Alaska Photo Journal 2008

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
NewYearRevelers1  01/03/08  New Year's Revelers  Thousands pack the park to watch the celebration and display of fireworks!  Enjoy! Train4  01/05/08  Rolling On  Despite freezing cold temperatures, blowing snow the Alaska Railroad carries on! The railroad is an essential aspect of life everyday here in Alaska linking many communities together in all kinds of weather!  Enjoy! PiggyBank1  01/07/08  This Little Piggy Went to Market...  The stock market that is! It will take a lot of pennies to fill this baby!  Enjoy! Eagle16  01/09/08  Ever Watchful  Eagles are beautiful creatures! They are masters of the hunt and are always aware! I never grow tried of studying these truly wonderful creations!  Enjoy!
HardenIce1  01/11/08  Beaconing  Harden walls of ice tower high above the old Seward Highway calling out to ice climbers, Here I am, climb me!  Enjoy! IC108 IC208 IC308  01/13/08  Quick Study  Ice Artist have begun creating their amazing creations for the 2008 Ice Show in Town Square Park. It was really cool to watch these artist of the ice at work! Click Here to see "Works in Progress."  Enjoy!
IC408 IC508 IC608 IC708
IC808 IC908 IC1008 IC1108
IC1208 IC1408 NYE3308 NYE108
NYE308 NYE408 NYE508 NYE608
NYE708 NYE808 NYE908 NYE1008
NYE1108 NYE1208 NYE1308 NYE1408
NYE1508 NYE1608 NYE1708 NYE1808
NYE1908 NYE2008  01/01/08  Happy New Year 2008!  New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Anchorage was spectacular. Thousands of people enjoyed the pre-fireworks celebration followed by a impressive display of fireworks that lit the night time sky! Click Here to see the show!  Enjoy! NYE2108 NYE2208
NYE2308 NYE2408 NYE2508 NYE2608
NYE2708 NYE2808 NYE2908 NYE3008
NYE3108 NYE3208 NYE3408 NYE3508
NYE3608 NYE2208a NYE1008a IC1508  01/15/08  A Bit off the Edge Please..  Ice Artist continue creating their amazing works. This years theme is "Outer Space." Click Here to see the artist and their works!  Enjoy!
IC1608 IC1708 IC1808 IS20081
IS20082 IS20083 IS20084 IS20085
1000thPictureOftheday  01/17/08  Spread Your Wings and Fly!  This eagle soars to new heights as Alaska Photo Journal hits the 1000th picture of the day!  Enjoy! FrostedMoose1  01/19/08  Frosted Moose  Moose can be seen everywhere coming into neighborhoods dinning on trees and bushes as food supplies are low during the winter months. They are a real joy to watch but must be respected and treated with care!  Enjoy! IC1908 IC2008
IC2108  01/21/08  Take Me  to Your Leader...  Beckons this frozen alien The ice carvers are putting on their finishing touches for the "Outer Space 2008 Ice Show!" Click Here to see the show!  Enjoy! IC2208 IC2308 IC2408
IC2508 IC2608 IC2708 IC2808
IC2908 IC3008 IC3108 IC3208
IC3308 IC3408 IC3508 IC3608
Icefishing2  01/23/08  Old School/New School  Ice Fishing has evolved from a lonely out post on the frozen expanse to a new frontier! Click Here to see the New School of Ice Fishing!  Enjoy! Icefishing3 Karate Eagle1  01/25/08  The Karate Kid  Beware this eagle has earned his black belt as his fellow eagles have just found out the hard way!  Enjoy! StickerShock1  01/27/08  Sticker Shock  This young bull moose is out shopping for a used car and gets the same reaction we often feel when shopping for a car! Just to many " Moose Nuggets."  Enjoy!
NaviagtingSnow1  01/29/08  Sledding  When you talk about sledding in Alaska don't bring the Flexible Flyer! Navigating through snow is no problem. The snow at Hatcher Pass was around 2 to 3 feet deep which these sleds had no problem trail blazing!  Enjoy! SnackAttack1  01/31/08  Snack Attack!  Wings set for silent glide, talons down and locked into position. This eagle seems to be determine not come up empty on this strafing run as he approaches a raven and his fellow eagles!  Enjoy! Touchdown2  02/01/08  3,2,1 Touchdown  Air brakes applied as wings are spread to create maximum drag, talons stand by for tree capture as this eagle prepares for a tree top landing!  Enjoy! Hatcher Pass Winter1  02/03/08  Winter Mountain Pass  Hatcher Pass lies in the still quiet of  snow cover peaks surrounding this remarkable alpine valley. The Independence Mine can be seen in the foreground covered by deep snow in this winter wonderland!  Enjoy!
