Alaska Photo Journal 2009

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
FirstLight2009  01/01/09  First Light of 2009    A dawn of a new year has risen! Happy New Year!      Enjoy! HappyBirthdayAlaska50th  01/03/09  Golden Statehood     Alaska celebrates its 50th anniversary of being admitted into the union today!      Enjoy! AK501 AK5002
AK5003 AK5004  01/04/09  Statehood Celebration     Eagle River Lions Club put on a fireworks display to celebrate Alaska's Golden Anniversary into the union! Click Here to see more Fireworks!     Enjoy! AK5005 AK5006
AK5007 AK5008 DS1 DS2
DS3 DS4 DS5 DS6  01/05/09  Dog Power     Eagle River Lions Club put on a Dog Sled Pulling contest as apart of celebrating Alaska's Golden Anniversary into the union! Click Here to see Contest!     Enjoy!
DS7 DS8 ISC20091 ISC20092
ISC20093 ISC20094 ISC20095 ISC20096
ISC20097 ISC20098  4.0 ISC20099 ISC200910
ISC200911 ISC200912 ISC200913 ISC200914
ISC200915  01/06/09  Ice Show 2009     Golden Anniversary of Alaska's Statehood continue with a Ice Show in the central downtown park. Click Here to see the ice sculptures!     Enjoy! Sledsofthepast1 Sledsofthepast2  01/07/09  Past Runners     Sleds from the distant past of Alaska's sled dog tradition were on display at the Eagle River Lions Club as apart of the golden statehood celebration. Click Here to see more past sleds!     Enjoy! Sledsofthepast3
Sledsofthepast4 Eagle18  01/09/09  Silent Gliding     An eagle soars quietly overhead as it views the world below it.  Enjoy! Eagle19 Eagle19a
Eagle20 Eagle20a Eagle20a  01/11/09  Landing in Style     An Eagle applies full wing flaps to come into a secure landing!  Enjoy! Snowfrost1  01/13/09  Snow Frost     When the temperatures reach sub zero beautiful crystalline frost appears from the air and freezes to the snow in crystal sculptures!  Enjoy!
MoonVenus2 DivingPair1  01/15/09  Diving Pairs     Two eagles dive in formation as they head for their target! Forgive the constant changing background themes I am trying to find a new background!  Enjoy! IMG 4447a IMG 4447b
IMG 6410a IcePatrol1  01/17/09  Ice Patrol     A snow machine goes out and checks ice conditions after the great thaw that took place for the past three days! New snow and temperatures in the low teens is expected for the next several days!  Enjoy! Icefishing5  01/19/09  The Waiting Game      This young ice fisher awaits a chance encounter with a fish below the ice but the warm sunshine baits him to sleep!  Enjoy! Tradition1  01/21/09  Tradition      Like Father, Like Son. A father passes on to his son the joy of ice fishing,  as he shows how to prepare the line!  Enjoy!
Eagle21  01/23/09  Taking Air      Eagles fly gracefully and they are always a joy to watch!  Enjoy! AlaskanHybrid1  01/25/09  Alaskan Hybrid       Hybrid vehicles are nothing new to Alaska, we have been doing it for decades!  Enjoy! EagleHams1  01/27/09  Raptor Hams       Eagles land simultaneously on the same perch creating a  cool moment in time!  Enjoy! TakeoffandLanding1  01/29/09  Hot Perch       Eagles take off and land simultaneously on the same perch creating a hot perch!  Enjoy!
Leaddog1  01/31/09      Lead Dog       The lead dog of this team glances back as he awaits the signal to fly across the snow!  Enjoy! IceFlowCook1  02/01/09  Icy Waters       Even with temperatures below -0 F the tidal waters of the Cook Inlet continue to flow!  Enjoy! FollowTheLeader2  02/03/09  Follow The Leader  A pair of eagles seem to be playing a game of following each other!  Enjoy! Eagle22  02/05/09  Air Lift  Spreading his wings an eagle lifts off its perch in a seemly effortless flight!  Enjoy!
