Alaska Photo Journal 2013

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond!
IceFig2013b  01/02/13  Driving Ice  Alaska is the place where dreams are made! People come from all over the world to celebrate "The Last Frontier!"  Enjoy! CoolCat2  01/03/13  One Cool cat  This cat is so cool you might even say he's "ice!"  Enjoy! PotterMarsh2  01/04/13  Dreamscape  This image looks like its right out of some far distant world from it's sun. Potter's Marsh is a haven for water fowl during the spring, summer and fall. During winter it turns into a icy dreamscape!     Enjoy! OutOnIce1  01/05/13  Out On The Ice  Ice Fishing is just one of the many extreme sports that Alaska has to offer! With the advent of more modern gear it makes this once cold adventure more inviting to fishing enthusiast!     Enjoy!
IS13a IS13b IS13c IS13d
IS13e IS13f IS13g Is13h  01/06/13  Artists of The Ice  Despite slightly higher than normal temperatures the ice artists in Town Square Park in downtown Anchorage busy themselves with completing their master pieces for the up coming ice completion! Click the Photo Below to see the Artist at Work!     Enjoy!
Iceelphant1  01/07/13  Ice Elephant  A frozen pachyderm is emerging from the ice as this ice sculptor brings the mammoth to life!  Enjoy! IS13I  01/08/13  Ice Palace  Wow.... is the first word that comes to mind! The Ice Sculptures this year are totally awesome! I will be publishing these frozen wonders of the world soon!  Enjoy! ISC13a  01/09/13  Alien Ice Warrior  What I thought would be an elephant turn out to be an Alien Ice Warrior. That goes to show you one person's interpretation is often different from another. I am almost finished editing the Ice Show pictures and I hope to have all the Ice sculptures up in a day or so!  Enjoy! ISC13a1
ISC13b ISC13b1 ISC13c ISC13c1
ISC13d ISC13e ISC13f ISC13g  01/10/13  Bubble Ice  Check the incredible ice show in downtown Anchorage at Town Square Park! Click the picture below to see the Ice Sculptures!     Enjoy!
ISC13X ISC13Y ISC13Z CXSKi1  01/11/13  Excellent Trails  Despite the lack of snow the trails at Beach lake seem to be still good! Ski On!  Enjoy!
Titalchannel1  1/12/13  Tidal Channel  A tidal channel is exposed during low tide revealing rivers under the sea! delaySeason1  01/13/13  Delay Sport  Ice Climbing along the Old Seward Highway is a popular sport. However the weather has not aloud the ice walls on the roadsides cliff to be maintain. There is hope of snow and colder temperatures in the forecast maybe the ice walls will reform giving climbers another season!  Enjoy! ETSeal1  01/14/13  ET  ET rides again!  Enjoy! IcePark1  01/15/13  Park and Skate  What appears to be waves on the surface of a lake is actually ice on a parking lot at Mirror Lake! Be careful out there and if you must walk on it bring ice skates!  Enjoy!
Hopingforsnow3  01/16/13  Hoping for Snow  The meteorologists have called for snow once again. They have been wrong for the past several predictions! However, cooler temperatures have return and feel is in the air until then this picture from a couple of weeks will have to do!  Enjoy! Newsnow3  01/17/13  Hope is Answered!  Snow fell throughout the day and another storm is expected! Time to breakout the ski's!  Enjoy! Treeman1  01/18/13  Tree Man  Even tree's can have Winter fun and build a snowman!  Enjoy! IMG 0427  01/19/13  Eager  ...and ready to go! Kids are not the only one who celebrates the newly fallen snow, animals do also! Hook us up and lets go!   Enjoy!
Eager1  01/19/13  Eager  ...and ready to go! Kids are not the only one who celebrates the newly fallen snow, animals do also! Hook us up and lets go!   Enjoy! happytrails1  01/20/13  Happy Trails  A family trains the next generation of musher's as for the dogs as always "Happy Trails!"  Enjoy! Chowbreak1  01/22/13  Chow Break  After a hard training run it's time for chow!  Enjoy! Nextinline1
MoonandJupiter1  01/23/13  The Moon and Jupiter  The Planet Jupiter which appears as a star is near the Earth's Moon. Actually they more than 390 million miles apart!  Enjoy! Bikepaths1  01/24/13  Even in Snow...  Winter cycling is becoming a more popular sport. The existence and maintenance of these trails encourages riders like myself to push forward in the cold artic night!  Enjoy! winterscene1  01/25/13  Snow is in The Air!  Winter has been a little mild compare to last year but snow is in the air!  Enjoy! Waiting1  01/26/13  Waiting  Dog teams wait for the signal to go!  Enjoy!
Inbound1  01/27/13  The Final Yards  A young musher in training and their instructor finishes another trilling run!  Enjoy! GetaDog1  01/28/13  Get A Dog!  Old School and New School meet! Have you ever heard the term "Get A Horse" referring to the cars of old well in Alaska it's "Get a Dog" to pull you out of a jam! Actually what you are seeing is a great training idea!  Enjoy! Dirftwood1  01/29/13  Beached  Driftwood is a common sight in Alaska with it's vast coast lines and rivers!  Enjoy! Mt.Spurr1  01/30/13  Mt. Spur in Alpine Glow  The massive volcano Mt. Spur located just across the bay from Anchorage is bathe in red glow! The effect is a combination of the Earth's tilt and angle of long red wave lengths as the Sun sets on the horizon against the snow covered surface of the mountain.  Enjoy!
twinpeaks3  01/31/13  The Twins  I called these peaks Twin Peaks. They most likely have another name. They are the summits of two very high mountains and are snow cap for most of the year!  Enjoy! Eagle24  02/01/13  Stare Down  An Eagle and I square off eye to eye! Daring each other to blink first!  Enjoy! Offtheygo1  02/02/13  Off They Go!  Dogs and Musher strike out on another adventure and live the sprit of "The Last Frontier!"  Enjoy! Surreal1  02/03/13  Surreal Inlet  The Cook Inlet is an awesome place to see. Everyday no matter the weather it holds surreal images for those who come to see!  Enjoy!
raven3  02/04/13  Super Sport Trickster  The Raven is known as the trickster in many Alaska Native Folklore, it also known as the Super Bowl Champions This Year, Go Ravens Alaska's favorite Team!  Enjoy! Whatlines1  02/05/13  Rail Track Humor  Sign says look up for overhead lines, clear to space there are no lines gotcha!  Enjoy! Snowtrainplow2  02/06/13  The Ultimate Snow Plow  This plow can clear any path!  Enjoy! Frozentide1  02/07/13  Frozen Tide  Blocks of sea ice sit frozen to the Cook Inlet floor awaiting the next tide to float them out to sea again!  Enjoy!
Eagle25  02/08/13  Close Up  Eagle River is full of these wonderful raptors! Make sure you bring a large lens to get up close with these guys, like all wildlife they are to be enjoyed not harassed!  Enjoy! Airplane2  02/09/13  The Friendly Skies  Alaska is a huge state, big enough to have its' own airline! They are a great way to fly!  Enjoy! Winterstrail1  02/10/13  Winter Walk  Their is nothing like a Winter's walk on freshly fallen snow!  Enjoy! Citybythesea2  02/11/13  Anchorage Skyline  When you think of a city skyline you think of its buildings but here in Anchorage the skyline are the majestic mountains that call out for adventure!  Enjoy!