Kingofthehill1  02/05/08  Claim Jumping  Eagles have their favorites spots in which to roost which they claim. It seems like one has decided to dispute and challenge a fellow eagle to their claim and make it their Own!  Enjoy! SunHalio1  02/07/08  Sun Halo  Sunsets have been very spectacular over the past few days! Temperatures average  in the subzero range have produce ice crystals in the air creating Sun Halo's!  Enjoy! Icefishing4  02/09/08  Ice Fishers  Ice fishing is a popular sport here in Alaska! People of all ages enjoy this cat and mouse game between the fish and people!  Enjoy! Sightseeing1  02/11/08  Sight Seeing  Air tours are one of the most popular ways of seeing the interior of Alaska. While expensive, they are well worth the area they cover!  Enjoy!
MooseHouse1  02/13/08  Lawn Ornament  Our neighborhood moose is on the loose again! I ran across this guy last year as a yearling with his mom. Now fully grown he's making his own way into the world!   Enjoy! EagleFlight1  02/15/08  In Synch  With talons retracting this eagle quickly gets into a rhythm as its wings steady for the next beat. Eagles fly with seemingly effortless motion! They are truly amazing creatures to watch!  Enjoy! Snowscupture1  02/17/08  A Saw and A Song  Singing to the tune "Come On Fur Rondy Come On... These snow sculptures go to work on their creation!  Enjoy! Sundog5  02/19/08  Sun Dog  & Sun Lamp  A beautiful large sundog appeared on the evening sky the other day. The Sun also appeared lamp like in the reflection of the clouds as it projected this meteorological wonder!  Enjoy!
Eagle17  02/21/08  Sun Bathing  This eagle enjoys a break in the weather as it catches a few rays!  Enjoy! RaceAgainstTime1  02/23/08  Race Against Time  A recent warm trend has slow down construction of the Fur Rondy competition Snow Sculptures. Many gather around to lend a hand to complete this "Dinosaur" as the judging starts tomorrow. Good News cold weather is on the return!  Enjoy! UpandAway1  Up and Away!  The Eskimo Blanket Toss was used long ago on the North Slope and other flat areas to give hunters a better view over flat terrain for seeing game. Today, the tradition lives on as a past time of sport and enjoyment! These people celebrate the tradition at Fur Rondy to the amusement of many! Click Here to see more Blanket Toss!  Enjoy! UpandAway2
UpandAway3 UpandAway4 SeaofReindeer1  02/25/08  Sea of Reindeer  Fur Rondy continues with a popular event called the Reindeer Race. It is kind of like Spain's "Running with the Bulls" concept. Hundreds of people dressed up  to sprint down 4th avenue. The scene was witnessed by thousands who line the streets to watch this event! Click Here for more Photos!  Enjoy! RD1
RD2 RD3 M2  Enjoy! M1  02/26/08  The Clock is Running...  Fur Rondy continues with another popular event called Dog Sledding. Musher's race around the city of Anchorage for three stage timed race and compete for the $ 50,000 dollar prize and bragging rights for both Musher and Dogs! Click Here for another view!  Enjoy!
FurAuction1  02/27/08  The Great Fur Auction  Fur Rondy's core is the great fur auction where subsistence hunters bring in their furs to auction to buy supplies and necessities for their families. Subsistence hunting is a way of life for many Alaskans. PETA people need not applied!  Enjoy! SC81 SC82 SC83
SC84 SC85 SC86  02/28/08  The Great Debate  Fur Rondy's Snow Sculptures are really cool this year! This sculpture is a group of individuals debating which came first the chicken or the egg! Click Here to see the rest of the snow sculptures, they are great!  Enjoy! SC87
SC88 SC89 SC810 SC811
SC812 SC813 SC814 SC815
SC816 SC817 SC818 SC819
oneinfour1  02/29/08  One in Four Sunset  Today is leap day which occurs every four years! The Sunset this evening was marked by a spectacular orange reflection in the Cook Inlet!  Enjoy! IceCastle1 IceCastle2 IceCastle3
Icecastle4 IceCastle5  03/01/08  Ice Castle  A slide for all ages as the people enjoy the Ice Castle slide in Town Side Park. Click Here to see more images of A Slide For all Ages!  Enjoy! Iditarod20081  03/02/08  The Great Race 2008   The Iditarod "The Last Great Race on Earth" has begun. Musher's and their teams will race from Anchorage to Nome 1049 miles over the next few days and face some of the most challenging terrain and weather on Earth!  Enjoy! Firstoutofgate2008  03/03/08  First Out of The Gate   With a simple command they are off and running to adventures unknown! God Speed!  Enjoy!
