Alaska Photo Explorer 2019

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond!
062418 Tree Hugger 010119 Happy New Year  01/01/19 "Happy New Year 2019!"  The Moon swept by Venus just an hour before sunrise this morning to herald in a new year! May your new year be blessed!                 Enjoy! 010319 After Run  01/03/19 "After Run!"  The guys are saying what the run is over already, hey lets go again, yeah sounds good to me lets go, wait do you speak human we got to tell the musher, nah... lets just take the sled!                 Enjoy! 010519 First Light  01/05/19 "First Light"  The first light of 2019 was awesome as I took this image on new years day! Alaska has some amazing sunrises and never fails to impress!                   Enjoy!
010719 Ice Flow  01/07/19 "Ice Flow"  The extreme low temperatures during an Alaska Winter even freezing natural springs that flow out of hillsides!                   Enjoy! 010919 Inviso Dogs  01/09/19 "Stealth Technology in Mushing"  The military no longer has a monopoly on stealth technology as it has reached The World of Dog Mushing! Dog teams are now virtually undetectable even with sight as this mushers complete's the trail with an invisible team!                  Enjoy! 011119 To Adventure  01/11/19 "To Adventure and Beyond!"  The thrill of the run, the snow and adventure awaits those who dare to dream! Mushing is one of those adventure's everyone should do as it bonds one with the team and nature the only  word that can describe this feeling is "Awesome!"                 Enjoy! 011319 Its Cold Outside  01/13/19 "It's Cold Outside and We Like It!"  Temperatures have drop to as cold as -15F lately. What appears to be snow on the tree's is actually frost that has sublimated from the air and grown as ice crystals on the the trees, sort of like a Winter's Version of a Chia Pet!                   Enjoy!
011519 Tandem Sledding  01/15/19 "Tandem Sledding"  Sledd Dogs are so strong they can even pull two sledds at once!                    Enjoy! 011719 Ski Trails  01/17/19 "Ski Trails"  Cross Country and Skate Sking is big on "The Last Frontier" as Ski trails are everywhere!                    Enjoy! 011919 Cold Sunset  01/19/19 "Cold Sunset" High above Anchorage near Artic Valley, I took this amazing photo of Anchorage in sub zero weather and it produced a awesome clear multi-color sunset of the area! Enjoyed! 012119 Super Moon Eclipse  01/21/19 "Super Blood Moon Eclipse"  Conditions could not have been better as a total eclipse of the moon produced a blood red moon, it was amazing!                    Enjoy!
012319 Awesome Sunset  01/23/19 "Always Cool!"  Our Sunsets never disapoint! They are amazing to watch and always leave one with a sense of wonderment!                    Enjoy! 012519 Eagle and Friends  01/25/19 "Friend's of a Feather or Future Meals Hang Together"  A Eagle seems to have several so called friends hanging out watching the Sunset high above in Arctic Valley! I wonder if those other guys realized that they are potential meals if fish become hard to come by because of the frozen rivers!                     Enjoy! 012719 Start of The Eclipse  01/27/19 "Start of The Eclipse"  I picture the blood moon eclispe few days before but I wanted to show you what the start of the eclipse looked like! It was just as awesome as the blood moon in its own right!                     Enjoy! 012919 Moon Physics  01/29/19 "Kinetic Moon"  Moon appears to releasing kinetic energy as it goes from one high point to a lower on the hill. One thing is for sure I needed a moon filter on my camera to make this a better image!                     Enjoy!
013119 False Mountains  01/31/19 "False Mountains"  While the center mountain is real it is distorted like the ones to right and left of it. Temperature inversion distort light and create this awesome effect and it is always amazing to see what landscape nature is going to paint!                     Enjoy! 020119 Spirling Out of Control  02/01/19 "Spiraling Out Of Control"  During the recent eclipse I got this really cool spiraling moon effect while trying to take a time lapse photo without the tripod!                     Enjoy! 020319 Snow Tops  02/03/19 "Snow Toppings"  Alaska Mountains are always awesome especially during the Wither months with their snow cap peaks!                     Enjoy! 020519 Inspiring Peak  02/05/19 "Inspiring Peak" If you are ever looking for a quick case of wonderment just look up, mountains never fail to inspire!                     Enjoy!
