Alaska Photo Journal 2010

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
HappyNewMoose2010  01/01/10   Happy New Year 2010!  What a perfect day to celebrate the new year! I saw a moose by the side of the road and I got out to take its picture and it disappeared! I walked behind the car a couple of steps to see where it went and without warning it came out of the brush and greeted me!  Enjoy! VolcanoIce1  01/03/10   Fire and Ice  The first ice sculptures for this year's ice show have been craved. Many more will follow in the next couple of days!  Enjoy! Lookingdown1  01/05/10   Frosty Stare  This Eagle stares at me from on high while firmly gripped to a ice covered branch!  Enjoy! Joyride1  01/07/10   Joy Ride  I don't know who seems to enjoy the ride more but on thing is for sure they are both content and in their element!  Enjoy!
SC1001  01/09/10   Chipping Away  With each Stroke a master piece unveils itself! Click Here to see the Masters of Ice at work creating their winder wonderland of Ice!  Enjoy! SC1002 SC1003 SC1004
SC1005 SC1006 SC1007 SC1008
SC1009 SC1010 SC1011 SC1012
SC1013 SC1014 SC1015 LookingAfer1  Journal Entry  01/11/10   Where's The Eagle Lady of Eagle River?  The eagles here have been care for during the winter for years and she has help many of these wonderful birds survive the often brutal winters here. Her help has preserved this great national treasure, for future generations. The Eagles can be seen longing for their friend and we hope she does decide to return soon!  Enjoy!
FrozenEagle1  01/13/10   Frozen Eagle  Capture in ice this image of an Eagle is excellent. If you get a chance check out the ice show in downtown Anchorage!  Enjoy! SC1018 SC1016 SC1017
SC1019 SC1020 SC1021 SC1022
SC1023 SC1024 SC1025 SC1026
SC1027 SC1028 SC1029 SC1030
SC1031 SC1032 SC1033 SC1034  01/15/10   Ice Show 2010  What a spectacular show of ice sculptures! The talent and displays are outstanding! Click Here to enjoy the show!  Enjoy!
SC1035 SC1036 SC1037 Fashionstatement1  01/17/10   Pet Moose?  Actually no! This Moose sports a tracking collar so wildlife biologist can track her movements so we can better plan to live with nature as we expand our city!  Enjoy!
Thefallen1  01/19/10   Fatal Attraction  Unfortunately this ice sculpture did not stand the test of time as it tumble shortly after completion. Most likely the victim of some passerby who did not respect the rope barrier that says look but do not touch! At least we can enjoy some of the beauty as I manage to image it days before its lost!  Enjoy! ParrotEagle1  Polly wants some Salmon  This eagle seems to be doing a parrot routine but its definitely not crackers its looking for!  Enjoy! AGoodCause1  01/23/10   Reaching Out  This icy message is crystal clear! If you can give some change to the people of Haiti to help them rebuild and survive after a terrible earthquake devastated their land. It's a good cause!  Enjoy! RollingMoon1  01/25/10   Rolling Moon  The moon appears to be rolling down the mountain side when in effect it is actually rising!  Enjoy!
Mt. Redoubt active2  01/27/10   Mt. Redoubt Awakes!  Mt. Redoubt began releasing steam sunset, along with a red sky and some Fata Morgana in the back ground create a really cool sunset!  Enjoy! Sunset35  01/29/10   Daily Masterpiece  Sunsets here in Alaska are quite spectacular with the cold air mixing with warm air and volcanic ash from Mt. Redoubt still stirring around create amazing colors in the atmosphere. A new master piece with each day!  Enjoy! Mooser1  01/31/10  Mooser  Alaska's version of the old arcade game called Frogger. Where the Moose much like the frog tries to cross the busy highway without getting hit! The stakes are much higher than a car hitting a frog. Hitting a moose can be both really bad on the moose and the driver! This moose made the crossing! Please watch out and slow down for wildlife!  Enjoy! StreetLegal1  02/01/10  Street Legal  Lacking turn signals, airbags or proper plates, this Moose remains street legal as he uses four hoof drive to handle the icy road ahead!  Enjoy!
Settingout1  02/03/10  The New Kid In Town  A young Bull Moose makes his way into the world! Mom has given him all he needs to succeed, now he makes his own mark in the world!  Enjoy! Moosecasing1  02/05/10  Moose Land Security  The New Kid in town does a security inspection as he checks to make sure this house is safe and secure!  Enjoy! ExtremeWinterCycling1  02/07/10  Extreme Commuting  Winter Cycling is a relatively new sport in extreme cycling and is growing with  popularity each year. Riding in deep snow -30 F temperatures and winter whiteout conditions and seeing wildlife from Moose, Bears, Eagles and Coyotes have been my commuting experience for the past six years! People ask me all the time why do I do it and I reply with a smile with all this incredible beauty who needs driving?  Enjoy! Snowset1  02/09/10  Snow Set  Falling snow and fading light create wonderful snow sets such as this one!  Enjoy!
