Alaska Photo Journal 2004

Pictures and Adventures in "The Last Frontier"
Dinosaur 2  08/25/04 I'm Back!  I will be publishing pictures from the road over the next couple of days while I figure out the new look. This Dinosaur picture I took in Wisconsin.  Enjoy! mouse1  08/27/04 Say Cheese!  This guy seems serious about his cheese. I took this photo at the house of cheese in Wisconsin.  Enjoy! Supermoose 1  08/29/04 Super Moose!  This guy is incredibly huge! Too bad he's not real. I took this picture while traveling through Wisconsin. Remember the 101.5 year lady I featured a couple years ago, she is 103 today and still going strong! Happy Birthday Dearmom!  Enjoy! Polar Bear 1  08/31/04 Ready for "Chase"  The Polar Bear is the largest bear on Earth! Their fur is actually clear but appears white when the sun hits it.  Enjoy!
Framed 1  09/02/04 I was Framed!  This Porcupine seems to protest its innocence in the great corn caper and blames the deer. Actually, this fellow eagerly greets its visitors at the zoo. If you get a chance, go visit the zoo. Its great place to be, both you and the animals will share a wonderful experience.   Enjoy! Brown Bear 1  09/04/04 Man..., I got to clip these things!  Brown Bears of Alaska are awesome creatures of size. Checkout the claws on this guy! Bears are wonderful animals to view but give them respect and plenty of space.  Enjoy! USFlag 1  09/06/04 Happy Labor Day  Today is a special day where we celebrate our hard work with a day of enjoying time with family.   Enjoy! SewardHW1  09/08/04 Trip Along the Seward Highway  The haze is clearing up from the fires in the North and the mountains are becoming clearer in view. This is a picture of the Cook Inlet looking South and West along the Seward Highway.    Enjoy!
Outhouse1  09/10/04 Alcan Services at its Finest!  The Alaskan Highway is a renown road that offers her travelers a very close touch with nature in more than one way!    Enjoy! Steamboat Cafe 1  09/12/04 Steamboat Sails Again!  The Steamboat Cafe' sails again with new ownership! The cafe was close the last time I travel the Alcan. The new owners are very wonderful and offer great services! Stop in and see them on your way, its' worth your time!  Enjoy! Horses 1  09/14/04 Horses Along the Alcan  Horses race along the Alcan wearing bells. The bells remind hunters hey, I'm a horse not a moose. Also the bells help keep bears away from attacking the horses!  Enjoy! Stream2  09/16/04 Yukon Stream  This wild pristine stream cuts her way through rock in the heart of the Yukon along the Alcan Highway.  Enjoy!
Caribou 1  09/18/04 Caribou Surprise!  Caribou and Author were surprise as we met around the bend on the Alcan Highway!  Enjoy! Plane 2  09/20/04 Alcan International and Gas Service  This plane awaits possible passengers in the heart of the Yukon along the Alcan Highway. The Runway about a football field in length and is rock and weed covered. If you decide not to fly that's ok, they have got you covered, you can fill your car up at the service station at the runway's end!  Enjoy! Yukon River 1  09/22/04 Pristine River  Flowing quickly through the Yukon this blue tinted river receives her color from distant glaciers.  Enjoy! Alaskasign1  09/24/04 Welcome to Alaska!  After a long and beautiful trip along the Alcan Highway we finally made it! This picture was taken about a month ago and I wanted to share some experiences of life along the Alcan. I hope to be publishing pictures soon of life in Alaska  Enjoy!
SewardHighway1  09/26/04 Whale Watching  Looking for whales along the Seward Highway outside of Anchorage. While, we didn't find any whales, we caught some awesome scenery through the telescope!  Enjoy Sunflare 1a  09/28/04 Lens Flare  While looking for whales I captured the Sun. My camera lens system is experiencing trouble and a replacement camera is down the road a long way. I am trying to figure out how I can keep the system going until it can be replace. Please be patient, who knows maybe a new photo art form will be born ?  Enjoy! Fatherson1  09/30/04 Father & Son  A father and his son out whale watching along the Seward Highway  Enjoy! SewardHW2  10/02/04 Along The Cook Inlet  Just another wonderful day by the sea.  Enjoy!
