Alaska Photo Journal 2011

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
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NYE11i NYE11j Icefishing6  01/03/11  Family Ice  Ice fishing is often a family outing where all enjoy each other company whether the fish are biting or not!     Enjoy! TheGreatmelt1  01/05/11  Chinook Winds  It seems each year about this time winds from the South blow in and create a great melt off. This melt off won't last for long as cooler temperatures and snow will soon return!  Enjoy!
Hopingforcoolerdays1  01/07/11  Hoping for Cooler Days  A snowman built on top of frozen Beach Lake hopes for cooler weather to return before he may take a Polar Bear Plunge!. Recent Chinook Winds have caused some unstable conditions on frozen lakes and Snow Packs on mountains sides. Avalanche warnings are on high alert!  Enjoy! Decisions1  01/09/11  Decisions, and More Decisions...  This kid tries to find his way through the ice maze, while ice carvers have decisions of their own to make! Click Here to see them making decisions as they turn ice into art!  Enjoy! IC11a IC11b
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Sunrise23  01/11/11  In a Word...  Awesome!  Enjoy! MtIliamna1  01/13/11  Distant Giant becomes Visible!  Mt. Iliamna at 10016 ft or 3053 m is a stratovolcanco that belongs to a volcanic chain that lies south of Anchorage. At 130 miles from Anchorage, Mt. Iliamna is rarely seen but because of its height and atmospheric conditions that exist during the winter the distant giant looms as if were close at hand!  Enjoy! IC011x IC011a
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IC011f IC011g IC011h IC011I  01/15/11  Hey Dumb Dumb, got any Gum, Gum?  This character at the Ice Show 2011 reminds of that Easter Island character from the Movie "A Night In the Museum" Anyway the show was really great. I stop by and took pictures of all the really cool entries! See Ice Show 2011 Click Here! and enjoy these awesome works!  Enjoy!
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IC011z2 IC011z3 IC011t TalonDance1  01/17/11  You Wanna Dance?  These eagles lock talons as they do a talon dance around the salmon bits.  Enjoy!
WhaleBoneSong1  01/19/11  Bone Music  This modern art sculpture located in downtown Anchorage emulates native art and song. I think it is suppose to represent whale bones and the songs song by whales, although with modern art you never really know for sure!  Enjoy! Worldontime1  01/21/11  World on Time  Many people think that Alaska is a exotic place that is far off the beaten path, but what few realize that Alaska is the bridge between the Old and New World.  Ted Stevens International Airport ranks second in the world for handing cargo world wide, making Alaska the crossroad of the world!  Enjoy! FabFour1  01/23/11  The Fab Four  Almost every weekend during Winter time 50 to 70 eagles gather in the Eagle River area and put on a really cool show! There is a group of four Eagles that always seem to hang out together and I have nickname them the Fab Four, here one of them decides to take flight.  Enjoy! TrailSharing1  01/25/11  Wanna Jog?  I left my garage for a nightly run and a moose surprise me as I turn the corner. I quickly grab my camera and he gave me oh its only you look. He then preceded down the trail and he led the way as we jog the trail! Click Here to see my Jogging Buddy!
Trailsharing2 Citybythesea1  01/27/11  City By The Ice Flow  Anchorage and the mountain skyline in the back drop makes our city one of the most beautiful places on Earth! With a population over 286,000 people it is the largest city of the far North and magical place to be!     Enjoy! Blendingin1  01/29/11  Blending In  An Eagle tries to conceal himself among the tree branches as he spies the area below him!     Enjoy! TheBigFour1  01/31/11  The Big Four  Alaska's march to statehood and those who took park are embodied on the mural. Anchorage has many such wonderful murals all over downtown for locals and visitors alike to enjoy!     Enjoy!
Gliding1  02/01/11  Overhead Rush!  I was photographing Eagles in the trees when one decide to take off and flew right in front of me Now that is awesome!     Enjoy! Herolost1  02/03/11  Hero Lost  I  and many other cyclist morn the lost of a individual who inspired all of us to ride. Whether you were a cyclist or just driving, you were always inspire to see this Hero overcome disability and rise meet the challenges, he must have face as he rode each day. May God Bless and keep you always ,you will be missed and the road will never be the same! SnownadFog1  02/05/11  Snow and Fog Repeat!  The weather as been a mixture of light snow followed by fog each day despite the promise of heavy snow in the forecast. Kind of like a shampoo applied rinse and repeat! It seems the lower 48 has been borrowing our heavy snow falls lately!         Enjoy! TheLook1  02/07/11  What They Really Think...  Ever wonder what a moose is thinking while you take his picture... How's this for an interpretation, as he gives me the look! Hey, I am eating here.. want you take a picture it will last longer now move on, this twig has got my name on it!      Enjoy!