EagleBranch1  02/11/10  Thawing Out  Just hanging out and catching some rays an Eagle enjoys its' day!  Enjoy! NotmyFault1  02/13/10  I landed in What?  A Eagle seems a bit perturbed by the condition of his landing area atop a light post!  Enjoy! SkiPlane1  02/15/10  Ski Outfitted  This airplane is outfitted with the latest anti-icing gear as the wings edges and the front of the plane are covered to help prevent ice from forming on its' surface!  Enjoy! Flyingformation1  02/17/10  Strange Flock  An unusual flock appears over Mt. Baldy's ridgeline. Actually they are a trio of Para-gliders enjoying the thermals around the mountains!  Enjoy!
optmistic1  02/19/10  Optimistic Market  I saw this for sale sign stuck in the snow bank a while back and at first glance it looks like someone is trying to sell snow!, actually it is for land but the print was so faded it really appear to be for the snow bank!  Enjoy! Crossingintersection1  02/21/10  Rolling Along  Passing trains  are really cool to watch! Alaska's train system moves more than just cargo and people it builds bridges to dreams!  Enjoy! Entrancetoimagination1  02/23/10  Entrance to Imagination  Through this snow gate awaits imagination to take form and transform these snow blocks into wonders of imagination!  Enjoy! ChippingAway1  02/25/10  Chipping Away  With each passing stroke of the axe, a form takes place from within the block of snow!  Enjoy!
Snowshoeball1  02/27/10  Connecting  A steady eye and timing connects to that perfect moment in time as this player connects with the ball. Snow Shoe Softball are one of the many cool and fun events at Fur Rondy!  Enjoy! GoofyMoose1  03/01/10  Goofy Moose  An expression only a mother could love. This Moose really ham it up for the the camera, it was definitely one in a million!  Enjoy! BabyCheck1  03/03/10  First Tooth?  Say Ahh!, The snow sculptures are nearing their finishing touches, they are really cool. I will be publishing the snow show this Friday!  Enjoy! SC2102
SC2100 SC2101 SC2103 SC2104
SC2105 SC2106 SC2107 SC2108
SC2109 SC2110 SC2111  03/05/10  Plastic Snow Surgery  Taking a little off the edge! Watch the Snow Show 2010 Click Here! transform from blocks of snow to shapes of imagination!  Enjoy! SC2112
SC2113 SC2114 SC2115 SC2116
SC2117 SC2118 SC2119 SC2120
SC2121 SC2122 SC2123 SC2124
SC2125 SC2126 SC2127 SC2128
SC2129 SC2130 SC2131 SC2132
SC2133 SC2134 SC2135 SC2136
SC2137 SC2138 SC2139 SC2140
SC2141 SC2142 SC2143 SC2144
SC2145 SC2146 SC2147 SC2148
Idatiajam1  03/07/10  Idita Jammin  The 2010 Iditarod has begun! The weather is perfect with snow today and through next Tuesday will give the race an excellent course to run! This year features the first ever Jamaica team now that's cool!  Enjoy! Dogtired1  03/09/10  Dog Tired  This fellow is traveling first class, the other dog is wondering when is it my turn!  Enjoy! threetimeIditarodChampion1  03/11/10  Going for Four  Jeff King is a three time Iditarod Champion! Here is Jeff balancing a sharp turn shortly after leaving the gate going for four!  Enjoy! wheresBullwinkel1  03/13/10  Where's' Bull Winkle?  Mmh.., A set of antlers a beloved missing moose TV character is there a common thread? No not really most antlers are harvested when they fall off the moose.  Enjoy!
Bearlystacy1  03/15/10  Ranger Smith's Revenge  Hey Bo Bo, what want to steal some picket baskets? Yoga, I don't know, Ranger Smith might get upset. Actually bears like many animals are important source of subsistence hunting that many Alaskans use to feed their families you PETA people need not applied, leave our Alaskan way of life alone! We hunt only what we need and waste nothing!  Enjoy! EagleBalancing1  03/17/10  Keeping Rhythm  An Eagle enjoys its view hidden within the branches. He appears to be doing some aerobics exercise with his talons!  Enjoy! Aclosecall1  03/19/10  Nature Makes A  Call  I had been photographing this young bull as he wandered through our neighborhood and keeping what I believed a safe distance. He up expectedly changed direction and headed straight towards me! I tried to give him a wide berth but I slip on the ice and fell, I snapped this image as I recovered from the fall as I continued to move away from this unexpected greeting! At no time did he charged or threaten me. I believed he was curious about me and just wanted to say Hi!  Enjoy RoyalFur1  03/21/10  Royal Fur  The King and Queen of the Fur Rondy waves to me as they pass by! Fur Rondy was held the last week of February to celebrate through games and races and contests the  gathering of trappers and subsistence hunters and was a great time for all!  Enjoy!