Earthquakepark1  02/12/13  A Reminder  A stone sculpture now stands as a testament to the second largest recorded earthquake of modern times. at 9.4 on the Richter scale blocks of land literally slid into the ocean at this location in 1964 Good Friday Earthquake!  Enjoy! CCSki1  02/13/13  Cross Country Skiing  Perhaps is one of the most popular sports in the Anchorage area!  Enjoy! Winter'sRomance1  02/14/13  Winter's Romance  A quiet field glisten by snow a place where one can hear hearts flow! May your St. Valentines day be full of love anew!   Enjoy! Snowytracks1  02/15/13  Snowy Tracks  Rail tracks lye under a snowy blanket  eagerly awaiting the rush of trains that will surely come in the next few months as tourist season begins on the "Last Frontier."  Enjoy!
RussGreekOrdodox1  02/16/13  Onion Domes  Orthodox Christianity is a part of both the fiber and history of Alaska since the the early 19th century.  Enjoy! Cookinlet3  02/17/13  Gazing Across The Inlet  Amazing view always awakes those who wish to view the Cook Inlet. In different light brings always amazing views to stir one's imagination!  Enjoy! Balancingact2  02/18/13  Ice Balancing Act  Tidal changes in the Cook Inlet have created this awesome balancing act with ice flow blocks!  Enjoy! Ready1  02/19/13  Moments Before Takeoff!  An awesome team of Huskies eagerly await the command to head out on trails of adventure!  Enjoy!
SS20131  02/20/13  Taking Shape  Snow Cravers are busy at work bringing out their visions from blocks of snow!  Enjoy! Ancientties1  02/21/13  An Ancient Bond Carries On!  Since the earliest days of man there has been a bond of trust between man and his dog, so it stills exist today between a musher and his team!  Enjoy! FatCat1  02/22/13  Fat Cat Bed & Breakfast  Even Cats have their own Inns, this one looks like it has "Dish Net-Work!"  Enjoy! SS20132  02/23/13  Nearing Completion  The Snow Sculptors work throughout the evening to ready their master pieces for the contest.  Enjoy!
Blankettoss1  02/24/13  Blanket Toss...  is one of the many awesome events at Fur Rondy this year. A Alaska Native Tradition the blanket toss was developed by the indigenous people of Alaska to see at far distances on flat terrain on the North Slope of Alaska. The Eskimos would use Walrus and Seal Skins to make a hand held trampoline to toss a hunter high in the air to view for game at a distance!  Enjoy! FurRondyFinish20131  02/25/13  Crossing The Finish  A Musher and his team cover the final yards as day two of the sled dog race at Fur Rondy 2013 comes to a close. Both the dogs and the musher were having the time of their life, enjoying the adventure!  Enjoy! MooseHunter1  02/26/13  Moose Hunter  A new breed of hunter emerges from the ice and snow! Stay tune the 2013 Snow Sculptures will published soon!  Enjoy! SS20133  02/27/13  Snow Bound  A Powerful Men tar is shackle to cell by rings of snow. What awesome creation by the artist from just a block of snow!  Enjoy!
SunPowerBuilding1  02/28/13  Sun Seeking  Alaska is full of surprises even in it's buildings! A solar power building is awesome, I think we should have these on all buildings, going green is the best way!  Enjoy! Lettingoffsteam1  03/01/13  Letting Off Steam  Mt. Redoubt is venting steam! From time to time the great volcano reminds us that she sleeps and is not extinct!   Enjoy! Idtiarod20131  03/02/13  Iditarod 2013 On its Way, After a Foggy Launch!  Sixty-Seven Musher's begin their push to Nome! Happy Birthday to Newton Marshall from Jamaica as he heads off to adventure!   Enjoy! Bubbles1  03/03/13  Bubbles Ahoy!  Bubbles fill the air at the snow sculptures at Fur Rondy!   Enjoy!
FullOpen1  03/04/13  Full Power  The Iditarod is well underway, I don't know who is having more fun the dogs or the musher? But from the looks of it there is sheer joy on those dogs faces!   Enjoy! SafetyDogs1  03/05/13  Safety Dogs  The Ceremonial start in Anchorage was very fog lateen! One musher's idea to have the dogs wearing blaze orange was really a great ideal for the dog's safety!   Enjoy! Firstschool1  03/06/13  Birth of Anchorage Education  Began in 1915 at The Anchorage Pioneer School.     Click the Image above to read it's history!   Enjoy! Firstschool2
FrozenEmpire1  03/07/13  Frozen Empire  Feel the force of the ice crystals...   and Click Here!  to see the rest of the show!  Enjoy! SS1319 SS139 SS1314
SS131 SS138 SS1316 SS1315
SS136 SS132 SS1317 SS1318
SS1313 SS134 SS1320 SS135
SS133 SS1312 SS137 SS1310
SS1311 SS1321 Racing2  03/08/13  Open Trail Calls!  The Iditarod is at the halfway point but this is how it all began, sailing through a mist of fog with both team and the musher heading out on the road of adventure!  Enjoy! MrPersonality1  03/09/13  Mr. Personality and Mr. Business  Each dog has its own perspective, the guy on the front left seems to be a camera ham while guy on the right side seems intense in his pull!  Enjoy!
Blendingin2  03/10/13  Becoming Visible  A moose cow becomes visible when she reaches for choice twigs, however her yearling in tow remains harder to see! If you look a foot below her ears the yearlings' outline takes shape!  Enjoy! TheSeatlle1  03/11/13  One of Four  In 1924 four Army Seaplane Aircraft were the first to circle the world in a world goodwill tour. "The Seattle" picture here is one of the four and one of many awesome displays that can be found at the Anchorage Museum of Aviation History. The place and the staff are awesome and well worth the visit!  Enjoy! Mushaway1  03/12/13  Mush Away  Staying balance on a sled can prove tricky!  Enjoy! FatherofIditiarod1  03/13/13  Father of The Iditarod  It all began with his dream and love of Mushing. Joe Redington started the Iditarod Race from humble beginnings, which has become a world wide event enjoyed by millions.  Enjoy!
KnikHall1  03/14/13  Knik Hall  A historical Museum of the area of Knik. We stopped by to check it out but it wasn't open. My guess it's a seasonal museum.  Enjoy! Anotherview1  03/15/13  Another View  A view of Anchorage from Port Mackenzie on the tip of the Knik Arm.  Enjoy! Somethingdifferent1  03/16/13  Something Different?  Something not quite right in the picture? Look at the truck, now that's something you don't see everyday! Actually the way it works is really interesting!  Enjoy! Letsgo1  03/17/13      Let's Go!!!!!  A eager beaver sled dog calls out to the team "can't you heard that open road calling let's go!"  Enjoy!
Forward1  03/18/13    Forward  Another team on their way!  Enjoy! Balto3  03/19/13    Balto!  Represents the sprit of the dogs that run in the last great race!  Enjoy! Capturezero1  03/20/13    Capture Zero  This Zero was capture at the battle to regain the Island of Attu Alaska from the Japanese Empire during WWII! This pristine enemy fighter now resides at the Anchorage Aviation Museum!  Enjoy! KnikLowTide1  03/21/13    Knik Low Tide  Anchorage has very extremes of high and low tide. This area is cover by water twice a day and twice a day land appears. The tides can be from 30 to 40 feet in difference!  Enjoy!
TOGO1 TOGO2  03/22/13    The Dog That Inspired The Iditarod  TOGO was the lead dog that inspired the birth of the Iditarod. He was the dog that lead the team through treacherous weather to deliver the diphtheria serum that save lives of the citizens of Nome during the outbreak of 1925. Click the picture below to read how he made history!     Enjoy! Seasonalstore1  03/23/13    Point Mackenzie General Store  Keeping in the true tradition of western store front, this general store is really interesting and being near the end of the road is only seasonal and awaits Spring and flow of tourist who will once again open her doors!  Enjoy! WoundedMoose1  03/24/13    Wounded Moose  This young cow has been a recent fight and has lost one eye and has a tongue injury! Overall she still is pretty fit hopefully she will survive as spring will come soon with easier pickings.  Get Better Soon!