Contempment1  02/09/11  Content  A young  bull moose has taken his fill and settles in as the sun rises and bathes him in rays of tranquility!        Enjoy! WedgedEagle1  02/11/11  Wedged Eagle  A Eagle makes the most of his tight perched as he wedges himself against the trunk of the tree giving himself a tight but comfortable perch to view the landscape below!        Enjoy! Alongthetrail1  02/13/11  Along The Trail  Alone and on trail often in subzero weather musher's and their dogs enjoy the serene silence and crispy air and with each turn of the trail adventures await for those who dare to dream!     Enjoy! AcrosstheLens1  02/15/11  Across the Lens  I was out photographing our local eagles, there were at least 70 in the area. It look like something out of Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds." I started  pointing the lens into the air taking pictures, hoping for something cool, and this guy flew right in front of the camera crossing my lens as shutter snap its instant in time!         Enjoy!
StreakingEagle1  02/17/11  Streaking Eagle  Like a flash an eagle streaks in talons extended for a grab and misses the salmon by an inch! I know its not the best of pictures but the motion effect is pretty cool!      Enjoy! Dogsled9  02/19/11  There is No Second Place  For the Dogs and the Musher, the thrill of completing leaves only winners!     Enjoy! Wipeout1  02/21/11  Sledding Meets Gravity  Haaa...!!!There is this awesome sledding hill that beckons people, many come and discovery the joy of gravity! Double Click Recipe for Wipeout to see the ride of exploration!     Enjoy! Wipeout2
Wipeout3 Wipeout4 Wipeout5 Wipeout6
Wipeout7 Wipeout8 Wipeout9 ChasingVictory1  02/23/11  Chasing Victory  Victory can be the difference in mere seconds but true victory  lives for the adventure!     Enjoy!
Capture2  02/25/11  Frozen in Time  An a Eagle makes a successful run at the Salmon bits on the icy surface. If you look closely you can see the snow crystals fall away from the talons!     Enjoy! Kiss1  02/27/11  It's Only Rock and Roll..  but I like it, like it, Yes I do! Fur Rondy Kicks off in Anchorage today with the Frost Bite Run around the city center! Truly it felt like near zero so the race lived up to its name!  What a cool race and many celebrities like "Kiss" apparently took part! For more Kiss Photos Click Here!     Enjoy! Kiss2 Kiss3
Kiss4 Sockmonkeys1  03/01/11  The Odd, The Strange, The Sock Monkeys!!  A trio of Sock Monkeys make their way to the finish in the Frost Bite Run at Fur Rondy! Click Here! to see another view of the Sock Monkeys!     Enjoy! Sockmonkeys2 Furcoat1  03/03/11  Big Foot?  Not exactly but close. This guy knows how to stay warm in frigid  temperatures that were apart of the first days of Fur Rondy. I am sure their are some PETA people out there who would be horrified by this display of fur, hey but what the heck who asked them anyway!     Enjoy!
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SC123  03/05/11  One Tough Viking!  Despite the Hook, the Peg Leg and the Warm Sun lately, this really beautiful snow sculpture survives the elements and stands tall! While weather hampered construction this year, some really good sculptures turn out. Click Here! to See the Snow Sculptures of 2011!     Enjoy! SC124 Howdy1  03/13/11  Claim Jumping  One Eagle has decided that another Eagle should share the roost!  Enjoy! StillSking1  03/15/11  Still Skiing  Even though Winter is fast fading, skiers still hit the trails defying the upcoming Summer!  Enjoy!
APTrail1  03/17/11  Along the AT  Considered one of the best trail systems in the country the Appalachian Trail stretches from Maine to Georgia. A friend and I hike a section of it earlier this month, while I was visiting in Virginia.  Enjoy! Skiingseasonclosing1  03/19/11  Season Changing  There are only a few days let of skiing. The temperatures have been in the mid forties to the low twenties at night. The weather has beautiful for skiing so get out there while you can and stay off the mountains as this a high snow avalanche time SpringFlight1  03/21/11  Spring Flight  An Ultra Light buzzes over head signaling the coming of spring. Noticed the skis even through spring has arrived we still are covered with snow!  Enjoy! Deerwalking1  03/23/11  Only in Alaska!  Can a man and his Reindeer take a stroll downtown! Actually, he was apart of the Fur Rondy Parade that occurred last month but still its cool!  Enjoy!
InflightSnack1  03/25/11  In-Flight Snack  Given that recent airlines have now decided to charge for snacks, this young Bald Eagle has the right idea, carry your own!  Enjoy! Windowtosummer1  03/27/11  A Window Into A New Season  I went out to find a raging river in Hatcher Pass but found it still snow and iced covered. I did however find a window through the ice and snow that seasons are changing.  Enjoy! EagleKing1  03/29/11  The Eagle King  You majesty what is thy bidding! The King has the expression "you got that right" now go and get me a salmon peasant!  Enjoy! Soaring2  03/31/11  Canopy Gliding  An eagle glides silently through the canopy, they are truly majestic creatures!  Enjoy!