020719 Ice Ramp  02/07/19 "Ice Ramp or Do it Yourself Iceship" It looks like this river has provided local wildlife access ramp to its cool waters! It's not made for humans or heavier animals, if you use it, it may just become an iceship!                     Enjoy! 020919 Nice Skyline  02/09/19 "Nice Skyline" Mountains are Always Welcome!                     Enjoy! 021119 Look Ma No Wheels  02/11/19 "Look Maw, No Wheels!" Here's a fact more airplanes are own by private individuals in "The Last Frontieer" than any where else in the world! The famed Alaska Bush Pilot can takeoff and land anywhere, any time! Many planes don Skis instead of wheels during the Winter so any patch of land, ice lake, frozen river or frozen stream can become a landing zone!                    Enjoy! 021319 The Art of Patience  02/13/19" The Art of Patience in Style" Fishing is always been a cat and mouse game but ice fishing takes that to a new level! Many creature comforts have been developed to give the fishers an suppose advantage but still nature persist as a tough opponent!                      Enjoy!
021519 Whats Up Man  02/15/19" What's Up Man?"  So I am in a tree is that a crime? Why don't you go shoot a picture of a Moose, better yet put yourself on this wildlife journal! Eagles sometimes just speak their minds whether we want them to or not!                     Enjoy! 021719 Can't Take a Clue  02/17/19" Can't Take a Clue,Can You?"  So you still want a picture how about some talon!                     Enjoy! 022317 Skiing Adventure  02/23/19" Skiing Adventure"  Two cross country skiers set off for adventure in Arctic Valley! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, the sever I used has been down but now we are back!                      Enjoy! 022519 There it Goes  02/25/19"There it Goes, Gravity is a Friend of Mine"  Building Snow Sculptors can be both Artistic and Physics, as these sculptors use an incline plane to maneuver heavy block of snow from its resting point! That Little Giant Ladder had quite a strain as it bends but doesn't break under the stress of the block load!                      Enjoy!
022719 Mush On  02/27/19"Mush On"  Fur Rondy Mushers compete for adventure and Glory!                      Enjoy! 030119 Winter Special  03/01/19"Just Listed!"  Here's a new take on tiny houses, ready to move in with the state of the art cooling system, owner willing to negotiate terms of sale, not available in the Summer so hurry now while it last!                      Enjoy! 030319 Rounding The Bend  03/03/19"Rounding The Bend"  Fur Rondy had its own mushing compention as mushers and their team raced around Anchorage!                      Enjoy! 030519 Circle of Friends  03/05/19"Circle of Friends"  Snow Eskimos embrace the coming of the Spring Sun!                      Enjoy!
030719 Crash and Go  03/07/19"Crash and Go"  The first turn in the Iditarod start is a challenge to even the most season musher's! The dog team however, just take it in stride!                      Enjoy! 030919 One Cool Dog  03/09/19"One Cool Dog"  This frozen hound redefines cool !                      Enjoy! 031119 Idita Opps  03/11/19"Idita Oops! "  Steering a sled can be a challenge in itself, but being the tow sled is even more difficult as many mushers find out but they always take it in stride!                      Enjoy! 031319 Different  03/13/19"Different"  Half Man, Half ? Not sure, it is a really well done face, not all snow scluptures are completed before the compention but the talent is there for sure!                      Enjoy!