Catalina1  03/25/13    WWII Duck  Officially called the Catalina, the flying duck was used as a recon and rescue aircraft during WWII. This Duck crashed landed in Alaska and was rescued several decades later and now awaits restoration at the Anchorage Aviation Museum.  Enjoy! Winterwarriors1  03/26/13    Winter Warriors  Driving a School Bus in Alaska can be tough. These drivers are often called on to drive students to school in weather that the lower 48 wouldn't even attempt and do it safely!  Enjoy! cabin1  03/27/13    Cabin with Amenities  Soundly built, great roof, strong porch and a Moose parked out back what could you asked for more?  Enjoy! memories1  03/28/13    Memories  Oh how this bird brings back memories!  Enjoy!
Iceblock1  03/29/13    Ice Block Flows...  Still fill the entrance to the Knik River as she flows to the sea!  Enjoy! IditaSign1  Home Base  The Last Great Race on Earth Headquarters' lies beyond this sign. click the image below to see the Iditarod Head Quarters. It also houses a museum and gift shop. It also offers dog sledding experiences during the summer months so if you can check them out!     Enjoy! IditaHome1 Easter2013  03/31/13    Welcome Easter   This day is the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead so all may come to God through him. God is truly awesome and his love for you knows no end! Open your heart and learn forgiveness and then you are truly free!  Enjoy!
Moose27  04/01/13    Hide Away Moose   Now you see it now you don't! Moose are good at the art of camouflage!  Enjoy! Sleepyport1  04/02/13    Sleepy Port   Port Mackenzie sleeps awaiting the thaw of Spring for commerce.    Enjoy! Snowridge1  04/03/13    Indescribable Beauty   The Mountains surrounding Eagle River are nothing short of awesome!    Enjoy! Springthaw2  04/04/13    Spring Has Arrived   The Sun is setting after 9 PM and Winter's grip on lakes and streams is melting away, creating beautiful scenes like this all over South Central Alaska.    Enjoy!
EagleGlacier040313  The Eagle Glacier Emerges   After being covered by Winter's snow the Eagle Glacier Slowly begins to emerge into view.    Enjoy! CookInlet4  04/06/13    Here One Moment Gone the Next!   Spring was in the air but Winter was on its way! This view of yesterday is being replace by Winter's last punch as we are getting at least 14 inches of snow in the Anchorage Bowl today, Ski on!    Enjoy! Skiplane2  04/07/13    Air Skiing   Yesterday's snow fall ended up between 10 and 12 inches and more is predict for tomorrow with another possible 12 to 18 inches! Ski planes like these will need the snow groomed somewhat to take off and land with these large snow falls!    Enjoy! Feestation1  04/08/13    White Out   Snow was very heavy today creating white conditions all over the Anchorage Bowl. Another snow front is knocking at the door promising more snow than today!    Enjoy!
WinterPunch1  04/09/13    Winter's Fury   Winter's releases her full force on the Anchorage Bowl with storms back to back. The image you see here is not fog but the thickness of snow coming down!    Enjoy! Shinysea1  04/10/13    Lighted Path   The Sun's light on the Cook Inlet shines a path to the distant shore!    Enjoy! Aprilsnow20131  04/11/13    On and On   Snow continues to fall as Winter refuses to give to Spring!    Enjoy! Eaglenest1  04/12/13    Nesting Preparations   A pair of eagles are in preparation for offspring as the female has settle into the nest and the male stands guard nearby.    Enjoy!
CookInlet5  04/13/13    Flowing Ice   With overnight temperatures between 3 F to 6 F the Cook remains in a flux of ice and snow!    Enjoy! HomeImprovement1 BringingStick1  04/14/13    Stick In Tow   Nest modifications require trips to the lumber yard as this male eagle brings home the stick to make home improvements!   Enjoy! HomeInprovement2  04/15/13    Oh The Joy of Nature's Home Improvement   "You Clumsy Ox! You dropped the stick!" Shouts the female eagle! "I'm sorry," cries out the male eagle as he cowers! " I will get another one. my little raptor bumpkins!"  Click the Picture below to get another View!      Enjoy!
HarmonyRestored1  04/16/13    Harmony Restored  After "The Stick Incident" the couple made up and surveyed their domain.   Enjoy! Icefishing7  04/17/13    Waiting for a Bite  The art of ice fishing requires patience!    Enjoy! Lookingseward1  04/18/13    Looking Seaward  Looking out over the Cook Inlet in a mixture of ice water and Sun. It is a truly breath taking place to drive along!  Enjoy! Springthaw3  04/19/13    Spring Returns?  Winter's last weeks awesome snow fall is finally giving way to Spring's advance.  Enjoy!
TwoEagles2  04/20/13    Enjoying Spring's Return  A pair of mating eagles enjoy Spring like weather as they prepare for nesting.  Enjoy! RoadProject1  04/21/13    Spring Brings Construction  With advent of Spring so begins the construction season. Eagle River Road is being widen/repaired and a new awesome bike path is in the works also!  Enjoy! waterfallemerges1  04/22/13    Waterfall Emerges  As Spring continues to thaw Winter's Ice Waterfalls now again begin to run freely!  Enjoy! Snowboat1  04/23/13   Riding The Storm  Built in 1912, she still plows the waves that snow has brought.  Enjoy!
Anythingyet1  04/24/13   Anything Yet?  Asks the male eagle to the female, she looks into the nest and replies not yet.  Enjoy! Windswept2  04/25/13   Windy Ledges  Fierce winds sweep across the mountain tops and create dangerous unstable over hanging ledges that could collapse at any moment!  Enjoy! Runningstream2  04/26/13   Free Flowing  After months of icy encasement streams are finally flowing free as the season continues towards Summer.  Enjoy! Mountains16  04/27/13   Awesome Peaks  Alaska's mountains are some the best in the world!  Enjoy!
MomandTwins1  04/28/13   Double Trouble  Mom and her twins are out walking and forging along the New Glenn Highway. Keeping the boys in line until they are ready to adventure out on their own can be a lot of trouble!  Enjoy! Gooftroup1  04/29/13   Goof Troup  Mom is leading the way with her antics!  Enjoy! Moose28  04/30/13   Searching for an Entrance  I know its here somewhere...Mom knows this fence line well. She looking for a way for her and the twins to cross over onto the safe side of the fence away from the highway traffic!  Enjoy! Windy1  05/01/13  Winds on High  What appears to be a calm day actually is quite windy on high. The wind blown snow leaves tale tell signs!  Enjoy!
Guardingthenest1  05/02/13  Lookout  As the Eagles prepare their home they carefully survey the area around them.  Enjoy! Nestconstruction1  05/03/13  Nest Construction  The male eagle is weaving a new stick into the nest, while female checks out the floor plan.  Enjoy! USSAnchorage1  05/04/13  USS Anchorage  The Navy's newest warship the USS Anchorage is being commission today in the port of her namesake. We wish you a long and honorable service in the defense of our country!  Enjoy! Maysnow2  05/05/13  Winter Surprise  Just when you thought it was safe to bring the garden supplies Winter Strikes again!  Enjoy!