Sking1  10/04/04 Ready for Snow  Ski Alaska Style  Enjoy! SnowTrain1  10/06/04  Snow! The More The Better!  I photograph this snow train along the Seward Highway!  Enjoy! EndlessSummer1  10/08/04 Endless Summer?  Slowly snow makes its way down the mountains surrounding Anchorage as winter approaches. These guys however, don't know when to quit!   Enjoy! PotterMarsh1  10/10/04 Potter Marsh  Is an excellent wildlife viewing area. Check it out, remember take only pictures and memories. Leave nature as you find it unspoiled  .  Enjoy!
FallMarsh1  10/12/04 Autumn in Alaska  With winter at hand Nature puts on one last spectacular show of colors. I will feature Autumn of Alaska over the next few days.  Enjoy! AlaskaFall2  10/14/04 Autumn along the Seward  The trees are at their peak along the Cook Inlet!  Enjoy! AlaskaFall3  10/16/04 Fall's Zenith  Colors are at their peak and soon a new season will arrive. The days are growing shorter as Alaska settles into winter!  Enjoy! Moose1  10/18/04 A Moose for Mozen!  A mother and it's calf grazed by our school. Moose seem very gentle creatures but they can be dangerous and unpredictable. Give them plenty of space!   Enjoy!
waterfall1  10/20/04 Spruce Falls  Water rushing down the mountain side  among the spruce.  Enjoy! Eveinglight1  10/22/04 Evening Light  Rays of light stretch out from the clouds at evening's close. The days are growing shorter and winter is at hand. The daily forecast keeps calling for snow and the clouds and feel of the air seem to support this prediction.  Enjoy! Airboat1  10/24/04 Bass Boat, Alaska Style!  This boat will get up and go!   Enjoy! Tree5  10/26/04 All Tied Up!  I found this really cool tree along the Seward highway off the beaten path. The trunk seem all tied up!   Enjoy!
Glacier 1c  10/28/04 In Need of a Ice Age!  This smaller glacier near the Portage Glacier is in retreat. Perhaps local warming trends will reverse themselves   Enjoy! Marsh1  400th Journal Entry 10/30/04 Marsh Evening  Potters Marsh settles into its long winter slumber.   Enjoy! ZooBoo1  10/31/04 Zoo Boo!  Happy Halloween from the Alaska Zoo. The Zoo Boo was a hit! People from all over Anchorage attended this spooky event. Even the zoo animals got into the act! Look for up- coming pictures of The Great Zoo Boo!    Enjoy! GhostOwl1  11/03/04 Ghost Owl  A Ghostly image enshrines this beautiful Snow Owl during Zoo Boo at the Alaska Zoo!   Enjoy!
SnowSchool1  11/05/04 Comets or Meteors?  Actually No! This cool effect was created by the light of the flash as the blowing snow hit the camera lens. School was only one hour late, even through 15 inches of the wonderful white stuff fell!   Enjoy! Incomingsnow1  11/07/04 Incoming!  Watch Out! Take cover. It seems that the snow blower is about to struck by a comet or a meteor! Actually no, see the previous photo , describing this cool effect.   Enjoy! Incomingsnow1a  11/07/04 Incoming!  Watch Out! Take cover. It seems that the snow blower is about to struck by a comet or a meteor! Actually no, see the previous photo , describing this cool effect.   Enjoy! ZooBoo2  11/09/04 Zoo Boo Camp Fire  After a great night or Ghost and Goblins, what better way to end the night by hanging out by the fire and telling tales.   Enjoy
One Percent  11/11/04 One Percent  Soars majestically into the snowfall! This beautiful art work can be found at GVMS in Anchorage Alaska.   Enjoy Cloudwave1  11/13/04 Surf's Up?  What appears to be a massive wave in bound is actually a wall of clouds rising off the water in the early evening.   Enjoy sunset9  11/15/04 Nice Ending  The Sun sets over low tide in the Cook Inlet. The fore ground almost reminds me of some distant alien landscape   Enjoy Snowtree1  11/17/04 Snowy Spruce  Anchorage received another couple of inches of snow this morning.   Enjoy