Hiking3  02/07/09  Winter Walk  Enjoying walks in Alaska can be wonderful and breath taking. In some areas, however, when hiking alone carrying a firearm is sometimes necessary to keep you distant from some types of wildlife!  Enjoy! Eagle 23  02/09/09  A Touch of Sunshine  An Eagle Enjoys a beautiful cold sunny day as it touches down on its' perch. The days are growing longer as Alaska begins to head towards Spring, which is still at least a month or two away!  Enjoy! Eagleback1 Verticalleap1
Verticalleap1a  02/11/09  Vertical Leap!  An Eagle Leaps straight up off the perch as another eagle looks on.  Enjoy! MoonandMountain1  02/13/09  Moon and Mountain  The full moon rises over the mountain creating a wonderful view!  Enjoy! ShipCreekIce1  02/15/09  Ship Ice  Ship Creek located in Anchorage near the port remains ice over from the cold of winter. However, creaks and groans could be heard as the sun warm the ice, signaling the start of spring only a few more weeks away!  Enjoy! EagleFlight2  02/17/09  Direct Path  This eagle seems to be on a direct path towards me as I took the image. It was an incredible moment for me!  Enjoy!
ShipCreekIce2  02/19/09  Frozen Ship  Ship creek is an excellent place to fish during the salmon runs, but for now, it awaits spring as winter continues its hold on her.  Enjoy! SnowScluptureBuilding1  Snow Carver  With a swing of an axe, the carver begins to hew his creation from the snow and ice!  Enjoy! Talon Rage1 Talon Rage 3
Talon Rage 2 EagleCollision2  02/23/09  What The....  Are you out of your mind shouts one eagle as another approaches with talons out on a collision course!  Click Here to See Talon Rage!  Enjoy! SnowCraversTools1  02/25/09  Tools Of The Artist  Some artist use brushes and paints, while others such as snow carvers use everyday tools to create their amazing works of arts!  Enjoy! Hockey1  02/27/09  An Alaskan Game  When you think of team sports like football, basketball and soccer among the many; Hockey is also big here on the last frontier and is enjoyed by many!  Enjoy!
SNC21 SNC20091  03/01/09  Shooting The Curl  The Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures are nearing completion! Official Judging Starts today! Click Here to see the Evolution of The Snow Blocks and The Artists!  Enjoy! SNC20092a SNC20092
SNC20093 SNC20094 SNC20095 SNC20096
SNC20097 SNC20098 SNC200910 SNC200911
SNC200912 SNC200913 SNC200914 SNC200915
SNC200916 SNC200917 SNC200918 SNC200919
SNC200920 SNC200921 SNC200922 SNC200923
SNC200924 SNC200925 SNC200926 SNC200927
SNC200928 SNC200929 SNC200930 SNC200931
SNC200932 SNC200933 SNC200934 SNC200935
SNC200936 SNC200937 SNC200938 SNC200939
SNC200940 SNC200941 BearMarket1  03/03/09  Bear Market  Fur Rondy's Bear Skin's auction gives a new meaning to a Bear Market! PETA need not applied! These furs were obtain by people who live and depend on a subsistence way of life!  Enjoy! SNC200942  03/05/09  Ice Age Squirrel  Fur Rondy's Snow Sculptures were a hit with an excellent variety of frozen beauty! Click Here  to see Snow Sculptures 2009!  Enjoy!
SNC200943 SNC200944 SNC200945 SNC200946
SNC200947 SNC200948 SNC200949 SNC200950
SNC200951 SNC200952 SNC200953 Eagle23a  03/07/09  Straight On!  This eagle makes a straight on approach towards the camera!  Enjoy!
Iditarod20091  03/09/09  Running to Adventure  Iditarod 2009 started yesterday and both musher's and dogs will race across the interior of Alaska from Anchorage to Nome for 1049 miles through some of the most extreme weather and terrain ever face!  Enjoy! FacesofDetermination1  03/11/09  Faces of Determination   Iditarod dogs are bred to run, and run they do! Neither, cold, storm or terrain will hamper these beautiful creatures as they live for what they do!  Enjoy! Iditarod20092  03/13/09  All Smiles   An Iditarod Musher looks forward to the race ahead as she passes by!  Enjoy! Idita091
Idita092 Idita093 Idita094 Idita095
Idita096 Idita097 Idita098 Idita099
Idita0910 Idita0911 Idita0912 Idita0913  03/15/09  Looking Ahead   An Iditarod Musher looks with confidence as he leaves the starting point to adventures unknown! Click Here for Pictures Around Iditarod 2009 Starting Point!  Enjoy!
DrivingLesson1  03/17/09  Driving Lesson   In Alaska a popular way of of getting around is by Sledding! A father gives his son pointers on how to drive!  Enjoy! ALittletoclose1  03/19/09  Too Close for Comfort   A second eagle has it mind to share the same perch but for the other eagle those talons seem too close for comfort!  Enjoy! DeepFreeze1  03/21/09  Deep Freeze Continues   Despite the advancing spring, Alaska continues to be in a deep freeze of winter. This morning we awoke to a temperature of 3 F! The cold weather is expected to continue for the next week!  Enjoy! Icewall1  03/23/09  Ice Wall   These ice walls on the Old Seward Highway are favorites for ice climbers during the winter. Despite the sun facing exposure they still remain beckoning for a climber!  Enjoy!