StreamIce1  05/06/13  Stream Ice Retreats  As Spring and Winter battle back and forth stream ice is giving way to longer day light!  Enjoy! Freshsnow2  05/07/13  Snow Continues  South Central Alaska was ringed with fresh snow on the mountain tops!  Enjoy! Newhome1  05/08/13  Opportunity  A downed tree sports an opportunity for a small animal to make a new home since its hollow!  Enjoy! Marshstream1  05/09/13  Quiet Stream  A stream quietly flows through the marsh carrying with her the ripples of life!  Enjoy!
BeachLake3  05/10/13  Still Frozen  Alaska is experiencing most likely the coldest spring on record. Lakes like Beach Lake are still frozen but would be very dangerous to walk on, so don't! Spring like temperatures did arrive today.  Enjoy! Mountain16  05/11/13  Overcast Skies  It can't decide whether to rain or shine so it's been gray overcast day!  Enjoy! Mothersday2013  05/12/13  Mothers Day  Well its about that time again when the bears are out and about establishing new territories! Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day remember all that Mom has done for you so treat her!  Enjoy! Hal1  05/13/13  I am Hal  An Eagle named Hal takes a bow for the admirers who have come to greet him at the Eagle River Nature Center. Hal was visiting the center along with his guide to teach people about eagles!  Enjoy!
MaySnow3  05/14/13  I'm Back...  Winter gave us a surprise showing as snow fell across the mountains: News Flash Spring has yet again been delayed. So much for those global warming doomsayers!  Enjoy! MrPersonality2  05/15/13  Road Level Moose  A moose grazes on the slope by the road giving a road eye's view! Also this young bull moose seems really white maybe part albino?  Enjoy! MooseStamp1  05/16/13  Moose Postage  This Moose looks like it's modeling for a postage stamp.  Enjoy! Maysnow4  05/17/13  Awesome Record Setting!  A large snow fall across the Anchorage region has set a new snow season record as the longest snow season ever recorded! The records date back to 1917, Mmh maybe global cooling perhaps?  Enjoy!
Maysnow5  05/18/13  Wonder Spring Land  We have a new season its' called "Winspring!"  Enjoy! Smellingtheflowers1  05/19/13  Smelling The Flowers  Well at least what was left from last year. This Moose searches for opportunities along the roadside at Potter Marsh to dine.  Enjoy! Maysnow6  05/20/13  Another Record View  I decided to published this view of the record season snow fall. It was a really cool imagine. Sorry about the late publishing lately, I have been really busy!  Enjoy! DuckingWinter1  05/21/13  Better Late Than Never!  The first true day of Spring like weather has arrived, just in time for Summer!  Enjoy!
Mooseberry1  05/22/13  Mooseberry  I was telling the Moose to say cheese as I photograph him, instead he gave me the Mooseberry!  Enjoy! Staringcontest2  05/23/13  Staring Contest  Eyes lock and one ear prop! This Moose is trying to figure out my next move!  Enjoy! Alpinedangers1  05/24/13  Alpine Dangers  Back Country Skiers need to take caution and stay off slopes as they have become extremely unstable!  Enjoy! Trails1  05/25/13  Trails  Switch back trails line alpine ridges  Enjoy!
BullMoose1  05/26/13  Yeah, I Eat Bark, So What?  This Bull Moose has a so what expression on its' face as I watched him consume the bark off a fallen birch tree.  Enjoy! BullMoose2  05/27/13  Remember  All those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom this day, as we celebrate Memorial Day.  Enjoy! WildandFree1  05/28/13  Wild and Free  A stream flowing at the top of what I call "Little Switzerland" flows freely as snow packs melt during the Summer Season.  Enjoy! Hiddenstream1  05/29/13  Hidden Stream  Just a few steps off the beaten path, I found a small hidden stream flowing through grasses near Sprit Park located high in the mountains in Eagle River.  Enjoy!
SpirtPark1  05/30/13  Sprit Park  A small pocket park located high in mountains surrounding Eagle River is a really cool getaway to enjoy peace from the everyday stresses of life. The beauty that surrounds this place truly lifts your sprit!  Enjoy! WaterBuddies1  05/31/13  Water Buddies  A pair of twin Moose Calves play in a stream along Eagle River Road under the watchful eye of mom who is nearby!  Enjoy! Anothertake1  06/01/13  Second Call  I image these guys yesterday but I decided to show them again from another view point. It was really an awesome experience!  Enjoy! Mountaincloud1  06/02/13  Weather Change  It rain all day and suddenly the clouds open and reveal mountains soaring among them!  Enjoy!
EagleGlacier060313  06/03/13  Summer View of The Eagle Glacier  Remnants of the Mighty Eagle Glacier that once carve the valley seems to slightly be advancing again.  Enjoy! Waterfall5  06/04/13  Wild Falls  Water races down the side of the Chugiak Mountain Range and creates numerous water falls such as this!  Enjoy! BullMoose3  06/05/13  Editable Camouflage  A Moose grazes on the thicket that hides him from plain sight.  Enjoy! Mountaincloud2  06/06/13  Summer View  Each of our two seasons up here Summer/Winter as we see it always has spectacular views!  Enjoy!
Fissures1  06/07/13  Fissures  Abound in the ice as Summer melts Winter's hard freeze.  Enjoy! 06/08/13  Doggy Rider  A dog longs for the wind in his air and the call of the open road as he greets a pair pf cyclist and ask can he come along for the ride!  Enjoy! Hiddenfalls1  06/09/13  Hidden Falls  ...Abound everywhere you turn in Alaska!  Enjoy! MeetandGreet1
MeetandGreet2  06/10/13  Meet and Greet  One of the triple Moose Calves raise it's head up and sniff into the wind to see if I was a friend or foe. The calf remain unalarmed deciding I was just passing by and I kept my respectful distance using my large lens!  Enjoy! Triplefun1  06/11/13  Triple Mischief  With three baby calf's to keep up with mom is definitely being kept on her toes!  Enjoy! Babblingfalls1  06/12/13  Babbling Falls  Another scenic falls breaks the silence of the air!   Enjoy! Followingmom1  06/13/13  One In Tow  One of the triplets is keeping close in tow with mom as they forage for food.   Enjoy!
Reach1  06/14/13  Reach, Stretch and Chew  The triplets mom is keeping pace by forging non-stop getting all she can during the short Summer of the Far North!   Enjoy! SwampMoose2  06/15/13  Swamp Grazing  A young Bull Moose grazes among the swamp near the Eagle River Nature Center.   Enjoy! Somethingdifferent2  06/16/13  Here is Something You don't See everyday!  A Dome shape house high on a mountainside. Alaska is truly a unique place for individuals! Happy Fathers Day!   Enjoy! Arcticlupine2  06/17/13  Arctic Lupine  High above on mountain slopes are these beautiful flowers called Arctic Lupine!   Enjoy!
Landscape1  06/18/13  Summer Landscape  After two very cold and wet summers we are having fun in the Sun!   Enjoy! Highwater1  06/19/13  High Waters'  Recent record setting highs have lead to increase melting of snow. Rivers and stream are flowing wildly, so be careful. Cooler temperatures are returning soon!   Enjoy! 1a Westerncolumbine2  06/20/13  Dandy Paratroopers  Dandelion Para seeds have missed landed on a Western Columbine. The seeds will again drift into the wind where they will bring forth many new generations as lawn adversaries.     Enjoy!
