Alaska Photo Journal 2005

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
Sunrise17  01/01/05  First Light  The Sun rises and the first light of a new year dawns over Anchorage.   Enjoy! Moose4  01/03/05  Mid Day Nap  I found this Bull Moose over near the airport taking a snooze.   Enjoy! Iceflow1  01/05/05  Ice Flow  The Cook Inlet abounds with pack ice flowing. Temperatures have been warmer than usual lately. However, temperatures are expected to drop back to normal over the next couple of days.  Enjoy! airplane1  01/07/05  The Shortest Distance is...  by air! Alaska is the largest state in the Union and has more license pilots per person then any other state.  Enjoy!
Sunrise18  01/09/05  Early Sunrise  The Sun rose around 9:30 AM. The sky was painted red against the silhouette of the distant mountains.   Enjoy! Mountain1  01/11/05  Within Reach  Mountains that were once too distance now come into view. I finally got a used camera off of ebay to replaced the one that died a while back.    Enjoy! Sunset19d Sunset19a  01/13/05  Frozen Sunset  -4 F along the Seward Highway. The scene turn even more spectacular as fading play on the icy clouds.  Double Click the Picture To See!    Enjoy!
Frozenmarsh1  01/15/05  Potters Ice  Potters Marsh wetlands have become an ice land as temperatures continue to stay in the negative range. Many people have been taking to the marsh for the ultimate ice skating experience.    Enjoy! Mountain3 Cook Ice Flow 1  01/19/05  Icy Cook  Ice flows move with the tides in the Cook Inlet.     Enjoy! Ice Climber 1  01/17/05  Going For The Top!  I was on the Seward Highway yesterday and saw this guy Ice Climbing Now that's cool!  Double Click Below  More Ice Climbing Photos!   Enjoy!
Ice Climber 2 Ice Climber 3 Sun Ice Flow 1  01/21/05  Sun and Ice  The Sun sets over the icy Cook. Snow is in the forecast!     Enjoy! Ice Climber 4
Moose5  01/23/05  The Other  One of the twin yearlings still remain, after the tragic death of the twin by being hit on the road. The young yearling is now becoming a bull as antlers are starting to grow. While, I enjoy having the neighborhood moose around, I hope he moves his fate will not be like his twin.     Enjoy! Anchorage1  01/25/05 City by The Sea  Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with a population of 263,000. Anchorage is a modern city that offers many services and excitement  to both residents and visitors alike.  Enjoy! Moon6  01/27/05  Moon over Anchorage  The night skies have been excellent the past week.  Enjoy! Tricolored sky 1
Tricolored sky 2 Tricolored sky 3  01/29/05  Tri-Colored Sky!  Unbelievable play of light reflecting from the moon and the rising Sun produced this effect along with temperature inversions. I stood stunned as this dance of light unfolded!  Enjoy! Tricolored sky 4 Sunset20
Sunset21 Sunset22 Sunset23  01/31/05 Choose A Sunset!  Perfect in everyway! God sure does provide beauty in his glorious creation! Yesterday's Sunset was beyond words!  Enjoy! Mountain4  02/02/05  Alaska's Finest!  When you think of Alaska do you image this? The mountains are breath taking! Happy Birthday Dad!  Enjoy!
Mountain5  02/04/05  Hidden Valley  A valley suddenly appears as clouds part from the mountain range at dusk.  Enjoy! moose6 Moose7  02/06/05  People Watching!  I caught this Moose watching people in the house. Kind of cool considering it's people who we think do all the watching! Moose Watching  Enjoy! Moose8
Moose9  02/08/05  Parting Glance  The people watching Moose gives me a parting glance as I head on my way. Nature sure is awesome!  Enjoy! Schoolin1  02/10/05  Snow No Problem!  Schools in Alaska rarely close for snow. We are expecting 22 inches of the wonderful white stuff. It will be interesting to see if we make it in by tomorrow. I think yes!  Enjoy! Schoolin2 Climbing3  02/12/05  Serious Sledding  Going up is always the hard part but wait for the ride down!  Enjoy!