TypicalMarchDay1  03/25/09  Typical March Day   While March may herald spring in many parts of the country, here in Alaska winter has yet to yield it's frozen wonderland!  Enjoy! EagleInflight1  03/27/09  Over Head Wonder   Eagles continue to soar over Eagle River. I never grow tried of watching these beautiful creates in flight!  Enjoy! AwaitingTourist1  03/29/09  Awaiting Tourist   As spring continues to turn the tide of winter, Anchorage busy itself to prepare welcome the millions of tourist that will come to visit The Last Frontier!  Enjoy! AlaskaMint1  03/31/09  Golden Press   A old Alaska golden coin press reminds tourist and locals alike of Alaska's golden past of prospectors and miners!  Enjoy!
FishingBridge1  04/01/09  April's Fool Day Bridge   This bridge gives the view of casting for cars on the highway below!  Enjoy! TakingLunch1  04/03/09  In Flight Snack  A Bald Eagle hauls fish in its talons for a mid day meal!  Enjoy! Redoubt1  04/05/09  Monster In The Distant  Redoubt is a huge Strato Volcano located 100 miles south and west of Anchorage. Redoubt's recent violent eruptions have sent ash clouds 65,000 feet into the air and sent ash all over south-central Alaska. Anchorage has received only small amounts of ash so far but future eruptions may alter this. This image was taken through haze and ash at 100 miles distance and I had to use black and white mode to bring out the image  Enjoy! MooseStickingOutTonge1  04/07/09  Moose Attitude   This moose clearly sends me a message about me photographing him by sticking out his tongue at me!  Enjoy!
Contented1  04/09/09  Bliss   After a long and cold winter this polar bear "Sun's" himself to sleep!  Enjoy! Tiger1  04/11/09  Perspectives   I often find myself visiting the local zoo and appreciating the wonderful animals and the good homes that are provided to them. Sometimes I wonder about their perspective being in an enclosure far from their natural world but when I think how these beautiful animals are illegally poach and the numbers have been pushed towards extinction, maybe just maybe these are the lucky few who will insure the survival of their species!  Enjoy! Wintercontinues1  04/13/09  Winter Presence  Even in Spring, winter continues to hold on! We received a new batch of snow today!  Enjoy! ThisIsHowitsDone1  04/15/09  Graceful Touchdown  Eagles are large birds of prey, even with their immense size they land with grace and style effortlessly!  Enjoy!
Momentsintime1  04/17/09  Moments In Time  Less than a second from capture this Eagle prepares for touchdown!  Enjoy! Volcano2  04/19/09  Brewing  Mt. Redoubt continues to create its lava dome and build up pressure for its next eruption event. Ash and stream can be seen pouring out of the crater as a sign that something is happening below deep within the crust of the Earth!  Enjoy! Soaring1  04/21/09  Soaring into Air  Eagles fly and glide with perfection!  Enjoy! Surefooted1  04/23/09  Sure Footed  Dahl Sheep graze on the side of this cliff looking high over Eagle River. They stroll about the cliff side without a care in the world!  Enjoy!
CloudTop1  04/25/09  Cloud Top  Mountains surround Eagle River are very high often they peak through cloud layers!  Enjoy! Hangingout1  04/27/09  Hanging Out  Eagles gather every weekend in Eagle river during the winter months and swap fish stories!  Enjoy! Double Landing1  04/29/09  It's a Photo Finish  Eagles land at the same time on the branch and the observer Eagle seems puzzle to who finished first!  Enjoy! FacetoFace2  05/01/09  The Encounter  Moose and People often encounter each other in Anchorage. For the most part the encounters are often mutual curiosity but sometimes they can turn intense.  Enjoy!
ArtofGrazing1  05/03/09  Art of Grazing  Moose are out and about after the long hard winter grazing on new foliage that is sprouting as summer begins to arrive!.  Enjoy! Signsofaggression1  05/05/09  Moose 101  Simple, this means you need to back off or get charged!  Enjoy! Bearwarnings1  05/07/09  Sign of The Times  Bears are out and about! Some local trails have been already close and other have posted sightings and warning signs!  Enjoy! JamesBond1  05/09/09  They Call Me Bond...  James Bond. This Para- Glider is doing this flight in the style typical of a Bond Film. Note the Suit and Tie!  Enjoy!
