Alaska Photo Journal 2007

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
Snowmachineaccess1  01/01/07  Happy New Year!  Snow continues to fall through the new year! Snow Machine and Ski trails abound every where. Avalanche warnings have been posted with recent heavy snow falls. More snow is expected through this week!  Enjoy! DSC02105ab Snowtrees1  01/03/07  Winter's Art  Nature has a wonderful way in transforming frozen water into works of art! Snow continues to fall throughout the area and more natural art is expected!  Enjoy! MoonTree1  01/05/07  Morning Moon  A spectacular moon rise greeted me this morning!  Enjoy!
P1010027a Genetic Snowman1  01/07/07  Frosty's Revenge  Seems as someone has been genetically altering snowman. Professor Hinkle would be wise to leave that magical hat alone!  Click Here to See More Views!  Enjoy! Gentic Snowman2 Genetic Snowman 3
Genetic Snowman 4 Genetic Snowman 4a Genetic Snowman 3a Gentic Snowman2a
Frozencook1  01/09/07  Icebergs Ahead!  Alaska continues to have sub zero weather which create ice flows in the Cook Inlet. Temperatures tonight will be -25 F!  Enjoy! Snowbound1  01/11/07  Snow Planes  These aircraft remain snowbound at Lake Hood as Old Man Winter continues to leave Alaska with the coldest temperatures on record for the Anchorage area. Snow is expected for the next two days!  Enjoy! Snowtrainplow1  01/13/07  Ultimate Snow Plow  Although she is long retire and now a museum piece snow is her element and she longs to once again to ride the rails of winter!  Enjoy! Roofshoveling1  01/15/07  Snow Load  Snow is still falling throughout the area! People are beginning to shovel off their roofs to prevent collapse under stain of heavy snow fall!  Enjoy!
IS20070 IS20071  01/17/07  "Within"  Modern day Michael Angelo's bring out of hewed ice blocks works of amazing art! I watch with awe as this ice sculptor created with each stroke a master piece!  Images of Ice Show 2007 Click Here!  Enjoy! IS20072 IS20073
IS200703 IS200704 IS200705 IS200706
IS200707 IS200709 IS200711 IS200712
IS200713 IS200714 IS200715 IS200716
IS200717 IS200718 IS200719 IS200720
IS200721 IS200722 IS200708 Moussemoose1  01/19/07  Styling  A little snow mousse in the hair and this moose is set to go!  Enjoy!
Forgetfuleagle1  01/21/07  Forgetful Eagle  Oh no not again! I forgot...This eagle appears to be remembering he just forgot something important and is beside himself!  Enjoy! IS200723 IS200724 IS200725
IS200726 IS200727  01/23/07  Ice Hunter  Cutting through snow this mighty hunter goes in search of the glacial whale! The ice show 2007 continues. It is a must see during the day and the evening these beautiful works of art never cease to amaze!  More Ice Show 2007 Images Click Here!  Enjoy! IS200728 Frozenskif1  01/25/07  Hibernating  This humble skiff lies on a frozen sea hibernating through the cold and dark of winter.  Enjoy!
SnowDeepMoose1  01/27/07  Snacking  I walk through snow 3 feet deep to capture this image at 100 yards of a Moose snacking on branches behind Russian Jack Elementary School. Usually I get much closer but the deep snow .limited my options of escape should the cow charge.  Enjoy! Snowbusstop1 SliceofSunshine1  01/29/07  Slice of Sunshine  Evening brought a momentary break in the cloud cover and the Sunshine appeared for a few minutes before sunset!.  Enjoy! Sunset28  01/31/07  Impressive!  The sunset last night was spectacular in Anchorage! The sky continue to turn a deep orange before drifting into night.  Enjoy!
SchoolBus Stop1  02/01/07  Alaskan School Bus Stop  Alaska rarely closes school despite heavy snow. Both the buses and students are used to the weather!  Enjoy! Sunrise21  02/03/07  Sun Crest Mountain  The Sun crest over the ridge of the mountain as it rose earlier today.  Enjoy! Supereagle1  02/05/07  Super Eagle  Not every one was watching the Super Bowl, I missed the first half for a better show by nature. Don't get me wrong football is great, my team Washington Redskins was not there.  Enjoy! Icecycles1  02/07/07  Ice Curtains  You heard of Ice sickles hanging from a roof, how about an Ice Curtain?  Enjoy!
RedFish1  02/09/07  Cloud Animals  One Fish Two Fish .....? Clouds often make amazing shapes which last only a few moments before air currents rearrange them. I saw a Redfish what do you see?  Enjoy! 2weekbreak1  02/11/07  Pristine Valley  I will be taking a break from publishing for a few weeks. Please enjoy the photo gallery. See you soon!  Enjoy! ImintationRaven1  02/19/07  Bird Impersonator  "Hey check this out I am a Raven!" this Eagle seems to be saying. The Raven seems unimpressed. I am still on break from publishing for another week. I thought I change the picture give you something different. Please enjoy the photo gallery. See you soon!  Enjoy! ForMyDad1  02/21/07  For My Dad  Here's something that you don't see everyday a train engine crossing the road, I guess I know who has the right away!  Enjoy!