OverTheTop1  Photo Archive  Kinder 2011 Photo Gallery  Journal Entry  04/01/11  Earth Meets Sky  Many of our mountains here in Alaska are so tall, clouds often have problems clearing the hurtle!  Enjoy! AppearingRiver1  04/03/11  Emerging  What appears to be a underground river surfacing is in reality a river covered in ice, opening to coming of Spring!  Enjoy! MooseMountainRange1  04/05/11  Moose Mountain Range  Still drape in white, the Moose Mountain Range echoes that Winter is not quite finished. April is supposed to bring showers and Spring, Winter still hangs on! A Winter storm is on its way!  Enjoy! LoneWolf1  04/07/11  It Certainly Is..  and lets keep it that way. Alaska is home of these wonderful and shy  majestic creatures. It is a special moment when you spot one of these noble creatures. They embodied the wildest and the untamed sprit of this truly remarkable place. Recent hunting of wolves near Anchorage was sad. We need to remember this was their home first!  Enjoy!
Starflare1  04/09/11  Serenity  The Cook Inlet was at tidal change and it was a very beautiful moment. I darken the image to enhance the Star Flare!  Enjoy! Shimmeringsea1  04/11/11  Shimmering Sea  As if it was an ocean of silver the light on the sea plays a perfect contrast to the mud flats as the incoming tides covers them!  Enjoy! AlienLandscape1  04/13/11  Alien Landscape  The Cook at low tide looks like an desolate alien landscape. It is hard to conceive the immense power that shape this landscape smooth. Tidal Power here is some of the greatest on Earth!  Enjoy! ThatTime1  04/15/11  The Piper Calls  Its that time again when the piper calls for  your tax return. Don't forget to file before 11:59 PM, or you might get a visit from the Tax Man!  Enjoy!
Sharing1  04/17/11  Special Moment  A quiet moment is shared between a grandfather and his granddaughter over looking the sea. We should all take times to create memories with our love ones they will last a lifetime!  Enjoy! Belugapoint1  04/19/11  Beluga Point  A small point that juts out into the Cook Inlet and a great place to watch for the rare White Beluga Whales that frequent the Cook Inlet!  Enjoy! TakeFlight1  04/21/11  Take Flight  An Eagle clears take off and begins to retract talons and soar!  Enjoy! GhostBike1  04/23/11  The Ghost Bike  A memorial to a rider recently killed by a motorist, stands as a reminder to all who pass by to share the road! As Summer approaches the bike traffic is going to increase, please watch out for riders!  Enjoy!
Moosepond1  04/25/11  Moose Pond  Is slowly awaking to the coming of Spring. The ice has cleared but the grass is yet to turn green.  Enjoy! AdbandonTruck1 AdbandonTruck1a  04/27/11  Abandon  Decades have past over this truck from the 1930's I found abandon off the road in some near by woods. Slowly nature is reclaiming the truck as it serves now as a home for lichen and moss.  Enjoy! Yurt1  04/29/11  Environmental Blend  Different but cool is a great description for this Dome. The house blends into the surrounding but giving its owners a spectacular view without miring the environment!  Enjoy!
CookTraffic1  05/01/11  Traffic on The Cook  High winds attract Extreme Kite Surfers to venture out into the Inlet! The rides were in creditable to watch but the risk is also high, the Cook has some of the highest tidal changes in the world and the current is unforgiving!  Enjoy! Intow1  05/03/11  In Tow  Strong winds pull Kite Surfers along at amazing speeds!  Enjoy! Sunrise24  05/05/11  Noctilucent Clouds  Rare high clouds that form way above the surface of the Earth in the Mesosphere!  Enjoy! Lazyday1  05/07/11  Sun + Warmth = Laziness  With warmer sunny days, the animals at the Alaska Zoo take a snooze!  Enjoy!
Raycather1  05/09/11  Solar Recharge  Nothing like a lazy day in the Sun to recharge the sprit!  Enjoy! Rainbowmist1  05/11/11  Reflective Mist  A small rainbow sudden appear in the misty rain adding color to a gray day, Thanks God for brighten our day!  Enjoy! TheBirds1  05/13/11  Swarming Eagles  A flock of eagles fly overhead. I took this picture back in February, my picture for the day didn't work because of a camera malfunction, so this picture had to fill in, sorry.  Enjoy! MissingFireEngine  05/15/11  Mmh, Going the Distance to Respond?  We visited Whittier AK today, and to our surprise did we see, a fire engine from Barrow AK! Talk about dedication to Respond. They must have bush whack a trail across tundra mountains and rivers, since there are no roads from Barrow! Maybe Barrow needs to do a engine count to see if anything may be missing?  Enjoy!