BestPlaceONEarth1  06/21/13  Best Place On Earth  Being consider somewhat remote by our lower 48 states standards, it has  advantages. In Alaska we enjoy the majestic beauty of unspoiled nature right in our own backyard. It is truly a great place to raise your family!    Enjoy! Followme1  06/22/13  Snack Time  Mom is telling her kids lets go and snack, the leaves are up!    Enjoy! Feedingtime1  06/23/13  Taking Turns  With triplets to feed, the moose calves have to take turns, as only two can fit at a time!    Enjoy! waterfall6
KissingMom1  06/24/13  A Little Affection  The Moose Calves take a moment to let Mom know she is appreciated!    Enjoy! Blendingin3  Journal Entry  06/25/13  Now You See Me!  A Moose appears from the trees, where she was well hidden moments before!    Enjoy! Rapidflow1  06/26/13  Rapid Flow  Water in motion is awesome thing to watch! It's flow and comforting sound helps to create serene scenes!     Enjoy! Oftenoverlooked1  06/27/13  Often Overlook  When hiking along a trail sometimes things just seem to blend. It is often in these moments if you just take the time to look beyond the background awesome surprises awake to be discovered!     Enjoy!
NatureCenter2  06/28/13  A Great Place To Reflect  Taking a walk in nature is a great place to give your mind a bit of relaxation and your body a good workout and your soul to take in God's wonderful creation!     Enjoy! Treeriver1  06/29/13  Fallen But Not Swept Away  A tree fallen into a glacier silt swept river refuses to yield to erosion has it holds own by its roots!    Enjoy! Litttlesusitia1  06/30/13  Little Susitna  Often called "Little Sue" is anything but that. She is a beautiful rive that winds through the mountains and the Matanuska Valley!    Enjoy! ModernProspecting1  07/01/13  Trail to Riches  Two friends and I headed out to do some gold prospecting near Hatcher Pass. Gold Panning is one of many favorite pastimes here in the Far North!    Enjoy!
Devisingtheplan1  07/02/13  Devising The Plan  My friends pictured here are planning strategies for areas to search for gold along the creek's edge.    Enjoy! Settingthesleude1  07/03/13  Working The Sluice  After digging sediment out of the creek bed, it's time to wash the sediment in the sluice. The black sands containing the gold will settle out, then panning it will reveling whether you have found gold!    Enjoy! 4thJuly2013  07/04/13  Happy 4th of July  A riding club not even detoured by the rain celebrates our nation's founding day, as they ride through Eagle River with high sprits.     Enjoy! Goldenstream1  07/05/13  Gold Bearing Stream  This stream near Hatcher's Pass is a gold bearing stream but a lot of work is required to reach the gold. I found a few specks for my effort, it was more fun than profitable!    Enjoy!
CoolPlane1  07/06/13  Cool Looking Float Plane  This plane is all decked out!    Enjoy! Fishing1  07/07/13  Rainy Weather  No Problem, just another excuse to go fishing!    Enjoy! Anchorage5  07/08/13  Weather Break  A brief opening in the rain allowed me to take this picture of downtown Anchorage. Sunny weather is expected over the next few days!    Enjoy! Windenergy1  07/09/13  Future Island  Alaska is known for its oil, gas and coal but few realize the great potential that is now starting to be tapped on the Last Frontier, Wind!    Enjoy!
CollectingRays1  07/10/13  Collecting Rays  An Eagle is out sunning himself after a couple of days or rain.    Enjoy! JoyfullNote1  07/11/13  Joyful Note  The Eagle's mate from yesterday's photo sings out a joyful note as she also enjoys the sunny weather!    Enjoy! Breakingground2  07/12/13  Cargo to The Far East  An Air China Cargo 747 breaks ground at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage on its way across the Pacific.     Enjoy! BearPaw20131  07/13/13  Riding For A Cause  The Bear Paw Parade was spectacular, there were many floats and organization represented. These riders are riding for Breast Cancer Awareness.     Enjoy!
Shipahoy1  07/14/13  Ship Ahoy  Another real cool float that travel the sea of floats as it may its way along the parade route!     Enjoy! BearPaw20132  07/15/13  Still Playing  I have seen this auto-tron band for many years and it still really cool to watch. It's playing at the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River!    Enjoy! Jerrysback1  07/16/13  Jerry's Back?  For a moment, it look as if Jerry's Garcia demise might be part of some conspiracy theory as this guy look like an older Jerry. Actually he was really good at playing and singing and he did remind of those Grateful Dead Days!     Enjoy! Mural1  07/17/13  Pictograph Mural  I found this really neat pictograph on the side of the Afognak Native Corporation located in Anchorage.     Enjoy!
Bearpaw20133  07/18/13  Pilgrims You Need That Bug Spray!  As "The Duke" would say! Alaska is home of the giant mosquito and they have been very busy this Summer unlike the pass ones, however, they are declining now!     Enjoy! Wagon1  07/19/13  Pioneer Sprit  many settlers in the past cross the continent in wagons such as this!     Enjoy! Palmerstation1  All Aboard  The Palmer Rail Station a throw back to the 1930's provided a link between South Central Alaska when the Matanuska Agricultural Colony was being founded.       Enjoy! NO5  07/21/13  The Old Number 5  Located at The Palmer Rail Station is an old steam engine longing to ride the rails once again!       Enjoy!
Palmervistorcenter1  07/22/13  Great Place to See  The Palmer visitor Center offers a friendly staff and a look back into the past! It also sports a wonderful flower garden which to browse through!       Enjoy! FuninSun1  07/23/13  Fun In The Sun  Alaskans are enjoying an incredible Summer of Sunshine! Mirror Lake is a popular designation for many locals to enjoy cool water and rays!       Enjoy! SeaofFire1  Sea Of Fire  Fireweed as it is known is a beautiful flower that grows in waves. It is also a great indicator of season change.       Enjoy! Duck2  07/25/13  Making Waves  A young ducking is making waves near the shore at Mirror Lake.       Enjoy!
Castingoff1  07/26/13  Thar Be Fish Out Their!  A couple fisherman  cast off in their canoe in hopes off catching dinner.       Enjoy! Mirrorlake1  07/27/13  Mirror Lake  A favorite spot for locals to have fun in the Sun and to Ice Fish in the Winter!       Enjoy! Tagia1  07/28/13  Taiga Haven  Taiga Forest/Swamp are quite common in the low areas of South Central Alaska! The forest makes a great ecosystem for many different forms of life!       Enjoy! CoolDog1  07/29/13  Cool Dog  With abundance of sunshine animals like this dog seeks shade every now.       Enjoy!
NaturalBuffet1  07/30/13  On Assignment  I am taking a break for a couple of weeks from publishing as I am on a photographic assignment. Stay tune for up coming photos in the weeks ahead!       Enjoy! Mt. SaintHelens1  08/10/13  Mt. Saint Helens!  . . . and part of the Cascade Range peers above the clouds! The Cascade Range consist of Strato Volcanoes which are the most explosive for of Volcanoes on Earth! Mt. Saint Helens picture on the right blew a third of the mountain away in her 1980 eruption!      Enjoy! Mt. Saint Helens2  08/11/13  Mt. Saint Helens Close Up!  A mighty Strato Volcano sleeps for now! As a apart of the Cascade Chain along the North West Coast of the United States she will in time reawaken as she lines the trench area known as the "The Ring of Fire" that circles the Pacific Ocean Coast line!      Enjoy! DrPepper1  08/12/13  The Origins of Dr. Pepper  I was in the town of Rural Retreat and my uncle told me about how Dr. Pepper soft drink was first create in the Drug store in the town by Dr. Pepper. Although some in Texas would dispute this, others visit the grave site and leave a Dr. Pepper drink in honor of its name sake!     Enjoy!