SnowSculptorsReturn1  02/23/07  Frozen Luxfer  Reminiscence of the ancient Egyptian ruins of Luxfer, these mightily rows of snow pillars will be transformed into amazing snow sculptures as Fur Rondy Approaches!  Enjoy! FurRondyPractice1  02/24/07  Rigging Check  This Musher prepares his sled for the Fur Rondy Dog Sled Race. The race is apart of the annual celebration during "Fur Rondy Days."  Enjoy! SC20071  02/25/07  Snow Visions  These snow sculptors begin freeing their vision from the snow as they make the first cut. The snow sculptor contest hosted by GCI is apart of the "Fur Rondy Days" celebration. See "The Builders" at Work by double clicking the hyperlink.  Enjoy SC20072
SC20073 SC20074 SC20075 SC20076
SC20077 SC20078 Sc200733 SC200732
SC200731 SC200730 SC200729 SC200728
SC200727  02/26/07  Snow Show 2007  Judging this year "Fur Rondy Snow Sculptor Competition" will be tough. I visited the completed works today and was totally amazed of the change from yesterday building photos. All the works of art are winners. See Snow Show 2007 by clicking the hyperlink.  Enjoy! SC200726 SC200725 SC200724
SC200723 SC200722 SC200721 SC200720
SC200719 SC200718 SC200717 SC200716
SC200715 SC200714 SC200713 SC200712
SC200711 SC200710 SC20079 SC200734
Afterrace1  02/27/07  The Great Race  Musher's are checking their equipment and dogs after the first Sled Dog Race at the "Fur Rondy Days" in downtown Anchorage..  Enjoy! moose22  03/01/07  Valley Moose  I photograph a family of moose grazing by the roadside in the Arctic Valley. These amazing creatures are always wonderful to see!  Enjoy! ArcticValleyTop1  03/03/07  On Top of Arctic Valley  Arctic Valley is a wonderful place to retreat and gather one's thoughts. Surrounded by mountains it gives one a place of solitude in which to reflect.  Enjoy! Idatrod2007  03/05/07  Iditarod 2007   They are off and running. Last Great Race on Earth has begun! Musher's and their teams will travel 1049 miles to Nome! Eighthly-three teams will challenge each other and themselves across the wilderness of Alaska to see who will finish first! Good luck to all!  Enjoy!
Dogsinmotion1  03/06/07  First Team   The first team leads the way at the start of Iditarod. It's amazing that these dogs will cover 1049 miles before their adventure is competed!  Enjoy! HowlintoGo1  03/07/07  Howling to Go!   The lead dogs signals the starter let's go!  Enjoy! Startingline2007  03/08/07  Gateway to Adventure  Through these gates starts "The Last Great Race."  Enjoy! Wolfman2  03/09/07  Among The Flock  The wolf-man makes his appearance among the crowd as onlookers watch as the Iditarod begins.  Enjoy!
Preppingthesled1  03/10/07  Preparing to Launch  Cellular One Iditarod team is preparing to head to the starting line.  Enjoy! Aspecialbreed1  03/11/07  A Special Breed  Not any dog can be a sled dog! Sled Dogs are a breed with certain qualities that give them great endurance and the ability to withstand harsh conditions.   Enjoy! Hightechsled1  03/12/07  State of Art  Dog sleds have come along way from their early days. These high tech sleds can cross the tundra in record times compare to their predecessors.    Enjoy! FutureSled1  03/13/07  Future Sled?  No not really! I bet the sled dogs wouldn't mind taken a ride in this thing instead of pulling! It looks really cool!    Enjoy!
FrostyKeepingCool1  03/14/07  Keeping Cool  Thanks to the cold weather Frosty still stands. Overnight lows are expected to reach -10 F and wind chills will be as low as -30 F!    Enjoy! The BridgeRestrauarnt1  03/15/07  Spanning Taste  The Bridge Restaurant a premier stop of culinary delight was literally built a top of a old bridge spanning Ship Creek, which is a favorite spot for salmon fishers during the runs.    Enjoy! MoosealongtheGlen1  03/17/07  Moose Along The Glen  Moose often are spotted along the Glen Highway into Anchorage. This one browses along the fence line in search of food.    Enjoy! Midnightsunonitsway1  03/19/07  Day Light Getting Longer   A change on season is on its way. The days are getting longer as the Sun sets around 8:00 PM!    Enjoy!
MtSpurr1 SleepingGiantAwakens1a SleepinGiantAwakens2 SleepingGiantAwakens3  03/21/07  The Sleeping Giant Stirs   Mt. Spurr a Strato-Volcano located across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage awakens with a cloud of ash and steam in the evening hours. Mt. Spurr has erupted several times in the past decades. The giant once again reminds us that we live on edge of "The Ring of Fire!"   More Mt Spurr Images   Enjoy!