EmergingGlacier1  05/17/11  Emerging Glacier Face  Blue ice indicates that this glacier face is old and under a lot of pressure! Glaciers abound here in the last frontier, many of the are very accessible but they should approached with caution as they are always on the go!  Enjoy! windriders1 Waveriders2  05/19/11  Windy Escape  Riding the icy waters of the Cook Inlet, using wind power, this kite surfer races towards shore against time as the massive tides quickly approach and will soon cover the flats in 30 to 50 feet of water!  Enjoy! Slidepotential1  05/21/11  Slide Potential  Huge blocks of snow wait to trigger down the slope as they hang precariously on the mountains edge!  Enjoy!
Portageglacier1  05/23/11  Portage in The Mist  The world famous Portage Glacier peers through the morning mist and fog and it's distinct face and U-shape valley is clearly visible!  Enjoy! SlideTrails1  05/25/11  Avalanche Trails  Can be clearly seen on this mountain in Eagle River. With clear skies and summer temperatures create unstable slopes on mountain sides. That large block of ice in the lower left corner is the Eagle Glacier.  Enjoy! BeachLake2  05/27/11  Calm Waters  A perfect day to relax by Beach Lake. All is quiet of the water front!  Enjoy! Lifeabounds1  05/29/11  Life Abounds  A glacier feed marsh comes alive with all kinds of life as the return of the Arctic Summer arrives!  Enjoy!
SplendidBeauty1  05/31/11  Splendid Magnificence  A magnificent mountain range rises far above the floor of Denali National Park, what a beautiful world God has given us!  Enjoy! GoldenHeart1  06/01/11  Golden Heart  Fairbanks is known as the Golden Heart City. At its center there is a wonderful fountain that depicts life in the Far North!  Enjoy! Walmikes1  06/03/11  The Lighter Side...  of a Corporate Giant? Click Here! to check out their great selections. Stop by and visit! It is a really awesome!  Enjoy! Walmikes2
Walmikes3 Closecallno1  06/05/11  The Flying Green House  The Aviator Green house has novel idea to deliver your plants to you? Located in Fairbanks AK its really neat!  Enjoy! IceClassic1  06/07/11  Frozen Lottery  Every year the town of Nenana holds a lottery to see when the river ice will break and the pole falls through the ice Click Here to see the pole that heralds the start of spring. People buy time by the minutes and seconds and the lucky winner receives several hundred thousand dollars!  Enjoy! Icepole1
TakingCover1  06/09/11  Taking Cover  A mother Moose and her twins take cover to find a secure place for the night!  Enjoy! FramebyRudoplh1  06/11/11  Mistaken Identity?  A Reindeer seems to plead his cause from behind double rows of wire fence that it was Rudolph not him who violated restricted airspace on Santa's last year's Christmas run.  Enjoy! Presidentialrailcar1  06/13/11  Golden Spike Car  President Warren G. Harding rode this rail car to drive the golden spike to complete the Alaska Railroad in the 1920's. Click Here to see the exterior of the rail car!  Enjoy! Presidentialrailcar2
Sentels1  06/15/11  Sentries  A pair of Canadian Geese stand like bookends guarding their offspring at Potter's Marsh  Enjoy! Dome1  06/17/11  Weather Issues...  No problem! The Dome in Anchorage is a really cool indoor sports complex that allows all athletes of all ages and skills to enjoy staying fit.  Enjoy! WaterRock1  06/19/11  Happy Father's Day!  Fathers are like a rock in the stream of life, they stand against all forces, protecting and nurturing their family!  Enjoy! Wildride1  06/21/11  Wild Ride  Water races down the wild Little Susitna River!  Enjoy!
YardLama1  06/23/11  Bio-Friendly Mower  A Lama does a great job at keeping this yard clipped and provides wool on the side for eco-friendly clothes, now that is the best of both worlds!  Enjoy Missingmom1  06/25/11  Missing Mom  A new born moose unable to keep up with mom takes a break in the grass. I was really concern that the calf might have been abandon and went back to the place the next morning but it seems mom realizing her calf was gone must of come back and reclaimed her. Sorry about the fuzzy photo but I did not want to get to close and stress the calf.  Enjoy! Daringwings1  06/27/11  Daring Wings  On wings of adventure, the fame Bush Pilots of Alaska can almost land anywhere, any weather and any time. Their over size tires and stubby planes can take anyone on an adventure of a lifetime. Come ride aboard one, I have and I can tell you its a moment you will never forget!  Enjoy! Mckinnely1  06/29/11  Vanishing Trick   Now you see and now you don't! Mt McKinley or Denali as it is called plays tricks on many who wish to see her. At over 20, 320' North America's highest peak, she creates her own weather patterns and can often disappear in the clouds on a sunny day!  Enjoy!
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BB6 BB5  07/01/11  Mr. Bear Comes to Town   A Black Bear came down the bike path into town and caught many people by surprise! Click Here! to see the bear coming into town.  Over the next couple of days I will be posting in a four part series his adventures in Eagle River!  Enjoy! BB4 BB3
BB2 BB1 BB11 BB12
BB13 BB14 BB15 BB16  07/03/11  Mr. Bear Comes to Dine   Mr. Bear continues his errands and decides to stop and dine but discovers he doesn't have any "scratch" Click Here! to see his attempt to dine! Next installment, Mr. Bear visits the Bank!  Enjoy!