Valentines1  02/14/05  A Valentines Wish  May your day be filled with love and peace.  Enjoy! Snowtree2  02/16/05  Snow Keeps Coming  I never tired of the endless beauty of Snow.  Enjoy! Ice Show 1  02/18/05  Ice Show  The Fur Rondy as begun! It open with a ice show, fire works and rides. I will be publishing Ice Sculptures and fireworks and other events for the next couple of days.  Enjoy! Ice Show 2
Ice Show 2a  02/19/05  Frozen Excellence  The Ice Show was a hit for all. All the Sculptures were second to none, my only regret was not seeing the artists at work, maybe next time!  Enjoy! Iceshow1 Iceshow2  02/21/05  Bearly Frozen  The Ice Show continues to be a hit with residents and visitors alike. Despite temperatures hovering close to freezing, the sculptures seem to be holding their shape. To see a collection of some of the Ice Art  double click the hyperlink: Ice Show 2005  Enjoy! Iceshow3
Iceshow4 Iceshow5 Anchoragemoon1  02/23/05  Full Moon   A Full Moon rises over the mountains North of Anchorage  Enjoy! Dog1  02/25/05  Good Human/Good Dog   I found this cool sign while walking through the snow at a near by park.  Enjoy!
Dogsled1 Dogsled2  02/27/05  Have Dogs Will Travel   This rider glides effortlessly across the snow. The Fur Rondy continues in Anchorage. (Double Click to See Dog Sled Tours), Fairs, Snow Sculptures Contest and The World Champion Dog Sled Weight Pulling Contest are just a few of the cool things to do!  Enjoy! Dogsled3 Dogsled4
Dogsled5 Dogsled6 Dogsled7 Dogsled8  03/01/05  Take Five   This Sled Dog is taking a break while the musher's load up the sled.  Enjoy!
Wolfman1  03/03/05  Wolf Man  This really nice breeder of AKC Saint Bernard's shows his well train dogs at the Fur Rondy Sled Dog Pulling Contest  .  Enjoy! Snow Art 1 Snowart 2 snowart3
snowart4 snowart5 snowart6  03/05/05  Snow Ark  Snow Sculptors abound during the Fur Rondy. The Iditarod starts today! Good Luck Musher's!  Snow Sculptors Review  Enjoy! snowart7
snowart8 snowart9 Mountain6  03/07/05  Twin Peaks  Headed into the interior above Anchorage into the Mat-Su  Valley and saw these impressive peaks.  Enjoy! Apline Glow 1  03/09/05  Alpine Glow  Alpine Glow is a really neat effect as the Sun sets the red rays bathe the snow covered mountains turning the white snow to a red background. This effect only last a few minutes but is breath taking!  Enjoy!
SledDogPull1  03/11/05  Ready Set Pull!  A Young Pup gets his first chance at the Fur Rondy World Championship Pulling Contest. While not successful, on this run I am sure he will be back next year!  Enjoy! Train1  03/13/05  Hauling Weather!  The last couple of days have been raining! I decided to head down the old Seward Highway and caught the Alaska Railway Flying by!  Enjoy! YBergs1  03/15/05  Y Bergs!  The YMCA is flooded by recent rain and snow melt, Icebergs have been spotted! This local news caster is featuring the story!  Click Here for additional Images! YBergs2
YBergs3 YBergs4 YBergs5 YBergs6
YBergs7 YBergs8 YBergs9 Moose10  03/17/05  Why Does The Moose Cross The Road?  Prove to the possum it can be done! This very early AM Moose wanders across Rabbit Creek Road with Her Calf. Unfortunately many moose are struck by motorist each year. Keep your eyes open and as always  Enjoy!
Sunset24  03/19/05  Halo Set  The Sunset yesterday produce a wonderful Halo effect!  Enjoy! Shippingout1  03/21/05  Setting Out  This freighter embarks out of the Port of Anchorage into the Cook Inlet to destinations unknown.  Enjoy! Twins1  03/23/05  Twin Totems  These Totems are located outside The Anchorage Court House and are an excellent example of Native Art!  Enjoy! MoonRising1  03/25/05  Moon Rising  The Moon rises over Girdwood, Alaska along the Seward Highway.  Enjoy!
