Alaska Photo Journal 2012

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
2012a  01/01/12  Happy New Year 2012!  Happy New Year from Anchorage Alaska! May your New Year bring you joy! Forget those resolutions that you will never fully commit to. Just live life and do what is right, May God Bless You! Click Here! to see down Anchorage Celebrations!  Enjoy! 2012b 2303e 2012c
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2012L 2012M 2012N 1stsunset2012  01/02/12  1st Sunset of 2012  The first sunset of the new year was nothing less than awesome! Hundreds of people line up on the Old Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm and watch as the first day of the new year came to a close.  Enjoy!
DDSunDog1  01/03/12  A Pair of Sun Dogs  A rare pair of Double Sun Dogs appeared on the Old Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm. A Sun Dog is part of a Rainbow that forms high in the clouds but these guys were created by snow and ice crystals, just  above the icy Cooke Inlet. Click Here! to see each Sun Dog! It was a cool experience!  Enjoy! DDSunDog2 DDSunDog3 OffandRunning1  01/04/12  Off and Running  Despite subzero temperatures dogs and musher's alike brave the elements for adventures around the bend! You can see a sled dog in the back ground cheering on his friends!  Enjoy!
Icewall2  01/05/12  Ice Sirens Call  Ice walls line the cliffs along the Old Seward Highway beckoning Ice Climbers to scale the curtains of ice.  Enjoy! FostyMountainside1  01/06/12  Frosty Mountainside  The mountains outside of Girdwood Alaska reflect the evening light as sub zero temperatures sprinkle a frosty layer of ice on the trees adding to the magic of this Winter Wonderland!  Enjoy! Snowload1  01/07/12  An Alaskan Reality  Snow loads can often become too stressful for even the sturdiest houses and shoveling the driveway is not the only reality but also the roof!  Enjoy! IC12a  01/08/12  Have Ice Will Carve  Ice Carvers are busy at work sculpting their master pieces for the competition of the Ice Show 2012. Click Here! to see the Carvers at Work!  Enjoy!
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ShowGoesOn1  01/09/12  The Show Must Go On!  Despite yesterday's massive snow storm, the Ice Show is on! I will have photos soon, hopefully tomorrow!   Enjoy! ICS12a ICS12b ICS12c
ICS12d  01/10/12  Ice Show 2012!  Ice sculptures adorn Town Square Park in Anchorage, come out check out the show, its worth the visit! Click Here! to see the Ice Sculptures!    Enjoy! ICS12e ICS12f ICS12g
ICS12h ICS12I ICS12j ICS12k
ICS12X ICS12Y MountaintopChalea1  01/11/12  Mountain Top Chalet  High above the Alyeska Hotel below the summit is the Alyeska Chalet, where skiers and guest can grab a bite between runs or just enjoy the awesome vistas!    Enjoy! Cloudbirth1  01/12/12  Rising Clouds  Clouds rise over the Cook Inlet from the warmer water still below freezing water to the sub zero air!    Enjoy!
SkiSchool1 SkiSchool2  01/13/12  Ski School  Skiing is an favorite Alaska Past Time and learning to ski for most kids and adults in the last frontier is a right of passage! Click Here! to see follow the leader!    Enjoy! Moosestalking1  01/14/12  Call of The Moose  The Moose call went out and I was there. I try to keep tabs on our neighborhood visitors! This guy I imaged early this fall is now free and is own his on. I never tried of watching these awesome animals they are not overly bright but they are cool and full of personality!  Enjoy! IceClimber1  01/15/12  Scaling The wall  Today was a great day with temperatures at -9F, Sunshine and no wind gave perfect conditions for scaling ice flows, what an awesome sport!  Enjoy!
IceClimber1a  01/15/12  Scaling The wall  Today was a great day with temperatures at -9F, Sunshine and no wind gave perfect conditions for scaling ice flows, what an awesome sport!  Enjoy! Icewall3  01/16/12  Frozen Falls  With temperatures as low as -18F, natural springs that flowed out of the hill side have turn into frozen water falls glistening in the Sun!  Enjoy! EveningCook1  01/17/12  Evening Cook  A Copper Sun flares across the ice laden Cook Inlet for a evening that was nothing less than spectacular!  Enjoy! Pull1  01/18/12  Moose Aerobics  1,2,3 pull 1,2,3 pull A Moose pulls on the tree branch to sample the twigs for a hardy meal!  Enjoy!
Awesomeclimb1  01/19/12  Awesome...  she exclaims, as she reaches the top of the ice flow!  Enjoy! Icyflow1  01/20/12  Icy Flow  Even in extreme subzero temperatures the Cook Inlet Tides ebb in and out!  Enjoy! endoftheride1  01/21/12  End of The Ride  Avalanches are common place in Alaska along the high mountains that receive heavy snow loads. This is the end run of one avalanches area along the Old Seward Highway that occurs every year!  Enjoy! Climber1  01/22/12  Reaching...  Ice Climbing requires skill and the ability to read the ice! It is truly an awesome sport!  Enjoy!
Pathway1  01/23/12  The Frosty Trail  An Ice Climber blazes a trail for other climbers to follow.   Enjoy! Iceclimber2  01/24/12  The Straight and Narrow  An Ice Climber climbs a finger of ice up the cliff face with little room for margin of error!   Enjoy! NightForger1  01/25/12  Night Forger  I caught this bull moose doing a bit of tree trimming in my headlights and got a time delay image of him!  Enjoy! MooseTrek1  01/26/12  Moose Trek  The continuing voyages of the Starship Mooseprize To Boldly go where no Moose has gone before...Captain Monty is exploring new frontiers and upon confronting local life forms deem  possibly hostile calls out   "Beam me Up Rocky!"  Live Long and Prosper!
Teamwork1  01/27/12  Team Work  Ice climbing while it can be a solo sport it is better with others!  Enjoy! MooseFrost1  01/28/12  So You Want My Picture... eh?  How bad do you really want it implies the Bull Moose. Consider this: Its -15 F, I'm freezing, eating twigs and I am dealing with the onset of raging hormones!  Sometimes you got to ask yourself , do you feel lucky?  Enjoy! Moosetwig1  01/29/12  Anticipation  Moose abound everywhere as they forge for winter food! This Bull Moose can't wait to taste this twig!  Bon Appetite! Eagle2  01/30/12  Who's Watching Who?  I was out photographing Eagles and this guy decides to watch me with great interest!  Enjoy!
EaglePerch1  01/31/12  Eagle Perch  Eagles are out in force braving the sub zero temperatures in Eagle River!  Enjoy! Snowshoemoose1  02/01/12  If I Only Had Some Snow Shoes...   remarks our Moose explorer as he navigates through the deep snow!  Enjoy! weatheringStorm1  02/02/12  Weathering The Storm   With her sea days far behind her she still proudly faces the best Alaska Winters can throw at her, Sail on...  Enjoy! ProudEagle1  02/03/12  Pecking Order   Eagles are top raptors and symbolize hope and strength! Eagles are apart of Alaska's daily landscape and one of the many natural beauties that our state has to offer both locals and visitors alike!  Enjoy!
Dangerous Commute1  02/04/12  Dangerous Commute   Winter driving is a right of passage even in white conditions! At least 16 inches of snow fell over the area today, adding to the total record snow we already have! Its a Winter Wonder Land!  Enjoy! EagleCollision1 EagleCollision1a EagleCollision2a
Eagleback1a Moosearama1  02/05/12  Their be Moose... Abound   Moose, Moose and more Moose, they are everywhere forging near the road sides please drive carefully and  watch out and enjoy these magnificent creatures!  Enjoy! EagleJokes1 Eaglejokes2  02/06/12  Psst.. Hey Buddy you got Mites   Remarks one Eagle to his friend. Practical Eagle jokes are told to help Eagles past the time until the advent of Spring when the rivers thaw and fishing season opens once more!  Enjoy!
Sunset36  02/07/12  Golden Set   Yesterday's sunset was nothing less than spectacular!  Enjoy! Coloricecles1  02/08/12  Color Icicles   Icicles are quite common this time of year. A local restaurant has a unique solution and added coloring to spiff up their icicles and made into an art form!  Enjoy! Crossingpaths1  02/09/12  Crossing Paths   What do you do when you cross paths with a Moose? Give him the Right of Way or lose!  Enjoy! Snowtotem1  02/10/12  Snow Totem   Totems are quite common in Alaska. They are record of  events that tell a history of the people who craved it.  Enjoy!