Runningthesign1  03/23/10  Rolling Stop  Its not just other cars you have to watch out for! Wildlife seems to disregard traffic signs also. I guess this moose fail to read his DMV manual!  Enjoy! EveningStroll1  03/25/10  Evening Stroll  Our feature Moose continues his evening stroll down the bike path as he searches for food.  Enjoy! kitty1 kitty2
kitty3 Kitty4 Kitty6 Kitty7
Kitty8 Kitty9 Kitty5  03/27/10  Here Kitty Kitty...  Uh, maybe not! If you want to have a bad day just try tangling with this guy! Lynx's look cute but they are definitely fur with an attitude! Click Here to see more Lynx shots!  Enjoy! Acrtic ValleySki1  03/29/10  The Slopes They are a Calling  Even with Spring near at hand the Ski Slopes of Arctic Valley still beckon!  Enjoy!
Winderosion1  03/31/10  Wind Erosion  Wind continues to redefine snow packs on the upper mountain tops as Spring  approaches!  Enjoy! MilitaryHumor1  04/01/10  Paper Tiger  A little military humor...actually they mean business there's more than a cardboard card waiting at the end of the road if you don't take this serious!  Enjoy! SpringThaw1  04/03/10  Season Change  Spring is fast approaching as Winters' snow slowly melts.  Enjoy! 4by41  04/05/10  Four by Four  is a relative term here in Alaska which could mean four wheel drive or  four hoof drive depending on what's' park in your driveway!.  Enjoy!
Strangbirds1  04/07/10  Noteworthy  It you see Flamingos don't panic global warming has not arrived! You been flocked by someone you know. It is a great way to bring awareness and raise money for a worthy cause!  Enjoy! Snowboarding1  04/09/10  Open Season  Even through Spring is here, people still enjoy the slopes at Arctic Valley/Alpine Glow Ski Resort!  Enjoy! Potrait1  04/11/10  Take A Picture  ... it will last longer! Our friendly? somewhat neighborhood  Bull Moose is out and about so enjoy the view but respect the wildlife give it plenty of space, remember although he appears to mean no harm wildlife can be very unpredictable!  Enjoy! Acrosstime1  04/13/10  A Moment in Time  Look, Listen, let your mind feel at ease! Most important of all  Enjoy!
Wintersstand1  04/15/10  Winter Makes a Stand  We were all but sure Spring was well on its way but Winter sent us a gentle reminder that she was not quite done!  Enjoy! Sunbathing1  04/17/10  Sun Bathing with a View  Spring is trying to return while Spring and Winter work it out this Eagle bathes in the Sun's warmth and thaws it's talons out!   Enjoy! Snowblowing2  04/19/10  Windy  Snow blowing is a great indicator of winds that are on high.  Enjoy! HideandGoMoose1  04/21/10  Hide and Go Moose!  Up for a game see if you can spot the Moose! Look carefully or you might just "Moose It!"  Enjoy!
TappingNature1  04/23/10  Tapping Nature  Homemade syrup is on its way!  Enjoy! TappingNature2  04/25/10  Flowing Sweetness  Sugar water is flowing from the tap to the collecting bucket below. When refined it will make a sweet Birch syrup!  Enjoy! Stand  04/27/10  Quiet Change  Without a outward sound this stand of trees begins to awaken after a long Winter's sleep!  Enjoy! NotReadytoFloat1  04/29/10  Almost Ready For Float!  Lake Hood, the world's busiest float plane runway in the world still is ice over. Float planes ring the shoreline awaiting the final thaw to take to the air!  Enjoy!
Smelling the Grass1  05/01/10  Stop and Smell The Grass!  This Moose takes a moment to savor the smell of new grass emerging from the old before eating. Signs of Spring are everywhere!  Enjoy! Snap1  05/03/10  Snap!  This Moose shows a Beaver how its done as he breaks the branch with his teeth!  Enjoy! ShipShape2  05/05/10  Ship Shape  A late evening cruise is getting underway!  Enjoy! RunningStream1  05/07/10  Running Streams  With the Spring melt off streams carry away Winters' Wonderland to give new birth to Summer!  Enjoy!