Moose 2  11/21/04 Yearlings  These twin moose have been seen in the neighborhood for several months. While they seem tame, moose can be very unpredictable and should be given plenty of space.   Enjoy Camper1  11/19/04 RV Alaska Style  RV's are often the choice of many vacationers. This one truly stands out among all others. Click the picture below to see another view.   Enjoy Camper 2 Icybridge1  11/27/04 Cloudy Days  The past couple of days have been overcast skies. My bike and I paused briefly on this ice covered bike road bridge. The Sun broke through shortly the other day. Days are getting real short with sunrise around 9:00 AM and evening by 4:00 PM. The days will continue to become shorter as we head towards winter.   Enjoy
Author1  11/29/04 Earthquake Park  On Good Friday 1964, the second largest earthquake in U.S. history took place at 9.4 on the Richter Scale. The area behind me used to be a residential neighborhood which slid into the Cook Inlet. Anchorage can be seen in the distant background.   Enjoy coffe1  12/02/04 Brewing Friendships  Anchorage's landscape is dotted with small drive through coffee havens. Each of these shops carries its own special theme. They stand ready earlier each morning as beacons of comfort to help commuters start their day!   Enjoy snowcar1  12/04/04 All in A Day of School  My car was snow free as I went to school. A few hours later a foot covered her!   Enjoy Snow Fall 1  12/06/04 Snowy Night  I took this picture the past Thursday as nature put on a wintry show. Snow has its own magical feeling as the ice crystals fall through the silent night!   Enjoy
Gingerbreadhouse1  12/08/04 Ginger Christmas  The Captain Cook Hotel is putting on a Ginger Bread Christmas house display check it out!   Enjoy Hope1  12/10/04 Christmas Sprit  The people of Anchorage show their support for Convent House. A home for teenagers who's lives are in trouble and need shelter from the storms of life. God Bless   Enjoy sunset10  12/12/04 Early Sunset  The radio station blares check out the great sunset at 3:30 PM, and they were right! The days are getting shorter the Sun rises around 9:45 AM now or perhaps later.   Enjoy Polar Express 1  12/14/04 Polar Express  Snow covers the track and Christmas is in the air all aboard the Polar Express. Santa and toys are real nice things but least we forget the greatest gift of all, God's promise of love and salvation through his son Jesus Christ.   Enjoy
Lama1  12/16/04 Vampire Lama?  Actually No! The camera light is just reflecting in his eyes. The Alaska Zoo had Christmas for the animals, it was a great time for all.   Enjoy Santa1  12/18/04 Christmas for the Animals  Santa, thanks these two would be givers as they donate food to the animals at The Alaska Zoo.   Enjoy Bear1  12/20/04 Bearly Snowing  Anchorage was supposed to get eight inches of snow and we bought a sled. However, we ended up with "Bearly" two. Sigh, maybe next time!   Enjoy Sled1
twilight1  12/22/04 Mid Day Twilight  The Sun is sitting low on the horizon and we receive only a few hours of twilight. After the 22nd the days will begin to become longer!   Enjoy MooseHug1  12/24/04 All I want for Christmas is....  A Moose Hug? Our 5th Avenue Moose stands in for Santa.   Enjoy Sunrise16  12/26/04 Christmas Eve Sunrise  After days of darkest from cloudy weather the Sun rises gloriously over Anchorage's Northern Mountain Range and what better way to start to celebrate the coming day of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day!   Enjoy Sunset11  12/28/04 Fiery Sunset  The Sunset the other day was spectacular!   Enjoy
Moose3  12/30/04 No Moose Allowed  This Bull Moose stands outside a gated community forging for better food and was thwarted by the community's fence. Moose are commonly seen throughout Anchorage.   Enjoy Roanoke Airport 1  05/12/04 Night Flight  Roanoke's State of the Art Airport is small but always makes flight a pleasure.      Enjoy! Rust1 Schoolout1  02/12/04 You are not Here    Another snow storm crosses the region and school is cancelled for the day. The halls lie quiet awaiting to be filled with students eager to learn!  Enjoy!
