Alaska Photo Journal 2006

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
Fireworks14 Eagle Turns1 Double Moon1  01/05/06  Double Moon  What appears to be a second moon is a reflection from the window through which I took the picture. It made for a really neat effect!  Enjoy! Three Peaks1  01/06/06  Three Peaks  Capture this really cool image on the way home!  Enjoy!
1964Theater1  01/07/06  4th Avenue Theater  The theater survive the Great 1964 Earthquake and stands as a landmark in downtown Anchorage  Enjoy! EagleRiverSign1  01/08/06  We Sure Do!  In this new year let us remember the troops that foster and protect our freedoms!  Enjoy! Cup of Snow1  01/09/06  Cup of Snow?  Snowman have been spotted around various coffee shops pushing the outer of edge of fire versus ice.  Enjoy! Checkpoint1  01/10/06  Check Point 1  The Iditarod the last great race starts in Anchorage and stops first in Eagle River before it heads out  to Wasilla and then across the heart of Alaska to Nome!.  Enjoy!
Moonrising4 Moonrising5  01/12/06  Moon Scrape  The moon crested over the mountain creating a really neat experience.  Enjoy! EagleRiverEagle5  01/14/06  Eagles Abound!  Eagle River has a very large Eagle population at this time. Last week I saw as many as 31 Eagles in one area! Really Cool!!!  Enjoy! EagleRiver Eagle6  01/16/06  Frosty Eagle  Temperatures have average around 7F, yet these magnificent creatures seem to weather the cold well. I never tried of looking at these amazing birds as you can tell!  Enjoy!
Snowtree3  01/18/06  Snowy Tree  Temperatures today 3F and trees reflect a winter wonderland!  Enjoy! EagleRiverEagle6  01/20/06  Eagle Paradise  Eagles can be found daily!  Enjoy! FluffySnow1  01/21/06  Snow!  Snow has fallen over the past two days, more is predicted this weekend! Oh the thermometer reads 1F, a regular heat wave!  Enjoy! Train3  01/22/06  Out of The Fog Appeared...  I was out photographing natural ice curtains on the old Seward Highway, when to my surprise rounding the bend was the Alaska Railroad, Wow, What a great shot!  Enjoy!
Icecurtain1  01/23/06  Curtains of Ice  With colder temperatures the ice curtains drape over the cliffs of the Old Seward Highway. Soon these cliffs will beckon Ice Climbers! Double Click Ice Curtains to see different angles!  Enjoy! Icecurtain2 Icecurtain3 Icecurtain4
Three Trees1  01/24/06  Three Trees  These trees shimmer as their lights reflect the heavy snow that has blanked the area!  Enjoy! quiet1  01/25/06  Quiet  One the great things about Alaska is that you only minutes away from it all!  Enjoy! The Trickster1  01/26/06  The Trickster  The Raven, a beautiful black bird plays an important part in Alaska Native folklore. The raven often plays tricks on things and people to get his way!  Enjoy! Anchorage3  01/27/06  Skyline  This view of Anchorage was taking from West Anchorage. What appears to be a field in the foreground is actually a frozen lake! Temperatures are expected to drop to -20F!  Enjoy!
Thesled1 Walrus1  01/28/06  Walrus's  Walrus abound in the waters off the coast of Alaska. These guys are apart of a greater mural located in downtown Anchorage.  Enjoy! StatuteofLiberty1  01/29/06  Give Me Your....  W-2's? I guess its that time again.  Enjoy! SubzeroEagle1  01/30/06  Subzero Eagle  -10 F! and still going strong!  Enjoy!
Moose17JPG  01/31/06  Frosted Berries  Winter time is hard on Moose who have to forged through ice and snow to find food.  Enjoy! Issues1  02/01/06  Issues?  Seems like someone has been watching "Anchorman" a little to much lately.  Enjoy! EastHigh1  02/03/06  Land of the Thunderbirds  East is a great school that is full of wonderful students and staff! East is the largest high school in the state and boost more than 100 spoken languages!  Enjoy! EagleIce1  02/04/06  Reserve Perch  As I continue to study and photograph our local Eagles I am beginning to find patterns of friends and territorial perches.  Enjoy!