PerilousLanding1  05/11/09  No Room For Error!  The Para-Glider touches down on a perilous landing pad that leaves no room for error!  Enjoy! MtBaldysummit1  05/13/09  Mt Baldy Summit  The Summit at Mt. Baldy is a favorite place for hikers to ascend in the Eagle River Area. The Mountain is much higher than this as I took this photo several thousand feet up at the base of the summit!  Enjoy! SnowandAsh1  05/15/09  Snow and Ash  As summer approaches and the snow retreats a layer of snow ash is exposed from Mt. Redoubt's recent eruptions on near by slopes.  Enjoy! MissionBound1  05/17/09  Mission Bound  This eagle has a look of determination of completing it's mission!   Enjoy!
GlidingOverthevalley1  05/19/09  Valley Gliding  After launching from the base of the summit at Mt. Baldy this Para-Glider makes a flight over the valley that lies between Mt. Baldy and the Sleeping Lady in the back ground.   Enjoy! GoldenLightGlide1  05/21/09  Golden Light Glide  Sun light gives this Para-glider a radiant glow as it moves through the air.  Enjoy! HiddenBull1  05/23/09  Hidden Bull  A Bull Moose stays practically hidden by some brush as I approach. I would have love to get closer but every shot was interrupted by under brush and decided not to encroach any further has the Moose began to take a real interest in me.  Enjoy! MemorialDay2009  05/25/09  Memorial Day  A time to reflect what has been gain and lost. Thank-you all who have served this country and given us the freedom to reflect and dream!.  Enjoy!
Mooseontherun1  05/27/09  Moose Jog  This female moose is on a run after a playful splash in the water moments before!  Enjoy! MaySnow1  05/29/09  Elevation Change  Rain has been falling for the past few days, except if your high enough you can say it's been snowing!  Enjoy! CoolMountain1  05/31/09  Snow Cap  Many mountains in Alaska remain snow cap throughout the year because of their high elevations.  Enjoy! Anewbeginning1  06/01/09  Beginnings  Spring and Summer are very short seasons in Alaska! Even with this short window of opportunity nature finds a way to renew herself!  Enjoy!
PastTaste1  06/03/09  Past Taste  Remnants of treats from the past, such as this drive up of a long gone Tastee Freeze define the term of fast food of yesterday!  Enjoy! RailroadSignWasllia1 RailroadStationWasllia1  06/05/09  Whistle Stop  The Alaska Railroad stills carries many locals and lots of tourist on breath taking adventures. The routes are dotted by vintage whistle stops in many towns and cities along the rail belt. Every stop is an adventure! Click The picture below to read the history of the station! Motherlylove1  06/07/09  Motherly Love  A mother moose gently baths her calf as the calf forges leaves from the tree. The whole experience was totally awesome.  Enjoy!
LookBothWays1  06/09/09  Look Both Ways...  A mother moose seems to be shouting at her calf to look before crossing!  Enjoy! BallonPeople2  06/11/09  Even Gas Takes a Ride  The price of gas is climbing again just in time  to cash in on summer fun. While not as bad as last year at this time, even gas people have been seen lining up to take the local bus! Might I add, The People Mover is really great and very friendly!  Enjoy! SnackTime1  06/13/09  Snack Time  Both a the mother moose and her calf enjoy lunch together!  Enjoy! HomeArrest1  06/15/09  Keeping Tabs  Looks like their monitoring this moose, as she sports a radio collar and tag! For the moose's sake, I hope there aren't any bears out there with radio directional finders!  Enjoy!
DoubleStare1  06/17/09  Identical Poses  Mom and her calf pose exactly the same for the picture!  Enjoy! Lookingback1  06/19/09  Looking Back  The Moose calf gives me one last glance before heading out with mom!  Enjoy! Salid1  06/21/09  Stuffed Moose  Wow now that's a salad in one bite!  Enjoy! CameraHams1  06/23/09  Shy and Elusive?, Yeah Right!  Whoever said that Moose are shy and elusive creatures never met these two! These two are most definitely camera hams! As they allow us to take their pictures at will! By the way thanks for trimming my tree!  Enjoy!
TugaWar1  06/25/09  Tug A War  A baby moose learns quickly from it's mother on the art of eating as it emulates. It look more like a tug a war contest between the tree and the calf a course the calf won!  Enjoy! SunandWater1  06/27/09  Gushing  Water Towers upward against a sun lit sky. This radiant beauty between light and water is a really cool effect that I got at the ice fountain at the Loussac Library in downtown Anchorage!  Enjoy! Magpie1  06/29/09  Magpies  Magpies are abundant birds that can be found everywhere in Anchorage. They remind me of a cross between a Crow and a Blue Jay.  Enjoy! SmallBeginnings1  07/01/09   Small Beginnings  Everything begins small and from that springs hope!  Enjoy!