Iceclimber20071  03/23/07  Ice Ascent     Bare rock no problem. This climber uses a ice flow to climb the face of this cliff!  Enjoy! Sundog1 Sundog2  03/25/07  Double Sundog     Sundogs are created by the Sun light reflecting off ice crystals high in the atmosphere. Unlike rainbows, sundogs are not complete arches. Sundogs are rare meteorological events in the Earth's atmosphere! A Double Sundog like this one is very rare!  Complete Double Sun Dog Pictures  Enjoy! Sundog3
Sundog4 loungingmoose1  03/27/07  Kicking Back   After enjoying some branches for an early morning breakfast this moose decides to kick back and take in the sights.  Enjoy! InboundEagles1  03/29/07  Inbound Eagles   Three eagles are inbound joining their friends!  Enjoy! EaglesClassOF2007  03/30/07  Class Portrait   Eagles pose on their tree with friends as a part of the class of 2007!  Enjoy!
Eagle Up1  03/31/07  Up and Away   After capturing a morsel to eat this eagle turns on full power to climb altitude!  Enjoy! SuburanMoose1  04/01/07  One of The Family?   Mom and her calf in tow travel through the neighborhood. This moose and I know each other well and she and her calf approached  me within 10 feet as if to greet me. She would have come closer but I wisely decided to step aside and not push the friendship!  Enjoy! Channelclearing1  04/03/07  Spring Returns   Springtime has returned to Alaska as the Cook Inlet begins to clear itself of ice! Temperatures have been in the upper thirties for the past couple of days. The mountain in the background is called "The Sleeping Lady."   Enjoy! MooseTrail  04/05/07  Moose Cyclists   The mother and calf redefine cycling. The moose qualified for the trail since they are not motor vehicles.    Enjoy!
Planechange1  04/07/07  Change Over   Spring has come and this ski plane will soon need to be changed over to a sea plane as the ice on Lake Hood begins to thin or it will be lost to the lake.    Enjoy! PriateRaven1  04/09/07  Pirate Raven   It seems like this raven is telling the eagle to walk the plank.    Enjoy! EaglesEating1  04/11/07  Outdoor Dinning   These eagles seem to be enjoying themselves as they finish off a fish.    Enjoy! Whatareyoulookingat1  04/13/07  Showing Off   This moose is looking as if to say "What are looking at?    Enjoy!
GrandMooseAuto1  04/15/07  Grand Moose Auto   This young moose is trying to pick the lock of this truck with his tongue and take a joy ride.     Enjoy! Snowmountains2  04/17/07  Snow Slides   As spring continues melting winter's cover, the risk of snow slides has increase. Yesterday was a very sad and tragic day as many students lost their lives at Virginia Tech in a senseless act of violence. We pray for those who lost their lives and their families. Postage Due1  04/19/07  Postage Due  We were out and about the other day and took a road less travel by and came across a cool find the original Wasilla Post Office. Postage is going up to 41 cents, enjoy the 39 cent stamps only for a while longer!  Enjoy! Cloud Herding 1  04/21/07  Cloud Herding  Get along you little condensation droplets! My daughter and I were out walking and watch a herd of cumulus clouds passing by underneath the main cloud deck. We thought is was pretty cool!  Enjoy!
Airdiving1  04/23/07  Air Diving  This really cool whale dives through pools of air!  Enjoy! Cinderlla1  04/25/07  After The Ball  Ever wondered what happen to Cinderella's magical coach after "The Ball?" Actually horse drawn carriage rides abound in Anchorage during the spring and summer months giving both locals and tourist alike a really wonderful and memorable way to view our city!  Enjoy! RealPopular1  04/27/07  Gusty Election Theme  It's fairly safe to say this theme is not one of the most popular with voters but you got to them give credit for trying!  Enjoy! ReadytoNap1  04/29/07  Ready to Nap  After a hard morning of forging for food mom and her calf are ready to nap!  Enjoy!
Welcome1  05/01/07  Welcome!  Tourist Season has officially begun. Shop keepers eagerly await the glowing faces of the thousands of tourist who will be welcome with open arms and share the natural wondrous beautify that God has given our state!  Enjoy! Russsan Orthodox1  05/03/07  Russian Orthodox Cathedral   St. Innocent Cathedral is a must see stop while visiting Anchorage. Russian Orthodox Christianity is an important part of Alaska's heritage.  Enjoy! LawnCare1  05/05/07  Lawn Care   "Just a little off the top please," Moose provide hedge trimming and tree trimming services throughout the year not to mention free fertilizing as an added bonus!  Enjoy! MetalEagle1  05/07/07  Eagle Art  I saw this awesome sculpture at a local park and wanted to share it with you!  Enjoy!
Everviligent1  05/09/07  Ever Vigilance  Mom keeps a watchful eye on her yearling who is across the street forging in another yard.  Enjoy! AplineGlow2  05/11/07  Fresh Snow  Spring has return to Alaska. Temperatures are reaching into the low 50's for a high. Still snow packs remain on the surrounding mountains. Some snow packs will remain throughout the summer. Fresh snow can be seen in the middle of this image.  Enjoy! MothersDay2007  05/13/07  Happy Mother's Day!  What is a mother one could ask? There are so many answers that could be given. Simply put, a mother is one who loves their child without question or condition. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mom's out there!  Enjoy! EagleRiverMountains1  05/15/07  High Peaks  These two peaks top off above 5700 feet! While not the tallest peaks in the area they are still really impressive to look at!  Enjoy!