Onthego1  03/05/08  Adventure Bound  With a wave and a smile both musher and the team are on the way in search of glory and adventure!  Enjoy! Idita082 Idita083 IMG 4299
Idita084 Idita085 Idita086 Idita087
Idita088  03/07/08  Presenting The Colors  With the singing of National Anthem and The Alaska State Song the Colors flowed in the wind as the crowds cheered! Click Here to see scenes from Iditarod 2008!  Enjoy! Idita089 Idita0810 Idita0811
Idita0812 Idita0813 Idita0814 Idita0815
Idita0816 Runway1  03/09/08  Runway...  a vaguely define term here in Alaska. A runway can be anything from a field to a riverbed or a frozen lake! Alaska has more pilots than any other state! Bush pilots of Alaska are famed for their ability to land anywhere at anytime!  Enjoy! InteriorAlaska1  03/11/08  The Vast Interior  A drive from Eagle River to Glenn Allen is full of spectacular views of some the vast interior of the majestic state of Alaska. This view was taken near Eureka Alaska.  Enjoy! Glaciersedge1  03/13/08  Glacier's Edge  The mighty Mat-Sue Glacier stretches out for miles across it's face! This immense block of ice craves the very valley it fills!  Enjoy!
MendeltaTradingPost1  03/15/08  What Do You Got?  As in the old days of Alaska trading post still exist to trade or sell with it's customers. This trading post is located in the interior on the road system at Mendelta.   Enjoy! BrownBearCub1  03/17/08  Brown, Cute, Cuddly and...  Dangerous! This brown bear cub is in a playful mood inviting the viewer to play. I took this cub image at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Check Out their mission at  Enjoy! EagleMountain1  03/19/08  Riding The Wind  Surfing the currents this eagle soars high above with the snow covered mountains in the background.  Enjoy! Handoff1  03/20/08  Hand Off  As if out of some football play book an eagle seem to handing off a piece of salmon to another eagle in flight. The reality is; eagles are opportunist and one eagle is getting ready to gain from another!  Enjoy!
Frozentrail1  03/21/08  Glacier Pilgrimage  On our way to Whittier, I noticed several people making a pilgrimage across the frozen lake at the Portage Glacier. So I started out on my own but quickly turn around after checking the condition of the ice!  Enjoy! Easter2008  03/23/08  Easter  It's not about bunnies, chocolate eggs or yellow marsh mellow chicks. It is about God's undying love of forgiveness for us. Jesus' God's son died on the cross for our sins and was raised on Easter that we all might come to the father and have everlasting life!  Enjoy! MOV03452 Iceclimbing1
Princewilliamsound1  03/27/08  Gateway to The Pacific  Teaming with all kinds of aquatic life, Prince William Sound is a deep water area that runs along part of the coast of Alaska to the Pacific Ocean.  Enjoy! KiteSkings1  03/29/08  A Wing and A Thread  Kite Skiing seems to be a new winter sport. I have seen Kite Surfing and other Kite Sports, this was totally cool and new to me! Click Here to see the Kite Rigging and Pilot.  Enjoy! KiteSking2 Latenightsnack1  03/31/08  Late Night Snack  Days are getting longer as it stays light even after 9 PM! Moose and other animals used this extra daylight to forge for food!  Enjoy!
Snowday1  04/01/08  School Snow Day "April's Fool!"  10 or 15 feet of snow close the school for the day, not even close! What a great April's Fool Day Joke that would make! Alaska Schools are finest at handling adverse weather conditions of any school system in the world! We never close!  Enjoy! Intruder1  04/02/08  Flight of The Intruder  An eagle enjoys a salmon snack until  another passes by looking for an opportunity!  Enjoy! ForestGump1  04/03/08  Forest Arrives!  Seems like Forest Gump sailed to Alaska in search of Salmon, Halibut, Alaska King Crab. Alaska's fishing industry is second to none and boast some of the world's greatest harvest. Unlike many area's, Alaska regulates and protects this ocean bounty for generations to come!  Enjoy! FlightInstructor1  04/05/08  This Is How It's Done  One eagle seems to be giving flight instructions as another keenly watches on!  Enjoy!
AprilShowers1  04/06/08  April Showers...  bring snow showers and frozen May flowers? Just as Spring was about to burst forth and the ski's and snow suits had been put away, Winter reminded us with up to six inches that it was not quite done!    Enjoy! FrozenLakeBed1  04/07/08  Temporary Parking  What do you do with a frozen lake? Park, Sun Bathe, Ice Fish and Sled!    Enjoy! Eagleglide1  04/09/08  Power Flight  With a beat of its' wings another eagle takes to the sky in what seems  effortlessly as it soars from its perch!      Enjoy! AprilSnow0908  04/10/08  Round 2  With a second punch, winter delivers another storm with an expected foot to fall!   Enjoy!