Technologyongo1  02/11/12  Technology On The Go!   A ice climber gets a call while ascending and tells the caller, "I'll call back, kind of busy right now." Technology has been a great help but there are times when it can get in the way. Good call by this climber as they demonstrate calling and climbing don't mix!  Enjoy! Thefinalyards1  02/12/12  The Last Full Measure   Musher and dogs head for the finish in one final sprint to set their best time in dreams of victory!  Enjoy! Thefinalyards1a  02/12/12  The Last Full Measure   Musher and dogs head for the finish in one final sprint to set their best time in dreams of victory!  Enjoy! crossinginstyle1  02/13/12  Crossing In Style   A sled dog is separated from his team and is rescued by race officials and crosses the finish line in style!  Enjoy!
Therearenoseconds1  02/14/12  There is No Second Place!   As with the race, so with love, be good to your Valentine, treat them with love, kindness and respect!  Enjoy! ShyMoose1  02/15/12  Bashful   A Moose plays shy for the camera!    Enjoy! ProudEagle2 Iceflows1  02/16/12  Quiet and Steady   Ice flows in and Ice flows out during the Winter along the Cook Inlet.   Enjoy!
BranchEagle1  02/17/12  Observation Deck   An Eagle picks a high roast to hang out and observe for opportunities below!   Enjoy! Quiettime2  02/18/12  Quiet Time   I went Cross Country Skiing yesterday with some co-workers and soon found myself alone as they each took different trails for their own adventure but skiing in solitude gives someone a chance to reflect and observe the world around them which is good thing!   Enjoy! JesterCyclist1  02/19/12  Clowning Around  A cyclist clowns around town while hauling supplies.  Enjoy! Hungup1  02/20/12  Over Coming Obstacles!   Sorry for the lateness of the photo of the day, I am having some computer issues but as always....  Enjoy!
AlertMoose1  02/21/12  Alert Moose   A Moose is quickly takes notice of my presence. I try to use a large lens as to give distance between myself and my subjects but sometimes a large lens is not enough!  Enjoy! RunningWide1  02/22/12  Running Wide Open!   A Musher and his team make the final push to cross the finish as seconds matter in the race!  Enjoy! Eveninglight1  02/23/12  Evening Glow   The Far North latitude makes for some spectacular Sunsets and Alpine Glow with the Sun's low angle on the horizon!  Enjoy! Snowset2  02/24/12  Sun and Snow   The sunset the other day was a really cool experience as the sun was setting snow fall occurred. It made for really awesome scene!  Enjoy!
SnowsculptorsNight1  02/25/12  Fur Ice   Working into the night snow sculptors work to finish their creations  for judging at Fur Rondy 2012!  Enjoy! Outhouseracce1  02/26/12  A Race Like No Other!   When you think of racing, cars, bikes, marathons, dog sleds comes to mind but outhouses? Yes its true, its one unique experience that will leave you thinking the next time you visit the "John!"  Enjoy! SheerJoy1  02/27/12  Sheer Joy   One look says it all in the dog teams' face as they start the third day of the 2012 Fur Rondy Race, in search of glory!  Enjoy! Snowcut1  02/28/12  Taking Shape   With each cut of the saw, a master piece is taking shape!  Enjoy!
SheerJoy1a  02/27/12  Sheer Joy   One look says it all in the dog teams' face as they start the third day of the 2012 Fur Rondy Race, in search of glory!  Enjoy! WhatThink1  02/29/12  What do You Think...?   Is this me or what? I feel I can chase down a Caribou with this! "It's You" comments the guy in the red jacket to his customer. Fur Rondy brings some really cool events and stuff to buy! These hats are the real thing and so is the price but well worth it!  Enjoy! MooseCasing2  03/01/12  Wonder What I Could Steal...?   Hey are those Candle Sticks Silver mmh? No I don't think so, hey check out that art work, oh that's cool... wait what's that a 60 inch Flat Screen TV with surround sound, time to score! Ever wonder what's going through their minds when they stare in!!!???  Enjoy! Lewinspection1  03/02/12  Can Opener  Teams make final adjustments to their outhouses prior to the Great Outhouse Race at Fur Rondy 2012!  Enjoy!
Idtiarod20121  03/03/12  It Has Begun!  Iditarod 2012 began in downtown Anchorage at 10 am amidst snow fall. Both Teams and Musher's alike revel in the joy of the start of "The Last Great Race On Earth!"  Enjoy! SC20121 SC20122 SC20123
SC20124 SC20125 SC20126 SC20127
SC20128 SC20129 SC201210 SC201211
SC201212 SC201213 SC201214 SC201215
SC201216 SC201218 Sc201219 SC201220
SC201221 SC201222 SC201223 SC201224
SC201225 SC201226 SC201227 SC201228
SC201229 SC201230 SC201217  03/04/12  Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Ice...  Fur Rondy's 2012 Snow Sculptor Competition was awesome this year! Click Here! to see the snow sculptors!  Enjoy! mountainmoon1  03/05/12  Always Cool!  Watching moon rises over the mountains is always a cool thing to see!  Enjoy!
LostRider1  03/06/12  All In Stride  Turn one in the Iditarod 2012 Start in Anchorage prove to be difficult as several tag along sleds over turn or had trouble maintaining control. But emulating the Great Alaskan Spirit  of Adventure Musher's took it in stride and even found humor which makes "The Last Great Race" even more awesome!  Enjoy! Iditarod20122  03/07/12  Team Scotland  Each year more and more teams from around the world enter the race to give "The Last Great Race" International recognition!  Enjoy! MoosePower1  03/08/12  Moose Power Vs. Horse Power  and the winner is .....neither! The snow is near record fall this year and the Moose out of desperation have moved in to more urban areas seeking food. Please give them a break! The driver of this car was actually stopped and allowed the Moose to pass by as we should all do. It is important that we help these wonderful creatures through this hard Winter for them by giving them a brake when ever we can!  Enjoy! SheerJoy2  03/09/12  Priceless Expression  Sheer Joy beams through as these sled dogs race on, doing what they love!  Enjoy!
RoadWarriers1  03/10/12  Full Speed Ahead!  Running wide open these Iditarod Dogs head for adventure!  Enjoy! TurningSeason1  03/11/12  Once More Towards The Sun...  After nearly a record snowfall year Alaska begins to turn once more towards the Sun. More Snow is more than likely and the record could fall but for now.."Here Comes The Sun..."  Enjoy! MooseGoof1  03/12/12  Goofy Moose  A Moose in my neighbor's yard gives me a goofy glance as I take his picture. Moose definitely have personalities!  Enjoy! SnowSulptorbulid2  03/13/12  Hacking Away  People are always at a maze how people build these wonderful works or art. In truth with a good imagination and the simplest tools around the house can making the most amazing art form snow and ice.  Enjoy!
CookInlet2  03/14/12  Icy Passage  Ice flows still ebb with the tide in The Cook Inlet.  Enjoy! RememberWhen1  03/15/12  Remember When?  It was only $3.74 a gallon, now it's $4.14 gallon and rising. It's sad because there is no shortage but just greed this time! Its time to look towards hydrogen or electrics!  Enjoy! SCB2012a  03/16/12  Art Knows No Time  Night or Day art is always in motion and creativity knows no boundary of time. I took this photo a while back at night while they were building the snow sculptors.  Enjoy! Pals1  03/17/12  Pals  A pair of Eagles share the view!  Enjoy!
ShineyCook1  03/18/12  Shiny Cook  Sunlight dances across water and ice creating a reflective  effect across the Cook Inlet.  Enjoy! ChasingThewind1  03/19/12  Chasing The Wind  A pair of air gliders chase the wind looking for thermals to ride!  Enjoy! Sleepinglady1  03/20/12  Fast Asleep  The Sleeping Lady remains so today! According to legend, she fell asleep until her warrior husband return from battle. unfortunately he fell in battle and she stills sleeps today covered in snow until he returns again.    Enjoy! Bernclearing1  03/21/12  Moose Vaulting  A young Bull Moose clears a four to five foot Snow Berm in a single vault!  Click Here! See Vaulting Moose!  Enjoy!
BernClearing2 CountryMoose1  03/22/12  Country Moose  Howdy, nice day ya'll!  Enjoy! IcyCook2  03/23/12  Ice Flows  The Cook Inlet still abounds with ice flows as Alaska slowly turns to spring.  Enjoy! CarShopping1  03/24/12  Car Shopping  With near record snows Moose are beginning to look for alternate methods of transportation!  Enjoy!
BeaverMoose1  03/25/12  Beaver Moose  Moose have resorted to acting like Beavers to get them through the heavy Winter in order to seek food sources.  Enjoy! Coringforfish1  03/26/12  Coring For Fish  Ice Fishing starts with coring the ice. It tells the fishers how deep the ice is for safety purposes and gives them access to the watery world below!  Enjoy! VeiwShare1  03/27/12  Sharing The View  Two Eagles share the view side by side looking for opportunities!   Enjoy! TugaMoose1  03/28/12  Tug-A-Moose  A Bull Moose and a tree branch battle it out, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell who won this match! The Moose a course and the vanquish branch was eaten, to the victor comes the spoils!  Enjoy!