Easter2005  03/27/05  He Has Risen  Lets take time to reflect on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ  Our Lord and Savior the true meaning of Easter. Every Day, I am reminded of God's Glory and Love through his Wondrous Creation.  Enjoy! Talkeetna1  03/28/05  There It Is  My family and I did some exploring over the Spring Break and drove into the interior and ended up here. I will be publishing images of Talkeetna over the next few days.  Enjoy! Talkeetna2  03/30/05  Historical  Talkeetna  Nagley's Store provides a flavor of the past and is worth the drive to Talkeetna.  Enjoy! Talkeetna3  04/01/05  Have Shovel Will Visit  Sparky's is temporary snow under. Hopefully they will be back up running by summer. Sparky's is one of the many interesting things that can be found in historical downtown Talkeetna.  Enjoy!
Aprilsnow1  04/03/05  April Shower  Brings us Snow!.  Enjoy! 1964Earthquake1  04/05/05  1964 Remnant   Good Friday 1964 brought the worst Earthquake in recent US history. The quake was around a 9.2 on the Richter Scale and lowered areas of land along the Old Seward Highway. Buildings such as the pictured are reminders of nature's awesome force to reshape the land!  Enjoy! Train2  04/07/05  All Aboard!   Despite extreme conditions that can exist this far North the Alaska Railroad delivers. The rail network also offers excellent tours in her passenger service line which is second to none. So, climb aboard!    Enjoy! Moose11  04/09/05  Salad Bar   A little bit of grass, A little bit of bark, A little bit of Pine? Moose are having to forage and are anxious for the Spring and Summer pickings!      Enjoy!
Dall Sheep1  04/11/05  Dahl Sheep   Are beginning to appear along cliffs of the Seward Highway. I had to climb a steep slope to reach these guys!     Enjoy! Moose12  04/13/05  Close Call   I have been photographing Moose for the past six months and have learned a lot about signs and their behaviors. This guy decided to charged me without warning and chased me around my car until running into the woods.     Enjoy! 1964Earthquake 2  04/15/05  Still Standing   The dormitory in Whittier still stands as a reminder of the great 1964 Alaskan Earthquake. The building survived because it was built on bedrock.     Enjoy! QuietTime1  04/17/05  Family Time   This family spends a quiet walk along the beach as the tides change. We should all take time and walk quietly with our families.     Enjoy!
Aware1  04/19/05  Aware   These beautiful Siberian Tigers seem out for a nap but one is keenly aware of my presence. While these animals are not native to Alaska, they can be found at the Alaskan Zoo. Come out and support the Zoo and see all the really cool animals and programs they have to offer.     Enjoy! Mountain7  04/21/05  Scenic View   My family and I drove out along the Seward highway and image this really cool contrast between Rock, Ice and Water!     Enjoy! Seaside1  04/23/05  Seaside  Rain has been falling on and off  the past couple of days. I manage to get a picture in between the rain.     Enjoy! Reflection1  04/25/05  Twin Mountains?  Once and a while you get a prefect reflection off of Potters Marsh of the Mountains above it. As a longtime resident explain to me.     Enjoy!
ManandBear1  04/27/05  Can I have a Bite?  The bear seems to be saying to the man. Feeding bears can be dangerous and often encourages bears to become aggressive. This statue is off one of the bike highways in Anchorage. The bike roads in Anchorage are world class!     Enjoy! Geek1 Geek 2  04/29/05  Moose Geek  I saw this really cool computer repair service and they a great logo. Checkout the picture below for the full ad!     Enjoy! Lookout1  05/01/05  Look Out  These two are enjoying their overlook of the Cook Inlet. We all should take time and enjoy the beauty of God's World around us!  Enjoy!
Birds1  05/03/05  Water Fowl  These guys are classic examples of the diverse life that can be found at Potters Marsh  along the Seward Highway.     Enjoy! Summer Approaches1  05/05/05  Summer Approaches  The snow retreats from the mountain tops and the trees begin to leaf. The temperatures here in Anchorage have been as high as 62F! Alaskans are enjoying an early start to summer. The days are growing longer and longer as Alaska becomes the land on the Midnight Sun!     Enjoy! Say Moose 1  05/07/05  Say Moose  Caught this Bull Moose styling for the camera on my way home. Horns on this guy are starting to grow.     Enjoy! Notquite1  05/09/05  Not Quite!  Temperatures have been in the mid sixties and weather has been beautiful!     Enjoy!