Sailing1  05/09/10  Just Perfect  Spring has come and with her breezes and warm temperatures. With Sun on your back and a steady wind to steer by one word describes this moment...Bliss!  Enjoy! Racingthewind1  05/11/10  Wind Racers  Strong winds fill the sky full of kites as they race against the wind!  Enjoy! LaunchingKite1  05/13/10  Seconds from Flight  This large kite is ready to taste the wind as its' hander raises it into position for flight!  Enjoy! BrownBear19  05/15/10  Living on The Edge  All I can say is WOW! What an incredible experience, my family and I had! God's creations never ceases to amaze me!  Enjoy!
BrownBear20  05/17/10   Hazardous Pedestrian  Why does the Brown Bear Cross the Road? Don't stop and asked why just let it by!  Enjoy! BrownBear21  05/19/10  The Bear went Over The Mountain...  So sang my daughter as she watched the bear climb up the mountain side and out of sight, what a perfect way to end the experience!  Enjoy! Snowcap3  05/21/10  Where Winter Never Sleeps  While Alaska enjoys a beautiful start to Summer there are always reminders high above us that Winter is only a few months away which we do love!  Enjoy! MagjesticView1  05/23/10  Majestic View  One Look Says it all!  Enjoy!
Somethinginterseting1  05/25/10  Something Interesting  What it was we will never know as this Brown Bear decides to eat what she has found, but it really peak her interest so much that she claw at it till it was hers!  Enjoy! WildBerries1  05/27/10  Wild Berries  Are one of the many food sources for woodland animals, If you decide to feast on local berries consult a wild flower guide before you sample. Some berries can be wonderful while others could pose great danger!  Enjoy! Snowslide1  05/29/10  Snow Slide  Climbing can be fun and rewarding but with summer here, snow at altitude can be unpredictable as warm temperatures and direct sunlight light can make slopes more dangerous as block slides occur more often!   Enjoy! MemorialDay1  05/31/10  They Came to Remember!  by the hundreds to join the more than thousands at the Alaska Veterans Memorial in Denali Nation Park to remember those who serve and still serve and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  Remember!
Pipeline1  06/01/10  River of Wealth  The Trans Alaska Pipeline is one of the greatest engineering wonders of the world. The pipeline runs from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez Alaska and it has provided  Alaska and the world with much needed energy!  Enjoy! Blackbear2a  06/03/10  Looking Both Ways  A Black Bear in Denali National Park  makes a quick decision to cross after checking for clearance!  Enjoy! Wildfire1  06/05/10  Wildfire!  Every year Alaska with its vast untouched wilderness experiences natural fires usually from lighting strikes in the interior this one at Healy is being monitor with some fire fighting to help contain the spread of the fire.  Enjoy! Lowvisibility1  06/07/10  Low Visibility  A majestic view of a rail bridge is clouded by low visibility created from wildfires that are burning in the interior! These fires happen each year and often lead to the renewal of the forest!  Enjoy!
FloodInsurance1  06/09/10  Flood Insurance?  Not a chance! While a very idyllic setting one should camp on the shore not on the bar. Rain showers can come at a moment notice and send a torrent of water down stream flooding out this camp site!  Enjoy! NorthPole2  06/11/10  Yes, There is a Santa Claus...  There's a place where Candy Cane light poles and Santa's Workshop can be found in Alaska, its kind of neat where you can be a kid again and for the young ones a chance to hold onto a dream a little longer!  Enjoy! Icantouchmynose1  06/13/10  I Can Touch My Nose!  A nimble Moose  proves his flexibility  as he touches his nose with is back hoof while he bathes and grazes in the water.  Enjoy! Igloo1  06/15/10  World's Largest Igloo?  In the heart of Denali National Park there sits a abandon Icon perhaps from the sixties of  a really cool ideal for a hotel. There are so few of these theme hotels left in the world standing, now hotels just look like buildings and some of the imagination that made road trips fun is vanishing.  Enjoy!
Poltics2  06/17/10  Political Gas  With a new Gas Pipeline on the horizon to be built, politics and routing as usual get in the way. One camp wants to take the line from the North Slope and hook into Canada's pipeline and the other wants to rout it all the way to Valdez.  Hey guys lets just get the thing built so our nation and state can get back to the business of growing!  Enjoy! ReadySetGo1  06/19/10  Ready, Set, Go!!!!   A Mother Moose and her calf race side by side down the street to see who will finish first! Take a good close look at Mom notice something different? She is an Albino, that's rare and cool!  Enjoy! MooseCalf1  06/21/10  Moose Among the Weeds   A Moose Calf poses among the Dandelions. The calf appears very light in color but not white like her albino mom.  Enjoy! AlbinoMoose1  06/23/10  A Moose of A Different Color!   Most Moose are brown to red brown in color but here is a white moose and her calf which are but one in a million! Click Here to see more images of the White Moose!  Enjoy!