NoseFrost1  03/29/12  Nose Frost  Winter forging does come with a price, their noses are often frosted! Don't worry and make nose covers for the Moose's nose, their fur keeps any damage from occurring!  Enjoy! Overhead2  03/30/12  Flying Overhead  An Eagle passes overhead of me to destinations unknown.  Enjoy! Takeoff1  03/31/12  Air Ski  With little effort and a short run, this aircraft ski's into the sky!  Enjoy! WinkWink1  Journal Entry  04/01/12  Wink Wink  A Moose plays an April Fools joke on me as he winks as I take his picture! Moose sure have a sense of humor!  Enjoy!
BreakThrough1  04/02/12  Break Through  Snow thaw and heavy Moose adds up to breaking through. As the snow melts with Spring Moose are finding the path is not always easy!  Enjoy! MooseRise1  04/03/12  Moose Rise  I spotted this Moose forging near Sun Rise.  Enjoy! HidingMtMcKinely1  04/04/12  Hiding Mt. McKinley  At 20, 320 ft even cloud cover at times has a hard time hiding the highest peak in North America!  Enjoy! mooseteeth1  04/05/12  Set of Choppers  No dentist needed here, this guy got quite a bite!  Enjoy!
Silllymoose1  04/06/12  Silly Moose  Moose are great creatures to watch, they some of the coolest and funny things! There is no doubt, they have a sense of humor and wonder about them!  Enjoy! Gasdown1 Gasdown2 Gasdown3
Gasdown4 Gasdown5 Gasdown6 Gasdown7  04/07/12  Where Government Fails, Faith Prevails   While government debates the Church does not wait to its neighbors in need, The ACF Church of Eagle River is helping out with gas prices by sponsoring 50 cents off a gallon today only. Click Here! to See it in action!  Enjoy!
Easter2012  04/08/12  God's Enduring Love   God so love the world he gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who is the Messiah, The Son of God who died on the Cross on Good Friday and was raise on Easter Sunday that we all might be forgiven for our sins and bridge the great void and can come unto him! Jesus we are forever grateful!  Enjoy! FogWall1  04/09/12  Fog Wall  A wall of Fog creates a barrier between two mountains as it fills the valley below and obscures the other side.  Enjoy! Beautiful1  04/10/12  Impressive  The mountains in Alaska are awesome to view, many change as seasons change but with each season comes a splendid wonder!  Enjoy! WiredMoose1  04/11/12  Moose Protection  A bit of brush and barb-wire gives this Moose some comfort of protection against would be predators.  Enjoy!
MountainRidges1  04/12/12  Ridges  Ridge after Ridge shows the the wonder of God's Creation as each are perfect in their own way!  Enjoy! NatureCenter1  04/13/12  Year Around Adventure  Eagle River Nature Center with its' year around trails are an excellent escape to the wonders of the outdoors anytime!  Enjoy! Snowstanding1  04/14/12  Snow Standing  Despite Spring like temperatures the snow stills cover much of the area refusing to let go of Winter's hold!  Enjoy! F4a  04/15/12  The Flying Brick  The F-4 was one of the most endurable Air Warriors of its time. Often referred to as the Flying brick it could many hits and keep of fighting, she certainly was one of the best!  Enjoy!
Mountaintree1  04/16/12  Winter Still Holding  Winter hangs on and the yards are still covered but Spring is moving fast!  Enjoy! IceRiver1  04/17/12  Icy River  Icy waters flows are revealed as snow melts continue across the Eagle River Area.  Enjoy! PondGreen1  04/18/12  Moose Green  Moose Pond breaks free of the ice and the pond teems with algae as light reaches its' waters for the first time in months. The green effect will fade as algae eaters harvest this Spring abundance!  Enjoy! Moosesnow2  04/19/12  Moose Snow  Moose and snow were the highlights of this past record breaking snow!  Enjoy!
AlaskaStoryBook1  04/20/12  Alaska Story Book  Totem Poles are more than just art. They tell stories of events of the people who carved them. The next time you see one look beyond the art for the hidden meaning and you will gain a new respect of the people and the land that influence their creation!  Enjoy! AlaskaTraditon1  04/21/12  An Alaskan Tradition  The Arctic Road Runner Eatery has been a tradition for Alaska for many decades, it has the best burgers around! Don't bring plastic of any kind, Its Cash Only!  Enjoy! NewConstruction1  04/22/12  New Construction  Home building is on the rise in Alaska. Birds are busy nest building. I have been watching a pair of Eagles lately, construct this new nest at a distance as not to disturb their progress. Its really awesome to watch them gather material for their new home!  Enjoy! BearWrestling1  04/23/12  Best Two Out of Three  Bring it on shouts the lower bear, I can take you with my back to the ground and two feet in the air! His friend seems more than accommodating to meet the challenge!  Enjoy!
CoupleEagle1  04/24/12  Reminiscing  A pair of Eagles survey the new development below and one said to the other, Hey I remember when this used to be a trailer park and now's its being turn into a retirement community and check out these new crazy low LED streets lights, Its going to be harder to spot prey with these things!  Enjoy! FreeMe1  04/25/12   Psst.. Hey You Unlock The Gate....  Hey, I am cute, furry and cuddly, and you can trust me! Don't bet on it, even bears at the zoo must be treated and respected as wild animals for they can turn. They are really fun to watch but like bears in the wild you need to give them space!  Enjoy! polar1  04/26/12   Some Things Don't go Better with Coke-Cola?  Wanna find a Polar Bear and drink coke with him? Just walk out onto the ice, they will find you! They are one of the few animals in the world that will actually hunt man. They may appear fuzzy but they are very aggressive and you can forget the Coke, they don't drink it!  Enjoy! MagPie2  04/27/12   Spring is in The Air  Birds are nest building and flowers appear and Courtship abounds everywhere! Life renews is in the process of renewal after Winter's long nap.  Enjoy!
SwampMoose1  04/28/12   Swamp Moose  I saw this female Moose feeding in a recently thaw swamp along Lake Otis Parkway in Anchorage last evening. Watching these unpredictable animals is always a very awesome experience!  Enjoy! IMG 7028  04/29/12   A Little to Close  Moose continue to be everywhere which is really cool! There were twin young bulls I was photographing in a field to the right of the picture when suddenly, they decided to cross the road right in front of me! I slowly step back and tried to remain still, while looking for an escape plan! They decided I was just another part of the scenery and went their way, the experience was totally awesome!   Enjoy! MooseCrossing3  04/29/12   A Little to Close  Moose continue to be everywhere which is really cool! There were twin young bulls I was photographing in a field to the right of the picture when suddenly, they decided to cross the road right in front of me! I slowly step back and tried to remain still, while looking for an escape plan! They decided I was just another part of the scenery and went their way, the experience was totally awesome!   Enjoy! TheTwinsMoose1  04/30/12   The Twins  Brothers who are out on their own make their way into the world still keep company together but soon like their mother, nature will send them in different directions  to live.  Enjoy!
SnowCat1  05/01/12   Snow Cat  Monsters of the Snow from the Mid 20th Century. These snow tanks could go just about anywhere even in the most harsh Arctic Climates!  Enjoy! CrossingMoose1  05/02/12   Traffic Wise Moose  Urban Moose are use to traffic patterns and know to look both ways when crossing. Their country cousins who wander in are often not so lucky!  Enjoy VisitZoo1  05/03/12   Zoo Adventure  Anchorage boasts a really cool zoo. While not as large as some of the other metropolitan zoo's around the world it is still really unique in the animals that call it home and it is always improving and growing. I and my family visit several times a year and each time is an awesome experience!  Enjoy! Naptime1  05/04/12   Nap Time  Working at the zoo can be a tough gig. Having to entertain all those people! This Snow Leopard takes a well deserve nap!  Enjoy!
TestCenter1  05/05/12   No Second Chance Testing Center  What appears to be a small testing center atop of a five story building leaves no room for error for those who must walk the line! Failure reveals another reality: The Law of Gravity!!!  Enjoy! TestCenter1a  05/05/12   No Second Chance Testing Center  What appears to be a small testing center atop of a five story building leaves no room for error for those who must walk the line! Failure reveals another reality: The Law of Gravity!!!  Enjoy! Sundog7  05/06/12   Early Dog  This Sundog appeared shortly after Sunrise!  Enjoy! DonkeyMoose1  05/07/12   Burro Moose  This Moose sort of reminds me of a Donkey in the face!  Enjoy!