CanadaGeese1  05/11/05  Returning Fowl  Birds of all kinds seem to be returning as summer approaches here in Anchorage.     Enjoy! Snowretreat1  05/13/05  In Retreat  Snow cap peaks are giving way to spring and summer temperatures. Melting snow has created a number of waterfalls along the Seward Highway.     Enjoy! Warning Signs1  05/15/05  Warning Signs  A little Moose Education, Moose are wonderful creatures to observe but they like all wildlife need to be understood and respected. This one is displaying signs of dismay by raising hair on the back and the ears pinned back. If you see a Moose in this state back away slowly and calmly and give it plenty of space or risk being stomped!     Enjoy! Moose14  05/17/05  Friendly Moose  While alert this moose shows no signs of aggression. Moose are beautiful animals and really awesome to watch but they need to be respected. Kinder Photos celebrates the 500th picture of the photo journal from Anchorage Alaska!     Enjoy!
Eagle Glacier Area 1  05/19/05  Eagle Glacier Area  Eagle River outside of Anchorage is a really beautiful place with spectacular views!     Enjoy! MorethanIceandSnow1  05/21/05  Green Alaska  When people think of Alaska what do they think, Ice and Snow? Alaska is also the land of the Midnight Sun and the state is famous for flowers and vegetables also!     Enjoy! Float Plane 1  05/25/05  Getting Around  How to do you get to work? Alaska has the most licenses pilots per person in the United States. Float planes can land almost anywhere! Sorry I missed yesterday's photo I took the day off!     Enjoy! Salmon Run1  05/27/05  Salmon Run  The salmon are beginning to run at Ship's Creek. Many hopeful fishers cast there lures and swap tales in hope of stocking their plates and freezers for the year.     Enjoy!
Family Time 2  05/29/05  Quiet Time  This family enjoys the view and some peace. Maybe we should take some time for our families this holiday weekend.     Enjoy! Snow Cat 1  05/31/05  Surveying  The Snow Leopard at the Alaska Zoo is checking out the visitors over the Memorial Day Break. The Alaska Zoo is a great place to visit and the animals are well care for! A class act to check out, go visit the zoo!     Enjoy! Rainbow1  06/02/05  Late Night Rainbow  The rainbow appeared over South Anchorage around 10:20 PM. The picture was darken to accent the rainbow. The background sky is actually as bright as midday. The Sun sets around 1:30 AM now and rise at or before 4:00 AM     Enjoy! Moose15  06/04/05  Grazing  With the return of summer, pickings are good for the Moose. Moose have had their calf's and are on guard. Observing these magnificent animals is very unpredictable at this time and should be done at great distances to allow the mother and her offspring a feeling of security.     Enjoy!
StairwaytoKnowledge1  06/06/05  Stairway to Knowledge  Anchorage boast several libraries. This one located on Denali is an excellent example of what Anchorage has to offer     Enjoy! Waterfountain1  06/08/05  Water Fountain  Sets outside the library located on Denali. Is a awesome sight to see. If you get a chance check out a book and relax by the falling water.     Enjoy! Seward1  06/10/05  William Seward ...  Convince the United States Government to purchase Alaska from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million dollars. Seward's purchase at the time was called Seward's Folly or Walrussia. However his critics were later silenced with gold discoveries!     Enjoy! NearMiss1  06/12/05  Near Miss!  This sky glider cut a little close to the tower but made it safely through. Glide on!     Enjoy!
CookTree1  06/14/05  Driftwood  Large pieces of driftwood have beach themselves near Beluga Point.     Enjoy! Lichen2  06/16/05   There She Grows...   I went looking for Beluga Whales again but again they alluded me at Beluga Point. I was walking back from my observation point and I look down and saw this beautiful colony of lichen.     Enjoy! Meltingsnow1  06/18/05  Hanging On   As Summer continues snow hangs on the side of this mountain. Who will win the race, we will check back in the fall!     Enjoy! Iceberg1  06/20/05  Ice Blue   This iceberg was calved off of the Portage Glacier. The blue coloration comes from the ice being under pressure when it was in the glacier. The blue will fade as the ice rebounds from being release from the pressure. Also this berg is actually quite large since 9/10 of an iceberg remains underwater!    Enjoy!