AlbinoMoose2 AlbinoMoose3 AlbinoMoose4 AlbinoMoose5
AlbinoMoose6 ActiveRunway1  06/25/10  Most Common   What most people think of a air point runway would consider this nothing more than a path however, here on the last frontier this type of runway is common, flying is truly an adventure here!  Enjoy! ChenaHotSpring1  06/27/10  Chena Hot Spring   Geothermal sources naturally heat the waters in Chena Hot Springs. People from all over the world come to bathe in the heated springs!  Enjoy! SnowmachineOfWinterPast1  06/29/10  Longing to Ride   One of the original models of snow machine from 1959 has seen better days, it seems as if it misses the thrill of the trail and longs to be restored and ride once again!  Enjoy!
TasteTesting1 TasteTesting2  07/01/10  Food Quiz!   A mother moose is out showing her calf the art of food testing by licking a car! The calf is thinking we can eat that? Click Here to get the calf's reaction!  Enjoy! SnackandGo1  07/03/10  Milk to Go  After enjoying a variety of leaves the calf washes down the meal with a quick glass of milk.   Enjoy! DoorBellPankester1  07/05/10  Ring and Run!  A baby moose prankster  appears to ringing doorbells and running!   Enjoy!
NoseCleaning1  07/07/10  Now That' Got to Hurt!  A mother Moose smacks herself in the nostril while trying to sooth an itch. The calf looks on with and expression of ice please!   Enjoy! DarwinAwardWinner1  07/09/10  Darwin Award Winner  I am sure the food is great but perhaps a little to close for comfort!   Enjoy! RiverCanyon1  07/11/10  Rounding The Bend  A river flows through a canyon located in Denali National Park.   Enjoy! RoadSideCouch1  Journal Entry  07/13/10  Road Side Couch  I found this abandon road side couch outside of Fairbanks, which in itself is a uncommon sight in the wild's of Alaska It seems passer buyers have added stuff animals and created some sort of road side shrine/art.  Enjoy!
MooseCrossing2  07/15/10  New Truck/Heavy Moose  A good reason to stop and save both! Besides enjoy the wildlife!  Enjoy! Bandstand1  07/17/10  Striking Up The Band!  At the recent Bear Paw Festival local band play for people as they gathered on the green for this musical treat!  Enjoy! BrownDerby1  07/19/10  Brown Derby  With rainy season mushrooms abound. A rock will remain dry from the approaching downpour with its own brown derby hat!  Enjoy! Mushroomgill1  07/21/10  All Gills  This mushroom opens its gill structures to release spores for the next generation!  Enjoy!
Soupisserved1  07/23/10  Order of The day is...  Soup! The weather has been rainy most of the summer! In fact we are beginning to call this the year without summer!  Enjoy! awesomemoonrock1  07/25/10  Awesome Moon Rock!  What better way to get out of the rain and touch the moon, well not quite, I had to settle for looking at the moon rock brought back by Apollo 15, I was totally amazed at this, I found myself longing for the day we return to the moon! I also enjoyed other cool exhibits at the Anchorage City Museum!  Enjoy! Stayandride1  07/27/10  Best Way to See Town!  Anchorage has one of the greatest bike trail systems, get out and ride!  Enjoy! Awaitingsnow1  07/29/10  Optimistic Ice  A small local glacier called the Eagle Glacier is doing well during our year without summer!  Enjoy!
HighSummer1  07/31/10  Weather Break  Finally sunshine! The wetlands below eagle glacier bathe in the the light of High Summer, soon Fall will fast approach!  Enjoy! IMG 1908 IMG 1908b UAA1  08/01/10  It's No Secret..  University of Alaska is a great school !  Enjoy!
EkultaLake1  08/03/10  Peaceful Lake  Ekulta lake is a blue green lake that is on the road system but is out of the way of most people. The lake is an excellent place to hike and enjoy nature and is one of many sources of water for the city of Anchorage.   Enjoy! Outpost1  08/05/10  Outpost  On the way to Ekulta lake is a road that full of natural surroundings with only a house here and there and suddenly a last chance ice cream shop, laundry and general store. A great stop on the return trip after a day of hiking!  Enjoy! Ragingwaters1  08/07/10  Raging Waters  And the rain continues...with all that water runoff is enviable, flowing creeks such as this one have become torrents of water flow!   Enjoy! Roomof Discovery1  08/09/10  Room of Discovery  There are many rooms of wonders at the Anchorage Museum but some of the coolest let the mind experience and wonder through imagination!   Enjoy!