SnowySunset1  04/11/08  Snowy Sunset  Snow falling heavily over Eagle River at Sunset produced this amazing red-orange Sun globe on a snowy sky!    Enjoy! TheJunction1  04/13/08  Key to The Interior  It was once said that all roads lead to Rome, however, here in Alaska all roads lead to to Glenn Allen and then branch out all over the far North!     Enjoy! MissingWing1  04/15/08  Something Amiss?  A pair of ducks fly overhead but something seems to be not quite in place. Mmh ....     Enjoy! AprilSnow1608  04/17/08  Record Setting!  Another winter record is shattered as another 7 inches of snow fell for the month of April.      Enjoy!
BalancingAct1  04/19/08  Balancing Act  With wings spread and one talon on the branch and the other stretched out an eagle attempts to secure its position.      Enjoy! Awesomesunset1  04/21/08  Awesome Sunset  The sky ablaze bathe in a orange sunset was an awesome sight!      Enjoy! WindSwept1  04/23/08  Wind Carvings  High winds sweep over mountaintops and carve ripples along the slopes!      Enjoy! Wildlifecrossing1  04/25/08  Signs of Spring  Spring has return and so has the renewal of life, as many new additions to nature are showing up! Watch Out and give them room as you enjoy seeing them, as many new mothers are going about caring for their young!     Enjoy!
SnowApril2508  04/26/08  Reading Signs  You hear a lot about Global Warming, and yes we need to reduce carbon emissions and take care of the environment. Al just for your FYI we have already broke the record for snow in April here in Alaska. We are expecting at least a foot of snow today. Got to love the possibility that maybe we are  experiencing Global Cooling!     Enjoy! GlobalWarmingsign1  04/27/08  Inconvenient Truth?  Mmh...Anchorage just received 22 inches of snow in one 24 hour period the 3rd most ever in recorded history and it occurred from morning to morning on April 25 and 26th!     Enjoy! April26Moose1  04/29/08  Snowy Moose  Moose are seen walking along Northern Lights forging for food during the aftermath of the recent snow fall.   Enjoy! Diggingout1  04/28/08  Digging Out  Anchorage continues digging out from the record breaking snow fall, even police snowman seem to be chipping in!    Enjoy!
EagleMigration1  05/01/08  Eagle Migration  Eagles are off to their summer hunting grounds as winter finally begins to release it's grip.   Enjoy! TireChangeovertime1  05/03/08  Floats Required!  Usually for tire change over time non-studded tires replace studded winter tires in the case of this airport floats are required as the ice melts a lake reappears!   Enjoy! ShipShape1  05/05/08  Ship Shape  All secure, after a day of boating. Spring weather has brought out the Kayakers on the Knik River.   Enjoy! KnickRiver1  05/07/08  The Knik  Flowing gently The Knik River moves at its own pace with the "Sleeping Lady" in the background.   Enjoy!
Powerglider1  05/09/08  007 Glider  Aviation is a big industry and past time in Alaska. Gliders seem to be a rarity here, this glider holds a little secret that James Bond could appreciate, it has an engine that rises from a hidden bay, that's really cool!   Enjoy! MotherMosse1  05/15/08  School Lunch  We have been visited lately by a pair of moose who seem to enjoy our school and the healthy choices menu it serves!  Enjoy! Mothersday2008  05/11/08  Happy Mother's Day  A Mother and her yearling graze side by side as the mother Moose gives pointers to her yearling in the art of forging. Mom's are the best teachers of all!   Enjoy! OHF1  05/13/08  Riding The Current  Gliding silently along rivers of air a tandem pair of adventures make their way in for a landing!  Click Here to see the Anatomy of Flight as they land!  Enjoy!
OHF13 OHF14 Mooseyearling1  05/17/08  Spring Excursion  A Mother Moose and her yearling (pictured here) are out and about enjoying the spring weather which has finally arrived!  Enjoy! BucketRun1  05/19/08  Bucket Run  A military helicopter out of Fort Richardson makes a fire brigade run to practice putting out forest fires that are hard to reach otherwise!  Enjoy!
SchoolMoose1  05/21/08  Ready to Learn  Moose are out and about and I have been seeing them daily. This moose not only wanted a snack pictured earlier but came ready to learn at school!  Enjoy! Notagoodsign1  05/23/08  Not A Good Sign  Gas prices change almost daily much to the dismay of the sign changer that they have decided not raise the sign so they can simply flip the numbers without the climb!  Enjoy! BeachLake1  05/25/08  Beach Lake  A quiet and accessible place to unwind from the days events and maybe catch a fish or two!  Enjoy! Moosecrossing1  05/27/08  Incentive to Stop  There are many forms of stop signs but when a Bull Moose decides to cross the road give wildlife the right of way! Both you and your car will be happy not to mention the Moose!  Enjoy!
Homesteading1  05/29/08  Homesteading  Beavers are nature's true pioneer's, like man they can modified their surrounding environment to meet their needs!     Enjoy! AMothersLove1  05/31/08  A Mother's Love  A mother Moose loves on  her twin calves insuring them all is right with the world!  Enjoy! FollowTheLeader1  06/01/08  Follow The Leader  The twin claves which are little over a week old, are still wobbly but are catching on fast as they play a game of follow the leader!  Enjoy! DroppingIn1  06/03/08  Dropping In  A Para Glider makes their final approach as they prepare to land!  Enjoy!