BB17 BB18 BB19 BB20
BB21 BB22 BB23 BB24
BB25 BB26 BB27  07/05/11  Mr. Bear Visits "The Bank!"   Mr. Bear after discovering he doesn't have any "scratch" to eat with decides to visit the drive through at Wells Fargo Bank for some "doe" Click Here! to see his withdraw! Next installment Mr. Bear Scores some food!  Enjoy! BB28
BB29 BB30 BB31 BB32
BB33 BB34 BB35 BB36
BB37a BB37 BB38 BB39
BB40 BB41 BB42 BB43
BB45 BB46 BB47 BB48
BB49 BB50 BB51 BB52  07/07/11  Mr. Bear Scores Some Grub!  Hey, what do you got? Oh wow, look all this, baby, get ready, here come Yogi! Click Here! to see Mr. Bear chowing down!   Enjoy!
BB53 AroundThe Bend1  07/09/11  Around The Bend  You never really know what lies just around the bend! I was traveling on a back road and I just rounded the bend and I saw the most amazing recumbent bicycle equip with its own dog carrier, now that's really cool!   Enjoy! Moose24  07/11/11  Enjoying Summer Bounty  A moose and her baby were hanging across the road from our neighborhood  grazing along the road side! Click Here! to see mom's baby!  Enjoy! Babymoose5
BBP53 BBP54 BBP55  07/13/11  Awesome Bear Paw Parade!  The Bear Paw Parade this year was totally awesome even Santa and Mrs. Claus chipped in! Click Here! to see the parade precession!  Enjoy! BBP56
BBP57 BBP58 BBP59 Rainbow3  07/15/11  Wondrous Refractivity  Rainbows are wonderful reflections of God's Love in the sky!  Enjoy!
Riverflow1  07/17/11  Water Over The Rocks  Things come and things go, put your troubles behind you and choose to enjoy the adventures that life has to offer and just go with the flow!  Enjoy! TwinPeaks1  07/19/11  Twin Peaks  Mountains are wild and rugged in Alaska. There views are breath taking and make any visitor or local  mesmerized by their natural beauty!  Enjoy! Sandbars1  07/21/11  1000 Islands  Sandbars are quite typical in many Alaska streams and rivers. They often make camping and navigation an adventure on Alaska's inland waterways!  Enjoy! SecondaryReturn1  07/23/11  Attempted Return  Cottonwoods are not desirable trees to have in one's yard. They fill the air with fluffs of cotton and do not do well with the elements. I seem to have one determine tree that just won't go away!  Enjoy!
Racingwiththepast1  07/25/11  Racing With The Past  The  1997 Jeep takes on the 1930 Model Ford on the Glen Highway, oh course it was no contest but it was really fun to see that old car! Thanks to my wife who took the image.  Enjoy! IceCheck1  07/27/11  Ice Check  Eagle Glacier seems to be doing fine. It looks like it might be advancing a bit! Ice Age on its' way perhaps!  Enjoy! Viewfromthetop1  07/29/11  View on High  I made another climb on Mt. Baldy and took the hardest approach possible to the summit. After being reminded of the thinning air and extreme slope, as I ascended, I made it, despite the weather, the pay off was well worth it!  Enjoy! MistyTrail1  07/31/11  Trail into The Mist  A trail on the ridge line lead off to the surrounding peaks or offered a route down the mountain side in the mist.  Enjoy!
Mountainbike1  08/01/11  One Great Ride  A mountain biker walks his bike up part of the Mt. Baldy trail. A fellow hiker asked him if he has ever done this before and he answered no, but was looking forward to the ride! Adventure is apart of being!  Enjoy! Kayaker1  08/03/11  Rain or Shine  One can always enjoy the sport of Kayaking, because your bound to get wet any way and what better way to enjoy the wet weather we have been having!  Enjoy SackTime1  08/05/11  Sack Time  Get it?!! "Sack Time??? Anyway this Snow Leopard enjoys some "Z's" on the overcast day!  Enjoy! BearSpray1  08/07/11  Bear Spray  Get Real! You would only tick this guy off! Hiking this time of the year requires Bear Awareness, make sure you understand the signs and make your presents known. These guys don't like being surprised!  Enjoy!
DwarfFireweed1  08/09/11  Dwarf Fireweed  A smaller cousin of Fireweed  is beautiful in it's own right! I image this one on a recent hike.  Enjoy! Terminationdust3  08/11/11  Termination Dust!  Snow appearing on the mountain tops announce the coming of Winter is close at hand! As the dust moves further down the mountain sides cooler air dominates the area and snow falls increase! Time to wax the skis!  Enjoy! Spawninggrounds1  08/13/11  Spawning Grounds  The salmon are running! They make the hazardous journey back to where they were born , to spawn the next generation.  Enjoy! Newsnow1  08/15/11  New Snow  The mountains are beginning to top with new snow and the fire weed is beginning to seed. All these signs are a reminder that Winter is approaching!  Enjoy!