DC1  08/13/13  Capital in The Distance  The United States Capital lies in view of Regan National Airport  in Washington DC. The wavy effect in the photo is caused by the heat of the runway in front of the picture.    Enjoy! Firedog1  08/14/13  Fire Dog  I found this fire dog in front of Station 7 in Roanoke Virginia. It's pretty awesome but I don't think it will fit in the fire truck!   Enjoy! Lifeat37000feet1  08/15/13  Cloud 9  Life at 37 000 ft is a sea of white clouds in an endless dream!   Enjoy! Savinghistory1  08/16/13  Saving History  As world speeds forward we too often forget the past. It is important to save historical places such as this to reminds of who we are and where we are heading.  Enjoy!
BarsandStars1  08/17/13  Bars and Stars  This Confederate Grave site is located in Bedford Virginia and honors those who fought for states rights during the American Civil War.  Enjoy! ReganNational1  08/18/13  Prepping to Fly  A pair of United Airline Jets are readying themselves for their journeys from Regan National Airport.  Enjoy! Kindervalley1  08/19/13  Kinder Valley, Photos from the Road continue...  Originally Settle by the Kinder's from Germany in the 1700's is a land of rolling hills and farms in Virginia deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Enjoy! Grandin1  08/20/13  Grand Old Lady  The Grandin Theatre is an early movie house that dates back to the at least to the 1930's. I remember as a kid going to see movies in her in this historic part of SW Virginia.  Enjoy!
Clouds2  08/21/13  Dreaming A Loft  A loft on billowing clouds I see an ever changing scene before me. I will be returning to Alaska Photos tomorrow stay tune!  Enjoy! Featherdusting1  08/22/13  Feather Dusting  Keeping groomed is an important part of a raptor's life and a quick snack!  Enjoy! Mushroom1  08/23/13  Mushrooms Abound  With all the rain lately mushrooms are appearing everywhere!  Enjoy! Littlemushroom1  08/24/13  Little Mushroom  I spied this small mushroom among the grass in my yard. It will become like the mushroom picture yesterday, if allow to grow.  Enjoy!
BigBullMoose1  08/25/13  Racking it Up!  A very large Bull Moose appear in front of my camera today, it was truly an awesome experience! I will be featuring "Bull Winkle" over the next few days!  Enjoy! Bigpoints1  08/26/13  Totaling Points  I believe that thus Bull has at least 23 points and the rack is at least six feet across!  Enjoy! RefelectiveMoose1  08/27/13  Reflective Moose  A Moose stares into the puddle and sees his own reflection and perhaps contemplates his existence but who knows for sure for they are truly awesome mysterious creatures!  Enjoy! ThristyMoose11  08/28/13  Thirsty Moose  Over lips and through the gums look out stomach here it comes, Bull Winkle is filling up!  Enjoy!
Eagleriverglacier2  08/29/13  Eagle River Glacier  I image it every so often to see how our local glacier is doing. We have had an unusual warm summer the first in many years but the glacier has seem to hold it's own.  Enjoy! CrossingMoose3  08/30/13  Lesser Bull  I spotted this lesser bull moose along the glacier road which is under construction. He was more of a "Country Moose" and did not get as close as the larger bull previous imaged!  Enjoy! Nearlyinvisible1  08/31/13  Nearly Invisible  A Bull Moose blends well with his surroundings!  Enjoy! Naturesweathergauge1  09/01/13  Nature's Weather Gauge  Fireweed is nearly done blooming! After Blooming snow son follows, I have already seem termination dust on some local peaks!  Enjoy!
Clearskys1  09/02/13  In Hopes of Clear Skies  August to first part of September tends to be our rainy season. Alaskans are looking forward to cooling periods and snow as seasons are changing!  Enjoy! Valleyofplenty1  09/03/13  Valley of Plenty  The Matanuska Valley is a land of plenty with rich soil and 24 hour Sun to grow the most amazing produce!  Enjoy! Rainbow4  09/04/13  Good Side of Rain  A Rainbow often results after periods of rain to remind us of God's Promise to never flood the Earth again.  Enjoy! Bigandsmall1  09/05/13  Big and Small  Another result of our rainy season is mushroom abound everywhere in all shapes and sizes!  Enjoy!
Moose29  09/06/13  Natural Setting  Alaska is truly a place unlike any on Earth!  Enjoy! ArcticRoadRunner1  09/07/13  Where it All Began  The original site of the famed Arctic RoadRunner is a must see/visit in Alaska to enjoy the local food!  Enjoy! Fingersinthemist1  09/08/13  Fingers in The Mist  Fingers of low lying clouds quickly obscure the mountain from view!  Enjoy! Dustreturns1  09/09/13  Dust Returns  Termination Dust has reappeared on the mountains in Eagle River. As the dust spreads from peak to peak and comes down the side Winter is not far behind!  Enjoy!
MtBaldyRainbow1  09/10/13  Rainbow Over Baldy  A rainbow appeared briefly over Mt. Baldy, it lasted only a few moments and then it was gone but awesome while it lasted!  Enjoy! EverVigilant1  09/11/13  Never Forget  America will never forget what happen on this day 12 years ago! We are ever vigilant!  Enjoy! Recentweather1  09/12/13  Rain, Clear, Soak Repeat...  The cycle of weather for the past two months. If the moisture continues then their will be lots of snow this Winter!  Enjoy! Goldstream1  09/13/13  Gold Stream  Many streams out in the wild like this bear gold in various form. Getting to it is not easy and often requires a lot of back breaking work but just ever now and then you might just get lucky. The real treasure is not the gold itself but reliving apart of Alaska's pioneer past it truly gives a perspective of what it was like and I can tell you it's not as easy as some history books might implied!  Enjoy!
SnowyOwl1  09/14/13  Visit Me  The Alaska Zoo has many indigenous  species of the Last Frontier along with some exotic species from around the world waiting to share their beauty with you!  Enjoy! Tiger2  09/15/13  Only At The Zoo  Exotic Species like the Amur Tiger can only be found in the zoo in Alaska!  Enjoy! Tuckerout2  09/16/13  Catching "Zzzz"Time  After a crowd pleasing job, The Polar Bear is ready for his break!  Enjoy! chillin1  09/17/13  Chill in  Snow Leopards bask in the Sun for great cat nap! Come an enjoy these and other wonderful animals at the Alaska Zoo!  Enjoy!
Fox1  09/18/13  Zoo Portrait  I have been showing some portraits of the wonderful animals at The Alaska Zoo! If you get a chance its a wonderful place to visit and enjoy some of nature's finest creatures!  Enjoy! Dustreturns2  09/19/13  Mountain Jumping!  The termination dust continues to jump from peak to peak and now is slowly starting down the mountainsides!  Enjoy! Dustpeak1  09/20/13  A Little on Top  As termination dust quickly spreads from top to top it starts as a small covering then rapidly moves down elevation!  Enjoy! StrechandYawn1  09/21/13  Stretch and Yawn  This guy is indefinite need of a nap as he begins the first stage of napping!  Enjoy!
Firstsnow2013  09/22/13  First Lower Elevation Snowfall!  Snow has been kissing the mountain tops now it is starting to touch the valleys!  Enjoy! Daydifference1  09/23/13  A Difference in a Day!  What started out as a simple snow fall turn into 2 to 3 inches of Winter wonderland. Snow came early not even the trees have turn yet!  Enjoy! Mountainsnow2  09/24/13  Fall and Winter  ...standing side by side!  Enjoy! Brownbear22  09/25/13  Second Look   A bear's curiosity is one of it's awesome traits. This Brown Bear at the Zoo seems to have spied something and is taking a second look.  Enjoy!