StackHigh1  08/11/10  Mushroom Stack  With all the recent rain for the past two months mushrooms abound everywhere most are really cool to look at but they should not be touch as most are poisonous.    Enjoy! Futrueistic muesum1  08/13/10  Futuristic Museum  The Anchorage Museum is first class with its' exhibits. Touch screen computers and really well done displays make this a must visit for anyone!  Enjoy! GoldMining1  08/15/10  There's Gold in Them, There Hills!  Alaska is rich in history and folk lore. Gold rushes are among the many tails of adventure from Alaska. The Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass  is one of the many gold mines that are throughout The Great Land!   Enjoy! Fallintheair1  08/17/10  Fall in The Air  Leaves are turning and with it another season is beginning! Snow is around the next bend!   Enjoy!
Secondlook1  08/19/10  Second Look  At first leaves appear but look beyond the obvious and you will see something standing out!   Enjoy! retainingpond1  08/21/10  104 and Still Holding!  but barely...After more than a century a small wooden dam still retains water in a small holding pond at  the Independence Gold Mine at Hatcher Pass!   Enjoy! Restore1  08/23/10  To Be or Not to Be that is the Question!  After more than a century the Independence Gold Mine at Hatcher Pass has been partially restored the rest seen here needs to follow soon or be return to nature that is the question, I  think it should be restored to keep our history alive!   Enjoy! Happyskys1  08/25/10  Happy Sky's  The last few days have been really great!   Enjoy!
Pintsizemoose1  08/27/10  Pint Size Moose  This young bull moose has been cut loose by mom or mom has been removed from the picture and now he is on his own. I am a little worried that he is so small and Winter is approaching but perhaps he will be fine, I hope so!   Enjoy! Moosegreeting1  08/29/10  Moose Greetings  After some quick trimming along the house edge the young moose decides to approach me, I guess it was curiosity or maybe lonely, I gave it distance and back away, wild animals must remain wild. I did however appreciate the weed eating job it return to after this encounter, save me a lot of work!  Enjoy! Rainbow2  08/31/10  Never Ending Promise  Some people like to think of rainbows as only various indexes of refraction, but I like to think what they really are God's promise as a reminder of his love to us that he will never destroy  the earth by flood again because of our wrongs.  Enjoy! Domesticwild1  09/01/10  Domestic Wild  A warren of rabbits have been steady growing into our neighborhood. They are venturing further with each year and their population is growing! They are not native Arctic Hare but domesticate rabbits who escape and now are breeding, they are still easily approach but wild enough to run if you get to close.  Enjoy!
Playfullmoose1  09/03/10  Playful Moose?   This small bull moose who I feature a few days before is sending mix signals while the pose is playful, his hair is standing on end signaling a warning that he is not to happy!  Enjoy! Sundog6  09/05/10  Rare and Beautiful   Sundogs, are like rainbows that do not bow they seem to hover in mid-air. They are not common but always cool to see!  Enjoy! Whopper1  09/07/10  Whopper!   Weighing in at 1101 pounds now that's a lot of pumpkin pie!  Enjoy! Panorama1  09/09/10  Stunning View!   Alaska is full of places that the view just is breath taking!  Enjoy!
Polarbear2  09/11/10  Ever Vigilant   We celebrated 9/11 by taking our kids to the zoo to celebrate life so that we don't ever forget what so many paid for with the ultimate price. Our enemies should be aware like the Polar Bear we shall be ever vigil!  Enjoy! Mushroomclam1  09/13/10  Mushroom Clam   A really cool clam like mushroom form from two mushroom grow outwards from this tree!  Enjoy! Seasonschange2  09/15/10  Seasons Change   Cooler temperature and the leaves they change as nature turns another page!  Enjoy! Bigleaf1  09/17/10  Big Leaf   As fall brings the changes of color big leafs like this one really add to the splendor of the this short but colorful season!  Enjoy!
SeriousFishing1  09/19/10  Fishing Checklist  1. Fishing Poles  2. Tackle Box  3. Bait  4. Bug Spray  5. Fishing Permit  6. AK-47 Clone  Yep, were ready, fish on!  Enjoy! Fireweed2  09/21/10  Explosive!  Fireweed is a good plant indicator of the approach of Winter. When the plant has seeded out Winter is at hand. Fireweed is exploding all over the area, change is in the air, Winter approaches!  Enjoy! AutumMountain2  09/23/10  Impressive  As the leaves change they paint the landscape with brilliant colors and give impressive views!  Enjoy! Goldenroad1  09/25/10  Golden Road  Nature paints the roadside a golden road! The colors are truly beautiful, God's plan is truly amazing!  Enjoy!