GumbyReturns1  05/08/12   Gambling Gumby Resurfaces!  Poky and Gumby beloved Claymation characters of the 1950's and 60's that we all enjoyed their often mishap adventures drop out of site sometime during the early 1970's with advent of the me generation. It was widely speculated and rumored that Poky after falling from the limelight, became glue or play-do, whereas Gumby's where a bout's remain a mystery until this recent photo surface.  Enjoy! SnowPack1  05/09/12   Snow Pack Remains!  Snow Packs still remain on lower elevation mountains that are not normally year around snow packed. Night time temperatures hover below freezing at these altitudes. This morning fresh snow had fallen on the tops but disappeared as the Sun rose.  Enjoy! Bearinspector1  05/10/12   Hey Do See Anything Yet?  No, It's a little dark down in here, I know it fell down in here somewhere. I wish the light was a little better. Maybe If I shove my head down farther, I can get a better view!  Enjoy! WildlifeBullies1  05/11/12   Wildlife Bullies  A Moose Cow and her yearling Bull ran off the Moose in the center when it try to approach to make friends. It was really awesome to watch as they charged , and charged again and again. From a spectator point of view, it sort of look like a game of tag but in reality it was much more serious!  Enjoy!
Upclose1  05/12/12   Close Encounters of The Moose Kind  I always enjoy imaging wildlife and like to get close but I always try to respect their personal space! This cow came within inches of me and  violate that space. Despite that she had been charging another Moose moments before she seem content with my presences. While the encounter was nothing less than awe inspiring, I  had to slowly escape.  Enjoy! MothersDay2012a  05/13/12   Happy Mother's Day  The kids and I took my their mom to the Alaska Heritage Center for Mother's Day and it was a really cool experience!  Enjoy! MooseRight1  Alaska Tourist Driver's Qualification Test  Lets see if you can drive in the last frontier! Question One: A large Bull Moose Steps on the road in front of you, what do you do?  a. Drive On and end up in the hospital and find out your rental is not covered!    b. Proceed Slowly and cause the Moose to panic, causing danger to others!   c. Stop and enjoy the view and give wildlife the right of way!  If you Answer "A" or "B", stay off our roads and Use the Tour Bus! If you answer "C", welcome driver, you are one of us!  Enjoy! raven1  05/15/12   Intelligent Bird  The Raven even though its a bird is said to be an extremely intelligent sort! It's no wonder that this natural symbol plays such an important role in our wonder native culture!  Enjoy!
AlertMoose2  05/16/12   Alert Status  A young bull moose goes on the alert when another young moose wanders into his grazing area!  Enjoy! MooseCharge3  05/17/12   Date Wrecker  Mom has decided that the young female moose who showed interest in her son is not going anywhere near him and charges!  Enjoy! MooseChargesur1  05/18/12   What Did I Do?  A young cow wonders after being chase off by the young bull's mother. It would take one more charge before she would move on but she did.  Enjoy! LandmarkRestraurant1  05/19/12   When in Alaska, do What Alaskan's do...  Visit the Lucky WishBone and eat like the locals! The selection is great and the prices are hard to beat! The Wishbone has been a classic Since 1955!  Enjoy!
Roundup1  05/20/12   The OK Corral...  Western renactors practice their vintage shooting at the Birchwood Range. It was really cool to see the Old West come to life!  Enjoy! CamoMoose1  05/21/12   Moose Camo  A young Bull Moose practices the art of blending in!  Enjoy! FrenceJumper1  05/22/12   Taking Measures  A Bull Moose contemplates whether to jump the fence and measures up the vault. after eyeing the fence, he decides to go around instead.  Enjoy! NativeHert1  Journal Entry  05/23/12   Native Heritage Center  When visiting or living in Alaska, A visit to the Native Heritage Center is a must. Understanding her the history and lifestyles of her first people, helps visitors and locals alike to fully comprehend what Alaska is!  Enjoy!
RoadlevelMoose1  05/24/12    Moose DOT Road Inspector  Mmh, the road seems fine here. Moose are everywhere! They are getting into all kinds of mischief with their curious nature! This guy seems to be doing  road level inspection!  Enjoy! Morninglight1  05/25/12    Mountain Light  Even on cloudy days a spectacular morning can be seen as light reflects off nearby mountains!  Enjoy! Moosejousting1  05/26/12    Moose Jousting  Moose Knights of old square off to see who can unseat who!  Enjoy! Loghome1  05/27/12    The Original Log Home  Pioneers took lessons from nature's greatest engineer "The Beaver." Solid as a rock, Beavers homes/lodges can weather the worst of storms while keeping the beavers cozy and safe from predators and all kinds of weather !  Enjoy!
MemorialDay2012  05/28/12    Freedom isn't Free: Remembering The Ultimate Sacrifice  Memorial Day is day in which we pay honor those Women and Men who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms that we enjoy today. As you go about your holiday today, please take a moment and remember them!  Remember! Piratesnacks1  05/29/12    Arrr..Their Be Snacks Matey...  Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of Coke and Chili Cheese Dog, or else we will run you through... The Tundra Pirates, the terror of Seven Snacks is ready to make sail, beware all you healthily snacks!  Enjoy! MooseSale1  05/30/12    Moose For Sale  Need a slightly used Moose? This guy has low mileage and is in good running order! Best of all he eats dandelions! On second thought, he's sold! I need him for my yard!  Enjoy! Igloo2  05/31/12    The Igloo  Still standing midway through Denali National Park. Despite being in disrepair, she continues to weather the seasons hoping someone will buy her and restore her to her former glory.  Enjoy!
RichHistory1  06/01/12    Two Worlds One Goal  A Memorial to The Efforts of Two Worlds separated by philosophy and policy came together during one of the world's darkest time to change history in a positive way. This memorial is located in downtown Fairbanks.  Enjoy! CosmicMoose1  06/02/12    Cosmic Moose  I spotted this out of the world moose making his way through Talkeetna Alaska.  Enjoy! GettingWind1  06/03/12    Reading The Wind  A Moose out of Wasilla, Alaska reads the breeze blowing by me to determine whether I am a friend or a foe!  Enjoy! BearAlert2
BearAlert2a  06/04/12    Bear Warnings  Hiking in Alaska is really awesome and viewing wildlife is cool, make sure you read all the signs before you set out!  Enjoy! Scrounging1  06/05/12    Yard Sale Scrounging  Momma Moose and her two calves pick through the debris looking for lost treasures to score!  Enjoy! VT10  06/06/12    An Alaskan View of The Venus Transit  Venus travels across the face of the Sun with an alignment with Earth. This awesome show will not occur for another 105 years!  Click Here! to see The Transit of Venus! which I imaged over a period of six hours!   Enjoy! MooseGymist1  06/07/12    Moose Gymnast  A Moose Cow is getting ready to do some gymnastics trampoline training for the Wildlife Olympics.  Enjoy!
Moosewall1  06/08/12    Moose Break  Psst...Hey Mom don't worry we got a plan to get you out! Were going to cut the electric wire and then you leap...  Enjoy! AnimalCouch1  06/09/12    New Friends...  to couch has been added. I first took a picture back in 2010 (Click Here to View 2010 Photo) and the characters were different. I am still not what is sure about this unique roadside attraction located just out side of Fairbanks means but is always interesting to see.  Enjoy! ClassicCar1  06/10/12    Road Classic  A 1967 TR 4 rolls down the road. The car reminds me of my 1967 TR 4A which I sold a long time ago, oh the stupid things we do...Oh well  Enjoy! Mooseshove1  06/11/12    Moose Mayhem  O.K. on the count of three shove.. one, two... A Moose Cow and her Calf are up to mischief, I hope the owner has good car insurance!  Enjoy!
AnchorageMus1  06/12/12    In Touch with The Past  Anchorage Museum is a great place to experience the world of yesterday. The exhibits are first rate and really help you understand the past, present and future!  Enjoy! Staringcontest1  06/13/12    Staring Contest  When a Moose stares you down, don't break eye contact and slowly move away as to perceive a less of a threat and a avoid a charge!  Enjoy! Friends3  06/14/12    Friends  America and Israel have been friends since the creation of the Jewish State in 1947. It is important that we remember our long ties as we forge new friendships in hopes that all nations will one day decide to live in peace.  Enjoy! June15snow12  06/15/12    New June Snow!  We have been having rainy weather on the base of the mountains lately, but when the clouds lifted their veil new snow adorned the mountain peaks!  Enjoy!