GoodIdea1  06/05/08  Good Idea  Conserve gas and ride mass transit! Even balloon people are not willing to pay 4 plus a gallon!  Enjoy! Checkingout1  06/07/08  Careful Portrait  Mom and her twins pose for this portrait within their accepting my presence. I am using a very large lens as not encroach to close as approaching the twins  would cause the mother to defend her young!  Enjoy! overcastsky1  06/09/08  Over Cast Skies  Sorry the picture was late. I have had a lot on my plate and the weather has been really cloudy. Sunny days will be ahead.  Enjoy! Onapproach1  06/11/08  Clear For Landing  Two Para gliders follow similar glide slopes as they approach the clearing for touchdown.  Enjoy!
CloudSkimming1  06/13/08  Cloud Skimming  A cloud forms as the Sun rises and warms the water of Goose Lake!  Enjoy! ClearanceIssues1  06/15/08  What do you Think?  The twins seem to be considering taking a great leap over the fence. It's only 8 feet remarks one twin to the other. Mom looks on trying to remember if the insurance premiums are paid! Happy Fathers day everyone!  Enjoy! Mr.Robin1  06/17/08  Mr. Robin  Sunshine finally appears and this Robin does a balancing act on the fence!  Enjoy! MailCall1  06/19/08  Mail Call  Summer seems to come and go but the mail goes on. The Moose and her twins are checking their box!  Enjoy!
Weather1  06/21/08  Weather  Weather continues to remain cloudy but Summer is still on its way. Each day is a blessing from God what ever the weather! Spend it with the ones you love!  Enjoy! Firehydrant1  06/23/08  A New Look  Fire Hydrants all over Eagle River are taking on new themes they look great!  Enjoy! Solar Lens1  06/25/08  Sun Catcher  A solar lens collects and then reflects light given the appearance on moving flags of light!  Enjoy! Morninggrazer1  06/27/08  Morning Grazer  A young Bull Moose enjoys a breakfast of pond weeds as I take his picture on my cycle commute!  Enjoy!
Daisy1  06/29/08  Remembering God's Grace  Everyday is a joy and everyday is a gift! Take time to see the beauty around you and in you. Spend it with the one's you love and remember God loves You!  Enjoy! PeopleMooser1  07/05/08  Trojan Moose  Anchorage People Mover disguises itself as a Moose on the loose much like the Greeks with their Trojan Horse at Troy!  Enjoy! ThreeFlags1  07/07/08  Three Flags  The flags wave in the wind as rain continues to fall over the area!   Enjoy! HiddenMoose1  07/09/08  Blending In  A Young Bull Moose blends with the surrounding vegetation just below the surface of the road!   Enjoy!
Onceuponatime1  07/11/08  Once Upon A Time  Roadsters and rumble seats drove cross this great land. Now survivors of a long gone era bring new joy to those who come and marvel!  The car show is apart of the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River this week!  Enjoy! Rubberducky1  07/13/08  Rubber Ducky  Hey Bert, Yeah Ernie? I think we are going to need a bigger bathtub! This giant Rubbery Ducky was one of the many floats in The Bear Paw's Festival Parade!  Enjoy! Piggyrestraunt1  07/15/08  Hog Wild  Make yourself a pig and enjoy our food! Alaska Photo Journal celebrates it's 1100th photo of the day!  Enjoy! RainContinues1  07/17/08  Rain On  A year without a Summer! Alaska has yet to enjoy summer. Temperatures are well below the season's average and clouds have covered the area more than four weeks straight!  Enjoy!
DoubleVision1  07/19/08  Double Promise  A beautiful double rainbow persisted over the Eagle River area for hours. Rainbows are created by light refracting through water droplets in the air but I also like to think about God's promise never to destroy the world by flood again and the rainbow is his reminder to us!  Enjoy! DoubleRainbow2  07/21/08  Stacking Rainbows  A rare and cool event occurred yesterday when the double rainbow became two complete double rainbows. Raindrops hit the lens as I took the picture, oh well it still turn out all right!  Enjoy! Rainbowtouchdown1  07/23/08  Rainbow's End  There was no pot of gold, someone must have beaten me to it. No matter, the treasure I got from watching it was worth more than all the gold in the world!  Enjoy! JulySnow2408  07/25/08  First Snow July 24th!  Snow in July?! Someone has got to tell Al Gore. Alaska continues to experience far below normal temperatures this summer. We are averaging 14 F below the normal pattern. Sorry to disappoint the global warming folks but records/data don't lie!  Enjoy!