Iceberg2  06/22/05  Ice Volcano?  Actually not, this iceberg was also photograph at the Portage Glacier appears to have a volcanic crater at the top left of the berg. While Ice Volcanoes do not exist on Earth, they do exist in the orbits of planets and moons from Saturn and beyond. The dark banded stripping is glacial till created by the grinding weight of the ice as the glacier moved across the ground.    Enjoy! Iceberg3 Alaska Flower1  06/24/05  Alaska Flower  Alaska is often called the land of ice and snow. Alaska with its almost 24 hour daylight during the summer is actually a floral haven!  Enjoy! Tidal Bore Movie
Tidal Bore 1  06/26/05  Tidal Bore  The tides along the Cook Inlet are very severe. This hydraulic is created by the rapid movement of water over an underwater object.  Enjoy! Placier Creek1  06/28/05  Placer Creek  Is a typical blue water creek that is created by runoff from snow and glacier melt.  Enjoy! Midnight Sun1  06/30/05  Midnight Sun  This picture was taken at 12:35 AM. The actual amount of light was much brighter but the camera has its limitations!  Enjoy! Moosekill1  07/02/05  Too Many  Moose are beautiful creatures but they do lack common sense. Please be careful! Hitting Moose is not only hard on the Moose population but hitting a Moose can also be very dangerous to the driver as well!  Enjoy!
Moose16  07/04/05  Independence Day Moose  Happy 229th Birthday America! What better way to celebrate America's independence than viewing her majestic wildlife!  Enjoy! Bee1  07/06/05  Busy  Its amazing what you can see if you only take the time!  Enjoy! JulySnow1  07/08/05  July Snow?  Anchorage saw its first signs of winter. This dusting took place high in mountains surrounding the city.  Enjoy! F151  07/10/05  Ever On Guard  Another Eagle comes home after a training session. F-15's are a vital part of the mission to keep America free. Remember support your troops away and home. They are the reason your free.  Enjoy!
Rugged Beauty1  07/12/05  Rugged Beauty  Living in Alaska can be a very special experience. Alaska is the largest state in the union in land mass. Its population is just over 660,000.  Alaska is one of the few places on Earth where people of adventurous sprit can still live on the frontier.  Enjoy! Rugged Beauty1a  07/12/05  Rugged Beauty  Living in Alaska can be a very special experience. Alaska is the largest state in the union in land mass. Its population is just over 660,000.  Alaska is one of the few places on Earth where people of adventurous sprit can still live on the frontier.  Enjoy! Flower5  07/14/05  Botanical Paradise  Palmer located 30 minutes out of Anchorage is agricultural community which produces world record size crops and an incredible diversity of plant life.  Enjoy! Hidden1  07/16/05  Hidden  Dogs and Fire Hydrants seem to go together. This Hydrant is camouflage as a Dalmatian. Will it escape the trials of other Hydrants by dogs only time and fresh paint will tell!.  Enjoy!
Double Rainbow1  07/18/05  Seeing Double  We had a double blessing as a massive thunderstorm passed through Anchorage!  Enjoy! Beaver Dam1  07/20/05  Beaver Dam  On our hike the other day at the Eagle River Nature Trail we came across nature's master builder's work!  Enjoy! Beaver Lodge 1  07/22/05  Beaver Lodge  What appears to be a mound of sticks and mud is actually nature's original log home constructed by the beaver.  Enjoy! Whale Mural 1  07/24/05  Whale Mural  Despite my numerous attempts to find whales in the Cook Inlet, all I have found is this beautiful whale mural in downtown Anchorage. I will continue my search, I know someday it will happen!  Enjoy!
Sunrise19  07/26/05  Sunrise Returns  The days are growing shorter and the weather is beginning to cool. Signs that fall is fast approaching.  I caught my first Sunrise in quite a while at 4:30 AM yesterday morning.  Enjoy! Opposites1  07/28/05  Cooperation  Two different species of birds guard each other at Potters Marsh!  Enjoy! Cattails1  07/30/05  Potter's Cats  Cattails abound at Potter's Marsh.  Enjoy! Little Susitna 1  08/01/05  Little Susitna  This small but mighty little river roars at the base of Hatcher's Pass about an hour North of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway!  Enjoy!