Sunrise20  02/06/06  Wow!  I was working on school work early the other morning and my wife Dori told me checkout the pink sunrise, thanks love for the excellent picture.  Enjoy! Snowglobe1  02/08/06  Life in a Snow Globe  Snow showers became downburst at times reminding me of a well shook Snow Globe you see at Christmas.  Enjoy! MotherandSon1  02/10/06  Mother and Son  Mom teaches her son the fine art of winter grazing. The calf appears to be two years old I was told. Mostly likely by spring this calf will take his place in the world.  Enjoy! SnowballFight1  02/12/06  Snowball Fight Anyone?  This Raven seems to be taking on all challengers!  Enjoy!
Eagle3  02/14/06  Happy Valentines Day!  This Eagle is waiting for his Valentine to fly in.  Enjoy! Earlymorning run1  02/16/06  Running Sunrise  What an incredible way to start the day!  Enjoy! Icesliding1  02/18/06  Ice Sliding  The Fur Rondy has returned to Anchorage along with Snow and Ice Sculptures. I will be out imaging this really cool event, stay tune for the up coming photos!  Enjoy! SeriousDenistry1  02/19/06  Serious Dentistry  Snow carvers are hard at work creating wonderful snow sculptures sponsored by GCI as a part of the Fur Rondy festivities! This snow tooth seems to have a Ice Cavity!  More Images: Snow Sculptors at Work!  Enjoy!
SC9 SC10 Extinction  02/20/06  Twilight of Extinction  Triceratops reappears after 65 million years but only briefly with temperatures around 43F she quickly fades with the day, only nightfall prolongs her stay!  Enjoy! PETANightmare1  02/22/06  Fur Row  Furs trapped in Alaska provide and excellent source of substance life style which many Alaskans treasure.  Enjoy!
IceShow2006  02/24/06  Icy Spirals  Even with slightly less than desirable temperatures the ice show carried on! Double Click: Ice Sculptures to see The Ice Show 2006!  Enjoy! IC1 IC2 IC3
IC8 IC9 KoreanAirlines1  04/21/06  Forest Runway?  Actually not! What appears to be a tree top landing is actually an optical illusion. The plane landed safely at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Which has internationally rank as the number 2 airport in the world!  Enjoy! RedtailSquarrel1  02/26/06  On Guard  This Red Tail Squirrel guards the bird feeder at the Eagle River Nature Trail.  Enjoy!
Sc16  02/28/06  Touring  A bear and a Moose are out and about. The snow sculptures were wonderful but short lived as unexpected temperatures were over the area. Temperatures have return to their normal level at 5F!    See Snow Sculptures 2006  Enjoy! Sc26 Sc16aJPG Sc16b
Sc16c Sc16d Sc16e Sc16f
Sc16g Sc16h Inthelane1  03/02/06  In The Lane  This disker appears to be on target. Winter sports are really great here in Alaska!  Enjoy! Id11
Id12 Id13 Id14 Id1a
Id1b Id1  03/04/06  The Last Great Race 2006  The Iditarod has kick off and is full swing from Anchorage across the heart of Alaska to Nome! Billed as The Last Great Race on Earth it truly is!  See: Race Start Photos  Enjoy! Id2 Id3
Id4 Id5JPG Id6 Id7
Id8 Id9 Id10 Idtiarod20061  03/06/06  Iditarod is Underway  The Iditarod began its restart as they call it from Willow Alaska. Eighty-four Musher's will cross 1049 miles of wilderness to Nome where they will finish!  Enjoy!
Idtiarod20062  03/07/06  The First Mile  Thousands line the first mile to wish the musher's and their teams God's Speed, as they enter the great wilderness beyond!     Enjoy! Iditarod20063  03/08/06  No Limit!  The Iditarod is more than just a race it is a bond between the Musher and the team!  Enjoy! Idtiarod20064  03/09/06  Zero to Extreme in One Second!  Both the Team and the Musher's sprit soar as they leave on the adventure of a lifetime! Race Update: The racers are more than halfway through the race!  Enjoy! Idtiarod20065  03/10/06  The Long Run  Both Team and Musher eagerly forge ahead for the adventure of a lifetime.  Enjoy!
UltraFlight1  03/11/06  Ultra Skiing  Alaska is truly a land of adventure.  Enjoy! Eagle 10  03/12/06  Showing Off  This eagle turn out to be a camera ham fluffing is feathers for the camera.  Enjoy! Awaitng Spring2  03/14/06  Awaiting Spring  This glacial valley has slumbered under ice and snow for the pass six months and awaits the arrival of spring. The glacier can be seen on the mountain to the far left.   Enjoy! SkiTime1  03/15/06  Ski Spring  With spring approaching these skiers continue to ski as snow continues to blanket the ground a while longer.   Enjoy!