Readytosoar1  05/17/07  Ready to Soar  Congratulations to all those students who are graduating! Spread your wings and fly, the future is wide open!  Enjoy! Treesawaken1  05/19/07  Trees Awaken  After their long winter slumber, leaves sprout forth as the event marks the beginning of summer for the land of the Midnight Sun. Highs have been in the upper 40's and over night lows in the mid 30's.  Enjoy! Cycling1  05/21/07  Formation  Cycling as if one, each member of the team provides support for the other. Weather yesterday as incredible with highs in the upper 50's to low 60's!  Enjoy! ATV1  05/23/07  Summer Splash  ATV's ride up and down the Knick River as riders celebrate the start of summer weather!  Enjoy!
cirque2  05/25/07  Where Glaciers are Born  Even in the summer snow persists on the tops of high passes and mountains. The bowl shape feature in the picture is a cirque. This feature collects snow and compacts it into ice and through the force of gravity starts a glacier!  Enjoy! HatcherPasslodgeSpring1  05/27/07  High Above the Mat Su Valley  Hatcher's Pass Lodge still has snow on the ground which will stay for a couple of more weeks. The lodge provides an excellent stay for all those who want a taste of high alpine life!  Enjoy! Marsh2  05/29/07  Wetlands and Winter  Marsh in the Mat Su Valley are once again teeming with life as summer approaches. Snow cap mountains can be seen in the distance reminding that winter is never far away!  Enjoy! WindSurfing1  05/31/07  Tidal Surfer  The Cook Inlet rages with 30 to 40 foot tides. A windsurfer races to surf the incoming tides while winds gust in excess of 50 mph!  Enjoy!
Ice Mountains1  06/01/07  Cool Temperatures  Temperatures remain in the upper 40's to low 50's. Many of the local mountaintops still remain snow cap despite the season of summer!  Enjoy! EagleRiverGlacier1  06/03/07  Increase Magnification Achieve!  The Eagle River Glacier up close! This image was taken from 3 to 5 miles away! I am practicing  with a new magnification system on my camera!  Enjoy! BabblingBook1  06/05/07  Babbling Brook  A small mountain stream rages as snow packs melt during the summer months. I am still learning my new camera abilities.  Enjoy! Meanders1  06/07/07  Glacial Runoff  With the approach of summer glaciers retreat and runoff fills seasonal rivers such as these with glacial till and water.  Enjoy!
NootkaLupline1  06/09/07  Alaska Wildflowers  Often people think of Alaska as a land of ice and snow. During the summer months many parts of Alaska are covered with many different species of wildflowers such as these Nootka Lupines. Like many wildflowers, Lupines are poisonous so just look and do not touch!   Enjoy! Specail Olypimics2007  06/11/07  Glory Days  Many fine athletics turn out from across the state to compete in the Alaskan 2007 Special Olympics Games. The games were a huge success and all those who participated were winners!   Enjoy! Blackbear1  06/13/07  Black Bears  These bears are beautiful creatures with high intelligence. Black Bears are very common in Alaska. They are however very shy and often remain in their habitat.   Enjoy! Theencounter1  06/15/07  Moose Encounters  Encountering Moose is a common everyday occurrence in Alaska. Bull Moose encounters are rarer and often more unpredictable and dangerous than female moose. I gave this guy plenty of space and left quietly and quickly when he took an interest in me!   Enjoy!
Babymoose2  06/17/07  Peek a Boo!  A baby moose appears out of the brush! Mom is close by keeping tabs on her little adventurer!    Enjoy! Bluebells1  06/19/07  Blue Bells  An Alaskan wildflower found throughout most of Alaska except the Southeast and North of the Brooks range. They are wonderful plants which paint the roadsides a vivid blue color during the mid summer months.    Enjoy! WildIrises1  06/21/07  Wild Irises  Can be found along the Glenn Highway in fields of radiant blue!    Enjoy! EvenCloser1  06/23/07  Gravity At Work  Some glaciers are still advancing despite the overall trend warming trend of the planet. As snow builds and turns into ice gravity pulls the ice down the mountain and a new ice age is born!   Enjoy!
WildBlueFlax1  06/25/07  Wild Blue Roadside  Wild Blue Flax is a wild flower that is found along the road sides of Central Alaska it is often use for making linens.   Enjoy! Westerncolumbine1  06/27/07  Western Columbine  Western Columbine is another Alaskan wildflower that is commonly found in South Central Alaska. I found this along the Eagle River Road near the nature center.  Enjoy! Keepingpace1  06/29/07  Keeping Pace  This hand cyclist keeps pace with traffic along Eagle River Loop Road. Cycling in Alaska is popular during the spring through fall before snow closes the bike trails.  Enjoy! SG1  07/01/07  Scottish Highland Games  The Annual Eagle River Scottish Highland Games were a great success! Many Athletics from around the world completed in traditional Scottish games of strength. Click the hyperlink Scottish Highlands Game to see more images!  Enjoy!