Runningwater1  07/03/09   Primal Cool  Watching water fall is really cool and so serene. Alaska is truly wonderful! Happy 233rd Birthday America, God truly has blessed us remember all those who made your freedom free and thank them!  Enjoy! glacier3  07/05/09   Still Standing  Despite gloom and doom of people who say global warming will alter our planet, Alaska's glaciers still stand! Alaska is also having a another cooler than normal summer that makes four in a row I believe! Is global warming a reality or is it cyclic, only  time and our response will tell! Be green in any event it is good for our planet and our future!  Enjoy! SettingSail1  07/07/09   Traveling The Marine Highway  Alaska's ferry system is second to none! Alaska has several ferry's that connect the inside passage to central and western Alaska. The system is a great way to travel and a lot less expensive as other cruse ships that also ply these waters!  Enjoy! FloatingCity1  07/09/09   Floating City  Cruise liners also travel up and down the inside passage and to South Central Alaska. They truly make travel a first class experience!  Enjoy!
KeepingCool1  07/11/09   Keeping Cool  Eagle River Bear Paw Festival has begun with many attractions and games, its a great way to spend some family time or just keep cool curtsy of the Anchorage Fire Department!  Enjoy! BetterJob1  07/13/09   One Look Said it All  I wonder what this horse is thinking? Mmh? Horse drawn carriage rides are apart of the Bear Paw Festival, they offer a really cool way to experience transportation of past era's.  Enjoy! GlacierPath1  07/15/09   Land Carver  With its' mighty weight and the pull of gravity these relics from the previous ice age still shape the land! I will be on an assignment for the next week, stay tune for up coming photos of my latest adventure!  Enjoy! AlutiiqMask1  07/23/09   Sprit Mask  I saw this guy on a tree going to my Alutiiq camp which I was studying their culture. Mask such as these have many meanings but basically celebrate the ancestors of the people. Watch for exciting up coming photos of this really cool experience!  Enjoy!
PassingonCulture1  07/25/09   Passing on Traditions  Apart of the culture camp experience was the passing on of culture. An artesian is seen here teaching my fellow travel companion a lesson on playing traditional song!  Enjoy! Shipwreck1  07/27/09   Ship Wreck!  The skiff we were in failed to start after our Seal hunt. We were force to shore in an area called Port Hobren which is deserted part of Sitkalidak Island and most definitely Brown Bear Country! We set up a signal fire and a red flag from a life preserver. We also had to condemner two deserted cabins looking for survival supplies. We waited for our rescue which never came. We ended up rescuing ourselves seven hours later when we manage to get the boat going!  Enjoy! CatchofTheDay2  07/29/09   Preparing The Halibut  After a successful catch of Halibut, the fish are being cut for dinner! Halibut is absolutely great!!!  Enjoy! Banya1  07/31/09   Steam Clean  How does one keep clean in the wild's of Alaska?  "Banya"  A Banya is a sauna fueled by a wood stove wrapped with rocks with a steel tub on the stove with the hot water. Cool water is mixed in another can like a un-used trash can and the bather can rinse themselves off and leaving them with a fresh steam clean feeling!  Enjoy!
Rookeries1  08/01/09   Rookeries  Rookeries are small islands that jut out of the ocean and are home to thousands of birds of many species. The coast of Alaska which is longer than the rest of the United States Coast put together has countless Rookeries that encircle our wonderful state!  Enjoy! Sitkalidak IslandView1  08/03/09   Enjoying The View  A wonderful panoramic view from Sitkalidak Island off of Kodiak Island. I'm off on another assignment see you soon!  Enjoy! BrownBearOldHarbor1  08/05/09   Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  I see some dinner looking at me! I took this shot and got out of there as quickly and quietly as possible! As this young Brown Bear was sizing me up for his evening snack! I'm off on another assignment see you soon!  Enjoy! BearBearingGifts1a  08/11/09   Beware of Bear Bearing Gifts!  What appears to be a peace offering after an aggressive stance is only a ploy to draw me closer which I did not follow! It's good to be home!  Enjoy!