Snowdust1  09/26/13  Winter Advances   Recent dustings of the mountains and a surprise valley snow are clear signs that Winter is not far away!  Enjoy! Recentweather2  09/27/13  Mixed Weather   Rain and Snow with a dash of sunshine continues to persist over the area as two season Fall and Winter struggle to control the area!  Enjoy! Littlemoose1  09/28/13  Little Moose   The weather open up and I was finally able to get out and take some photos this morning, I ran across this yearling and her mom on Eagle River Road.   Enjoy! Classicrow1  09/29/13  Classic Row   I was heading back to Eagle River when I saw not one but four 1920's to early 30's fords parked at a restaurant!    Enjoy!
Crossingmoose4  09/30/13  Autumn Moose   Leaves they are a changing and Moose are out forging about trying to store up for the lean Winter months ahead!    Enjoy! Keepingwatch1  10/01/13  Keeping Watch   A Mother Moose "Cow" stands guard as her yearling forges for food to stay fuel for the Winter!     Enjoy! Intow2  10/02/13  Tagging Along   The Yearling is in step not far behind mom as it learns all of mom's secrets for survival when it time's come to set out on it's own!     Enjoy! Followtheleader3  10/03/13  Mom Brazing The Leafy Trail   This way she tells her calf lets go and find some foliage!     Enjoy!
IMG 4812  10/10/13 Mountain Unveiled! As clouds pull away from the mountain tops, aWinter wonder appears! IMG 4871  10/12/13 Stocking Up! A Brown Bear garbs all the food that it needs for the long Winter's sleep that lies ahead! LightlyDusted1  10/13/2013  Lightly Dusted            As rain falls peaks such as these will become Winter's Wonderland! MooseGrass1  10/14/2013 Image this Moose Near the Eagle River Nature Center along the road side enjoing some greens for dinner!
101613Mounatin  10/16/13 Overcast Skies continue throughout the area leaving really awesome dustings on the mountains to view! 101713Mountain  10/17/13 More clouds and snow caps grow as seasons change is near at hand! 101913Hole in The Sky1  10/19/13 A Hole in The Sky! After a long period of cloud cover, rain and wind, Sunlight punched a brief hole in the clouds and ligth poured forth as a welcome sight! Totemart1  10/21/13 Totem Art! This unique totem was spotted outside "The Discover Center" It really is a neat piece of art. The Center which helps kids with diabilities sports a art gallery with many works for sale, check it out!
ZooYoga1  10/22/13 Zoo Yoga                    A Brown Bear prepares his daily relaxation stretches  and invites the viewers to join in! 102313 Mole Day  10/23/13 Mole Day Alaska Style! Nearly 400 Students brave sub freezing temperatures and  ice fog to celebrate this wonderful moment in Chemistry! 102513OvercastMountain  10/25/13 Overcast Mountains  Mountains lie obscured in a misty cloud cover as Autum fades into Winter! 102613 Traveling Waters  10/26/13 Traveling Waters flow down the mountain sideas the light of the day fades.
102731 Moose Mobile  10/27/13 Moose Mobile:    Pretty neat vehicle to see on the road but not one you would want to take into the woods during Moose Season! 102813 Potter's Glaze  10/28/13 Potters Glaze: As temperatures cool ice begins to glaze over the waters! 102913 Sunset Over Eagle River  10/29/13 Sunset Over Eagle River    After wind storms of 95 mph and torrents of rain the shy final began to clear in the evening sky and produce a wonderful Sunset! 103013 Dusting Returns!  10/30/13 Dusting Returns        Mountain tops are recieving new layers of snow as Winter approaches after a delay start!
103113 Cat Tails  10/31/13 Cat Tails    Cat tails rise above Potters Marsh symbolizing a wetland habitat for many wildlife species! 110113 Early Evening  11/01/13 Evening Sky  As Winter approaches sky sets become more spectular! 110213 Winter Beds  11/02/13 Winter Beds  With sub frezzing temperatures for half the year flowers need a warm place to rest why they await Spring. 110313 Snow Mountain  11/03/13 Snow Mountain The termination dust lines can clearly be scence as Winter places a new coating on the mountain tops!
11042013WeatherBowl  11/04/2013 Weather Bowl The Anchorage Bowl is a great place for weather systems like snow to become trap and as a result heavy snowfall! The lower elevation snow is late this year but change is in the air! 110513Sleeping Lady  11/05/13 Mount Spurr A sleeping Volcaneo is blankented with a covering snow hiding the awesome forces of nature which lies just below the surface! 110613MountainPass  11/06/13 Mountain Passes will soon be filled with snow! 110713 Sleeping Lady  11/07/13 Sleeping Lady continues to slumber in her dreams!
110813 Sunset Fire  11/08/13 Fiery Sunset! The Sunset this evening put the sky on fire! Enjoy! 110913 VolcanicSun  11/09/13 Volcanic Sun A volcano produces a silhouette across the Sun's surface! 111013 Sunset  11/09/13 Wonderful Sunset! Also snow started to fall and accumulations are expected to be greater than six inches! 111113 Veterans Day Snow  11/11/13 Veterans Day! Please take time and thank those and remember those who serve, so you can be free!
111213 Moon Rise  11/12/13 Moon Rise over the mountain at 10 F was awesome tonight! 111413 Frosted Berries  11/14/13 Frosted Berries with recent snow fall and temperatures around 9 F have produce this wonderful frozen scene! 111513 Foggy Set  11/15/13 Foggy Set SunSets lately have been really awesome so I have been publishing them a lot. Hopefully I will get a Moose soon, as they seem to have disappear lately! 111613Mt. Baldy  11/16/13 Mt. Baldy      Mt. Baldy is a local favorate to climb. The terrian is moderate to difficult depending on your route of asecent! Enjoy!
111713 Frozen Rock  11/17/13  Frozen Rock         Water bathes over this rock adding layers of ice as air temperatures hover around 2 F!  Enjoy! 111813 Icy Stream  11/18/13 " Icy Waters"   Streams still flow despite the extreme cold! They slowly transform into works of art as stream slowy freezes! Enjoy! 111913 Freezing Bed  11/19/13 "Freezing Bed" Rivers are rapidly freezing over as temperatures are around -8F! 112013 Moments before Sun Rise  11/20/13 "Moments Before Sunrise" Glowing light can be seen just over the mountain tops as the Sun will soon make its apperance! Enjoy
112113 Wind Blown Snow  11/21/13 "Snow Plumes"  Winds on high drive snow over the peaks creating snow packs on the opposite side. The sun can be seen shinning through a plume on the right side! Enjoy! 112213 Flowing Ice  11/22/13 "New Ice"   New flowing ice continues to freeze streams and rivers and they will soon be strong enough to support Winter Sports! 112313 Mountain Peaks  11/23/13 "Snow Slide" reveal a "Snow Shute" between the peaks. As Winter progresses this "Shute" will load up with snow and slide as the load becomes heavier! 112413 Snow Branches  11/24/13 "Snow Branches" Snow layers up on small brances and bend the twigs under their strain. Enjoy!
112513 Snow Sential  11/25/13 "Snowy Sentential"  A Snow Peak in the distance marks the rugged beauty of "The Last Frontier!" 112613 Snow Trees  11/26/13 "Snow Trees"  Three Spruce Trees all decked out for approaching Christmas Holidays!                   Enjoy! 112713 Frozen Catails  11/27/13 "Frozen Tails" These catails are frozen as Winter's breath has fianlly arrived! Snow continues to fall and transferthe landscape intoa Winter Haven!  Enjoy! 112813 The Great One!  11/28/13 " The Great One!" Rising more than 20 320 ft Denali also known as Mt. McKinney is the tallest peak in North America. Regradless of the sky color or light level she is always awesome to see!. Happy Thanksgiving from "The Last Frontier!" As you go about the day remember to give thanks to "God" for the bounty he has given us and be kind to those in need!    Enjoy!