BugFlower1  07/03/07  Babysitting!  This mother insect is pulling some serious overtime keeping up with her children!    Enjoy! StorkPatrol1  07/05/07   On Call  The Stork Patrol awaits the next order! One seems to be already heading out to fill an order!     Enjoy! ArcticDaesy1  07/07/07   Arctic Daisy  Pure and simple these beautiful flowers paint the landscape!     Enjoy! FireHelicopter1  07/09/07  Going For A Refill!  Alaska being the largest state in the union often can pose challenges for fighting wildfires. Fire Helicopter such as this dip their buckets into rivers and lakes for fighting fires in remote areas that cannot be reach by other means!     Enjoy!
independencemine1  07/11/07  Gold Rush  The Independence Mine was one of Alaska's greatest gold rush story. Now a state park, restoration of many of the buildings have been completed, yet much work remains. A new gold rush looms on the horizon with the Pebble Mine Project. The project could threaten the Bristol Bay Fisheries. We need to preserve our ways of life and no amount of glitter is worth that!  Enjoy! Waterfall3 Waterfall3a  07/13/07  Wide Open  Streams rage as they swell due to the recent rainfall. Sunny weather is predicted over the next few days.  Enjoy! TheBandPlayedOn1  07/15/07  And The Band Played On  Despite the rain, Bear Paw Festival 2007 in Eagle River attracted many people. The music was great and their were lots of attractions for all!  Enjoy!
Wing Creature1  07/17/07  Wing Creature  Sunshine returns and with it many species of insects emerge from hiding! Alaska is rich with various forms of life, which makes every view a new discover of something cool! I am not sure of this species name if you know it please e-mail me at  Enjoy! LeapofFaith1  07/19/07  Leap Of Faith  A mother's love knows no bounds. This Moose Cow runs the gambit across a morning rush hour of a sea of cars on the four lane Glenn Highway not once but three times! Click Here to see the reason why!  Enjoy! LeapofFaith2 Welcomesigns1
Gamefish1  07/23/07  Game Fish  Salmon are in season and both local and tourist alike play the "catch me if you can" with the fish as they swim upstream! This fish how ever has a different game in mind!  Enjoy! Totempole3  07/25/07  Smiling  A totem in downtown Anchorage smiles as visitors pass by wishing them a wonderful stay!  Enjoy! Glacier2  07/27/07  River of Ice  Alpine glaciers are in a general retreat as we continue to came out of the last ice age! This glacier is located in the Mat-Sue Valley 2 hours North of Anchorage.  Enjoy! Hope2  07/29/07  Reeling in Hope  Many fishers cast into the stream in hope of the "Big One" at Hope Alaska!  Enjoy!
Heliocopter3  07/31/07  I Think I Can...  Like the little engine that could, this little copter could as the training pilot makes hovering practice! Alaska has the greatest number of individuals with pilots licenses in the entire United States!  Enjoy! Mat-SueGlacier1  08/01/07  Ice Power  Like a huge river of ice the mighty Mat-Sue Glacier carves her passage between the mountains creating U-Shape valleys in her wake!  Enjoy! welcomesigns2  07/21/07  Welcome Signs  A local tradition of welcoming our own home or relatives for a visit!  Enjoy! AlpineBee1  08/03/07  Alpine Bee  Even above the tree line, Alpine Bumble Bees are busy at work gathering nectar and spreading pollen.  Enjoy!
MooseCharging1 MooseCharge2  08/05/07  Moose Charge!  I was photographing a relative peaceful "Moose in Nature" scene, when this female Moose suddenly became spooked by something on the pond's edge ( Most likely a Bear) so the Moose and I ran. The Moose came across my path and started to charge me! I escape by jumping over a guard rail and the Moose then ran across the road! Click Here to see fleeing Moose!  Enjoy! AdventureBound1  08/07/07  Adventure Bound  The Alaska Railroad Denali Star prepares to depart Anchorage into the interior of Alaska taking both tourist and locals alike on a ride of magnificent adventure!  Enjoy! CatchofTheDay1  08/09/07  Catch of The Day  Whittier is a fishing/commercial port an hour South of Anchorage. The town is connected to the road system by amazing long tunnel and the Alaska Ferry System! Whittier host some amazing views and shops for all who visit!  Enjoy!
AhoyThere1  08/11/07  Ahoy There!  Alaska is known for many wonderful things such as its vast natural beauty, natural resources, and wonderful people and culture! Alaska also sport's one of the world's finest fishing industries in the world, bringing many of the sea's bounties to tables all around the globe!  Enjoy! GlacierCloud1  08/13/07  Down From The Clouds  The mountain top is obscured from view by clouds passing by, creating this really cool effect of the glacier flowing from the clouds!  Enjoy! SummitLake1  08/17/07  Tree Cavern  As if from the tale of Peter Pan's hide out this large tree cave looks as if it's the entrance to another world.  Enjoy! Treecave1  08/17/07  Tree Cavern  As if from the tale of Peter Pan's hide out this large tree cave looks as if it's the entrance to another world.  Enjoy!