Hello1  06/16/12    Crossing Paths  A Moose Cow and I cross paths as I stood behind a bolder to take her picture. Her expression of curiosity quickly turn more aggressive, so I gave her space and she continue to dine and went on her way.  Enjoy! Carribo1  06/18/12    We're Going Where?  ...Just remember I am Union and I get my hourly coffee breaks by water trough with the other Caribou! A staffer at AWCC is taking a Caribou for a walk to meet the visitors at the center.  The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a wonderful place to visit with your family. The center is dedicated to the care of wounded animals which cannot be return to the wild and for reintroducing endangered species back into nature like the Wood Bison!  Enjoy! Moose25  06/19/12    Two Horn Moose  Bull Moose are beginning to sprout their horns!  Enjoy! RunBear1  06/20/12    Turning Tail  A Black Bear tries to cross the road just outside Indian Alaska and nearly gets hit. Yogi does a about face and bolts away from the road! Drivers please slow down and give animals the right of way, if you see they are considering crossing! You and the animal will share awesome moment if you do so!  Enjoy!
Moosetongue1  06/21/12    Mooseberry  I pulled over and roll down my widow to say hi to the Moose and he gave me the raspberry!  Enjoy! mountain15  06/22/12    Sunshine and Summer  We have been having wonderful Summer like weather for the past week temperatures have been in mid 60's and Sun has been out, making for some awesome scenery!  Enjoy! LazySunny1  06/23/12    Sunny and Sleepy  Caribou fawns makes the best of a sunny day!  Enjoy! AlertMoose3  06/24/12    On Full Alert   One of the local Moose I have been photographing lately takes a sudden interest in his surroundings other than me. What cause this alert, I do not know, moments later he went back eating dandelions which is ok by me!  Enjoy!
Icebergs1  06/25/12    Icebergs Ahoy   Despite Summer time temperatures in the mid 70's recent few days, some lakes like Portage Lake still sport a few bergs from the past winter creating picturesque scenery!  Enjoy! MooseSchool1  06/26/12    Only in Alaska...   would you most likely see a Moose slowing down to observe a school zone!  Enjoy! Summercool1  06/27/12    Summer Cool   Alaska is a really great place to view snowy landscapes even in Summer!  Enjoy! MooseStop1  06/28/12    Obeying The Sign   Even wildlife in Alaska can read and follow the sign, how about you...  Enjoy!
woodBison2  06/30/12    Return: Coming Soon!   Once thought to be extinct the Wood Bison Herd continues to prosper at the AWCC. Parts of the Herd will be release next year and room the slopes of Alaska's vast interior once more!  Enjoy! GoldFever1  07/01/12    Gold Fever   A apart of Alaska's folklore and history Gold Panning is popular this summer with the rise in gold prices. A new breed of stampeders has arrived to search for the elusive fortune that awaits with each dip of the pan!  Enjoy! DahlSheep1  07/02/12    Grazing Time   I found some Dall Sheep grazing near the road side on the Old Seward Highway, they were quite a traffic stopper as people pull over to take time to view this awesome opportunity!  Enjoy! LeadRam1  07/03/12    Lead Ram   Every flock of sheep has a leader and this guy is it! As I watch the sheep on the hillside, he let other rams in flock know this was his flock!  Enjoy!
IndependenceDay2012  07/04/12    Independence Day!   America celebrates her 236th Declaration of Independence in style. The Chugiak 4th of July Parade was awesome to watch! Happy Birthday America, the land of the free and the home of the brave and greatest country on Earth, may God Always Bless You!  Enjoy! ID20122  07/05/12    Parade Characters   The Chugiak 4th of July Parade brought some really interesting characters like this guy from the Alaska Fine Arts Performance Theater group, who were out cheering on the crowd of spectators.  Enjoy! CountryMoose2  07/06/12    Urban Gone Country   Say, what's up their City Slicker? Despite Sporting the "New Look," with dandelion hanging from the mouth to one side, you can always spot a Urban Moose from a Country one. How do you do that you might say to yourself, simple no self respecting "Country Moose" would allow you within fifty yards of it!  Enjoy! Mudflat1  07/07/12   Underlying Beauty   The Cook Inlet has massive tidal changes and with the rushing tides major submarine features are created and are every changing with each change!  Enjoy!
CrossingMoose2  07/08/12   Moosedestrian   Not do people frequently cross the road so do Moose!  Enjoy! Glacier4  07/09/12   Glacier Up-Close   I am always in awe at these really cool features as many high mountains in Alaska sports these wonderful remnants of the last Ice Age!  Enjoy! SummitLake2  07/10/12   Still Frozen   Summit Lake at 3886 ft altitude, which is normally ice free by this time is still filled with pack ice!  Enjoy! Ascending Flattop1  07/11/12   Ascending Flattop   Flattop Mountain is unique among the mountains surrounding Anchorage in that it is completely flat at the summit! The image here is taking near the top of the hike. The climb is a moderate until near the top when boulder climbing becomes apart of the hike!  Enjoy!
Viewfromflattop1  07/12/12   View From Flattop   Looking over the back side of Mt. Flattop reviews a ancient U-Shape Glacier Valley with a stream running through it. It was quite breath taking to see!  Enjoy! FlattopSummint2  07/13/12   The Summit Marker   A Flattop's summit marker marks the achievement of those who made it to the top! Many have sign the marker but atlas I didn't have a pen but that's ok I plan to summit this wonderful place again!  Enjoy! Flattop2  07/14/12   Truly Flat   A Flattop's summit slopes but is very flat, you could land a small plane on it!  Enjoy! Flattop1  07/15/12   Anchorage's Favorite    Mt. Flattop at 3510 ft is the most popular climb in Anchorage. those who climb her should note that the ascent can moderate to difficult at times!  Enjoy!
PricklySaxifrage1  07/16/12   Can You Spot the Two Visitors?    Among the Prickly Saxifrage which grow high on alpine ridges, there are two visitors, see if you can find them!  Enjoy! TwistedTrees1  07/17/12   Alpine Effect    High Altitude Alpine Climates can be harsh with cold temperatures and high winds. This effect can be clearly seen on these trees as they have been exposed to the Alpine force!  Enjoy! Treesurgen1  07/18/12   Selective Cut    A Moose dines on a small tree that has been marked for removal!  Enjoy! SummitSnow1  07/19/12  Snow Tongue     A snow tongue flows down from the mountain side near Summit Lake at Hatcher's Pass. This tongue did not exist last year as the heavy snow of last Winter lingers on and changes the landscape with new features!  Enjoy!
Snowslope1  07/20/12  Icy Way     Parts of the trail to the summit of Mt. Flattop are still covered in ice and snow!  Enjoy! Racingon1  07/21/12  Racing On     The Little Susitna races on through a series of rock falls and is a very picturesque scene that brings visitors from all over the world to explore!   Enjoy! Northern Yarrow1  07/22/12  Northern Yarrow     Commonly found throughout the road sides of Alaska is a beautiful perennial weed that proves that some weeds are good to have!  Enjoy! Fillerup1  07/23/12  Busy...Busy...Busy...     A Bumble Bee is hurrying the pace to make up time and get nectar to make honey as this Summer has been well below average temperatures and production of honey has been low!   Enjoy!
Summerglimspe1  07/24/12  Summer Glimpse      South Central Alaska has not had much of a Summer this year, we have had a glimpse once in a while of what it could be. Our temperatures for the region continue to be below average!   Enjoy! Goldfever2  07/25/12  In Search of Gold...     with gold prices at an all time high many try their luck looking for that one spot that will make their fortune! I too was out looking and panning with a friend today, we found small pieces, worth a few bucks but the experience gave me a new appreciation to just how hard those original stampeders work to make their fortune during the gold rush days of the 1890's!  Enjoy! Rushingwater1  07/26/12  Another Discovery     After my main gold pan decided to flow away from me, I discovered another bonanza, a really awesome water interaction between rocks and rushing water!  Enjoy! Eagleglacier72712  07/27/12  Glacial Ice     The Eagle River glacier is a constant reminder of the past Ice Age that once crave the valley!  Enjoy!
RuggedBeauty1  07/28/12  Untamed Adventure...     Numerous Mountains await for those who want a real adventure!  Enjoy! Hydrolics1  07/29/12  Wild and Free     The rivers of Alaska are truly a wonder, not only do they bear gold like this one, but are a source of limitless energy if they are developed responsibly allowing a balance between nature and man!  Enjoy! Monkshood1  07/30/12  Look but Don't Eat     A very beautiful plant and common plant throughout South Central Alaska to see but is very poisonous to taste. Monkshood was once known as Wolf bane which was used  to kill wolves!  Enjoy! RoaringRiver1  07/31/12  Roaring River     Alaska's rivers are majestic in every turn! Alaska Photo Journal will be taking a break until mid August. I am on a Photo Assignment, stay tune for some awesome pictures!  Enjoy!