Delta3  08/13/09   Water Color Delta  The vibrant colors peak from the delta below giving it a water color appearance! The Delta is located on Kodiak Island in Alaska!  Enjoy! Instrumentscheck1  08/15/09   Instruments Check  Flying in small bush planes while going to remote regions of Alaska one must keep a good follow on the planes instruments!  Enjoy! Landing1  08/17/09   No Room for Error  Often flying in the Bush of Alaska affords pilots little room for error, while landing!  Enjoy! RussianOrthodox1  08/19/09   Enduring Faith  Russian Orthodox is the main Christianity Religion among the Native people of Alaska. Despite the purchase of Alaska from Russian in 1867, the Russian Church has continue to be a very positive influence among the people of Alaska!  Enjoy!
Closecall1  08/21/09   Close Call/Good Tent  A tree came down on my tent while at the Alutiiq Culture Camp! Myself and the tent escape unharmed!  Enjoy! Wintercountdown1  08/23/09   Winter's Time Keeper  When the Fireweed plant has bloom and gone to seed, Winter's approach is just around the bend!  Enjoy! Mushroomsaucer1  08/25/09   Mushroom Saucer  The underneath of a mushroom looks like Flying Saucer out of a old sci-fide movie!  Enjoy! MushroomCondo1  08/27/09   Mushroom Association  I was out walking the trail near my home when I look up into a tree and notice this really cool mushroom formation. The multiple mushrooms are branching off a common source!  Enjoy!
Lookingtowardstomorrow1  08/29/09   Harnessing Sea Breeze  Alaska is more than just a land of Oil and Natural Gas. Alaska also holds great wind potential as her coast line is longer than all the lower 48 states put together!  Enjoy! Insearchofyogi1  08/31/09   Yogi Alert  Tis the season when bears are gathering as much food as they can before they begin the long sleep! Many trails around the area will soon be close to keep bears and people apart!  Enjoy! AlpineLake1  09/01/09   Alpine Lake  Located on Kodiak Island, this high altitude lake is 1,000's of feet above sea level and is fed by snow melt!  Enjoy! Autumarrival1  09/03/09   Seasons Changing  The moss/lichen are turning fire red and the trees a golden color marks the brief fall of Alaska before winter sets in!  Enjoy!
Beautifulday1  09/05/09   Beautiful Day  Today was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the sunshine!  Enjoy! WorldrecordCabbage1  09/07/09   Cabbage to Spare  This monster will make coleslaw to spare! A new world record at 127.0 pounds! Now that is a lot of Cabbage!  Enjoy! AlienFowl1  09/09/09   Alien Fowl  Looks like some unethical Genetic Lab has blended DNA of a Chicken and a Cat. Mmh I wonder if it chases itself?  Enjoy! Flower8  09/11/09   Never Forget  Its been eight years since 9/11 We shall never forget those who lost their lives on that tragic day nor will we ever forget those who harm so many until they are no more!  Enjoy!
SeasonsTheyareachangin1  09/13/09   Seasons, They are a Changing  So goes Autumn as clouds remove their vale and the first termination dust has appear on the mountain tops!  Enjoy! Mothership1  09/15/09   Mother Ship  The Mother Ship landed at the Alaska State Fair a couple of weeks ago and they had this really cool incubator on display.  Enjoy! Wintersigns1  09/17/09   Winter Signs  Signs of Winter are everywhere as leaves fall and dust adorns the mountain tops!  Enjoy! ColorChanges1  09/19/09   Color Abounds  There are many great artist but nature is perhaps is the best among us, as she continues to inspire us all!  Enjoy!
MonsterMelon1  09/21/09   Fall Pumpkin  At 572 pounds which is far short of the 1019 pounder two years ago this pumpkin is still impressive in its own right! I understand can pumpkin is short in supply. Maybe the can pumpkin people should look towards Alaska to fill their orders!  Enjoy! Snowfall3  09/23/09   Snow!  Seems our winter is coming early this year! Get your Ski's ready!!!!!  Enjoy! HattipingMushroom1  09/25/09   Hat Tipping  I took this picture awhile back and it's been raining here today, so I thought it would be a good time to publish it.  Enjoy! SNowLowerelevations1  09/27/09   Turning to Snow  Yesterday's rain turn to snow! Skiing is getting close at hand!  Enjoy!
pickacard1  09/29/09   Flying Carpet  A Magician performs a card trick at the Alaska State fair earlier this month. Notice the change in seasons a few weeks make, really amazing!  Enjoy! Closeup1  10/01/09   Close Up  I was out looking for wildlife this evening and was about to call it for the evening when a cow moose and her yearling came out of the woods and grazed by the road side. I pulled up to the moose and roll down the window and she posed for the camera. The image is a little fuzzy because of the engine vibration, oh well it was a cool experience!  Enjoy! Blurr1  10/03/09   Darting  At first glance the picture seem really disappointing but more I thought about it another perspective emerged. I caught the yearling in motion as in darted about its mother, really cool!  Enjoy! SnowCheck1  10/05/09   Snow Check  It's been raining here for the past two days on the 1200' elevation. Above us snow continues to collect and is beginning to cool the valley below. temperatures are in the low 30's at times which means snow fall for the valley is near at hand!  Enjoy!