BuddingArtist1 Art10 Art9JPG Art8
Art7 Art6 Art5 Art4
Art3 Art2 Art1 SnowReady1
Moose18 SnowCurtians1 EagleLook1 SnowPlane1
eyeinthesky1  03/25/06  Eye in the Sky   Alaska has a great military present protecting both North America and its natural resources. Thanks for all you do!    Enjoy! Mousehouseofhorrors1  03/26/06  Moose House of Horror   Moose check in but they don't check out!    Enjoy Unless Your a Moose! SpringBeak1  03/28/06  Spring Breakup   Spring has arrived with temperatures between 33 F to 42 F lately. The recent rise in temperatures have begun to break up the ice packs along the Cook Inlet.    Enjoy! Orangeset1  03/30/06  Orange Set   Clear skies and spectacular sunsets have been the trend of the week so far.    Enjoy!
CanyonofIce1  03/31/06  Canyon of Ice   With the tide out the pack ice rest on the bottom of the Cook Inlet creating canyons.    Enjoy! Heliocopter1 Heliocopter2  04/02/06  Vertical Take Off   This helicopter gave the local residents a great show, as it lifted off next to the local fire station. Double Click the hyperlink to see:                      Pre Flight Check    Enjoy! SnowMountaun3  04/04/06  Magnificent Beauty   The Mountains surrounding the Anchorage area are always breath taking reminder of God's wondrous creation!  Enjoy!
Illusion1  04/06/06  Optical Illusion?  What appears to mountain shape clouds are actually mountains rising high above the surrounding area.  Enjoy! Eagle4  04/08/06  Ever Watchful  Eagles are constantly on watch for an opportunity.  Enjoy! TreeFunus1  04/10/06  Tree Knot  This huge tree knot is a fungus which grows on the side of the tree. The tree is unharmed by this particular growth.  Enjoy! Cirrusclouds1  04/12/06  Cirrus Wisps  High flying clouds move over the mountain tops in the Eagle River area. Winter still holds on as we continue with springtime.  Enjoy!
NoGreaterLove1  04/14/06  No Greater Love...  can express this Good Friday and the Resurrection, God's perfect gift giving hope to mankind.  Enjoy! BabyMoose1  04/17/06  I can Read...  I took a picture of this baby moose on Easter Sunday and he stop for the sign on the bike trail isn't that cool!  Enjoy! Thunderbird1  04/19/06  Mosaic Beauty  East High Thunderbird stain glass mascot is truly a work of art!  Enjoy! Gotta Love it1  04/23/06  Gotta Love It!  Spring and snow still falls!  Enjoy!
Eveningset1  04/25/06  Quite Evening  My daughter and put the Jeep to a test and climb an incredible steep slope road for this image.  Enjoy! April25Snow  04/27/06  Refusing to Yield  Once again two more inches of snow! Winter refuses to yield to Spring. The commute was slow but wondrous! The snow  had melted by the time for the drive home.  Enjoy! Dawnapproaches2  04/29/06  Dawn Approaches  A quiet morning with a beautiful Sun lit cloud.  Enjoy! CarWalking1  05/03/06  Car Walking  The dog is giving this car quite a workout. (Please note the car is moving at the dog's pace and the dog is not being harmed in anyway)  Enjoy!
Mountain11  05/01/06  Rugged Beauty  The snow covered mountains around Anchorage testify to the awesome power of nature.  Enjoy! Defiant1  05/05/06  Ready to Soar  I imaged this eagle a while back. Eagles have gone to their hunting grounds, although a few still can be seen regularly along the Glenn Highway Soaring near Eagle River.  Enjoy! Everydayheros1  05/07/06  Everyday Heroes  Yesterday was the city wide clean up event. People of all ages turned out in force and cleaned up the highways and by ways of Anchorage to Eagle River and Beyond. All of us here give them great thanks the place looks great due to their efforts!  Enjoy! Beddingdown1  05/21/06  Bedding Down  After a long hard morning this moose enjoys a mid-day nap!  Enjoy!
Raven Art1  05/23/06  Raven Art  Art is found throughout the City of Anchorage. It makes living here a very wonder place.  Enjoy BirdPoint1  05/25/06  Bird Point  Bird point is an excellent stop along the Old Seward Highway. Beluga Whales can be found feeding along the tidal bore!  Enjoy Windowview1  05/27/06  Window View  The observation house at Bird Point has quite a view on the world!  Enjoy! Green and Ice 2  05/29/06  Two Seasons  Summer and Winter seen in one moments' time! Happy Memorial Day take time to remember those who serve our nation to insure our freedoms!  Enjoy!
