozen Field Corn  This ear of frozen corn marks the area's first frost and the approach of winter!    Enjoy! Senior Citizen Road Rage 1  11/15/02 Senior Citizen Road Rage!  Here's another wonderful example of political  injustice! The DMV in Rocky Mount, Virginia has been one of the latest victims in Gov. Mark Warner series of state cutbacks.  The greater Rocky Mount area now has to drive 60 miles round trip just to get services. I'm sorry Governor Warner but this is an outrage to our citizens especially the elderly! Image those poor old souls having to drive 60 miles just to get services, that's not right and what about the handicap?!!! The function of the government is meant to serve its people. I have a solution to our economic problems, while it might not set well with some, please consider this... If we add 1 cent to the sales tax per dollar state wide and 1 cent to the gas tax per gallon, we would raise the money necessary to balance the budget and no one would lost their jobs and the burden would share by all even those who pass through our beautiful state.  Enjoy! SunRise 3a  11/18/02 Sunrise Reflection  I was getting ready for work and my wife Dori, ran into the room excited and said "Dave checkout the sunrise!" After I snapped the shot, I couldn't tear myself away and I watched the sunrise and ponder to myself, why can't people around the world get along? If those people would just reflect in beauty that God gives everyday even in simple quiet sunrises maybe they would see the preciousness of life!  Enjoy! Center of Virginia 1  11/21/02 Ok I'm here!  Welcome to the grand center of Virginia! Well almost! Close enough for government standards! Anyway, the Geographic Center of Virginia is located in Buckingham County, Virginia. Buckingham is one of the largest counties in Virginia and is a really nice place to visit. It has really great historical buildings at the courthouse area and do you know they used to mine gold here!  Enjoy!
Sunset 1  11/22/02 Perfect Ending!  What perfect way to end a week of work with an incredible sunset! Take time to to watch one its the simple things in life that turn out to the real things!  Enjoy! Jefferson 1  In the foot steps of Thomas Jefferson...!  11/25/02 Thomas Jefferson  Dori, Megan and I visited the home of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia in which he founded this past week. Inspired by what we saw I thought I celebrate this week images from the life of the Third President of the United States.  Enjoy! Jefferson 2  11/26/02 Michael's Tavern  It is said that Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe often dine together at this tavern constructed and operated since 1784 located at the base of the mountain where Monticello "Jefferson's House" and Ash Lawn "Monroe's House" are located.  Enjoy! Jefferson 4  11/27/02 Welcome to Monticello  Thomas Jefferson design and built his dream house Monticello. The house and the grounds consist of 5,000 acres of land. Most of the material for the house was built on site, however, many of the fine interior woodwork was imported from Europe. The house is filled with many wonderful works of arts and books of the period. There are also many innovated ideas such as the automatic doors and the door window which were ahead of its time. There are extensive gardens around the house. The best time to visit is in the fall not as many tourist and you get to stroll about the place as if you were there two hundred years earlier!  Enjoy!
Thomas Jefferson 4  11/29/02 Thomas Jefferson Grave  Thomas Jefferson lived to be 83 years of age, a remarkable number considering the times he live in. Thomas Jefferson die on the 50th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1826. Jefferson is best remember as his epitaph simply states " Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence of the Stature of Virginia for Religious Freedom and Father of The University of Virginia."  Enjoy! Roanoke Farmers Market 1  12/02/02 Fruit, Trinkets, Shoe Shine Anyone?  The Roanoke City Farmers Market is one the oldest in the region. The market is an excellent place to buy produce, wares and presents. Live history in the market area!  Enjoy! The Band Marches On 1  12/03/02 And The Band Marches On!  Rocky Mount, Virginia held its annual Christmas parade the other day! The parade lasted for about two and half hours and was a great show for all! The Eagle Marching Band play excellent Christmas music throughout the parade!  Enjoy! Confederate Horse 1  12/04/02 Saddle Up!A Confederate  Calvary Unit and the Daughters of the Confederacy from the Roanoke Chapter added a wonderful historic flavor to the Christmas parade in Rocky Mount, Virginia!Enjoy!