Alpine Meadow 1  08/03/05  Alpine Meadow  This high Alpine Meadow is located above the Hatcher's Pass Lodge and affords incredible views of the valley below!  Enjoy! Sea Lilly 1  08/05/05  Sea Lilly  This really cool plant and others can be found at the Palmer Visitor Center Show Case Garden. Stop by and visit them they have an excellent and friendly staff!  Enjoy! Train Station 1  08/07/05  Palmer Station  Palmer Historical Train Station  is a wonderful reminder of travel of the past and the future.  Enjoy! IceCream1  08/09/05  Frozen Tones  Ice Cream trucks have hit every known park, this past summer, each playing music from rock to classical.  Enjoy!
Hitch Hiker 1  08/11/05  Hitch Hiker  I was out and about and noticed I had pick up an extra passenger. I will be on a photo exploration for two weeks. See you in September!  Enjoy! Return to School1  09/05/05  Welcome Back!  Finally back from some well deserve rest and exploration. Alaska Photo Journal Essay is ready for sharing the wonders of Alaska!  Enjoy! Seagull1  09/07/05  Spying!  This seagull is checking out passer Byers for a quick meal at Atlantic Beach North Carolina. I will start publishing Anchorage Photos soon!  Enjoy! Viewfromabove1  09/09/05  View From Above  I took this photo on our way back home to Anchorage of New Mexico from 37,000'!  Enjoy!
370002  09/11/05  Above Phoenix  These red painted mountains were on our approach just outside of Phoenix.  Enjoy! Eagle River Mountain 1  09/14/05  Autumn Blaze  Mountains in Eagle River, Alaska are alive with fiery color as Autumn fades into the upcoming winter.  Enjoy! Autum Mountain 1  09/16/05  Mountain of Gold  Prospect with your eyes, for the Mountains are alive with vivid color!     Enjoy! Mushroom Stand 1  09/18/05  Mushroom Stand  While these fungus draw attention, they are quite dangerous and need to be left alone!  Enjoy!
Squirrel 1  09/20/05  Checking Out  My family and I were walking on the bike trail in Eagle River when my wife notice that we were being carefully watched!  Enjoy! Blazing Color1  09/22/05  Blazing Color  High up on Hiland Road the plants are a blazed with color!  Enjoy! Beyondfall1  09/24/05  Winter Horizon  Beyond the row of fall colors lies the advent of winter.  Enjoy! Friends2  09/26/05  Ready to Ride  Three friends await the open road. My wife capture this really cool picture at the local Walley World.  Enjoy!
Duck1  09/28/05  Doing The Twist  This Duck appears to be dancing at the Eagle River Duck Pond.  Enjoy! Odd Flock1  09/30/05  An Odd Flock  A Peacock, Two Mallard Ducks and a Wild Rabbit!  Enjoy! Monastary1  10/02/05  Hidden Retreat  A Monastery appears from the woods as leaves fall.  Enjoy! Eagle River Valley1  10/04/05  Golden Valley  Eagle River Valley still holds its Autumn touch but Winter is fast approaching..  Enjoy!
Long day fading 1  10/06/05  Shorter Days  The Sun rises later and later and sets earlier and earlier as we head into the beginning of the winter.  Enjoy! Glacier Valley 1  10/08/05  Glacier Valley  A U-shape valley appears from clouds. This shape was craved by an eminence block of ice long ago.  Enjoy! Appearing From The Clouds1  10/12/05  Termination Dust  Snow termination dust is now jumping from peak to peak as winter fast approaches. A chance of snow is called for this Thursday!  Enjoy! Mountain8  10/12/05  Termination Dust  Snow termination dust is now jumping from peak to peak as winter fast approaches. A chance of snow is called for this Thursday!  Enjoy!