Self Flying1  04/26/04 Yeah, This Baby can Fly Itself!  Were a little short handed today, so what can I get you?    Enjoy! Sidewalk Cafe 1  05/18/04 Tavern on the Walk  The Tavern Restaurant offers patrons a touch of  old world sidewalk cafe service on Market Square in downtown Roanoke.     Enjoy! Snowfall12004  01/11/04 Snow Fall  The Blue Ridge saw her first snow fall of the year, this past Friday. I am sure my students are disappointed having to miss a day of school. Cold arctic air has kept temperatures low.  More snow is expected this Wednesday, let the hot chocolate flow and let it snow , snow and snow...   Enjoy! Snowfall22004  01/27/04 Arctic Blast!     Burr... Virginia endure arctic temperatures yesterday with 16 F. Seven inches of snow fell and Half inch of ice is expected today. Ice was already in the air as I took this picture of ice flows developing in this stream  Enjoy!
snowfall22104  01/28/04 Road less?     What appears to be an endless field is actually the main road. Bundle up tonight its going to 15F!  Enjoy! Snowflake1  2/06/04 No Two Alike!    Snow flakes are like people in that no two are alike but all are special in their own way!   Enjoy! snowman1  02/18/04 Little Frosty    My daughter Megan and I built our first snowman together from the recent snow. While, I had no magic hat to make it come alive, there was enough magic to go around as we had fun building him!  Enjoy! SnowMountains1  02/14/04 Snow Covered Mountains    Happy Valentines Day, Enjoy the day and remember their is no greater gift than the giving one's self in helping others  Enjoy!
Snowstar 1  02/16/04 Snow Star    Snow covers the region with areas receiving up to 7 inches old snow. I caught the early morning sun rising above the snow covered trees. Snow is expected for Tuesday.  Enjoy! Spider5  06/03/04 No Web will Travel  Not all spiders use webs.  Wolf Spiders such as these forge for their food like most predators.  Enjoy! Spider6a  06/16/04 Zipper  I found this spider at my grandmother's garden. While most spiders are cool in themselves, I really like the added feature this species creates.    Enjoy! Spill Way 1  02/02/04 Spill Way    My daughter and I visited the old power dam the other day and  took this up close picture of the spill way.   Enjoy!
Spring Pig 1  04/24/04 Spring Pig  Rose are red, Violets are blue, "Biscuit" is green so is spring too.    Enjoy! Stair Stepping 1  02/08/04 Stair Stepping    The recent winter mix of rain, sleet and snow enhance this set of waterfalls.  Enjoy! Sunrise10  01/17/04 Sunrise Over The Ridge  I caught this sunrise on the way to work yesterday. I am always amazed at the way light and shadow can create. God puts on a great show!    Enjoy! Sunrise12  01/21/04 Beautiful Beginning  I never grow tried of watching the sun rise. I caught this image around 7:20 AM the other day.    Enjoy!
Sunrise14  02/20/04 New Beginning    Sunrises, never cease to amaze me. Each represents a new beginning and offers the promise of things yet to come. Make each day count and make a difference!  Enjoy! sunset4a  04/08/04 Awesome  Sunsets have been awesome the past couple of days.         Enjoy! Sunset5a  04/12/04 Other day Sunset  This was the finish to awesome sunset feature. The forecast has been rain the past few days and I thought we could use a spectacular show.  Enjoy! Sunset6  04/30/04 Orange Set  The sunset the other day gave a orange hue as if it was taken on some distant world. Take time catch one!       Enjoy!
Sunset7  05/06/04 Nice Wrap Up!  Yesterday ended, with nice wrap up! I have been featuring a lot of sunsets lately, they help make sense of the day, when some things don't.       Enjoy! Sunset8b  07/02/04 Twilight  The recent days have been hot while the evenings remain cool.  Enjoy! Tree 3  01/25/04 Out of Virginia....     What appears as a scene from the savanna of Africa is actually a tree stunted by rocky soil growing in Virginia. Thanks Captain Kangaroo for the joy you brought so many children, you will be missed by many!  Enjoy! Turkey 1  05/02/04 Wild Turkey Surprise  I tried to sneak up on these wild turkeys, they had other ideas.       Enjoy!