Hatcherpasslodgesummer1  08/19/07  Alpine Lodging  Staying at Hatcher Pass Lodge is always cool! There is something for everyone to do, whether its looking at a gold mine, hiking or just kicking back from the stress of daily life!  Enjoy! GlacialPond1  08/21/07  Glacier Pond  This pond is located below Explorer Glacier. The water is a really cool shade of blue with glacial silt mix in it.   Enjoy! Talus Slope1  08/23/07  Talus Slope  Glaciations and erosion have cut and deposited sediment on the slope which in turn have been  brought down by gravity forming wide alluvial fans at the bottom.   Enjoy! GiantMushrooms1  08/25/07  They Might be Giants  I ran across these incredibly huge mushrooms on my evening walk.   Enjoy!
Herocontinues1  08/27/07  A Class Act Fights On!  Ted continues his quest for raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis. Ted better known as "The Mattress Ranch Guy" is a hometown hero who truly defines what it means to help others! I had an opportunity to speak with him at The Alaska State Fair and I can say he's a Class Act! Support his cause!  Enjoy! The Guesser1  08/29/07  The Guesser  What is your height, weight or age? Touts the "The Guesser" at the Alaska State Fair. Many people enjoy trying to trick the challenger!  Enjoy! AlaskaTrainFair1  08/31/07  First Class Fair  The Alaska State Fair draws huge crowds and often creates long traffic waits. Taking the train to the fair eliminates stress and adds a cool experience to the fun!  Enjoy! Fairlines1  09/01/07  Line Surfing  With thousands of fair goers trying to get "fast food" makes the concept   a relative term but well worth the wait!  Enjoy!
Cabbage1 Cabbage2  09/03/07  Alaska Monster Produce   A Monstrous 87.1 pound cabbage wins first place at the Alaska State Fair! Click Here to see second place! That's a lot of Cabbage!  Enjoy! Fireweed1  09/05/07  Countdown to Winter   Fireweed marks the change of seasons as the plant seeds out from the bottom to the top. Once the plant is seeded out at the top winter begins!  Enjoy! Terminationdust1  09/07/07  Coming Attractions  A gentle reminder that winter is not far behind greeted the area on 09/05/07 late in the afternoon!  Enjoy!
BearLandfill1  09/09/07  Bearly Recycled  Standing high above his new domain, a gently used stuffed brown bear claims "King Of The Hill" to scare off all challengers who dare to enter the hollow grounds of our local landfill, who I might add are very camera shy and made this shot very difficult! Thank goodness for telephoto lenses!  Enjoy! NeverForget1  09/11/07  Never Forget!  As we continue to reflect how our lives have changed since 911, let those responsible remember we shall never forget. God bless the men and woman who continue to stand on the front lines and defend our freedoms. You are truly appreciated!   Remember! Winterathand2  09/13/07  Icing  My wife and I are excited about the signs of the coming winter. The leaves are turning and icing is fanning out across the mountain tops! She showed me this incredible seen and its' breath taking!  Enjoy! Outofthemist1  09/15/07  Out Of The Mist  Wrapped in a Vail of mist gigantic mountains rise above the surface of the Earth and reach out to touch the sky! Alaska is home to some of the largest peaks on Earth!   Enjoy!
BerryPicking1  09/17/07  Berry Picking  With fall's vivid colors in full bloom, berry pickers gather delicious berries quickly high above Arctic Valley as they race against the termination snow dust line moving down the mountains!   Enjoy! Herecomesthedust1  09/19/07  The Winds of Change  Fall brilliance is at its peak and with that comes the winds of change as the termination dust moves ever closer!   Enjoy! Tothewind1  09/21/07  Ready to Launch    Fireweed seedlings are poised for flight as winter approaches!  Enjoy! HighMountainview1  09/23/07  Peering Through The Brush    High above Arctic Valley I capture this image through some brush of the termination dust and rustic colors of fall.  Enjoy!
Dreamon1  09/25/07  Dream On....    What a laid back place to be. However, life's reality keeps us in check and that's not bad it keeps things interesting but sometimes it's nice to dream.  Enjoy! Fallcolors4  09/27/07  Nature's Master Piece    As the seasons' change nature paints her master piece!  Enjoy! Mountain13  09/29/07  I Can See For Miles and Miles and...    High above a mountainside I look to the  Southwest from Eagle River and before me lies a massive mountain range. The peak in the middle is Mt. Spurr which is an active composite volcano!  Enjoy! Mooserun1  10/01/07  Moose Traffic    A young Bull Moose sees the green light and prepares to move! Click Here to See the Moose Run!  Enjoy!