Mountain9  10/14/05  Mini Glacier  A small glacier is forming in the center of this picture. This glacier is located in Eagle River Alaska.  Enjoy! Cache 1  10/16/05  Modern Cache  Cache are miniature emergency storage stock piles for people in the bush country. This one appears to have been slightly modernized!   Enjoy! Mounatin 10  10/18/05  Top of Alaska  The Mountains in the distance are not only the highest elevation in Alaska but are among the tallest mountains in the world!   Enjoy! Mole Day 2005  10/21/05  Mole Day 2005  Students and Teachers alike at East High School Celebrate National Chemistry Week with Mole Day 2005. Students observed this historic occasion at 6:02 AM with a candle light ceremony and songs.  Enjoy!
SnowBowl1  10/23/05  Snow Bowl  This bowl shape depression is  called a cirque. It collects snow which then compacts under its own weight and forms ice, creating a glacier. It snow for the first time today, but the temperatures rose to 33 F and melted most of our first dusting.  Enjoy! Redsky1  10/25/05  Red Sky  I caught this picture just after the Sun set and the trailing red light started to fade. Truly God puts on the greatest shows in his creations.  Enjoy! Shorter Days1  10/27/05  Shorter Days  We are rapidly losing sunlight as we head into winter, small snow showers are becoming more common. Snow is predicted this weekend!  Enjoy! Shorter Days1b  10/27/05  Shorter Days  We are rapidly losing sunlight as we head into winter, small snow showers are becoming more common. Snow is predicted this weekend!  Enjoy!
Sunset25 Sunset26  10/29/05  6:14PM  The Sun sinks below the horizon in a spectacular show of color. Double click the picture as Sun is moments from the horizon.  Enjoy! Frozen World 1  11/01/05  Frozen World  Temperatures today soared to 29 F! The stage is set for the snow that is predicted this week!  Enjoy! Widerness1  11/03/05  Eagle River Sleeps  Temperatures made it to 16 F today. The area is blanketed by frost as winter fast approaches!  Enjoy!
Potter's Ice Ring1  11/05/05  Potter's Ice Ring  The Marsh has frozen over the birds have gone to winter, new life appears as skaters traverse the reeds.  Enjoy! Cook In Motion 1  11/07/05  Cook in Motion  Cook Inlet is full of motion as the tidal bore and high winds move vast amounts of water creating white caps and sprays!  Enjoy! Frozen Cattails1  11/09/05  Frozen Cattails  These cats remain standing even in the face of -4 F!  Enjoy! Green and Ice 1  11/11/05  Green and Ice  Temperatures actually made to the low twenties today. The land is now a contrast between evergreen and ice. Snow showers are becoming more frequent! Today is Veterans Day, Please take time to thank and remember all those who have given so much so that we all could be free.  Enjoy!
Ice FIshing 1 Ice Fishing 2  11/12/05  Ice Fishing  Lakes have long since frozen over since the advent of winter. Cold weather however hasn't  prevented these two  fishermen from enjoying a good catch.  Enjoy!  More Ice Fishing Photos Ice Fishing 3 Steppen in Style1  11/14/05  Steppen in Style  This dog sports a sweater and  snow boots against 12 F weather!  Enjoy!
High and Dry 1  11/16/05  High and Dry  Chacon built in 1912 now lies hidden among the trees but with advent of winter she appears once again from her forest  enclosure!  Enjoy! Moonrising2  11/18/05  Eagle Moon  The Moon rise over Eagle River was spectacular! The weather today slush!  Enjoy! Totemsnow1  11/20/05  Snow Totem  This excellent example of totem art is located on the old Seward Highway in Anchorage. Snow is called for the next couple of days so far we have 8 inches!  Enjoy! Snowman2  11/22/05  Let it Snow!  Snow is falling today throughout the Anchorage area giving this snowman reason to celebrate!  Enjoy!
Sunset27  11/24/05  Happy Thanksgiving!  Snow is still falling bringing about a winter wonderland to celebrate this time with family and friends.  Remember to give thanks for we are truly blessed in this country.  Enjoy! EagleRiver Eagle2 EagleRiver Eagle2a EagleRiver Eagle2a1  11/27/05  How's This?  Same Eagle different pose. It seem the Eagle enjoy the attention, giving me different looks!  Enjoy!