Up and Away 1  02/28/04 Up and Away!    I just got back from Washington DC what a great time my family and I had! We visited family and I met some really nice people with DoDEA. I hope to hear from them again. I took this photo from my hotel room of planes taking off from Regan National Airport.  Enjoy! Want to Race 1  04/20/04 Want to Race?  It appears that these two aircraft are competing to be first air borne. I took this picture on my trip yesterday. The great thing about trips, is  meeting people and exploring wonderful opportunities.  Enjoy! War Heros 1  03/27/04 War Heroes  The Korean War Memorial is a long deserved tribute. Sometimes called the "Forgotten War" least we should forget those who sacrifice so much so others may taste freedom.    Enjoy!  and  Remember! Washington Monument 1  03/25/04 Washington Monument  This simple but impressive obelisk celebrates a grateful nation to its founding father George Washington. Washington was a farmer, solder and the first president of the United States. Through his administrations, the foundations of a nation were established. I took this photo looking cross the Potomac River during our recent visit to our nations' capital..   Enjoy!
Water Drops1  05/16/04 Water Drops...  Fall at Century Park. Nestle between two buildings this pocket park offers visitors shade and tranquility from the stresses of the day!     Enjoy! Waterfall2  01/09/04 Shooting Rapids  This small stream races over the rocks creating water sculptures in her splash.  Enjoy! WD1 Web1  06/18/04 Radiant  This guy really did artistic beauty with his radiant web happy hunting! Hey guys sorry the picture is late. I am working on a class and takes a lot of time!    Enjoy!
Witnessing 1  04/04/04 Witnessing  I was on a mission to find homelessness. What I found even in despair was a hero, who reach out to give hope and spread the love of Jesus Christ!        God Bless You! Wright Flyer 1  05/14/04 First in Flight  I took this picture a while back of a scale model of the Wright Flyer in Charlotte NC. The Wright brothers were the first in man flight. I will be out and about this weekend and hope to get some great photo ops!     Enjoy! Yellow Weeds1  04/16/04 Even Weeds...  Celebrate the return of spring. The farmers' fields are blanketed with these golden yellow plants that paint the valley in vivid color array.  Enjoy! Zebra Row 1  07/22/04 Running the Gauntlet!      No, I am not in Africa, I am at Virginia Safari Park near Natural Bridge, Virginia. The park is an excellent place to visit and interact with wildlife! The zebras line the entrance to the wildlife section. Hold on to the feeding bucket! Zebra's scored one with us as we lost one of our feed buckets! The experience was well worth it!  Enjoy!
Zebra Row 2  07/24/04 Your mirror needs a little Salt!      No food eh? What seems like an attack is actually quite harmless. The Zebra means no harm and the experience was awesome!  Enjoy! 90 feet and Counting  03/04/04 Ninety Feet and Counting    I stayed at the Hilton in Arlington last week, a first for me. Anyway, I thought you might like the view from our room.  Enjoy! BaldTree1  01/19/04 Joshua Tree  I hiked up Bald Knob the other day, which many geologist consider some type of extinct volcanic feature. I named this tree the "Joshua Tree" because, I found it growing out of solid rock!   Enjoy! Building Remade  05/26/04 Remake  The old buildings in the Roanoke Market area have been remade into fine shops and restaurants .    Enjoy!
Butterfly 1  04/28/04 Butterfly Bonanza  Ever have a day where you get a lot good pictures and you can't decide which to use? Butterflies were out and about seeking nectar, creating wonderful images!      Enjoy! Butterfly2  05/04/04 Take Two!  Butterflies abound as flowers produce their nectar.       Enjoy! Cable War 1  06/26/04 Corporate War  Cable Verses Dish, were the best and cheapest they both cry. People have you forgotten you don't need them at all. What about free TV? Get a good antenna and receive the local channels for free! So you don't get 50 channels, big deal, can you watch 50 channels all at one time? Have you check out all those channels, most of them aren't even worth watching! Consider this: watch a sunrise or sunset you will get more satisfaction.  Enjoy! Camel 1  08/03/04 Layback  This camel takes a break after a hard day of work at the park!  Enjoy!