112913 Iron Horse  11/29/13 "The Iron Horse"    Is one of the many independently own coffee shacks that dot the landscape of Anchorage and Eagle River with various themes. I visited this one on several occasions and they serve great Hot Chocolate and the service is great!       Enjoyed! 113013 Frozen Cook  11/30/13 "Frozen in Time"  The Cook Inlet seems frozen in the moment but tidal forces move the pack ice twice a day creating awesome icescapes! 120113 Winter Touristism  12/01/13 "If You Freeze it, They Will Come!" Winter tourism is on the rise! Truely experiencing "The Last Frontier" is experience living the Winter Wonderland! I was out imaging "The Cook Inlet" for Alaska Photo Explorer when I saw the tour group pull up. As these tourist step off the bus, a cool wind at -25 F wipped off the Cook Inlet! Despite the extreme cold they seem to enjoy embracing life on "The Edge!"  Enjoy! 120213 Sledding in Season!  12/02/13 "Sledding in Season!" Crisp coldness in the air,blanket of snow on the ground and eager teams await adentures on the trail!
120313 Ready to Go!  12/03/13 "Ready to Go!" "Lets go shouts out the lead dog!" Anxious to head out on adventures unknown, I think the dogs have all the fun as they are born to run! Dog Mushing is such an excellent and awesome sport which truely defines the spirt of adventure here on "The Last Frontier!" Enjoy! 120413 PacSun  12/04/13 " Pac-Man Sun"   I saw this really awesome cloud formation rising up off the Cook Inlet! The center of the cloud looks like "Pac-Man" eating a fleeing ghost! I thought it was pretty cool!                    Enjoy! 120513 Sun and Ice  12/05/13 "Fire and Ice"  The contrast between extremes is always present in nature along the Cook Inlet. There is always a dance of light between the "Sun Fire and Ice!"  Enjoy! 120613 Ice Wall  12/06/13 "Ice Seeding" These ice drapes are the seed for ice build up along an ice wall that is created by the exteremy cold temperature blowing off the icy "Cook Inlet along with springs that flow from the face of the wall. Soon these structures will thicken and beckon ice climbers to Climb!  Enjoy!
120713 Reindog  12/07/13 "Reindog"  Reindeers are not the only thing that seems to fly when harnessed up! Also this is day of remembrance as we remember Pearl Harbor and the day that will live in infamy! Always remember that freedom is not free and thank those who have served and are serving to keep America free!     Enjoy! 120813 Star Flare  12/08/13 "Light Parachute" I got this really cool light effect from shooting towards the Sun across my lens. It looks like a parachute of light dropping out of the Sun for a soft landing on Earth!     Enjoy! 120913 Dog Towing  12/09/13 "Tow Package" When you need a little extra power to get through, dogs are the traditional choice!  Enjoy! 121013 Ice Flow  12/10/13 "Pack Ice"   The Cook Inlet is a vast ice pack this time of the year! As winds howl along the inlet extreme cold temperatures are quite common!     Enjoy!
121113 Frozen Rock  12/11/13 "Flash Frozen"  Barren rock beside the Cook Inlet is often flash frozen with each tidal change!     Enjoy! 121213 Volcanic Skyline  12/12/13 "Volcanic Skyline"  Anchorage lies near the center of three major fault systems just off the coastline! These areas of plate subduction create a volcanic skyline that ring around the city adding majestic mountain scenes and truly making Anchorage life on "The Wild Side!"       Enjoy! 121313 Mt. Redoubt  12/13/13 "Mt. Redoubt "  Mt. Redoubt a composite volcaneo lies about 100 miles from Anchorage her tremendous size makes her still seem a giant looming just on the horizon! She is very active and is constantly letting off steam!       Enjoy! 121413 Eyes of a Champion  12/14/13 "Eyes of a Champion "  The lead sled dog is getting it's game face on readying itself for an upcoming run!  I had a really awesome experience today as I got to mush for the first time and the experience was breath taking!        Enjoy!
121513 Frosted Dog  12/15/13 "Cooling Down "  After an excellent run, what better way to cool down as this sled dog rolls its face in snow!        Enjoy! 121613 Maintance Run  12/16/13 "Maintance Run"  Keeping the trails open and safe for both the teams and the mushier's is a constance task but if you take one look at the team's expression any chance to get out on the trails and run is all worth the effort!       Enjoy! 121713 Sheer Joy  12/17/13 "Sheer Joy"  One look tells a thousand words as these beautiful animals await their turn at a run to adventures unknown!       Enjoy! 121813 Snow Runners  12/18/13 "Pre-Flight Check"  Prepping the team is only one part of a successful run. Making sure all the parts of the sled is another. Awesome rides are created by the team, the musher and the equipment working as one, ride on!       Enjoy!
121913 Off and Running  12/19/13 "Snow Dust Trails"  Rocketing off from the start, the team with only four dogs still manages to leave a snow dust trail in it's wake!       Enjoy! 122013 Clouds  12/20/13 "Layers of Color"  Yesterday's Sunset was filled with layers of color throughout the clouds!       Enjoy! 122113 Icicles  12/21/13 "Icicles"  One of the many wonders created during Winter in Alaska are spirals of ice that cling to any overhang they can find. Like snow flakes it seems that no two are exactly alike and they offer amazing structures to view, if you only take the time.     Enjoy! 122213 Polar Plunge  12/22/13 "Sparta Vs Vikings"  Special Olympics in Anchorage, Alaska holds it's annual Polar Plunge to raised money to train athletes with mental and physical disabilities so that they too can compete in the Special Olympics. Thousands came out to support this worthy cause by either taking the icy plunge or cheering on these new members of "The Polar Bear Club" who raised money and awareness for these athletes in need!       Enjoy!
122313 Along The Trail  12/23/13 "Solace"  Riding out along the trail gives one a sense of solace where you can hear your own thoughts and reflect on the awesome wonders that surround you!       Enjoy! 122413 Christmas Eve  12/24/13 "Reason For The Season"  Shopping, Prepping the Sleigh for Santa is all nice for the kids but let us remember beyond the commercial is the true meaning of Christmas the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God's greatest gift of love for all!       Enjoy! 122513 The Polar Express  12/25/13 "Merry Christmas"  May your and yours have a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God's greatest gift of love for all!        Enjoy! 122613 Eagle Tree  12/26/13 "Eagle Tree"  Eagle River is known for it's Winter inhabinants who flock to winterover as they await Spring to thaw fishing grounds. They can be seen all over town and often hangout in trees together!      Enjoy!
122713 Taking Five  12/27/13 "Taking Five"  After a long run of an awesome adventure these guys are ready to take five and recharge!      Enjoy! 122813 Tastey Village  12/28/13 "Tasty Village"  A ginger bread community built for the Christmas Holiday gives viewers a new look on the tasty side! The village can be seen but not eaten at "The Captain Cook Hotel" in downtown Anchorage!      Enjoy! 122913 Red Sky and Ice  12/29/13 "Icy Fire"  Ice covered trees amidst a fiery sky. Winter sky's produce some of the most cool scenes as extremely cool temperatures and low Sun angles produce really unusual optical effects!      Enjoy! 123013 Short Daylight  12/30/13 "Slowly Gaining Light"  There are only a few hours of day light during the first Winter months. We have passed the Winter Solstice and we are slowly gaining daylight with each day!      Enjoy!
123113 Out With The Old  12/31/13 "Out With The Old"  It's been a year with ups and downs, I look forward to a new year with all the possibilities it holds. What makes a year good one is not the number itself but how we choose to use it!  So when you are out there making new year resolutions for yourself always put the one's you love first for they are what life is all about!      Enjoy!