Snowfirst1  09/27/10  What One Day Difference Makes!  Only the day before Autumn was in full swing with brilliant colors and Sun, now the first snow happens the next day on Sept 26!  The race is own to prepare for Winter, the snow has begun!  Enjoy! Pintsizemoose2  09/29/10  Pint Size Moose Found!  I located our missing mini bull that was hanging around the house a few journal entries ago. He was wandering down near the Eagle River Nature Center feeding. He's put on a few pounds but needs much more to brace the coming Winter.  Enjoy! AnchorageJamboree1  10/01/10  A Winning Note...  The annual Beach lake Jamboree drew over 900 of all ages at Chugiak High School! Families and their children race and ate some great food as they celebrated physical fitness together!  Enjoy! Terminationdust2  10/03/10  Advancing Winter  Everyday, it seems that snow is slowly advancing down the mountain slopes! Winter and all the beautify that it brings is near at hand!  Enjoy!
Visitorsonmyboard1  10/05/10  Visitors  Sam I Am, The Cat in The Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 visit upon my board, a perfect moment!  Enjoy! Terminationdustspreads1  10/07/10  Leaping  Termination dust leaps from one mountain ridge to the next cooling down the area priming it for Snow!  Enjoy! Cloudpillar1  10/09/10  Cloud Pillar  A cloud rises up and forms a pillar above the snow cap mountains!  Enjoy! Nicesunset1  10/11/10  Impressive Ending  Yesterday's Sunset was truly awesome!   Enjoy!
DistantGiant1  10/13/10  The Great Distant One  Even at almost three hundred miles away the 20,320 ft summit of Mt. McKinney dominates the skyline!  Enjoy! Premir1  10/15/10  Preview  Termination dust is starting to dominate the mountains, a preview of things to come...Snow!!!  Enjoy! Moosefamily3 Moosefamily2
Moosefamily1  10/17/10  Natural Dispute  Even in nature, animal families at times tend to disagree on topics Double Click Here to see the Moose Family Dispute and Resolution!  Enjoy! Moosefamily4 Moosefamily5 Moosefamily6
Moosefamily7 Moosefamily8 Moosefamily9 ScobyDo1  10/19/10  Scooby Do...  where are you! The Mystery Machine is up for sale and Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma are no where to be found! Relax at $6000 it will be a while, that's a lot of Scooby Snacks!  Enjoy!
EveningGlow1  10/21/10  Evening Glow  Alpine Glow has dominated the skyline for the past few nights! It is truly beautiful to see!  Enjoy! MoleDay2010  10/23/10  Mole Day 2010  Over 300 students at Chugiak High School brave the dark and the cold to celebrate Mole Day. It was a great time had by all! I would to thank Mr. Bell who took the picture and I also would like to thank all those who helped in making Mole Day 2010 a great success!  Enjoy! Salmonrun1  10/25/10  Salmon Run  Tired and exhausted these two salmon make their run upstream to begin a new generation.  Enjoy! Moonbow1  10/27/10  Moon Bow  A rare phenomenon but very cool if the conditions are just right the moon will create a circular rainbow through the clouds. The Moon Bow was a lot nicer and look like a rainbow. The imaged was taken in dark conditions which made it very hard to capture.  Enjoy!
Snowcap4  10/29/10  Snow Cap and Happy!  One expression says it all! Winter is here!  Enjoy! HappyHalloween1  10/31/10  Halloween Prelude  A beautiful sunset set the stage for Halloween. Look out for the tricker-treaters  running amuck in search or treats!  Enjoy! Waterconstellations1  11/01/10  Starry Water  An unexpected  effect appeared as I took a picture of this sparking stream. The sparkles look like stars in a constellation, now that's cool!  Enjoy! SnowCover1  11/03/10  Daily Snow Shower  It's been snow daily a little at a time. The area is cooling down and more snow is expected through this weekend!  Enjoy!
Snowshower2  11/05/10  Snow Card  Alaska is truly a place of  Winter wonderland!  Enjoy! Donotforget1  11/07/10  A Story Worth Telling  The homeless come from many places and backgrounds. Some educated, some not. They are either there by choice or by decisions they made in the past. The one thing they don't need is pity. What  they need is not to be overlook. Please remember those in need.  Show Compassion! Wisebird1  11/09/10  Scrabble Bird  A Raven displays words of wisdom from a nest of letters.  Enjoy! Thanks1  11/11/10  Veterans Day  While you enjoy your day, take time to remember those who have served or still serve and those who have pay the final measure for your freedom.  Enjoy!