Capture 1  06/24/04 Captured!  This spider may have taken on more than he could chewed! Look for new up coming photos as my spider series comes to an end. Sorry guys about the late posting, I will try to do better. My class is taking a lot of time and I had to miss a few days!    Enjoy! Cat 3  02/10/04 Up a Tree without....    My cat Morris decided to climb 25 feet into a tree. I found him out on a limb not bad for a cat that's at least fifteen years old and blind in one eye with arthritis! I thought I would have to rescue him but he proved that even age cannot prevent determination!  Enjoy! Catce 1  01/15/04 Looking for the future?  CATCE Pronounce "Cat-see" is the 21st century model of education in Franklin County, VA. The school uses cutting edge technologies along with an experience staff, to deliver kids a "Hands On Approach" to education   Enjoy! CatHat1  03/02/04 Happy 100th Birthday!    Dr. Seuss would have been 100 today as we celebrate this event as read across America day. Thank-you for the great childhood memories!  Enjoy!
Challenged 1  07/26/04 Challenged!      As in the days of knights of old, this ostrich starts his jousting run with me. This park was really great time. Everyone needs to visit it!  Enjoy! Clark1  01/23/04 Clark & Friends  I found this statue of Clark at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville VA. Clark made his mark along with Lewis when they explored, Thomas Jefferson's 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France which double the size of the United States at the time. Given the recent 200th anniversary marking the occasion, Clark and friends could used and deserve a good cleaning!    Enjoy! Climbing 1 Climbing 2  03/29/04 Reaching Heights  This climber reaches for the top at a Boy Scout rock climbing exhibit at Tanglewood Mall in Roanoke Virginia. Double Click the hyperlink above to see the tower.   Enjoy!
Clouds1  06/14/04 Cloud Fingers  A beautiful lazy evening produced this wonderful cloud feature!   Enjoy! Crystal City 1  04/02/04 Crystal City  City within a City, Crystal City located in Arlington Virginia is a hub activity along the Potomac.       Enjoy! Diners Club 1  03/31/04 Road Side Diners Club  While Turkey Vultures paint a stark scene high in the locust tree, they serve an essential role in nature. Scavengers such as these, help nature to clean herself and prevent the spread of disease. Possum Anyone?     Enjoy! Easter1  04/10/04 No Greater Gift  The cross says it all! Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the light!  Happy Easter!  Enjoy!
Elk 1 Elvis1  05/10/04 Elvis Found!  Miniature Graceland stills stands. Once a really cool tribute to the "King of Rock and Roll" now lies in neglect. The city of Roanoke should help the owner restore what has been lost to time. Treasures such as these have more than monetary value they speak of human inspiration to achieve something different.      Enjoy! Elvis2 Emu 1  07/28/04 Here's Looking At You Kid!      A baby Emu, gives us a glance. Please if you get a chance go visit the Virginia Safari Park. It was incredible!  Enjoy!
Fine Detail 1  05/08/04 Fine Detail  I took this photo the other day of a grass flower. Its amazing what we overlook!      Enjoy! Fire House 1  05/22/04 Still Serving  Roanoke's oldest fire house still serves faithfully after more than a century. Constructed in the late nineteenth century, she entails the legends that  fire houses are made of.    Enjoy! Fly Art 1  05/24/04 Fly Art  Some artist scup in stone, while others paint in oil, these artist cast their lines in hopes of tasty rewards.    Enjoy! Frog 1  07/18/04 Ahh...  It doesn't get any better than this!     Enjoy!
Frozen Pork 1  01/13/04 Frozen Pork  "Biscuit" has been freezer burn with the low temperatures of the past weekend. Even with the recent thaw, "Biscuit" faces snow this Thursday and Friday.   Enjoy! Golden Rod 1  04/18/04 The Yellow Flower Road   Golden Rods are the weeds I feature the other day. These plants are at their peak, creating ever fields of yellow.  Enjoy! Green Back1  03/17/04 Leprechaun Pig  Looking for a pot of gold? Follow the rainbow to "Biscuit",  Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Enjoy! Ground Cover 2  02/26/04 Ground Cover    I took this photograph on a recent hike to Bald Knob. The cactus is not native to Virginia yet the mountain top is covered! Rumor has it that, someone back in the sixties, discarded their cactus and thinking nature would take care of its own and it sure did!  Enjoy!