DangerousBeauty1  08/17/11  Dangerous Beauty  Monk's Hood, a common flower in central Alaska is very beautiful but extremely dangerous. Look but don't touch!  Enjoy! Daylight1  08/19/11  Losing Daylight  The days are growing shorter as we head towards the Arctic Night in the months ahead.  Enjoy! SharkMolbile1  08/21/11  Desert Shark  I image this Shark Mobile outside of REI in Anchorage Alaska. A Shark surfs the waves above a painted Desert and The owner has more license plates than James Bond's, Astro Martin!  Enjoy! SidebySide1  08/23/11  Side by Side  Mushrooms abound across the Anchorage, they come in many varieties and sizes while beautiful to behold, they are best left undisturbed!    Enjoy!
OnApproach2  08/25/11  An Unexpected Bonus!  Well it continues to rain but that is not al bad as the variety of mushrooms abound this year. What so cool about this image look to the left of the center mushroom and insect is on final approach to land, now how cool is that!  Enjoy! RagingStreams1  08/27/11  Wild Streams  Another effect of the Monsoon Summer we have had is the streams that run wild, creating beautiful rapids!  Enjoy! AlaskaFair1  08/29/11  Alaska State Fair 75th!  The annual state fair was a mass of people but fun for all. This Magician  amazed many onlookers as he perform feats of magic!  Enjoy! PumpkinWinner1  08/31/11  Now That's A Lot of Pie!  While not as large as last year's 1000 pounder, 859 pounds can still make a lot of yummy pumpkin pies!  Enjoy!
ASF2  09/01/11  And The Band Play on and on and...  It was really awesome the way the animated characters seem so real, it was a real joy for children of all ages at The Alaska State Fair!  Enjoy! ASF3  09/03/11  Alaska State Fair is 75!   Alaska State Fair, has brought joy and laugher and good times for seventy-five years and grows more popular as the years roll on!  Enjoy! Independencemine2  09/05/11  Independence Goldmine   One of Alaska's most profitable gold mine during the 1930's now draws many visitors from all around the world to explore this window of the past, in an alpine valley high above the Matanuska Valley!  Enjoy! MountainDust1  09/07/11  The Dusty Trail   The snow trail jumps from peak to peak then starts down hill as it signals Winters Approach!  Enjoy!
ChangeofColor1  09/09/11  Color Array   Plants are beginning to peak in fall color as Winter's snow quickly descend down the mountain sloops and soon will cover the land in a Winter Wonder Land!  Enjoy! Remember1  09/11/11  She Stills Stands!   Ten years ago today, people without consciences, morals  or respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness struck our country and kill many innocence people in an act that can only be describe as cowardly. We will never rest until they no longer pose a threat!  Remember! CoolEvening1  09/13/11  Nothing Less Than Awesome!   The evening Sun produce an awesome  master piece in the evening sky!  Enjoy! LoneSalmon1  09/15/11  One Pebble to Many   Alaska is being asked to make an important decision about the salmon runs and Bristol Bay, and after taking in much consideration from both sides, I really think the risk is too great. We need to protect our natural resources and way of life, not all the gold in the world can bring that back once its gone!  Enjoy!
FallPond1  09/17/11  Fall in The Wild   Fall and all its' golden glory has return but only briefly stays as Winter is not far behind!  Enjoy! EagleRiverValley1  09/19/11  Valley of The Eagle   Eagle River Valley is a beautiful glacier carved valley and is on fire with fall foliage. Overcast skies couldn't hide the breath taking view!  Enjoy! Snowline1  09/21/11  Stunning Contrast   Winter continues to announce its up coming arrival as mountains become more and more snow cap with each passing day!  Enjoy! Kayak2  09/23/11  River Commuter   Kayaking is an excellent way to see parts of Alaska that are otherwise hard to reach!  Enjoy!
Glaciercap1  09/25/11  Glacier Tug-A-War   Today was an incredible day to be out! The lighting was amazing and Glaciers abound! You can see stress fractures in the snow as gravity continues to pull it down the slope!  Enjoy! AutumEagle1  09/27/11  Autumn Eagle   While I was out and about looking at incredible glaciers, I came across this Eagle who took great interest in me as I photograph it!  Enjoy! AutumnReflections1  09/29/11  Reflections   Autumn leaves burst into full color and reflect upon clear waters!  Enjoy! SharkBerg1  10/01/11  Twin Berg   One above, one below? An Iceberg at the Portage Glacier resembles a shark. Its really cool how compress ice gives a blue glow!  Enjoy!