JulySnow2  07/27/08  Snow!  Rain continues to pour over the region. We have had six weeks of rain and it is getting a little old. However, seeing fresh snow on the highlands has given the monsoon a brighter perspective!  Enjoy! BusyBee1  07/29/08  Fireweed Grill  This  Bumble Bee appears to be sitting and ordering nectar from the flower stand!  Enjoy! GiantLadyBug1  07/31/08   Giants  Alaska is known for it's giant insects!  Enjoy! Wildflowers2  08/01/08   Wildflowers  Wildflowers abound every where now in the area! We finally had a full day of summer!  Enjoy!
PeacePole1  08/03/08   May It Be So...  With the 2008 Olympics beginning soon may more than just sporting events catch hold!  Enjoy! BearAlert1  08/05/08   Bear Alert!  Bears have become an increasing problem this year. Many bear sightings have taken place within Anchorage and the surrounding area! Remember secure your trash and follow common sense when hiking!  Enjoy! Politicalsign1  08/07/08   Political Satire?  At first I thought maybe it's a bed and breakfast sign but there was none to found. With elections around the corner, maybe it's some political sense of humor. As for me, I Like Uncle Ted and this person should remember all the butter he has brought to help and protect Alaska! He has done a great job and he should be reelected!  Enjoy! AlternativeFuel1  08/09/08   Fries Mobile  McDonald's fries might have more kick than anyone expected. You can actually used the vegetable oil they use to fried their fries to run you vehicle with some modifications to the engine!  Enjoy!
Ithasbegun1  08/11/08   It Has Begun!  Wax the ski's, tune the sled, termination dust has begun from the August 9th snow fall on the mountains!  Enjoy! WildRunning1  08/13/08   Wild Running  This wild stream located up in "Little Switzerland" is running wide open!  Enjoy! Politicalsign2  08/15/08   Catchy Sign/Bad Legislation!  Alaska's Environmental laws are already the best in the nation! Prop 4 would threaten mining in Alaska and denied the native population the right to developed their land and build a economic infrastructure for their people.    Enjoy! LateBlooming1  08/17/08   Late Bloomers  With temperatures averaging almost 14 F below normal on daily bases, many flowers were late blooming. The harvest in the Mat-Su was three weeks late according to farmers!.    Enjoy!
GoldenNugget1  08/19/08   Instant Retirement!  Well not quite! What appears to be a golden nugget weighing several tons is actually a boulder that is painted with themes through out the year!   Enjoy! StillStanding1  08/21/08   Still Standing  Snow packs that usually melt during the summer months still remain! Signs of winter are already showing their hands as leaves have become to change!   Enjoy! Mushroomwrap1  08/23/08   Mushroom Wrap  Nature creates its own wrap as this mushroom grows around  a pine tree!   Enjoy! Trailsidemoose1  08/25/08   Trail Side Moose  I took this picture of the moose munching on greens by the bike trail early in the morning. I noticed her yearling nearby and gave her plenty of distance!    Enjoy!
LandofGiants2  08/27/08   Giant Mushrooms  Giant mushrooms abound as fall draws near!    Enjoy! SteroidMushroom1  08/29/08   Mushroom on Steroids?  This mushroom is absolutely huge! I have never seen a brown mushroom grow this big! Mother Nature must be supplementing this baby!     Enjoy! Winner1  08/31/08   Winning Ticket!  Alaska is ecstatic about Palin being picked for the VP!  McCain's choice of Sarah will help him win the Presidency in 08!   Enjoy! MushroomLabor1  09/01/08   Weight Lifting Mushroom!  Everyone's heard how ants can carry many times their weight,  Now Mushrooms are getting into the act lifting rocks as they grow taller! Happy Labor Day!  Enjoy!
MegaPies1  09/03/08   Mega Pies!  The winning Pumpkin at The Alaska State Fair weigh in at 907 pounds that's a lot of pumpkin pies!  Enjoy! MattressRanchGuy1  09/05/08   Fighting On!  Ted Saddler "Mattress Ranch Guy and Local Hero" continues to raise money and awareness for the fight against Cystic Fibrous to find a cure! Fight on Ted we are with you!  Enjoy! Cabbage3  09/07/08   Cabbage Mountain  The winning cabbage at the Alaska State Fair, weigh in at nearly seventy pounds, now that's a lot of Cole Slaw!  Enjoy! SeptemberSnow1  09/09/08   Preview  Termination dust is already moving across the mountain tops as the days grow colder and shorter. Winter is at hand!  Enjoy!
MountainSnow1  09/11/08   Never Forget!  Take a moment to reflect about this tragic day seven years ago when America was attacked by terrorist. Their attempt to disrupt us only united us even stronger. We will never forget!  Remember! Fall and Winter 1  09/13/08   Fall and Winter  Two seasons side by side! Fall's colors are turning and Winter is on the move down the mountain sides!  Enjoy PillowedClouds1  09/15/08   Pillow Clouds  Formed over Eagle River creating a really cool sky show!  Enjoy! Snowonthemove1  09/17/08  Elevated Winter Wonderland!  Snow continues move across mountain top to mountain top and now it begins its' descent down into the valleys below!  Enjoy!