HalfMast1  06/07/04 A Time to Morn  A nation lost a true friend a few days ago. President Ronald Reagan passed away at 93. President Reagan made the world a better place to live. Through his leadership, he helped bring down "The Wall" and end "The Cold War." Virginia Photos will not post again until Monday in honor of President Reagan. Thanks Ronald for everything you will be missed! Hows Life1  04/14/04 How's Your Day?  If you're having a bad day, remember, there is always someone who has it worse.  Enjoy! Ice Crystals1  01/29/04 Crystal Clear    The extreme overnight low temperatures left many trees with Ice Crystals growing like stalactites!   Enjoy! Indian 2a  03/08/04 From Within  Like Michael Angelo of the Renaissance, this modern day sculptor and carver in Boonesmill, Virginia finds his David's not in stone but in wood!    Enjoy!
International Fountain 2  04/06/04 To Market To Market buy a cool fossil. I spent the other day looking for fossils. This market view is looking from the international fountain.         Enjoy! Jefferson Memorial 1  03/10/04 Jefferson Memorial  A building fitting a classical philosopher and naturalist. Jefferson a native son of Virginia, was the third president of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence.     Enjoy! Jesus 1  08/01/04 Jesus  I found this statute of Jesus Christ by New Yorker Pizza and Deli. The statute is at least 15 feet tall and very impressive. We need to listen to Jesus message "Love one Another." There's to much violence today lets change that with one kind act at a time!  Enjoy! Kite7  03/19/04 Got to Fly  March is great for kite flying, spend some time among the clouds.  Enjoy!
Life in Coach1  04/22/04 Life in Coach  While not First Class, still not bad. Some people and myself try to figure out what's so great about First Class, the ticket is triple the price. Our consensus was that they arrive two seconds before we do as the plane touches down and the drink is free.    Enjoy! Lincoln 2  03/14/04 Abraham Lincoln  Self educated, his election in 1860, set the stage for the American Civil War. Through his leadership, he freed a nation and saw it reborn.  Enjoy! Lincon 1  03/06/04 A House Divided....  We visited the Lincoln Memorial during our stay in Washington DC. Lincoln's simple message that "a house divided among itself cannot stand" echoes true today. During these trouble times in the world, America must continue to be a beacon of hope that one day all people will be truly free.    Enjoy! lizard 1  06/30/04 Catching Rays  I caught this blue tail lizard sunning himself on a rock at my house.  Enjoy!
Lunar Eclispe Nov 2003 A Moon4 Medical College 1  02/22/04 Medical Passage    Through this gate enters the future doctors of the Medical College at University of Virginia  Enjoy! Mind Control 1  07/20/04 Now, Try this with a Cat!      Our toad friend takes a ride on my sister's Austrian Sheep Dog or is mind control?  Enjoy!
Monkey 1  7/10/04 King of the Jungle  I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. My wife found this guy hiding in the weeds. We came back a day later and the "King" had been rescued!   Enjoy! Morning Glory 2  07/08/04 Morning Glory  Today, I awoke my wife pointed out this flower and commented on its beautify. I couldn't agree more!  Enjoy! Movietheater1  01/31/04 The Never Ending Show!    It has been a 1,000 days and counting, since the old Kroger's closed and they began to remodel the building into a Movie Theater. The residents of Rocky Mount anxiously await the opportunity to catch a "flick" in their own town.  Enjoy! Moving On 1  05/20/04 Moving On!  This string of locomotives moves over a old iron bridge located in downtown Roanoke to pick up their cars for the day's trip.     Enjoy!