Alpinevalley1  05/31/06  Alpine Valley  This valley lies high above the city of Anchorage at the base of Flat Top Mountain with breath taking views of city and the Cook Inlet to snow cover mountains towards the interior.  Enjoy! FacetoFace1  06/01/06  Face to Face  This two year old female Moose and I come face to face. The Moose hung around for about forty minutes before heading what a incredible experience!  Enjoy! Porcupine1  06/03/06  Get The Point!  We spotted this guy just outside the Eagle River Nature Center. He gave us quite a show!  Enjoy! BallonPeople1  06/05/06  Waiting for the Bus  With gas prices at a all time high seems like everyone is moving to mass transit. Anchorage Mass Transit System is second to none. Thanks for all you do!  Enjoy!
MountainAvens1  06/07/06  Mountain Avens  I was out hiking the other day at Flat Top Mountain when I spotted these beautiful Mountain Avens at my feet. Sometimes one can get caught up in the majestic scenery around themselves and over look the beauty at one's own feet!  Enjoy! 700th Picture!  06/09/06  Say Cheese!  This Moose was checking me out between grazing on the foliage along the road to the Eagle River Nature Center.  Enjoy! Solder1  06/11/06  Thank You!  We should always remember those who gave themselves and those presently serve for our freedoms. At a recent retirement I heard a incredible quote "if you can read and write thank a teacher, if you can read and write in English thank a solder." Those words are all so true. This memorial is located in downtown Anchorage come by and remember.  Enjoy! SummerIce1  06/13/06  Summer Ice  Summer in Alaska means many things like wildflowers, wildlife and yes summer ice. Alaska host many climates year around which makes living here so very special!  Enjoy!
Boating2  06/15/06   Clear for Takeoff  These Kayakers enjoy the landing and takeoff strip of the dozen sea planes that share the waters.  Enjoy! Donot Distrub1  06/17/06  Do Not Disturb!  Some things were just meant to be left alone! I pictured this Brown Bear at the Alaska Zoo. The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage provides a wonderful home for the animals under their care. Come and visit the animals at the Zoo!  Enjoy! Quiet Lake1  06/19/06  Still Waters  I was out and about early this morning when I took a road I had not travel before came upon this serene lake.  Enjoy! WaterMoose1  06/21/06  Bath Time  I image this moose on the edge of a pond ready for its bath along the Eagle River Road towards the Eagle River Nature Center.  Enjoy!
Fearlessdenistry1  06/23/06  Fearless Dentistry  A future Wildlife Veterinarian Dentist checks her patient  for cavities Say Ah!  Enjoy! AnchorageMarket1  06/25/06  To Market!  Anchorage downtown market was a great success, stores such as this offered a wide variety of goods to both tourist and locals alike!   Enjoy! Flower6  06/27/06  Perspective  Often the arch enemy of many lawns the Dandelion is actually quite a beautiful flower in bloom.  Enjoy! Highway Hazard1  06/29/06  Highway Hazards  Even Moose have to cross the road sometimes. Lets give them a break!. Your car will thank you so will the Moose!  Enjoy!
Horsecarrage1  07/01/06  Traveling in Style  Horse drawn carriages can be found taking both tourist and locals alike  around downtown Anchorage in the style of the distant past!  Enjoy! MotherMoose1  07/03/06  Taking Flight  A mother Moose and her twin calves take to flight for safety in nearby woods as too many   well-wishers intrude on their water break.  Enjoy! July42006  07/04/06  Happy 230th Birthday America!  Old Glory flies high above the surrounding area at 3000 feet  in Hatcher's Pass. Lets us take time this independence day to cherish our freedoms remember those who gave  and those who still give this precious gift so we might be free. We thank-you!  Enjoy! Balto1  07/05/06  Alaskan Canine Hero  Balto the lead sled dog help deliver the serum for the diphtheria outbreak in Nome Alaska in 1925 saving lives of many!  Enjoy!