FortMacon1  08/14/12  Fort Macon     Back from an exciting photo assignment! I really enjoyed visiting Fort Macon a Civil War fort in Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. The history of the region is truly rich!  Enjoy! Unusalsign1  08/15/12  World's Slowest Crossing!     I saw this really unusual sign in New Bern North Carolina, kind of cool! Drivers you will definitely slow down for this one!  Enjoy! Swamptree1  08/16/12  Bald Cypress     I found this Bald Cypress jutting from the water in a park on the outskirts of New Bern North Carolina during my trip back East.  Enjoy! Waterfall4  08/17/12  The Looking Glass     This  spectacular waterfall known as the "The Looking Glass" is located outside of Ashville North Carolina..  Enjoy!
Patriotic Bush1  08/18/12  Patriotic Bush     My spotted this bush in Roanoke Virginia and thought it would make a great picture. It is really cool how people can use their imagination and create!  Enjoy! Waterslide1  08/19/12  Slip Slide and Away     Slippery Rock outside of Ashville North Carolina is a natural water slide enjoyed by thousands of visitors a day!  Enjoy! 08/20/12  The Bears of New Bern     New Bern's North Carolina mascot is "The Black Bear" and bear statues can be found all over the city!  Enjoy! Tightturn1  08/21/12  Tight Turn     Para Gliders took to the air as sunny but cool weather return to Eagle River!  Enjoy!
Wildsalid1a  08/22/12  Wild Salad     A young female moose feeds on leaves as it prepares for the up coming Winter in a couple of months.  Enjoy! PorscheMoose1  08/23/12  Urban Camouflage?     Moose they do try hard but trying to blend in with a Porsche of the same color does not quite get it.  Enjoy! Closeup2  08/24/12  Drawing Bounties     This female Moose presented her best side and tried to move close to me, as I photograph her. As a rule of thumb, I believe wildlife should be kept wild and gave this curious moose plenty of distance so she does not lose her fear of man, which she will need to survive.  Enjoy! SkyIsland1  08/25/12  Island In The Sky     The mountains of Alaska are truly awesome as this mountain jets above the clouds to give an appearance of an  land above the clouds. We are also sadden by today's loss of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon! God's Speed Neil to infinity and beyond!  Enjoy!
SeasonChange1  08/26/12  Season Change     Season's they are a changing...Winter will be soon at hand!  Enjoy! Leafeater1  08/27/12  Leaf Eater     Moose are stocking up before the onset of Winter!  Enjoy! AF1  08/28/12  Alaska State Fair     My family and I attended the Alaska State Fair yesterday and it was great day to see wonderful exhibits!  Enjoy! Blackbear2  08/29/12  A Moment in Time     I was out looking for picture today and ran across an awesome sight as a Black Bear crossed in front of me!  Enjoy!
Blackbear2b Quitechange1  08/30/12  Quiet Change     Fire Weed nature's forecaster quietly changes marking the approach of Winter!  Enjoy! Dasey1  08/31/12  Flower Power     Despite the cooler weather some flowers continue to hang on!  Enjoy! FairBarn1  09/01/12  Alaska's Green Belt     Alaska is known for its ice and cold but many people do realize we also grow some of the largest produce in the world during out short summer. This barn at the Alaska State Fair serves as a reminder to our state's great agricultural roots!  Enjoy!
FreshSnow1  09/02/12  Fresh Snow      A new coating has begun to cling to the high ridges snowing Eagle River. Winter is not far behind!  Enjoy! EagleGlacier90312  09/03/12  Polar Peak      At 6614 ft Polar Peak is the home to Eagle Glacier!  Enjoy! NewSnow2  09/04/12  Winter's Kiss      New snow continues appearing on many peaks in the Eagle River area and the valley beyond. Winter is fast approaching!  Enjoy! WaterPlane1  09/05/12  Wind Storm      Eagle River and Anchorage experience wind rage as winds were clock at 131 MPH! Much of Anchorage and Eagle River are without power but in the true Alaskan Sprit we rise above it!  Enjoy!
EarlySnow1  09/06/12  Rolling Dust     Like a wave, termination dust continues to roll across the mountain peaks early this year!  Enjoy! SealHedge1  09/07/12  Seal Hedge     I saw this botanical creation at the Alaska State Fair.  Enjoy! FallFoliage1  09/08/12  Fall Foliage     Our Fall season is short and brief, the next two weeks will be peak colors. Winter is well on its way!  Enjoy! Mountaindust2  09/09/12  Dusting Continues     More and more peaks begin to herald the coming of Winter. Ski season may come early this year!  Enjoy
AleyskaTop1  09/10/12  View From The Top     My family and I rode the tram to the top of Alyeska Ski Resort and got some awesome views such as this mountain glacier. I will be posting pictures from the top for the next few days!  Enjoy! alyeskahotel1 Sept1112  09/11/12  Never Forget  The tides may come and they may go and the seasons change with the wind, but we shall never forget, what happen this day a decade ago! We will stand against those who threaten our freedoms!  Enjoy! AleyeskaTram1  Journal Entry  09/12/12  Riding The Tram  Riding the Tram to the top of Alyeska is really awesome and the views above and below are worth the trip!  Enjoy!
AlyeskaTop2  09/13/12  The Mighty Mite  As it is known has been at the top of Alyeska since the early sixties. It now serves as a museum but it's sturdy construction is a reminder of the harsh conditions that skiers face while having some awesome skiing during the Winter months.  Enjoy! RescueCenter1  Journal Entry  09/14/12  Rescue Center  Home of the Alyeska Ski Patrol ready to help down skiers in a moment notice!  Enjoy! AlyeskaTop1  09/15/12  Alyeska Summit  The tram takes you up most of the way but the final assault to the top is made by foot!  Enjoy! BikeLift1  09/16/12  Bike Lift  I saw a lot of people mountain biking on the summit at Alyeska and the ride down look awesome, but have you ever wonder how the bikes got their? "The Ski Lift", what a great idea!  Enjoy!
Glacierview2  09/17/12  Glacial View  The view from the top of Alyeska gave an excellent opportunity to view the surrounding glaciers up close!  Enjoy! Glacierview3  09/18/12  Rivers of High Ice  Glaciers adorn many high mountains in Alaska! Viewing them at close or even in a distance is always spectacular!  Enjoy! Downtrip1  09/19/12  Heading Back  after spending a really awesome time on top, its time to head back.  Enjoy! Tram2  09/20/12  Passing By  As our tram headed down another one passed us by on the way to adventure!.  Enjoy!
AlyeskaStat1  09/21/12  A Tribute..  to Alaska's first people! Native Indigenous people were the first people to explore the last frontier!  Enjoy! WindSpeed1  09/22/12  Moving Violation  Our wind speeds lately have definitely not respect work zones as they have they have top above 100 mph!  Enjoy! Snowrefill1  09/23/12  Snow Refill  Surviving snow from last season awaits the up coming snow to refill its bowl again!  Enjoy! Turnaginarm1  09/24/12  View Along Turnagain Arm  With each passing turn in the road along the "Turn Again Arm" there lies an awesome view!  Enjoy!
Sign1  09/25/12  The Sign That Wouldn't Move  While some considered it an eye sore, others considered it a state historical treasure. Whatever your opinion "DOT" tried to move it because of a road side ordinance. The sign and its owner took a stance and won and will not be relocated.  Enjoy! Watermotion1  09/26/12  Flowing Art  Some listen to the sound, others feel the cool breeze flowing from it. I really think the temporary structures water forms is awesome!  Enjoy! Seasonschange3  09/27/12  Painted Canvas  Nature is the greatest Artist of All!  Enjoy! Fall20121  09/28/12  Brilliant Color!  Despite the weather lately, the colors have been awesome!  Enjoy!
1daydiff  09/29/12  What Difference in Two Days!  Same location, two days apart, Fall has become Winter Awesome!  Enjoy! SnowMountain7  09/30/12  Frosted  Winter is here! Let it snow, let it snow...!  Enjoy! Auora1  10/01/12  Aurora!  Last night the Aurora was really intense for about 15 minutes! I missed the curtains while racing for my camera, at least I saw them. By the time I got everything set, I did manage to image a green one against the starry back ground!  Enjoy! Snowyscene2  10/02/12  Announcing Winter  Winter has sounded her arrival as the snow continues to build on the mountains and even down into the valley!  Enjoy!