Broadside1  10/07/09   Puzzle Moose  As I took this parting shot of the moose, she looked puzzle by our encounter. Maybe she was wondering hey what is this guy doing out of his car running around the road trying to take picture. Anyway, she was a good sport about the whole thing!  Enjoy! Snowcap2  10/09/09   Tale of Two Seasons  Winter and Autumn continues to battle it out to see who will be here. Temperatures were slightly above normal today but Winter's approach is on track!  Enjoy! Cloudbridge1  10/11/09   Cloud Bridge  Today was a really windy day that play havoc with anyone raking the lawn. The winds also made some really interesting cloud features such as this cloud bridge!  Enjoy! Famiygrazing1  10/13/09   Family Grazing  A mother moose grazes along side her yearling. Soon this young moose will began to forge on his own as he makes his way into the world.  Enjoy!
WinterBomb1  10/15/09   Winter Bomb  So far winter beginning is laying an egg. Snow came early now we are having a bit of sunny Autumn. Score Autumn One/Winter Zip.  Enjoy! Mustang1  10/17/09   Mustang Power  Ready to Play, this Mustang shows his spirit as The Chugiak Mustangs take on the Bartlett Bears for Alaska State Football Championship!  Enjoy! Sunset33  10/19/09   Losing Light  Each day we lose 15 minutes of light it seems as the Sun sets earlier each evening as we progress towards Winter!  Enjoy! Overhead1  10/21/09   Over Head  A plane passes low overhead as I took the photo. The plane was doing a series of touch and goes!  Enjoy!
MoleDay2009  10/23/09   Mole Day/Alaska Style  Today is Mole Day were we celebrate the Mole in Chemistry! There were more than 300 individuals who brave the cold and rain in the last frontier at 6:02 AM and had a Mole of a time!  Enjoy! RockinMole1  10/25/09   Rockin Mole  There were many excellent moles at Mole Day this year including Ozzy Oz-Mole!  Enjoy! Snowreturns1  10/27/09   Snow Returns  After being kick around a bit Winter has finally arrived. Snow fell throughout the area turning the mountains into a winter wonderland!  Enjoy! GlacierDust1  10/29/09   Dust in The Wind..  Glacier Dust has been blowing through the air and is now reaching dangerous levels of dust pollutions. The winds are expect to die down and the dust to settle the next few days!  Enjoy!
Halloween2009  10/31/09   Steam Genie  What appears to be a genie being released from his bottle is actually a steam plume from the local power plant. Happy Halloween!  Enjoy! Orangeset2  11/01/09   Golden Set  With cooling temperatures and ice crystals in the air the sunsets have taken on a new orange golden glow!  Enjoy! EarlyDark1  11/03/09   On Edge  Lakes have begun to freeze over for the Winter. Sorry the shot was terrible I took it to late around 6 PM and it was already dark!  Enjoy! Moonrise4  11/05/09   Silent Rise  Without a sound the Moon slowly crested over the mountain! Sorry I forgot to use my moon filter the image was not the best!  Enjoy!
Sunset34  11/07/09   Surprise  What had been a low light day and the area covered in clouds with intermittent snow produced an unexpected  and glorious sunset, God's Creation never ceases to amaze me!  Enjoy! Ihavereturned1  11/09/09   I Have Return!  The first of the winter Eagles have shown up in Eagle River. Soon the sky will fill with these raptors giving all a wonderful show that helps makes Eagle River a truly wonderful place to live!  Enjoy! Landabovethesky1  11/11/09   Land Above The Sky  At first what appears to be land in the clouds, is actually a really tall mountain that rises above the clouds along with the power line pole giving this cool effect of mountains hovering in the sky!  Enjoy! Goodpractice1  11/13/09   Good Practice  These hikers carryout their dog's trail gifts to keep the area clean for those who follow. Only if others would be as courteous then the only surprises we would find , would be those intended by nature!  Enjoy!
CollisonCourse1  11/15/09   Collision Course  One Perch two Eagles not a good sign! One Eagles flies straight at the other attempting to take the perch and perhaps score a piece of fish! The defending Eagle manages to ward off the aggressor at the last moment!  Enjoy! SquaredancingEagles1  11/17/09   Square Dancing Eagles  Grab your partner and Doe-See-Doe, round and round and here we go!!!!  Enjoy! ReconEagle2  11/19/09   Recognizance Mission  This pair of Eagles take turn leaving their vantage points to scout out the terrain below for opportunities!  Enjoy! Insync1  11/21/09   In Synch  With right wings stretch back these to two Eagles keep in time!  Enjoy!