Little Susita2  07/07/06  Roaring Along  The Little Susitna a glacial fed river rages on at the bottom of Hatcher's Pass.  Enjoy! Flower7  07/09/06  Alaskan Beauty  Palmer is an area of Alaska that is noted for its agriculture and flowers.  Enjoy! Alpine Flowers1  07/11/06  Alpine Cover  These flowers act as ground cover high above at Hatcher's Pass.  Enjoy! BabyMosetwins1  07/13/06  Double Take  Here are the twins together that I feature on an early picture of the day a few days back..  Enjoy!
Latin1 Latin2 Latin3  07/15/06  Rhythm of The Street  Latin Music and dance filled the air this past weekend as residents of Anchorage celebrated under the Sun.  More Latin Festival 2006 Images  Enjoy! Latin4
Latin5 Latin6 OnGuard1  07/17/06  On Guard Sir Mouse!  The Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River was really a great time for all. There were games, rides, food and contests of skill. Stay tune for more pictures of Bear Paw 2006 in the up coming days!  Enjoy! Musketeer1  07/19/06  Musketeer  Characters abound at the Bear Paw Festival making the festival a mixture of the past and present. All the characters did a great job and added to the success of the festival.  See Bear Paw Festival Images  Enjoy!
AnchorageVisitorCenter1  07/21/06  Green Space  The Anchorage Visitor Center located on 4th Avenue is a great place to start exploring Alaska. Filled with a treasure of information this environmentally friendly structure serve all who enter.  Enjoy! BearRaven1  07/23/06  The Bear and The Raven  Anchorage is covered with art work that reflects the original inhabitants mythical legends.  Read Bear and Raven Story  Enjoy! BearRaven2 PredawnSunrise1  07/25/06  Pre-Dawn Surprise  Yesterday's Sunrise at 4:30 AM had quite a beginning. It was the first Sunrise in months.  Enjoy!
Dog MushingMemorial1  07/27/06  Sled Dogs Honored  The famous Sled Dog Statue is located on 4th Avenue. Honoring the dogs and their musher's who have given so much. Through their contributions they given an image of adventure in the minds of those who think of the America's Frontier. News Flash a  large earthquake just struck at 5:17 AM as I published this picture the house really shook for 15 seconds but no apparent damage!  Enjoy! BP1 BP2 BP3
BP8 BP9 BP10 BP11
BP12 BP13 CrabFeast1  07/29/06  Alaska Seafood Tradition  Alaska is not only famous for salmon but for it's King Crab, which is consider the best crab in the world. Restaurants such as this one cater this tradition.     Enjoy! SnowWaterFall1  07/31/06  Snow Made Water Fall  Snow water falls can been everywhere in South Central Alaska. This one is located above 3300' in the Hatcher's Pass Area. I will be on assignment for a couple of days.  Enjoy!
Sounding Rocket1  08/05/06  Reaching For The Aurora  Sounding Rockets such as  these at Poker Flats Research Launch Facilities reach high into Earth's Aurora to unlock her mysteries. I am still on assignment can will be sending back more incredible photos of the Cape Kennedy of the North!  Enjoy! Denali1  08/12/06  The Mightily One  Denali as it is called by Alaskan Natives is seen here from 36,000 ft. Mt McKinley has it is also known is 20,380 ft tall making it the highest peak in North America.  Enjoy! Moose19  08/14/06  Great Sight   It's been raining here and rain is forecasted for the next couple of days. So we decided to head out to the nature center on Eagle River Road and guess what cross our path. What a great sight to brighten a rainy day!  Enjoy! NatureUmbrella1  08/16/06  Nature's Umbrella  Well guess what the forecast continues to be, rain! This wild mushroom has its on solution to the constant rainfall, it's own umbrella! When dealing with wild mushrooms, please look only, many are deadly!  Enjoy at a Distance!
Reachingfor thestars1  08/18/06  Reaching For The Stars  Another Successful test launch of our rockets we built for the space physics class I just returned from at UAF in Fairbanks.  Enjoy! Moose20  08/20/06  Heading for Cover  Rain still pours down and is expected for the next couple of days. This Bull Moose heads for the cover of the forest to escape the down pour.   Enjoy! WintersKiss1  08/22/06  Winters Approach  Rain is still falling and the mountains are covered in a vale of clouds. Yesterday the clouds lifted for a short while and revealed that winter's wonderland is fast approaching.    Enjoy! IARC1  08/24/06  IARC  International Arctic Research Center is the world's leading place for arctic studies. IARC is located on the grounds of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. One of IARC's  missions is the study of Auroras.     Enjoy!