031519Coming Down The Lane  03/15/19"Coming Down The Lane"  Only in Alaska can you see dog teams using the road to race!                      Enjoy! 031719 Cant see The Moose For The Forest  03/17/19 "Can't See The Moose for The Forest"  or is the saying you can't see the tree's for the forest? Anyway, this Moose is using it for good cameo!                       Enjoy! 031919Golden Knowledge  03/19/19 "Golden Knowlege"  Gold is not the true wealth as this dragon has found out, but reading and using one's imagination to dream is! What a perfect message for all to see!                       Enjoy! 032119 The Iditarod 2019 Start  03/21/19 "The 2019 Iditarod Start"  The Iditarod is truely "The Last Great Race on Earth" the race is now over but this was what it was like at the start! It is truely an amazing race enjoyed by millions! The Mushers and their Dog Teams live the dream of Adventure!                       Enjoy!
032319 Ice Loco  03/23/19 "Ice Loco"  The Ice Train seems ready to pull out of the station, although if they fire this baby's boiler up the train will likely melt!                       Enjoy! 032519 Always Awesome  03/25/19 "Always Awesome"  The Mountains of Alaska never fail to impress! I always feel the closeness of God and nature when I gazed upon total peace!                       Enjoy! 032719 Ice Skating Squarrel  03/27/19 "Ice Skating Squirrel"  A squirrel takes one more crack at his Olympic hopes of Ice Skating glory before the Spring melt!                       Enjoy! 032919 Ridges in The Clouds  03/29/19 "Ridges Among Clouds"  Alaska's Mountains often reach into the clouds and as always are majestic in God's wonder that he has given us!                       Enjoy!
033119 Rivers Thaw  03/31/19 "River's Thaw"  Once again the water's flow as Spring Thaw continues!                       Enjoy! 040119 Eagle Glacier  04/01/19 "Eagle Glacier"  Every year I image the glacier at this time to see how it is doing compared to the previous years, check it out at Kinder Science!                       Enjoy! 040319 Sailing into History  04/03/19 "Sailing Into History"   The Chacon rides into history on her cradle. Once a proud trawler,she ply the waters from Seattle to Alaska until she struck an iceberg and sank! Rescue from the icy waters with the intent to sail her again, time stood against her but she still sails the air above Chugak, AK!                       Enjoy! 040519 Snow Board Trails  04/05/19 "Snow Board Trails?"   A steep mountainside is holding a mystery! There appears to be two snow board trails making their way down and incredibly steep slope! The pattern appears not be natural but man-made. Maybe these snow boarders went heliosking but where were they picked up? Ah, there is the mystery!                         Enjoy!
040719 On a Steel Horse They Ride  04/07/19 "On a Steel Horse They Ride"   With Spring comes the start of Motorcycle Season! Please keep an eye out for the rider's of the Steel Horse and remember to share the road!                         Enjoy! 040919 The Great One  04/09/19 "The Great One"   Denali as it is now called is the highest peak in North America! I took this picture in Chugak AK, even at a distance of 370 miles she still dominates the skyline!                         Enjoy! 041119Twin Peaks  04/11/19 "Twin Peaks"   Wildlife remains in hiding, so here's another mountain picture, hopefully wildlife will venture and about, until the mountains are always an excellent stand in, as they never fail to amaze in their splendor!                         Enjoy! 041319 Snow Slides  04/13/19 "Snow Slides"   With the change of season so comes avalanche danger's! If you plan to be in the high country take precaution as unstable snow packs results from the extreme thawing and freezing cycles that exist at this time!                            Enjoy!
041519 Icy River  04/15/19 "Icy River Appears"   Spring brings new life to rivers that have been frozen by Winter's long sleep!                            Enjoy! 041719 Snow Wow  04/17/19 "Snow Wow!"  Spring had come but Winter had other Ideals! You know you gotta to love it! Enjoy! 041919 Still Snowing So Cool  04/19/19 "Navigating The Snow"   I picture the CHACO a few days  ago in sunny Spring weather, now Winter decided to have other plans and It's still snowing, so cool and amazing!                          Enjoy! 042119 He Has Risen  04/21/19 "He Has Risen"  Let the mountains ringout and all of mankind sing, praise to God, for Jesus Christ God's Son has Risen and given us a path to redemption and everlasting life!                          Enjoy!