Patriot Pig 1  07/06/04 Patriot Fever  Biscuit gets into the spirit of the 4th of July. Sorry I have not published in the past few days my class keeps me busy.  Enjoy! Power Dam 3a  01/30/04 Frozen Dam    The old power dam has been frozen the past few days. More snow is in the forecast! Past Power Dam Images: 2002 Power Dam, 2003 Power Dam  Enjoy! Priceless1  03/12/04 Mother and Child  253 miles, along the Potomac, a flock of hungry Seagulls, a quiet moment, Priceless!  Spend some time with your family.  Enjoy! Rail Bridge 2  07/16/04 Tight Wire  This old rail bridge is extremely narrow. You can actually see the ties hanging over the edge, not much room for error!     Enjoy!
Rail Bridge1  06/05/04 Timeless  This rail bridge design around 1900 stills carries the load of daily commerce over the Roanoke River.  Enjoy! RailStation1  05/30/04 History Lost ?  The old turn of the twentieth century rail station in Roanoke's Southeast Quarter was destroy by fire during renovations a few years back. The station now sits as a shell of its former glory awaiting attention. Will time take what's left, or will the city step up and finish what was started?  Enjoy! Railway 1  07/14/04 Heading Out  There are many roads and paths to follow may yours' bring you home.     Enjoy! Rasberry 1  06/28/04 Wild Raspberry  Summer has come and the berries are in bloom.  Enjoy!
Reach Out 1  03/23/04 Reach Out...  and touch someone. Its' amazing the effect that a simple act of kindness can do for another.  Enjoy! Reaching Out 1  02/24/04 Reaching Out    Weather has been gloomy and rainy. I thought a breath of fresh light might help lighten the spirits  Enjoy! RedDawn1  02/04/04 Red Dawn    Red sky at night sailors delight. Red sky in morning sailor take warning. Red Dawn was sighted yesterday morning. Snow and ice are in the forecast!   Enjoy! Reflection 1  06/01/04 A Teacher's Reflection  Our school year is coming to an end and state testing will begin. I like to take a moment and thank all my students for the great year we shared and fun we had as we learned from each other! I wish all of you the best on your testing! Never forget, Always learn through the eyes of a child and you will keep the joy of learning!  Enjoy!
Ride or Drive 1  05/28/04 Ride or Drive?  Is becoming the big question! Gas prices have gone out of sight and will rise through the summer. I think its time we take the big step and put the U.S. on the Hydrogen Economy. We have the ability, lets do it and stop dirtying ourselves with the price we pay for oil.    Enjoy! Road 1  08/05/04 A New Road for Me and My Family  I took this photo many years ago and now I find myself at last giving it meaning. The road reminds me of Robert Frost poem: The Road not Taken. Virginia Photos is changing to a new theme and will back up and running next month. We are going on a new adventure in life and as Frost's poem said: "  I took the road less travel by and that has made all the difference." Thank-you for all your support keep checking for new and exciting photos next month!   Enjoy! SawMill1  Journal Entry 01/05/04 Cutting ZZZ's...  This saw mill lumbers in a deep sleep. The Blue Ridge Mountains forest were decimated by logging firms at the turn of the twentieth century and the old grow forest disappeared. The mountains, a century later, have recovered but are being threaten this time by residential development, as the area becomes very popular.  Enjoy! Stream1  Journal Entry 01/01/04 Flowing into a New Year!  This beautiful stream represents the new year, refreshing! Have a Happy New Year! Oh don't  worried about those resolutions, just live each day way God wants you to and their will be no regrets  Enjoy!
Flower2004  03/21/04 Spring Time  Winter's Time has passed and the Earth again renews   Enjoy! Snowbridge2004  11/23/04 Bridge Over Icy Waters  Despite warmer temperatures lately, The snow and ice hangs on.   Enjoy Turkey2004  11/25/04 Happy Thanksgiving  Turkeys of the world unite and state "Eat Beef!" May your families enjoy the holidays. Please remember to give to those who have less to make their holiday season a little brighter.   Enjoy Moon 5  07/30/04 Lesser Light      I took this photo a while back. As you know, we are in the full moon phase right now. This moon is a waxing gibbous moon. Did you know that 60 % of the lunar soil has glass in it? Cool!   Enjoy!