EagleRiver Eagle1  11/26/05  Cool Eagle  This Eagle braves the cold as temperatures hover at 9 F!  Enjoy! EagleRiver Eagle3  11/28/05  Here's Looking at You Kid!  Ever watchful this eagle keeps close tab on me and the other photographers that stopped to admire these beautiful birds!  Enjoy! Sunriseat -6F  11/30/05  Frigid Sunrise  The Sun is about rise a little after 9 AM! Temperature -6F! The Moon can still be seen near the middle of the photo.  Enjoy! Eagle River Christmas Tree 1
Eagle River Christmass Tree 2  12/02/05   Eagle River Christmas Tree  The official tree lighting service kicks off the holiday season in Eagle River.  Enjoy! EagleSnow1  12/04/05   Snowy Eagle  Despite the cold temperatures and the snow this beautiful Eagle stands out as my wife spotted him and I grabbed the photo!  Enjoy! Eagleand Ice1  12/05/05    Eagle and Ice  Eagle sightings continue  in Eagle River as these amazing birds continue to enrich us. I counted six Eagles alone today!  Enjoy! Snow Bridge 1  12/07/05    Snow Bridge  The bike roads are a bit deep to ride on this time of the year. Snow depth along this stretch is around 20 inches!  Enjoy!
Eagleskating1  12/10/05    Eagle Skating  Snow is melting fast due to some warm air off the ocean leaving sheets of ice in its path. Despite these studded talons this eagle skated over the icy parking lot.  Enjoy! MoonRising3  12/12/05    Moon Rising  The Moon rises over Eagle River. The picture was actually lighter but I darkened it for enhance effect.  Enjoy! Eaglestwo  12/14/05   Twins?  A pair of Eagles enjoy each others company.  Enjoy! Spares1  12/16/05   Spare Fuel  The owner of this truck fills up and carries spare fuel in the truck bed. Dogs make an excellent source transport power here in Alaska.  Enjoy!
Eagleriver Eagle4  12/18/05   Staring Contest  Photographing the eagles lately has been really amazing. There are at least a dozen eagles if not more all with different personalities. This one here likes to stare people down.  Enjoy! Mountain10  12/20/05   Momentary Daylight  Days are very short now as we approach the shortest day of the year December 21. The Sun barely rises after 11 AM and twilight makes the remainder of the day.  Enjoy! StateHood Monument1  12/21/05  Winter Solstice  Today, was the shortest day of the year. The Sun light lasted for few hours and was quickly gone. The sun rose after 11 AM and by the time this photo was taken at 2:30 PM it was twilight. The Eisenhower Alaska Statehood Monument is an excellent place to visit and offers a great view of the ship creek area below.  Enjoy! Downtown1  12/23/05   Downtown  I took this photo overlooking 6th avenue from the pedestrian bridge that connects the parking garage to the 5th avenue mall.  Enjoy!
Anchorage2  12/25/05  Merry Christmas  On this day Christ our Savior was Born. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Alaska Photo Journal Essay!  Enjoy! Solar System 5 Soslar System 5 Solar System 1  12/26/05  Icy Sun  Anchorage has a wonderful Solar System walk which starts on 5th Avenue. Check out the following the rest of the Sun Station Area! by double clicking the above hyperlink.  Enjoy!
Solar System 2 Solar System 3 Solar System 4 Solar System 6
Solar System 7 Snowwhale1  12/27/05  Snow Whale  Art is everywhere in downtown Anchorage. Anchorage has been named All American city several times over the past decade.  Enjoy! Gathering1  12/28/05  Moose Rendezvous  I spotted a large gathering of Moose on a field next to Tutor Road. The gathering is somewhat unusual since Moose are mostly solitary creatures most of the year. Double Click Moose Rendezvous to see the gathering!  Enjoy! Gathering2
Gathering3 Gathering4 Gathering5 Gathering6
Gathering7 Fishsmoking1  12/29/05  Sturgeon General Warning?  Since less people are smoking these days ever wonder what happen to those extra smokes? Actually no, fish smoking is a method adding flavor and preserving fish, which really taste great!  Enjoy! annoyed1  12/30/05  Annoyed?  This Raven seems to be pushing his luck with this Eagle!  Enjoy! EagleRiver Eagle5  12/31/05  Opportunity  This Eagle looks forward to the future! Have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2006! Remember don't drink and drive!  Enjoy!
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