Winter Approaches2  08/26/06  Signs of Winter  Flowers are seeding readying themselves for their long rest until next spring. The days are rapidly growing shorter now all good indicators of winters approach!     Enjoy! Thunderbirdfalls1  08/28/06  Thunderbird Falls  The family and I took a day trip out the other day and explored Thunderbird Falls. The hike was short about 2 miles round trip but worth it!      Enjoy! Numbers  08/30/06  Crop Circles?       Actually not! The number represents the 100th year anniversary of the farm at the University of Alaska Fairbanks I am told! Pretty cool!  Enjoy! Mt. Redoubt 1  09/01/06  Fire Among the Clouds       Mt. Redoubt apart of Alaska's active chain of Strato-Volcanoes (Composite Type)  sleeps restlessly among the clouds.  Enjoy!
KenaiBeach1  09/03/06  Kenai Beach      Wide sandy beaches abound at the city of Kenai located on the Kenai Peninsula.  Enjoy! Tedsadler1  09/05/06  A Class Act      Ted Sadler with the Sponge Bob Tie is "The Mattress Ranch Guy." Ted takes on Cystic Fibrosis at the state fair and throughout the year. Ted is a class act support his cause! We need to find a cure!  Enjoy! The Giant1  09/07/06  The Giant  This pumpkin won this years' Alaska State Fair largest vegetable at 1019 Pounds that's a lot of pies!  Enjoy! Mushroom Stand2  09/09/06  Mushrooms  I ran across this stand of mushrooms along a trail. Remember wild mushrooms should only be enjoyed from a distant as they are often very poisonous!   Enjoy!
91106  09/11/06  Never Forget!  We shall never forget the events of 9/11! Take time to remember all those who lost their lives for freedom you enjoy today! God Bless America! Hatcher Pass Moon1  09/13/06  Moon Over Hatcher's Pass  Hatcher's pass this past weekend was great! The autumn colors are in full view. I caught a glimpse of the moon rising above the pass it was incredible!  Enjoy! Alaska Tradition1  09/15/06  An Alaska Tradition  The state fair took place couple of weeks ago and it was a great time. Its an Alaskan tradition that should be experienced.  Enjoy! Fallapproaches2  09/17/06  Fall Splendor  Alaska is only weeks away from her long winters nap. The trees burst forth in a array of colors marking the turn of the season!  Enjoy!
Theoldmanmountain1  09/19/06  Mountain Prayers  This praying mountain is located at Hatcher's Pass behind the main lodge. The praying man intensifies as the sun sets it's really cool!  Enjoy! FallApproaches1  09/21/06  Peaking  Fall colors are at their best, as nature paints the landscape in a variety of colors!  Enjoy LandofGiants1  09/23/06  Land of  The Giants  When you think of Alaska what comes to mind? Ice, Snow, Wildlife! Alaska is also the land of giant produce! Our volcanic soil and long summer days makes Alaska one of the greatest places to grow vegetables!  Enjoy! Mooseescape1  09/25/06  Taking Chances  This young moose nearly risked it all trying to cross the Glenn Highway during Saturday rush hour. After several fail attempts the moose opted to use the moose gate and go under the highway via ship creek. Hats off to those motorist who slow to give the moose an opportunity. For those that didn't remember, slow down next time, both the moose and your car and maybe your insurance and love ones will thank you!  Enjoy!
Thereturn1  09/27/06  Against All Odds  Salmon are perhaps one of the greatest migration adventure stories ever told. Salmon return to the stream where they are born after spending seven years at sea. The return trip is full of many hazards such as fishers, bears, eagles and waterfalls. Many make the return journey but few arrive. They spawn thousands of eggs for the next generation who begin their seven year journey the following spring!  Enjoy! Winterathand1  09/29/06  Winter's at Hand  Termination dust covers the mountains marking the turn of the season!  Enjoy! CLoudsaucer1  10/01/06  Cloud Saucer  A Saucer shape cloud hovers in front of a snow line ridge as the termination dust continues down the mountain marking the start of winter.  Enjoy! windseed1  10/03/06  Last Minute Travelers  Seeds are posed for flight to find a safe haven before winter.  Enjoy!
Hiking2  10/05/06  Hiking Adventure  Alaska is blessed with many hiking trails and unforgettable scenery!  Enjoy! Fallleaves1  10/07/06  Brilliant Yellows  The Peak is over and winter is but a week or two away. Snow continues to move down the mountains!  Enjoy! Movingsnowline1  10/09/06  Progressing Snow Line  The snow line continues down this mountain side in the Matanuska Valley outside of Anchorage. Weather yesterday was rainy and windy. Winds are expected to reach 80 mph today on some of the mountains!  Enjoy! Coming Attractions1  10/11/06  Coming Attractions  Winter's Wonderland is on the way!  Enjoy!