Landingwithgrace1  11/23/09   Landing With Grace  Feathers spread and wings cup to create maximum air resistance this Eagle lands effortlessly!  Enjoy! YoungEagle1  11/25/09   Eagle Fest Continues  A very young adolescence Eagle surveys his new domain! The Eagle will eventually turn white on his head and tail feathers develop a yellow bill as he matures into a adult Eagle  Enjoy! SnowShower1  11/27/09   Low Visibility  A Snow Shower cross the area today leaving between 4 to 9 inches in it's path! More snow is the forecast!  Enjoy! EarlyTraining1  11/29/09   Early Training  Sled Dog racing is pass from one generation to the next. The bond between man and dog flows throughout time!  Enjoy!
SledDog2  12/01/09   Eagerly Awaiting  These sled dogs stand waiting for the signal to go! Sled Dogs love to run and are well care for! These guys are even sporting shoes to protect their pads from the ice and snow!  Enjoy! Callofthewild1  12/03/09   Call Of The Wild  A primal howl bellows out of the sled dogs as they call to each other!  Enjoy! BusyIntersection1  12/05/09   All About Timing  What looks like an accident about to happen is a feat of timing between these four eagles to advert a mid-air and ground disaster!  Enjoy! FlyingHigh1  12/07/09   Destinations All Points  Alaska Airlines the state airlines flies to many destinations all over the country and various parts of the world! Today we should remember this day as day the world change "Pearl Harbor" and thank the "Greatest Generation" for the hard fought freedom they gave all of us!  Enjoy!
FM9 FM10 FM11 FM12
FM13 FM1a  12/09/09   Smoking Volcano/Fata Morgana  Seeing is believing, not always so! The volcano seen venting steam and gas is real but it's size and the surrounding topography has been greatly exaggerated by the Fata Morgana Effect! Click Here to see more cool Castles in the Sky created by this rare and cool effect!  Enjoy! AerialHunter1  12/11/09   Aerial Hunter  This bush plane is armed and ready for action in the last frontier!  Enjoy! Frost Cycle1  12/13/09   Frost Cycle  Someone lock up their bike and went into Fred Myers to shop while a ice fog rolled into the area leaving the bike frosted for its' owner's return! Ice Fogs are dense fogs of ice crystals instead of water droplets like regular fog!  Enjoy!
frozentwins1  12/15/09   Icy Twins  Ice frost dons the feathers of these two eagles. Eagles gather to shelter for the winter here in Eagle River to the delight of all!  Enjoy! SnowWave1  12/17/09   Snow Wave  A tower wave of snow takes form on a tree as snow falls across the region. We have about twenty four inches of the magical white stuff with more expected on the way!  Enjoy! Loneyoutpost1b  12/19/09   Lonely Outpost  As if on the edge of nowhere this ice fishing hut and core drill continues the cat and mouse game between fish and man!  Enjoy! PBS1  12/21/09   The Big Plunge!  Hundreds of adventure seeking people took the plunge into the icy waters of Goose Lake in Anchorage to support "The Special Olympics" and became members of the exclusive Polar Bear Club with their dive! Click Here to see the inauguration!  Enjoy!
PBS14 PBS15 PBS16 Stringingthelights1
Stringingthelights1a  12/23/09   Stringing The Lights  This Moose gets into the Christmas Holiday Sprit by stringing lights to the tree. Click Here to see how the Moose tried to plug in the lights. Remember while loveable, Moose aren't the brightest creatures around!  Enjoy! MerryChristmas2009  12/25/09   Merry Christmas  From Anchorage enjoy the day that God in Heaven gave us his greatest gift, his son, Our lord Jesus Christ!  Enjoy! MakeMyDay1  12/27/09   Go Ahead Make My day....  People  encountering Moose here in Alaska is quite the norm, and is often a wonderful experience. Moose will often lay back ears and raise fur to let passerby's know its time to move on. This is the first one I seen that looks as if its' shouting something!  Enjoy! TrainingDay1  12/29/09   Tandem Sledding  Mushing training begins at an early age as the bond between the musher's and their dogs is past from one generation to another!  Enjoy!
ViewonHigh1  12/31/09   View On High  What a spectacular view from the top of Mt. Baldy of the surrounding terrain!  Enjoy!