Mooserun2 Mooserun3 Mooserun4 Mooserun5
Mooserun6 Mooserun7 Mooserun8 Mooserun9
Mooserun10 Mooserun12 Mooserun13 Mooserun14
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Snowcap1  10/03/07  Snow Advance    No longer is the snow on the mountain considered termination dust. The snow is rapidly advancing down the mountain sides in all directions! Winter's wonderland is just around the corner!  Enjoy! LiquidAirport1  10/05/07  Water Runway    Many Lakes, Rivers and Streams are used as runways in Alaska!  Enjoy! BrownBear2 BrownBear3
BrownBear4 BrownBear5  0/07/07  Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See?    I see a bunch of people brothering me! Several of us notice a brown bear taking a nap after scavenging a moose! Click Here to See more Brow Bear Snoozing Images! I took the pictures in very low light so the quality is not as good as it could be. Also putting some distance between me and this bad boy was a great idea!  Enjoy! BrownBear6  10/09/07  Outdoor Dinning   I went back the next morning to check on the bear and he was waking up to Moose seconds! The bear is stocking up before hibernation. Click Here to See Brown Bear Dinning!  Enjoy! BrownBear7
BrownBear8 BrownBear9 BrownBear10 BrownBear11
BrownBear12 BrownBear13 BrownBear14 BrownBear15
BrownBear16 BrownBear17 BrownBear18 October07Snow1  10/11/07  As Predicted   I predicted the first snow fall on October7/8. Snow fell on East Anchorage on October 7th. The snow lasted a few days before melting. More Snow is expected for the weekend!  Enjoy!
Sunset29  10/13/07  Fantastic Ending   An orange sunset covered the sky to conclude the perfect way to end the day!  Enjoy! Dogmount1  10/15/07  Mounted?   Looks like someone has bagged a Sheppard! This guy actually seems to be mounted against the camper top! Reality Check, someone  has come up with a ingenious idea for dogs to cool themselves while traveling! Click Here to see more pictures of Trophy Dog!  Enjoy! Dogmount2 Dogmount3
Dogmount4 sameday1 sameday2 sameday3  A Home Run!   Sunday turn out to be incredible as my family and I were exposed to snow, a rainbow and a moose in the span of 15 minutes! It doesn't get any better than this, it's like hitting the jackpot! Click Here to see the Home Run!  Enjoy!
Sunhalo1  10/19/07  Sun Halo  On a cold cloudy evening the Sun attempts to peer through the clouds creating a soft glow giving the perspective of some distant alien world.  Enjoy! Sunset30  10/21/07  Well Worth The Wait...  The sunset set the sky afire as it lower behind the mountains in the distance!  Enjoy! MoleDay2007  10/23/07  Mole Day 2007  Today around the world students celebrated Mole Day at 6:02 AM!  Enjoy! SantasOther Reindeer1  10/25/07  Santa's Other Reindeer  Ever watch Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer? Have you ever wondered what happen to the reindeer that didn't have a good takeoff? mmh... I wondered????  Enjoy!
UpHigh1  10/27/07  Price of Isolation  This neighborhood is high up on Skyline Drive among the snow top peaks and incredible views of Eagle River. Life on top requires studded tires and 4-wheel drive as the order of the day as the roads are icy and hazardous during the winter months!  Enjoy! Alsomesunrise1  10/29/07  Prehistoric Sunrise  The sunrise was awesome this morning. The shadows of the mountain and the clouds create a prehistoric image of some ancient distance sunrise!  Enjoy! Mountain14  10/31/07  Happy Halloween  Rain or snow is forecasted for the trickier-treaters this Halloween. The distance mountains are already snow cap while rain is falling in the foreground!  Enjoy! Cloudwave2  11/01/07  Cloud Wave  A cloud appears to roll down the mountain side in a massive wave front!  Enjoy!
LuckyThe Moose1  11/03/07  A Moose Named "Lucky"  What do you call a one horn moose who been grazed by a bullet to the head and is blind in one eye? "Lucky!" This guy is a true survivor! I will feature more images of Lucky in a couple of days stay tune!  Enjoy! Bearattack1  11/05/07  Yogi Alert!  A recent Brown Bear Attack on a local trail has sent out alerts for hikers to be on guard. The bear is a sow with her cub who have not yet decided to turn in for the winter. The person survived the attack. Trails should be safe in few more weeks as winter continues to set in. The number has been removed so that only locals can make calls about sightings.  Enjoy! LuckyMoose2 LuckyMoose3
LuckyMoose4 LuckyMoose5 LuckyMoose6 LuckyMoose7
LuckyMoose8 LuckyMoose9  11/07/07  Lucky The Moose  Here are the images of Lucky I promised Click Here to see Lucky!  Enjoy! SnowMountain3  Inspiring  Snow alludes the lower land while the mountains are pristine with white caps. Snow is on the horizon for the rest us!  Enjoy! Eskomoart1  11/11/07  Eskimo Art  Native Americans of the Far North produce amazing works of art such as this! Today is Veteran's Day. Remember those have given the ultimate sacrifice, also thank a Vet who has serve or is serving our cause of freedom without their sacrifice we wouldn't be free to enjoy the things we do!  Enjoy!