042319 Snow Joy  04/23/19 "Snow Joy"  This dog saids it all the shear joy that snow brings to us on "The Last Frontier!"                          Enjoy! 042519 Moose Pond Awakens  04/25/19 "Moose Pond Awakens"  Finally Spring has shown up and small ponds such as Moose Pond become alive with all kinds of manner of life!                          Enjoy! 042719 Moose Pond Close Up  04/27/19 "Moose Pond Up Close" Life teems and abounds in these shallow waters! Enjoyed! 042919 Road Crossing  04/29/19 "Moose Crossing"  A Moose makes a run across the road to hurtle the guard rail!                          Enjoy!
050119 Processing Coal  05/01/19 "Processing Coal"  The town of Sutton was a main source of coal production from the 1920's to the 1940's in Alaska! The historic town has been preserved for all to see, check it out and learn about the these early pioneers of Alaska energy!                          Enjoy! 050319 Moose Attitude  05/03/19 "Moose Attitude"  A Moose sticks its tongue out at me as I try to take her picture as she crosses the road as if to say, "there how do you like that photo bomb!"                          Enjoy! 050519 Coal Hoist  05/05/19 "Coal Hoist"  Getting the Coal down from the mountains in rough terrain required massive gears such as this hoist to deliver the black gold from the mine!  Enjoyed! 050719 Coal Shovel  05/07/19 "Coal Shovel" Mining coal can be often difficult but shovel such as these help the process move along! Enjoyed!
050919 Camp Tent  05/09/19 "Camp Tent"  Any early pioneers built camp tents to help house them during Alaska's early days of development!  Enjoyed! 051119 Winter Lodge  05/11/19 "Atbasacan Winter Lodge" Many Alaskan Natives in Alaska's past often built winter lodges such as this to winter over! Enjoyed! 051319 Moose Temper  05/13/19 "Do not Disturb"  Eating after a long Winter, Moose don't like to be disturb when they are stocking up on fresh greens!  Enjoyed! 051519 Avalance  05/1519 "Avalanche" This time of year brings unstable snow packs that often results in snow slides so be careful in the highlands! Enjoyed!
051719 Earthquake Damage Revield  051719 "More Damage Appears" As the ice snow have left the roads and buildings more earthquake damage from the great Nov 30 is revield! Smile It will Get Better! 051919 Sutton Post Office  05/19/19 "Historical Post Office"  The Sutton Historic Post Office echoes the heyday of when Alaska was still a territory!  Enjoyed! 052119 The Moose for The Forest  05/21/19 "The Moose for The Forest"  Moose are often easily missed as they blend in but if you look close enough and take your time you might just be amazed!   Enjoyed! 052319 Coal Processing  05/23/19 "Coal Washing"  In goes the dirty dusty coal out comes clean and squeaky coal mmh....?  Enjoyed!
052519 Snow Curtians In The Mist  05/25/19 "Snow Curtains in The Mist" As seasonal tempertures head into Summer melting on snow at the summits of mountains create curtain like effects! Enjoy! 052719 Going for a Ride  05/27/19 "Going For A Ride"  A dog, a truck and his owner make the perfect combination for a great outing! This actual art work that can be seen at the Palmer Visitor Center pretty cool!  Enjoy! 052919 High Stepping  05/29/19 "High Stepping"  A baby Moose puts it into high gear as he makes his way to mom waiting on the other side of the road!  Enjoy! 053119 Three Amigos  05/31/19 Three Amigos Play about as their mother stocks up on greens! Enjoy!