Roughwaters1  10/03/12  Rough Waters  Rains lately have caused streams to turn into raging torrents!  Enjoy! AlyeskaTop3  10/04/12  Where are the Sunny Days?  Clouds and rain have taking over our weather. Sunshine is coming soon!  Enjoy! FishHactery1  10/05/12  Swimming With The Fishes  I have been taking a class at the new fish hatchery in Anchorage learning about Alaska's Wetlands its been a really cool experience!  Enjoy! Beaverfood1  10/06/12  Beaver Food  Beavers gnaw on trees not only for making dams and lodges but also as a food source! The teeth groves are really cool looking!  Enjoy!
Fishoutorwater1  10/07/12  Fish Into Water  With all the rain we have had lately fish that jump out of water, jump into water!  Enjoy! Fishtanks1  10/08/12  Insuring The Future  The new 90 million dollar Hernandez Anchorage Fish Hatchery has produce more than  5 200 000 sport fish in its first year of operation! This cost to fish is around $17.30 cents per fish  and when you consider salmon sells for 7.99 a pound or higher in the store, that's a great deal for those love fish! The facility is truly state of the art and the best in the country! It's yearly production will help ease the stress on fish in nature and provide all who love to fish and eat fish a decent quality catch for many generations to come! The image shows only a small part of the vast operation that the hatchery has!  Enjoy! Overflowdam1  10/09/12  Manmade-Nature Made Rapids!  Water continues to flow at high rates that are hard to contain. The old hydro-dam located in Ship Creek has become a torrent set of falls from the swollen creek!  Enjoy! Fishladder1  10/10/12  Fish Ladder  How do fish by pass dams, they use a fish ladder! This fish ladder has seen better days but gives testament to man and nature working together.  Enjoy!
swollenstreams1  10/11/12  Swollen Streams  Many rivers and streams are fill to capacity. Today, finally we got a break and the Sun came through!  Enjoy! Auora2  10/12/12  Late Night Show!  Wow, Awesome, In creditable, these words don't even begin to describe the experience! The Aurora put on an unbelievable performance tonight!  Enjoy! Aurora3  10/13/12  On With The Show!  It was awesome and it lasted the entire night! I will publishing Aurora photos for the next few days!  Enjoy! Aurora4  10/14/12  Electrified Sky  Charged particles from solar events on the sun ride along the solar wind from the sun and interact with the earth's magnetic field creating awesome light shows!  Enjoy!
Aurora5  10/15/12  Dancing Curtain  The intensity of light would travel from right to left in the sky and would appear as rippling waves in the night!  Enjoy! Aurora6  10/16/12  Green Sky!  The Aurora's intensity was great it literally painted the night sky in iridescent green!  Enjoy! Aurora7  10/17/12  Radiant Night  The Northern Lights make Alaska the a land of beauty and mystery!   Enjoy! Aurora8  10/18/12  Amazing  The Aurora of of the past few nights were breath taking. I hope you have enjoy the past few days photos!   Enjoy!
VolcanoDist1  10/19/12  Sleeping Giant  Mt. Spur sleeps above the subduction zone that lies off the shores of Alaska waiting to be awaken from her deep sleep!   Enjoy! Aurora9  10/20/12  Green Flow  The light of the Aurora bathes the sky green as it flows among the stars!   Enjoy! FrozenMarsh2  10/21/12  Nature's Ice Ring  Potter's Marsh a haven for wetlands creatures and birds is rapidly transforming into a very large ice ring as water passageways become ice ways for skaters!    Enjoy! Freezingstream1  10/22/12  Freezing Stream  With overnight lows of 12 F streams are beginning to freeze over!    Enjoy!
MoleDay2012  10/23/12  Mole Day Alaskan Style!  Students of Chugiak High School brave the 12 F temperatures at 6:02 AM to Celebrate "Mole Day 2012." There were nearly 400 students attending this years celebration up from 350 last year's record crowd. I would like to thank all the students and staff who help make this year's Mole Day the best!  Enjoy! Iceflows2  10/24/12  Ice Formations...  abound on lakes and rivers and streams all across South Central Alaska has the temperatures remain way below freezing!  Enjoy! Freezinginplace1  10/25/12  Freezing In Place  Despite the steady flow of water the stream slowly narrows as it begins to freeze!  Enjoy! Gameon1  10/26/12  Game On!  Potter's Marsh has transformed from a wetlands to a ice lands with the freezing temperatures a new game now occupies the marsh!  Enjoy!
FamilySkate1  10/27/12  Family Skate  Icy cold temperatures do not limited fun in "The Last Frontier," but only add a new dimension to fun!  Enjoy! Plantflut1  10/28/12  Parka Hat  It has very cold lately even plants seem to be sporting Parka's!  Enjoy! Balto2  10/29/12  Balto The Prepared!  Even Alaska's folklore "Balto" is prepping for Winter! Snow will be here sometime this Wednesday they predict!  Enjoy! Spanningtime1  10/30/12  Spanning Time  Many of the old Iron Bridges still span although traffic has been routed now around many of these. Still its cool to walk their trusses and remember.  Enjoy!
Seedspreader1  10/31/12  Seed Spreader  A seed spreader from the past slowly rusts away. Have a safe Halloween and watch out for the little ones!  Enjoy! Riverrun1  11/01/12  River Run  A shallow river runs quickly through the Mat Sue Valley near Palmer AK. Soon this river will freeze on the surface!  Enjoy! Mountainfortress1  11/02/12  Mountain Fortress  Huge mountains crisscross South Central Alaska with an awesome view!  Enjoy! Breakingground1  11/03/12  Breaking Ground  A 747 cargo plane breaks ground to destinations unknown at Ted Stevens International Airport. Our airport ranks in the top five air cargo ports in the world!  Enjoy!
YoungEagle3  11/04/12  Wintering   This young Eagle has found a wintering spot along Ship Creek beside the new fish hatchery. Animals are truly smart, they look for every edge!  Enjoy! Icebridge2  11/05/12  Ice Baleen    This ice formation reminds of Whale Baleen skimming the icy waters in search of Krill!  Enjoy! Mckinnely2a  11/06/12  America's Highest Peak    Mt. McKinney at over 20 320' soars in the skyline of Anchorage!  Enjoy! Sunset37  11/07/12  Orange Set    Sunsets have become more dramatic as we continue into Winter. Dust and Ice in the atmosphere help create daily "Orange Sets!"  Enjoy!
Electricwind1  11/08/12  Energy Blowing in The Wind    Fire Island outside of Anchorage is slowly being transformed into a wind farm where electricity is the produce!  Enjoy! AFF1  11/09/12  Protect Those Who Serve   The Fire Fighters Memorial has been at it's new location for some time. Moving the statue here was a great idea. It is more visible to our community and is a reminder to all of us to make sure that we protect all who put themselves in harm's way to serve others by making sure as a community we provide them what they need! Anchorage4  11/10/12  Icing By The Sea   The Cook Inlet is quickly icing around Anchorage!  Enjoy! CuriousEagle2  11/11/12  Thems' Fighting Words...   A eagle throws it's head to one side and glares out its challenge!  Enjoy!
SeeYa1  11/12/12  See Ya!  Two eagles hang out together until one then decides to fly an errand!   Enjoy! EagleLanding1  11/13/12  Touchdown...  and the eagle has landed!  It's really amazing watching these large raptors make precision landings in trees. They make the effort seems so easy!  Enjoy! Morningrange1  11/14/12  Awakening  The Sun rises over the Chugiak Mountain range kissing it with light!  Enjoy! Eaglesiloette1  11/15/12  Raptor Silhouette  A eagle passes right over me as I aim my camera skyward and capture his silent glide!  Enjoy!
MooseBird1  11/16/12  Moose Carrier  Turning into the wind, aboard the USS Carrier Monty Moose a Magpie uses the back of a Moose as a runway to lift skyward on its sortie!  Enjoy! HaulingMoose1  11/17/12  Hauling Moose  A Moose is hauling full speed attempting to imitate a one of Santa's Reindeer. While he did dot achieve airborne status, he did set a record in the 100 meter dash!  Enjoy! Gasdector1  11/18/12  Gas Detector  Mmh is that gas I smell? A moose inspects a outdoor gas shut off value protruding from the snow.  Enjoy! WaitingEagle1  11/19/12  Where's Lunch?  Eagles have been wintering over for decades in Eagle River and locals from time to time have been helping them out during the long times when rivers are frozen over and food is scarce. Now that practice has been stopped, while some may say good and that practice should have been stopped, I wonder if they knew the birds were getting natural fish instead of dumpster diving at the local landfill, really which is better for them?  Enjoy!