BoreRider1  10/03/11  Bore Rider   A group of local surfers ride the tidal bore in the Cook Inlet which can run for miles!  Enjoy! Train5  10/05/11  Riding The Rail   The Alaska Railroad runs both passengers and freight and one of the few trains that do both left in the country. The Alaska Rail System is a great way to experience the last frontier!  Enjoy! NaturesWinterwarn1  10/07/11  Winter Warning   The Fireweed has bloom out Winter is only a matter of a couple of weeks away! Ski On!  Enjoy! ThreeBergShip1  10/09/11  The Berg Fleet   This iceberg looks like three ships anchored at port!  Enjoy!
TheWindingRoad1  10/11/11  The Winding Road   An ice road descends down the mountain side marks the path of the glacier!  Enjoy! GlaciersAbound1  10/13/11  Glaciers Abound   Glaciers make their home here in the last frontier. There are several thousands glaciers to remind us of the awesome force of nature!  Enjoy! HopingforSnow2  10/15/11  Dedicated Skier   A Cross Country Skier  lives for the snow to come, until then he improvises!  Enjoy! GlacierBeggining1  10/17/11  Glacier Beginnings   Glaciers from high in the mountains in bowl shape cirques and then proceed down the mountain carving and changing the landscape!  Enjoy!
AutumGold1  10/19/11  Autumn Gold   I was out looking for bears, no luck, but saw this golden wave of grass on the woods edge!  Enjoy! MoleDay2011  10/21/11  Mole Day 2011   Braving the early morning cold at 6:02 AM!, at least 350 students of Chugiak High School venture out  to celebrate "Mole Day!"  Enjoy! YoungEagle2  10/23/11  Learning to Land  A immature Eagle is out on his own learning the ropes! I took this photo earlier this year but didn't publish it till now. Rain and pictures often don't mix, maybe tomorrow I will get better photo ops!  Enjoy! Snow Progress1  10/25/11  Snow and Rain  Rain continues as temperatures fight to stay above freezing. On the mountain tops snow falls! Soon they will lower the surrounding temperatures and the whole area will become a Winter Wonderland!  Enjoy!
SnowBow1  10/27/11  Snow/Rain Bow  A wintry mix of rain and snow produced this rainbow in the evening Sun!  Enjoy! TwinPeaks2  10/29/11  Twin Illusion  Evening overcast skies and low light along with a temperature inversion created the appearance of twin towers in the distance that are not really apart of the mountain range!  Enjoy! EveningDenlai1  10/31/11  Event Horizon  Soaring over 20,000 ft Mount McKinley/Denali looms large in the distance despite being over the horizon!   Enjoy! ArcticValley3  11/01/11  Arctic Valley  A Winter paradise for mountain climbing, snow shoeing and alpine and cross country skiers    Enjoy!
AVUpperRun1  11/03/11  Preseason  Arctic Valley's upper run is waiting for bit more snow to begin operations, which will soon be here! The run is much longer than image here. I zoom in to get the top portion!     Enjoy! UAAStatule1  11/05/11  Calculated Greeting!  This statue on the UAA Campus shows two people greeting with mathematical instruments at their feet not really sure who they are well I guess that figures! Get it! Figures, I know a bad pun!     Enjoy! Snowcones1  11/07/11  Snow Cone  We received about six inches of new snow yesterday and I noticed this really cool image through the window. It looks like someone getting ready to eat a snow cone, I thought it was cool!    Enjoy! EarlyDark2  11/09/11  Early Darkness  This was taking at 4:30 PM and it was already dark. While our days have grown vastly shorter the approach of the mega store that is suppose to strike tonight has darken our skies even earlier than normal! Here comes the snow!!!!!    Enjoy!
SkyviewofAnchorage1  11/11/11  Sky View  I took this photo last month of the sky line of Anchorage from Arctic Valley. I am on Bear Research today. Hope to have some cool photos from that!  Enjoy! BrownBearCub2  11/13/11  Wide Eye and Bushy Tale!  Not all bears have called it a night, some are just having to much fun in the snow! This Young Orphan Bear and his brother are being care for by AWCC (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center) which does a wonderful job looking after these magnificent creatures and educating people about being stewards of our precious wildlife!  Enjoy! Iceclimbing2  11/15/11  Solitary Climb  A climber searches for solitude among the river of frozen ice as he begins his ascent to cliff's summit high above!  Enjoy! WoodBison1  11/17/11  I Shall Return...  Once thought extinct a small herd of Wood Bison were found in a remote location in Canada and brought back from the edge. Now they are going to be reintroduce in 2013 in Alaska where they one room freed before they were hunted to extinction by man. Hats off to the AWCC (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center) to a job well done!  Enjoy!