Alpinegroundcover1  10/13/06  Alpine Ground Cover  Alpine Meadows appear to be grassy at first but a closer inspection reveals a world of many diverse and complex plants and organisms.  Enjoy! Little Sustnia2  10/15/06  Pure and Simple  I never tried of seeing the pristine Little Susitna water way.   Enjoy! Distant Glacier 1  10/17/06  Distant Glacier  I image this huge glacier in the distance from Hatcher's Pass.   Enjoy! Waterysun1  10/19/06  Watery Sun  Overcast Skies produced this Watery Sun effect. Snow is expected for Saturday!  Enjoy!
MistyMountain1  10/21/06  Misty Mountain  Clouds continue to drape the mountainsides as snow is predicted for later tonight!  Enjoy! Missingwheels1  10/23/06  Golly Jeepers Batman...  where's the wheels?!! This train must have been park in a bad location. Actually not, the train is apart of a project for a restaurant that has been put on hold, I hope for not long the pilings look a little stressed! Lets hope there aren't any strong winds soon!  Enjoy! Signsof winter1  10/25/06  Signs of Winter  Sleeping flowers cover the area as Winter begins! It's snowing as I published this image!  Enjoy! Snow20061  10/27/06  First Snow!  Snow fell over the area yesterday and snowed lightly all day.  Enjoy!
OrangeSunset1  10/29/06  Orange Sunset  The other day the sunset was a brilliant orange. Snow cover across the area is about 4 to 5 inches. Winter is here!  Enjoy! Iceyfrightnight1  10/31/06  Icy Silhouettes...   await  trick-or- treaters as they trek through the snow in search of treats!  Enjoy! Novembermoon20062  11/03/06  Take Two   Another look at an awesome experience!  Enjoy! Frozenplane1  11/05/06  Frozen Plane   Lake Hood lies frozen in the background strands this sea plane in place for the winter.  Enjoy!
Frozensnow1  11/07/06  Sub Zero Snow   With temperatures at -10 F and below snow freezes and crystallizes and creates beautiful ice formations.  Enjoy! IceyTaxiway1  11/09/06  Clear Skies Ahead   Skies remain clear as temperatures barely make into the teens. Overnight lows remain as cold as -10 F! Even cold temperatures don't deter private planes such as this one taxiing down a frozen road to the runway!  Enjoy! Verternsday22006  11/11/06  A Time to Remember...   Veteran's Day is a special time to remember all those who have served and still serve to protect the freedoms we enjoy today! Thank-you for all you have done and God Bless You!  Never Forget Those Who Have Served and Still Serve! Veternsday12006
WinterReturnEagle12006  11/13/06   Eagles Return   After months of absents, I spotted five Eagles today as they return to winter over at Eagle River! What a breath taking sight!  Enjoy! FrostedBerries1  Frosted Berries   Temperatures are dropping to -35 F with the wind chills for overnight lows for the next few days be really careful! Dress warmly as these temperatures are very dangerous to anyone who is not properly dressed!  Enjoy! Frozenstream1  11/17/06   Frozen World   Temperatures remain extremely cold overnight lows remain -20 F to -35! Rivers and streams appear to be frozen in place but don't venture out onto the ice until they have been judged safe!  Enjoy! CuriousEagle1  11/19/06   Curious Eagle   This eagle takes great interest in watching me as I set up for the photo. Temperatures remain cold reaching only into the low teens for the highs!  Enjoy!
2SkatersandDog1  11/21/06   Two Skaters and a Dog   Potters Marsh, a wild life area is home to many birds and wetlands species. During the winter when the marsh is frozen solid and sleeps, the marsh is turn into a natural skating arena. A perfect balance of appreciation and use between man and nature.  Enjoy! Thanksgiving2006  11/23/06   Happy Thanksgiving   Thanksgiving eh? Lets see what I can find. Fish, Rodents, wait what about that guy with the camera, mmh...choices....choices. Enjoy time with your family and remember love ones! Also give thanks for what you have and give to those in need! The choice is truly simple!  Enjoy! IchyEagle1  11/25/06   Have Itch will Scratch   Ah..., food, friends and a branch it doesn't get any better than this!  Enjoy! Eagle 11  11/27/06   Eagles Abound   Eagles abound in Eagle River. I have done a recent count of at least 41 different individuals so far! They always put on a great display!  Enjoy!