Adogsopinion1  11/13/10  A Dog's Perspective  A dog is interview about the weather and he replies it's "ruff!"  Enjoy! Bluewater1  11/15/10  Blue Water  Glacial water has a true blue tint to the water due to the glacial silt.  Enjoy! Moonrise5  11/17/10  Moon On The Horizon  Moon rises have spectacular the past few evenings!  Enjoy! Carryingcapacity1  11/19/10  Carrying Capacity  On the way home today I notice birds filling up all the lamppost spacing along the route. It was really different. I think maybe since it was really cold the birds found a place to sun themselves trying to stay warm.  Enjoy!
Dawnofanewday1  11/21/10  Endless Possibilities  With the dawn of each new day there lies endless possibilities before you!.  Enjoy! Classof2011Returns  11/23/10  Eagles Return  As their hunting grounds continue to freeze over eagles return to Eagle River to Winter over!  Enjoy! ThankfulEagle1  11/25/10  Happy Thanksgivings  This young eagle has many things to be thankful for. We too need to remember and be thankful for all that God has provided us!  Enjoy! Snowmanrejoices1  11/27/10  Exuberant Snowman  A snowman rejoices at the nice thanksgiving snow we received! Let Snow, Let Snow ,Let snow!  Enjoy!
Momentsbeforeflight1  11/29/10  Seconds Before Flight  I capture moment in time as this eagle leans and begins to release his wings and talons for flight.  Enjoy! TreehuggingMoose1  12/01/10  Tree Hugging Moose?  I think not! This Moose is not standing guard over this small defenseless tree, protecting it from logging. He's in between bites of it!  Enjoy! Moose23  12/03/10  Watch Moose  Not really, the neighborhood Moose has return from the glacier area back with us for a while. My guess is he finds enough food and has a safe haven from the wolf pack that inhabits the glacier area and there is little meat out there for the wolves and he doesn't want to be what's for dinner!  Enjoy! Thegoodship1  12/05/10  The Good Ship  Sailing to collect toys for children who are in need for the Christmas! The US military does so much good! God Bless Them and help donate to their cause!   Enjoy!
LauchEagle1  12/07/10  Never Forget Pearl  It has been 69 years since that faithful day of the unprovoked attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor  that officially put America into WW II. Remember to thank those who served to protect our freedoms and way of life in those darkest days when the world was at war!  Enjoy! Makingroom1  12/09/10  Room to Spare  Two eagles land at the perch at the same time! There landing was so precise they were able to make room for each other and not lock talons!  Enjoy! SpringBoardDiving1  12/11/10  Air Diving  This eagle practices air diving as he takes flight!  Enjoy! SledDogAtHeart  12/13/10  Sled Dog At Heart  Inside every dog there is a sled dog. Both the skier and her dog ,enjoy the solace of a quiet evening run!  Enjoy!
Ifthetalonfits1  12/15/10  Got Fungus?  One eagle stares on as another cleans his talons!  Enjoy! Lookingup1  12/17/10  Looking Up  A Raven gives his full attention to his bigger wing cousin!  Enjoy! DogTruck1  12/19/10  Only In Alaska!  Could every dog hope for and get his own truck door with an open window!  Enjoy! EagleFligh3  12/21/10  Straight for You!  This eagle makes a straight flight path for me, It was a really cool experience as he soar over head!  Enjoy!
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MeteorlogyTestBank1 Physicalsciencetestbank1 GeologyTestBank1 Iceman1  12/23/10  Defying Gravity  For some the ice age is not over as they live to climb ice curtains hanging off the cliff edges. What a cool experience, I hope someday to do!  Enjoy!
Christmassluminary1  12/24/10  Alaskan Christmas Eve Luminary  When most people think of luminaries they think of candles in tissue paper bags well up North we do things a little different were a little short of tissue paper but have plenty of ice instead. When I think of luminaries  especially at Christmas, I think about what they truly mean Jesus said "I am the light of the world" and that is the true meaning of Christmas of God's love for us!  Enjoy! Christmas2010  12/25/10  Merry Christmas  Is the day of God's greatest gift, his love and our salvation through the birth, life and resurrection of his only son our Lord Jesus Christ  Enjoy! Settingtheice1  12/27/10  Setting The Ice  Ice blocks are carefully lowered into place for the ice cravers to come create their wonderful masterpieces at the up coming Ice Show!  Enjoy! Sunrise22  12/29/10  Icy Rise  The Sun peers through the ice and snow of the mountain top as it illuminates the icy Cook Inlet below!  Enjoy!
IceReading1  12/31/10  Reading The Ice  Being able to interpret how the ice is going to react is an essential aspect in safely climbing ice walls!  Enjoy! HappyNewYear2011