Prancing 1  12/05/02 Prancing Through The Snow....!      The first snow has fallen in Virginia! We received 5 inches of snow and about a inch of sleet on top! The icy snow didn't seem to slow down this doe! I caught this doe early in the morning with sleet and snow coming down around me!  Enjoy! Santa Pig 1  12/06/02 Oink, Oink, Oink He's bacon a list, checking it twice, he's going to find out who's veggie or not! Christmas Ham is coming to town! Hats off to the Pig Artist Great Job as Usual!  Enjoy! Santa Claus 2  12/09/02 Santa Claus The High light of the Rocky Mount Parade was a visit by Ole Saint Nick, what a great parade if your ever in the area next year check it out you won't be disappointed!  Enjoy! Winter Spring 1  12/10/02 Winter Reflection The still silence of  quiet waters of this spring and pond reflected the spirit of the day "pure and simple." People need to take time away from the busy day and reflect on what's real with life our connection to God and his wonderful creation. In doing so, all those things that we thought we could not be without seem so less important to the simple call of peace.  Enjoy
Rambo 1  12/11/02 Watch Out Saddam! As we sit back to enjoy Christmas, let us not forget the men and women who are serving to protect us from dictators and terrorist such as Saddam. Thank-You and God speed our prayers are with you! God Bless America!  Enjoy! City Market 1  12/12/02 International Foods Anyone?! The Roanoke City Market building seems typical of early 20th century architecture on the front. Inside it is a vast bazaar of shops and international food court. The selection is excellent for any palate!  Enjoy! Center in the Square 1  12/13/02 Museum Crisis! The Center In The Square is SW Virginia's premier cultural center for the arts and sciences. Due to budget cutbacks from the state in recent months the Center is having a time meeting its needs. I wished Gov. Warner would take the penny tax suggestion I mention about the DMV's earlier in stead of robbing this part of Virginia of its heritage and talents. Until Richmond finally clues in to what is simple to fix, instead of hacking away at our identity, please visit and donate to this worthy Center!  Enjoy! Farm House Town House 1  12/16/02 Farm House/ Town House This old farm house located in the historical district of Rocky Mount has seem many changes to the town and area around it. If this old house could talk it would tell you "In my younger days all this area around me was farm land as far as the eye could see now its all city!"  Enjoy!
The Corn Reaper 1  12/17/02 The Corn Reaper The harvester stands still and drifts into a winter's slumber, its job is done the last of corn is finally done!  Enjoy! Cloud Birth 1  12/18/02 Cloud Birth ! I promised my students to show them a picture of cloud birth. This picture was taken in the early morning as the Sun just rose. The heat from the Sun cause the evaporation of water vapor to rise. As the water vapor rises it mixes with dust particles in the air creating a cloud. Wow and you though that clouds were simple white puffs in the sky! This will make any party conversation a hit!  Enjoy! Morning Sunrise 1  12/19/02 Morning Sunrise! Callaway Virginia  has some of the most spectacular sky scenes I have ever seen! This morning sunrise sports a sunflare!  Enjoy! Rocky Mount Visitor Center 1  12/20/02 Need Information? The Rocky Mount Visitor Center is a excellent place to find information you need. The staff is wonderful! The visitor center also has a red caboose not picture here you can tour and see what life was like in the "Days of Rails!"  Enjoy!
Weather Birds 1  12/23/02 Franklin County High School New Weather Station! Franklin County High School has a new weather station! You can receive up to date weather information as it happens! The new weather station will provide both students, parents and others real time access. The weather station also has a weather camera "a must see" To use the new weather station you must down load and use 24151 zip code to access this station. It's free if you accept the advertising which is no big deal.  Enjoy! Santa Claus 3  12/24/02 It was the night before Christmas.... Tonight's the night! So you better be good for goodness sake...  Enjoy! Silent Night Holy Night 1  12/25/02 Silent Night Holy Night  Christmas time has come and Santa with his sleigh and the presents lie about the tree, lest we forget the greatest gift and true meaning of Christmas.... 2002 years ago in a stable on a silent night was born Jesus Christ the Son of God who came into this world and gave light to this world and through his life and death and resurrection he took the sins of the world that we might come to God and be saved. Jesus has touch and inspired many lives over the past two millenniums. This 101.5 year old woman reenacts Silent Night Holy Night through pantomime. Her performance was flawless and left me with a wondrous sense of peace. May God Bless You All and Merry Christmas  Enjoy! Past Glory 1  12/26/02 Fishburn House This turn of the 20th century mansion was own by the Fishburn family in Roanoke Virginia. Mr. Fishburn was the president of the Norfolk and Western Railroad as it was named at that time. The Fishburn family established a park, bird sanctuary and donated their house for use by the city among the many philanthropist deeds done.  Enjoy!
Fireman 1  12/30/02 Roanoke's Fireman's Memorial This bronze statue gives tribute to all the Roanoke fire fighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty that others may live. Lest we forget our everyday heroes be sure thank those who faithfully serve others!  Enjoy! New Year Count Down 1  12/31/02   Count Down to New Year's Ten...Nine...Eight...Seven...Six...Five...Four...Three...Two...One...Happy New Year!!!!  Enjoy! Signaling a New Year 1  01/01/03 Happy New Year! This old railroad signal crossing sign ushers in the new year. May the new year bring you joy and your dreams!  Enjoy! Silos Of Peace  01/09/03  Silo's Of Peace  North Korea works on building a Nuclear Weapon and Missile System while it's people are underfed. They should practice  building  Silo's Of Peace and feed their people! They fear a war, that will never come, none wants to attack them. The real  tragedy is that people suffer from false fears.  Practice Peace
Ghostly Image or Reflection 2  12/26/02 Fishburn House This turn of the 20th century mansion was own by the Fishburn family in Roanoke Virginia. Mr. Fishburn was the president of the Norfolk and Western Railroad as it was named at that time. The Fishburn family established a park, bird sanctuary and donated their house for use by the city among the many philanthropist deeds done.  Enjoy!