FallandWinter2  09/19/08  Snow Line  Snow is advancing down the mountain sides as temperatures become cooler. This has been the year without summer and we Alaskans look forward to Winter's Wonders!  Enjoy! GlacierValley2  09/21/08  Imagine  a wall of ice stretching out from your view on the road to the sea beyond and you have just recreated the immense glacier that craved the Eagle River Area!  Enjoy! SnowMountain6  09/23/08  Snowy Vail  Snow continues to cover mountain by mountain in a Vail of white!  Enjoy! AutumRoad1  09/25/08  Autumn Road  While snow is building on the mountain sides Autumn continues its splendor down in the valleys!  Enjoy!
CloudMountain1  09/27/08  Evening View  The Sun sets earlier with each passing day as winter approaches!  Enjoy! YesterdaySunset1  09/29/08  Yesterday Sunset  Sunsets get more impressive with each passing day. Ice crystals and dust in the atmosphere often give the sky a orange glow!  Enjoy! ArcticValley2  10/01/08  Arctic Valley View  Arctic Valley lies just over the hill and is surround by snow covered pristine mountains!  Enjoy! EarlyOctoberSnow1  10/03/08  First Valley Snow!  While snow has been falling on tops of the mountains today snow at last fell in the valleys!  Enjoy!
Iceberg4  10/05/08  Icy Waters  Blue glacial ice from the Portage Glacier keeps the lake below very cool! It snow today!!!  Enjoy! Mountainbythesea1  10/07/08  Mountain By The Sea  Rising up from Sea level, spectacular mountains follow the Cook Inlet!  Enjoy! NaturesFrosting1  10/09/08  Natural Frosting  As clouds descend down the mountainsides clouds leave a frosting of snow in their path!  Enjoy! Iceberg5  10/11/08  Ice Ship  This small iceberg is sailing on a current of wind as it moves across the lake at Portage Glacier  Enjoy!
SnowOct2  10/13/08  Second Storm!  Another early October snow has put a couple of inches on the ground!  Enjoy! CookInlet1  10/15/08  Low Lighting  Day light continues to grow shorter as we move into winter!  Enjoy! Directions1  10/17/08  Directions  Whether you go left or go right adventure lies ahead of you!  Enjoy! RisingAbove1  10/19/08  Rising Above  Across the flat marshland in the near distance rises majestic mountains!  Enjoy!
SnowField1  10/21/08  Snow Field  Recent snow falls continue to add to snow fields which feed the Eagle River Glacier!  Enjoy! Chugiak1stMoleDay2008  10/23/08   Mole Day 2008!  Several Hundred showed up at 6:02 AM and braved the cold, the dark and the snow to celebrate Mole Day!  Enjoy! Sunset31  10/25/08   A Gift...  Each Day is perfect in everyway, for it is a gift from God, who loves you!  Enjoy! MooseTallySign1  10/27/08   Keeping Score  Moose and Cars do not mix! Please slow down when passing a Moose that is crossing or by a road side it might just save two lives!  Enjoy!
IceKnick1  10/29/08   Icy Knick Flow  As I took this picture through the silence you could hear a slush slush sound as ice collided along the flow!  Enjoy! ZooBoo081 ZooBoo082 ZooBoo083
ZooBoo084 ZooBoo0805 ZooBoo0806 ZooBoo0807
ZooBoo0808 ZooBoo0809 ZooBoo0810 ZooBoo0811
ZooBoo0812  10/31/08   Happy Halloween  Thousands flock to the Alaska Zoo to celebrate Zoo Boo 2008! It was a huge success and fun for all! Click Here to see images from Zoo Boo 2008!  Enjoy! ZooBoo0813 ZooBoo0814 ZooBoo0815
ZooBoo0816 ZooBoo0817 ZooBoo0818 Mountain Range1  11/01/08   Evaporating Snow  Distant mountains are covered with snow. A lot of the snow that fell earlier on the lower areas has sublimated back into the air due to extremely cold temperatures that have been averaging below 14 F for the high! More snow is expected soon!  Enjoy!
The Return 2  11/03/08   1st Arrival  Eagles have begun their Winter return to Eagle River! Winter this year may a little hard as their local caregivers may not give them assistance as in past years. Maybe the law has changed on this issue. I have mix feelings about this, I understand they need to be kept wild and they are, but when their feeding ground is ice over it's a little hard on the young and old ones.  Enjoy! Sunset32  11/05/08   Spectacular Sky  Skies over Eagle River were treated  to a beautiful sunset yesterday!  Enjoy! Funny1  11/07/08   Commercial Spoof  Someone has a great sense of humor!  Enjoy! Moonrise3  11/09/08   Forest Surfing  The Moon Rise was really spectacular last evening as it rose above the mountain background!  Enjoy!