SnowMountain4  Day Twilight  Days are growing shorter as we move into winter. . Mountainous areas have even shorter direct light. Five inches of snow  covered the area creating a winter wonderland.  Enjoy! SnowMountain5  Up Close  The mountain in the previous photo of the day had two peaks. The peaks pictured are those two peaks up close! Wouldn't they be really cool to climb?!  Enjoy! Snowcreek1  11/17/07  Snowy Creek  Snow continues to fall over the area creating a spectacular winter wonderland. Snow covered creeks will soon freeze over creating trails for skiers and snow machines alike!  Enjoy! The Return1  11/19/07  Were Back!  Miss Us? Shouts out the Eagle as he raises his talon's and cries their return. Eagles have return to settle in for the winter. They are truly amazing creatures!  Enjoy!
Thanksgiving2007  11/21/07  Happy Thanksgiving  As Alaska settles into winter, we give thanks for the bounty that God has provided. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and joy!   Enjoy! Christmastreeinmuseum1  11/23/07  The Christmas Rush Begins!  Turkey Day has passed and the shoppers have begun looking for that special gift. The Anchorage Museum is hosting a craft fair with many local artist and authors displaying their works. Lets us remember as we seek out that perfect gift  that God has already provided the one true gift we all need, his love through Jesus Christ!  Enjoy! Liftoff1  11/25/07  Liftoff!  A Eagle springs to flight. I captured the moment as the Eagle leaped from the tree bringing his wings down to create lift during a snow storm!  Enjoy! MoonandMars1  11/27/07  The Moon and Mars  A waning Gibbous Moon rises above the mountains in Eagle River. The red star to the right of the moon is actually the Planet Mars!  Enjoy!
Hopingforsnow1  11/29/07  Hoping For Snow  The great bounty of snow we received earlier mostly has melted. Temperatures are now again right for snow. Snow is in the forecast. Sleders and Skiers anxiously await!  Enjoy! Dec01Sunrise12007  12/01/07  Picture Perfect Sunrise!  December starts off with an impressive sunrise display! Remember as you go about the Christmas rush that God has many splendid wonders that don't come in boxes or bows but are free to behold if you only take the moment and seize the opportunity!  Enjoy! Clearforlanding1  12/03/07  Clear For Landing!  The eagles put on quite a show this past weekend. There were as many as 20 to 30 eagles visible in Eagle River. Many of the birds have their favorite spots in which to observe. I capture this guy incoming for a choice spot behind his friend!  Enjoy! TwoEagles1  12/05/07  People Watching  These two eagles keep a careful eye on the photographers below. My family and I really enjoy watching these majestic birds as they cover the sky here in Eagle River.  Enjoy!
WindSweptSnow1  12/07/07  Wind Swept  High winds have swept snow over the mountains creating avalanche conditions with snow loads. Recent high pressure cells continue to denied the lower areas of fresh snow. However, snow like conditions are on the horizon!  Enjoy! Icefishing1  12/09/07  Ice Hilton  Ice fishing takes on a new level as the fishers inhabit a "Ice Cube Room" in first class style as they wait for that bite!  Enjoy! Eagle12  12/11/07  Blending In  This eagle attempts to blend in with his surroundings as he perches close to the tree.  Enjoy! Snowtree4  12/13/07  Frozen Trees  Recent snow fall and clear evening skies give snow covered trees a wonderful glow!  Enjoy!
WinterSkyEvening1  12/15/07  Winter's Evening Sky  Yesterday's Sky look like an artistic  painting of a winter's landscape. The beauty of Alaska is truly amazing!  Enjoy! MusicalBranch1  12/17/07  Musical Branch  Three eagles simultaneously tried to land on the same branch as if the music stop during musical chairs!  Enjoy! ReconEagle1  12/19/07  Reconnaissance Flight  An eagle passes slowly and silently overhead as it spies for food below!  Enjoy! MoonRise1  12/21/07  Frozen Moon Rise  The skies were clear and cold creating a wonderful moon rise. The temperatures last night were as low as -20F!  Enjoy!
AfterPointAttemp1  12/23/07  After Point Attempt!  The kick is up and's Good! Looks like this field goal kicking eagle is going to try out for the NFL. I wonder what team he might try for....mmh! "The Eagles?"  Enjoy! Christmas20071  12/25/07  Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas from Anchorage Alaska! May God's gift of perfect peace and everlasting life through his son Jesus Christ be with you! May you find comfort, joy and love through Jesus!  Enjoy! Eagle14  12/27/07  Snow Eagle  A wonderful Christmas snow fell across the area! More snow is expected later this week. Eagles continue to abound in the area!  Enjoy! Imagination1  12/29/07  Just Imagine....  The Imaginarium in downtown Anchorage is a wonderful place for minds and families of all ages to explore and rediscover the joy of learning.  Enjoy!
Eagle15  Journal Entry  12/31/07  Close Up!  Today was an incredible eagle display in Eagle River Alaska! Many of the eagles put on a incredible display of aerobatics. This eagle decided to hang out and be photograph!  Enjoy!