BrownBearAWCC1  11/19/11  You Missed Me!  A brown bear sticks his tongue out as if to taunt as he hides behind the tree trunk. This playful guy can be found at the AWCC (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center) who helps orphan and wounded animals to survive and return to health. The AWCC does a great job in creating animal  ambassadors so we can better understand them and ourselves and our need for each other.  Enjoy! HiddenCity1  11/21/11  Land of Oz   What appears to be a icy metropolis on the horizon actually doesn't even exist. we have great Fata Morgana scenes during the winter and it is awesome to view! Click Here! to see Mount Inversion!  Enjoy! FalseMountains1 Weatherlately1  11/23/11  Snow and More Snow!   Snow and sub zero temperatures have been the order of the day!  Enjoy!
SnowElk1  11/25/11  Snow!   Snow continues to fall creating a Winter Wonderland across the region. We are expecting another nine inches of snow today. These elk at the AWCC (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center)  seem to enjoy Winters' show!  Enjoy! MoosePortrait1  11/27/11  Moose Portrait   Mother and Daughter pose for a family moment while forging for food!  Enjoy! OtherPortrait1  11/29/11  Outtake Moose Portrait   The other day I posted the Moose family Portrait. Here is what mom really thinks about having her picture taken!  Enjoy! MooseRightofway1  12/01/11  Moose Right of Way   Pedestrians have the right of way and so do Moose!  Enjoy!
Mooseontheloose1  12/03/11  Art of Wildlife Observation: Tip Number 1!  When a Moose decides to take a closer look at you its time to get out of its way!  Enjoy! Tuckerout1  12/05/11  Purr-fect!  A pair of Lynx chill out at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and enjoy the snow!  Enjoy! MoonRing2  12/07/11  Never Forget  Its been seventy years since Pearl Harbor and we owe a great debit to the greatest generation who defended our rights as people to live free. Today our military once again since 911 have been called to arms, lets keep them in our prayers as they now defend the rights of man to live free!  We Thank You! Photgenticbear1  12/09/11  My Best Side  I feature this guy a couple of postings ago and I was looking for a good photo for today and this bears expression says it all! Snow is in the forecast for today and this guy is loving it!  Enjoy!
Arewethereyet1  12/11/11  Are We There Yet?  A tucker out  Moose Calf rests its head against mom longing to rest, asks and mom replies not yet! Sound familiar?  Enjoy! Amazingsunset1  12/13/11  Amazing Sunset  Commuters were treated to an amazing sunset on their ride home.  Enjoy! Settingsun1  12/15/11  Winter Sunset  Winter sunsets in Alaska are nothing less than spectacular with the cold air and ice crystals abound creating some of the most beautiful sky seen anywhere!  Enjoy! Brritscold1  12/17/11  Tongue Shock  Mamma Moose seems have placed her muzzle a bit to deep in the frozen snow!  Enjoy!
Oldbridge2 OldBridge3 Oldbridge4  12/19/11  Vanishing Breed  Iron Bridges are disappearing from the landscape as many of then near the century mark. This bridge built in 1935 is 76 years old and was modify with an arch in 1950. These beautiful bridges have stood longer than anyone could have ever guess in the dramatic climatic conditions of Alaska! The bridge is still used daily and now can only support half of its weight load and needs to be preserved or replaced. Click Here!!! to see more views!  Enjoy! Oldbridge5
BearHichhiker1 Bearhichhiker2  12/21/11  Only in Alaska  Can not only a dog ride in the back but Bears can too! Click Here! to see flying fur down the highway!     Enjoy! Joyride2  12/23/11  Wonder Dog  Its a bird, no its a plane, no its Wonder Dog as all four paws have clear the ground! Both the musher and dog experience shear joy as they start their run to adventure unknown! I have been watching dog sledding for years and this type of sled configuration is something new to me, it looks cool!     Enjoy! Christmas2011  12/25/11  Merry Christmas  May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you all! Christmas is not about presents but God's love to redeem us all!     Enjoy!
Badchoice1  12/28/11  Do They Really Understand?  They like all citizens enjoy the guarantees of the Bill of Rights but they protest the existence of the federal government and the municipality. I wonder do they take/enjoy the services and money these institutions provide? If they do then they do not understand what they protest? They would do well to read the rest of the Bill of Rights and The Constitution and learn to lead by example!  Enjoy! NewSign2  12/27/11  New Greetings!  Eagle River, just unveiled its new town sign and its awesome!     Enjoy! Icetrain1  12/29/11  All Aboard The Frozen Express...  Ice sculptures are starting to take form in Anchorage as Ice Show 2011 is about to arrive. The Ice Show will kick off on 12/31 as a part of the new year celebrations! Stay tune for ice sculptures to come. Alaska Photo Journal is now publishing daily!  Enjoy! IC2011  12/30/11  Decisions and Decisions  Ice sculptors in Anchorage examine the ice very carefully before they cut. One wrong strike and the whole structure could shatter!  Enjoy!
Icebridge1  12/31/11  Spanning into a New Year  This old retired iron bridge crosses the Knick River much as we leave the old year and journey into a new one. May your New Year bring you happiness and joy!  Enjoy!