Wintertime1  11/11/08   Winter Time  Temperatures warmed up and the snow began to fall! We are expecting at least three or more inches tonight!  Enjoy! Lights1  11/13/08   Getting Ready   Christmas must be close, the town has already started to put up the lights!  Enjoy! Welldressmoose1  11/15/08   Well Dress Moose   This Moose is ready for the outdoors as he styles!  Enjoy! RavenandPearl1  11/17/08   Raven and Pearl   Artwork can be found all over Anchorage. This metal sculpture is located near the historical 4th Avenue Theater!  Enjoy!
Frosting1  11/19/08   Frosting!   Ice fog covered the area and left the trees in a state of winter wonderland!  Enjoy! williamseward1  11/21/08   Eskimo Art   Adorns a tribute to William Seward who convinced, the United States to purchase Alaska from Russia in 1867, for 7.2 million dollars, which was the greatest real estate deal of all time, since the purchase on Manhattan Island by the Dutch for 24 dollars!  Enjoy! WhatsUp1  11/23/08   Wally World Raven   An immense size raven stands on top of a car searching out for opportunities among a sea of cars!  Enjoy! TalonDancing1  11/25/08   Talon Dancing   Eek... It's a spider no not really! Three Eagles group together, exhibit jumping abilities with their talons!  Enjoy!
ThanksgivingEagle2008  11/27/08   Happy Thanksgiving!    As we give thanks, let us remember all our blessings both great and small and let us remember to share with those who are in need!  Enjoy! CurciousEagle1  11/29/08   View From On High!    An Eagle perched high above on a favorite spot checks me out as I photograph it!  Enjoy! FlyingEagle1  12/01/08  Raptor Ham     Hey... take it from this side screams the eagle as it approaches the camera as it makes several fly bys!  Enjoy! SnowyChristmastree1  12/03/08  Snowy Christmas Tree     Deck with lights and frosted snow this tree is ready for Christmas!  Enjoy!
Directions2  12/05/08  Starting Point     From this spot in downtown Anchorage a traveler can see how far they have to travel to reach their world destination!  Enjoy! Electric Moose 1  12/07/08  Electric Moose     Moose are very common on the streets of Anchorage during the winter as they come into town looking for food. A family of electric moose was spotted outside of the BP Office in downtown Anchorage looking for batteries! Actually, they are apart of a really neat Christmas display by BP!  Enjoy! TakeMyWingPlease1  12/09/08  Take My Wing Please..     This stand up Eagle comedian put on quite a show for me as I took its' picture! Click Here to see the Eagle Show!  Enjoy! TMW1
TMW18 TMW19 MoonRing1  12/11/08  Moon Ring     A full moon shinning through ice fog created this really cool atmospheric effect!  Enjoy! HiddenEagle1  12/13/08  Hidden Eagle    An Eagle hides among the branches to blend as it looks for opportunities!   Enjoy!
FlyOver1  12/15/08  Fly Over    Like clock work eagles assemble to greet the on lookers and put on quite a show! As many as forty were present today!   Enjoy! Staredowncontest1  12/17/08  Stare Down    This eagle appears to be all business!    Enjoy! EagleBanking1  12/19/08  Banking Turn    Wings fully extended and in gliding mode this eagle is starting its banking right turn as it heads towards its target!    Enjoy! Capturingthemoment1  12/21/08  Capturing The Moment    Dozens of people turn out for the eagle return to Eagle River today. As many as fifty to sixty eagles fly in each Sunday to the trill of many!   Enjoy!
EagleComposer1  12/23/08  The Composer    As if to lead a symphony in a rendition of Mozart this eagle stands upon his stage!   Enjoy! Frostyreturns1  12/25/08  Merry Christmas    May the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ Son of God be with you on this glorious day, that God gave all of mankind the greatest gift of all his son who gives us hope and salvation!   Enjoy! snowsign1  12/27/08  Today's Snow Fall!    Snow started falling yesterday and rack up quite a nice total, snow shoeing and cross country skiing were the order of the day!   Enjoy! Thisgonnahurt1  12/29/08  This is Going to Hurt.....    Pull up...pull up...!!!! I can't stop!! Moments before impact two eagles cross paths, luckily the eagle on the ground manage to move out of the way, as incoming eagle scored a morsel.    Enjoy!
SnowyScene1  12/30/08  Frozen World    With temperatures at - 25 F overnight and -10 F during the day the snow has begun to crystallize!     Enjoy! Lastlight2008  12/31/08  Last Light of 2008    And with so went the year 2008! May the new year bring you joy and happiness!      Enjoy! 2008NewYear1