Mountain12  11/29/06  Cloud Sea   A majestic mountain rises above a sea of clouds!  Enjoy! Limited Light1  12/01/06  Limited Daylight Approaches   Alaska is fast approaching its shortest daylight. Areas of Alaska North of the Arctic Circle are now in darkness until mid January. Days in Anchorage are around 4 hours long but will decrease to two hours of daylight by late December.  Enjoy! Moose21  12/03/06  Familiar Face  I went in search of a old friend and found him crossing the street. This moose and I have crossed paths many times before. Once he even charged at me, although I don't blame him for it. Someone approached him to closely while I was photographing him and scared him. I am glad to see he is doing well.  Enjoy! Sled2  12/05/06  Sledding Alaska Style  Have snow will glide! Snow blankets the area and traveling in old fashion style is the order of the day!  Enjoy!
Snowblowing1  12/07/06  Snow Day What's That?  In the lower 48, snow brings time off for students! Snow is a way of life for us and rarely do we have snow days for school! Instead we incorporate snow into our school life!  Enjoy! Reindeer1  12/09/06  Cupid's Promotional Tour  To delight of many children, Santa's Reindeer recently visited Ravenwood Elementary on their way to the North Pole!  Enjoy! MouthFilledEagle1  12/11/06  Dinner to Go  This Eagle is poised for takeoff with dinner to go!  Enjoy! Eagle5  12/13/06  Magnificent Creation  I never tried of photographing these wonder birds as you can tell! They are truly one of God's wonderful creations!  Enjoy!
Eaglezilla1  12/15/06  Eagzilla  Step aside godzilla, here comes Eagzilla!  Enjoy! GasPrices1  12/17/06  Mass Transit Incentive  Looks like the local Carrs decided to set the record and have the highest gas prices in the United States! I wonder if they are busy...mmh??  Enjoy! Busstation1  12/19/06  Celebration Station  Even through its quiet now at the Eagle River Main terminal, the celebration continues in the form of holiday lights! Yesterday it never got light as we experience twilight during the short day. Snow continues to fall over the area!  Enjoy! LowLightBlowingsnow1  12/21/06  Daylight/Twilight  As Alaska approaches the winter solstice on December 22 we will have our shortest day of the year. With cloud cover and blowing snow the short day is a little over 2 hours long and is bathe in twilight. The forecast for the next couple of days is heavy snow, skiing is the order of the day!  Enjoy!
PreflightCheck1  12/23/06  Preflight Inspection  Mmh...Anthers check, Fur check, After Burners check, all systems are a go! Santa's reindeer are given their preflight inspection before the big ride! The reindeers must maintain a speed of 650 miles/per second this year in order for Santa to visit every child on Earth!  Enjoy! Christmas2006  12/25/06  Merry Christmas  From Eagle River Alaska! Christmas is heaven's greatest gift of love, Jesus Christ Son of God who came into this world to bring us salvation!  Enjoy! Reindeer2  12/27/06  Nap Time  After maintaining their 650 miles/per second flight speed so Santa could visit every child on Earth, Santa's reindeer settle down for their nap. Sad Note Former President Gerald Ford die yesterday. Thanks Jerry for all you did!  Enjoy! Snowbench1  12/29/06  Snow Continues!  Winter's Wonderland continues as much of South Central Alaska is blanketed with 2 to 3 feet of snow! Snow is expected later this week!  Enjoy!
Mountain Moon1  12/31/06  Mountain of the Moon  The Moon appears to rise from the mountain side along the Eagle River Road. Alaska Photo Journal celebrates its 8ooth Picture of the Day!  Enjoy! BikePath2006  05/11/06  Bike Way  Anchorage is covered by miles of bike paths. Many often off the beaten path taking their riders to new adventures. The bike highways are one of the reasons that make Anchorage a great place to live!  Enjoy! Segway2006  05/13/06  In Balance  Segway's are unique mode of travel. They remain balance through the use of gyroscopes. What an excellent means of "Green Travel!" With gas prices rising these days this owner is on the right track!  Enjoy! Mooseeat2006  05/15/06  Fresh Greens At Last!  This moose grazes on fresh green grass after a winter of dry vegetation. Moose sightings are on the increase in the Anchorage area!  Enjoy!