ShyMoose2  11/20/12   Moose Diplomacy   A Moose takes notice to my presences as I photograph. He is portraying more of a curious stance with ears prop up to decided if I am a friend or foe.  Enjoy! WalkwithMonty1  11/21/12   A Walk With Monty   Our neighborhood Moose decided to walk with me a while. I kept my distance with the Moose. I guess he was curious about me. While the experience was awesome, I have to admit, I had to keep guard in case he change his disposition!  Enjoy! Thanksgiving2012  11/22/12   Happy Thanksgiving!  An Eagle is homeward bound to celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy your family or friends and always give to those who are in need to make their day also special.  Enjoy! IcyRiver1  11/24/12   Icy River  The Nenana River is really freezing up! I took this picture at -17 F in Denali National Park.  Enjoy!
Toocoldforsnow1  11/23/12  Too Cold For for Snow!  The interior has been low on snow this year. With temperatures between -10 F and -25 F it has been to dry and cold for much snow! Raven2  11/25/12   Brrr.. It's Cold!  A Raven holds up well in -20 F in Healy Alaska!  Enjoy! SunriseRun1  11/26/12   Sunrise Dreaming  A Dog Team and their Musher make a Sunrise run, dreaming of glory as they train to race among the ice and snow and bitter cold!  Enjoy! Winterrider1  11/27/12   Extreme Cycling  Winter riders face the hash cold of the Last Frontier as they ride though the short days and long cold nights. This extreme rider is riding at University of Alaska in Fairbanks in -25 F!  Enjoy!
Treefrost1  11/28/12   Growing Frost  Trees all over Alaska are covered in frost as the branches act as gathering points for ice crystals to form!  Enjoy! Afternoonsun1  11/29/12   Afternoon Sun  The mountains of Alaska are so tall that with the low Sun angle of Winter even early afternoon seems like sunset!  Enjoy! Riverside1  11/30/12   Smoke On The Water?  What appears to be smoke rising off the water is really the condensation of the air above the warmer water and the freezing air at -25 F!  Enjoy! MuesumNorth1  12/01/12   Northern History  It might just be the northern most museum in America. Located on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, she portrays the past in a futuristic setting.   Enjoy!
LookingNorth1  12/02/12   Looking North  This statute located in the center of Fairbanks reminds visitors of "Alaska's First People" and of their hopes and dreams.   Enjoy! Icewall4  12/03/12   Ice Tower  Located at UAF it helps people who want to learn the sport of Ice Climbing in a safe control environment.   Enjoy! 12/04/12   Spanning Light  The Sun rises through the Nenana Bridge in the interior of Alaska.   Enjoy! Spanninglight1  12/04/12   Spanning Light  The Sun rises through the Nenana Bridge in the interior of Alaska.   Enjoy! Moose26  12/05/12   Just Around The Bend...  I'm out running in -5 F and my goggles have frozen over and I can't see a thing and my thermal gloves are starting to fail! Suddenly, a lady slows her car down and calls out her window to me "watch out there's a Moose around the corner!"  Sure enough there was, and I had to avoid him. Running in the Last Frontier can bring some really awesome experiences!  Enjoy!
Coolcat1  12/06/12   Cool Cat  "The Cat's Meow" a phase from the 1920's relate to being cool. This store in Fairbanks is one "cool" store!  Enjoy! Pearlharbor1  12/07/12   Remembering...  Pearl Harbor and the greatest generation that bore the ultimate cost so that we might all be free. We thank -you!  Enjoy! HighandDry2  12/08/12   Boat Stripping?  Did would-be thieves steal these vessels and put them on blocks and strip them for parts? Actually no, they have been "safe" from the ice flows that would have crushed them on the Nenana River. These vessels will sleep until late Spring and then once again ply these waters with trade.  Enjoy! LookLove1  12/09/12   Heart Broken  A skyscraper in Fairbanks has fallen into disrepair looking for investors to restore her glory. It's a real cool way to advertise the point!  Enjoy!
storyteller1  12/10/12   Tall Tales  Totems are more than just cool craved poles. They tell a story of advent of something that has happen in the past! Viewing them is really an awesome experience!  Enjoy! Igloo3  12/11/12   Snow Castle  Igloos are snow shelters used for survival when people are out hunting or exploring. This igloo is from the past a 1940' to 1950's theme hotel that has long been out of use in Denali National Park.  Enjoy! NP1  12/12/12   North Pole Found  Many have search for it and never reach it but here it is! Located in North Pole Alaska  you can view this really cool pole and visit Santa' Workshop while you are there! Click Here! to read the fascinating story of this pole!  Enjoy! NP2
TheShop1  12/13/12   "The Shop"  Every kids dream is find and visit Santa's Workshop and visit with Santa and the elves and watch the toy makers getting ready for Santa's big run!  Enjoy! Thelist1  12/14/12   "He's Making His List..."  and checking it twice! Santa's big day is coming soon! Remember the true meaning of Christmas is that God so love the world gave his only son that we might be saved, that's what Christmas is all about!  Enjoy! Ghosttown1  12/15/12   Long Winter's Nap  This frozen ghost town in the short summer months is filled with thousands of tourist! Located in Denali  National Park, she awaits the spring and the cruise ship companies to once again fill her streets!  Enjoy! Frosted Trees1  12/16/12   Frosted Trees  At -25 F these trees in Denali National Park are frost line!  Enjoy!
NVMcKinnely1  Journal Entry  12/17/12   North Face  of America's highest peak at over 20 320 ft, Mt. McKinney or Denali is truly an awesome sight!  Enjoy! RoadDenali1  12/18/12   Road Through Denali  The road through Denali opens to wide untamed spaces that capture the sprit of adventure!  Enjoy! Foodtogo1  12/19/12   Food to Go  Alaska is full of neat theme shops. I saw this one down the street from the Hotel in Fairbanks and thought it look pretty cool!  Enjoy! InDenali1  12/20/12   Scenic Horizon  While traveling through Denali National Park the views of the horizon are awesome!  Enjoy!
Stillhere1  12/21/12   Still Here and I Will be Making the Run...  One of Santa's Reindeer is making plans for Christmas now that the world did not end, so much for the Mayan Calendar! What a bunch of New Age trash! Maybe these people need to look towards God and find true happiness!  Enjoy! SnowCouch1  12/22/12   Still Adding  Every Year this road side couch continues to grow with new stuff animals and other toys! Still not sure what it means but it is located on the Parks Highway a few miles outside of Fairbanks.  Enjoy! SantaClaus4  12/23/12   World's Greatest Santa  Alaska not only has many awesome wonders but we also have the best Santa. Parents and Kids from all over the world flock to see Santa at the North Pole in North Pole Alaska. I have had many conversations with the big guy and I have to say he's the best!  Enjoy! SantaClaus5  12/24/12   Prep My Sleigh!  It's time for our run! Santa gives his elf the command to ready the presents and the reindeer. As we wake on Christmas day to share our gifts , remember the greatest gift of all God's only son Jesus, who came into the world that we might all be saved!  Track Santa with Norad's Link Below!  Enjoy!
Christmas2012a  12/25/12   Merry Christmas  From "The Last Frontier" While we celebrate Santa's  gifts under the tree lets us give thanks for God's gift of undying love for us through his son Jesus Christ who was born this day! May God's Blessing be upon you and your family  Enjoy! SantaIce1 SantaIce2 SantaIce3
SantaIce4 SantaIce5 SantaIce6 SantaIce7  12/26/12   Santa's Ice  The ice sculpture of Santa and his reindeer at North Pole Alaska is awesome! Click Here! to see the views of the entire sculpture!  Enjoy!
SantaIce8 ClearingIce1  12/27/12   Do It Yourself Ice Ring  A pair of shovels and an isolated roadside pond and a little hard work and Walla an Instant Ice Ring! Alaska is the greatest!  Enjoy! Cloudskimmer1  12/28/12   Cloud Skimming  A jet plane surfs above a cloud layer. I am testing out a new camera and trying to get used to the new settings. So the next few pictures will be a learning curve in the art of focus!  Enjoy! McEagle1  12/29/12   Mc Eagle  A Eagle decides for some fast food so where would he go for a fish sandwich? Why "McEagles" of course!     Click Image Above to See the Eagle Up Close!  Enjoy!
McEagle2 IceTrain2  Journal Entry  12/30/12   The Frozen Express  Ice Sculptures once again are beginning to arrive in Town Square Park in Anchorage as a part of the Fire Ice Show for New Year's Eve. The sculptures are created by a ice carving team from China.  Enjoy! Lookingforward1  12/31/12   Leaping Into a New Year  A Eagle stands posed to leap into the new year. Have a safe and Happy New Year!  Enjoy! NewYear2013a  01/01/13  Happy New Year 2013!  The Alliance Christian Fellowship in Eagle River put on an impressive fireworks display to celebrate the New Year!  Enjoy!