060119 Flowing Ever Forward  06/01/19 "Flowing Ever Forward"  The mighty Matanuska Glacier flows ever forward as it fights the yearly battles between advancing and retreating through it's freezing and melting cycles!  Enjoy! 060319 Beached  06/03/19 "Beached"  A Gray Whale becomes the second whale to beach near Anchorage! It is not certain why it became stranded and die, rarely do Gray Whales enter the Turnagain Arm as the currents are swift and the tide is extreme. Normally only Beluga Whales which are small live here!  Sad Day! 060519 Just Bear With Me  06/05/19 "First Bear of The Year"  Congratulations Black Bear you are the first wild bear to make Alaska Photo Explorer this year! Yeah, checkout that expression What No First Prize?, No Honey?, oh come on!!!!!, Why so Cheap? Hey come closer let me show you my gratitude!  Enjoy! 060719 Dandelion Grazer  06/07/19 "Dandelion Grazer"  Who needs weed killer when you got a natural solution! All I can say is "Graze On, My Friend!"  Bon Appetite !
060919 Really Now  06/09/19 "Really Now?"  ..... You want to feature me on Alaska Photo Explorer, well alright, how's this? A Young Bull Moose with lots of personality stops and poses for an image! This Moose and I hung out together for quite a while!  Enjoy! 061119 Hayseed Moose  06/11/19 "Hayseed Moose"  Yep I'm a country Moose coming to town, I heard you city folk's keep planter's out in front of your homes Dang, Can't Wait!  Enjoy! 061319 Play Time  06/13/19 "Play Time"  A Coyote and her three cubs, one not picture take a few moments for play time for themselves and give a chance for mom to relax and gather some warm rays! Life is truely amazing on "The Last Frontier!" Enjoy! 061519 Rock Hopping  06/15/19 "Rock Hopping"  Dall Sheep spend there life rock hopping the cliffs while forging for food, they are truely amazing to watch as they teeter on the edge of oblivion! Enjoy!
061719 Thats Right  06/17/19 "That's Right "  .... I am enjoying the greens, see this blade of grass, it's history baby and there's not a thing you do about it!  Enjoy! 061919 Now Its My Turn  06/19/19 "Now It's My Turn!"  I the twin of my brother that you picture last posting! I am better looking!  Enjoy! 062119Longets Day of The Year Oh Boy  06/21/19 "Oh Boy!"  .... It's The Longest Day of the year! The Summer Solstice was greeted by both people and animals like this Coyote Pup and the day was awesome!  Enjoy! 062319 Dont Mess With Me  06/23/19 "Go Ahead and Blink, I Dare You!"  Just enjoying a stare down contest with an Eagle, and yes the Eagle won!  Enjoy!
062519 I Think I Can  06/25/19 "If a Giraffe Can Do It So Can I"  A baby Moose stretches its neck out to reach desirable leaves and twigs!  Enjoy! 062719 Kite Surfing  06/27/19 "Kite Surfing"  Taking the sport to the extreme, when you Kite Surf in the Cook Inlet, where the water is bone chilling and the second highest tides in the world reign!  Enjoy! 062919 Blue Bells  06/29/19 "Bluebells Are Everywhere"  Alaska has an amazing roadside of flowers. Bluebells such as these are just a sample sample of what can be seen!  Enjoy! 070119 Blue Bear  07/01/19 "Blue Bear"  A cool artistic Blue Bear can be seen at The Alaska Zoo, come visit the zoo!  Enjoy!
070319 Eagle Glacier Summer View  07/03/19 "Eagle Glacier Summer View"  The Summer heat wave has exposed much of the Eagle Glacier, hopefully cooler weather will be here soon!  Enjoy! 070519 Bee Explorer  07/05/19 "Bee Explorer"  A Honey Bee takes a walk over flowers looking for nectar and pollinating!  Enjoy! 070719 Bee Happy  07/07/19 "Bee Happy and Chill!"  A Honey Bee gathers nectar and moves pollen from flower to flower. He also seems very content in his work and enjoy's life to the fullest, we all could taken lesson from bee's, what a better wprld it could be!  Enjoy! 070919 Fireweed Upclose  07/09/19 "Fireweed Upclose"  Pretty cool, it is always amazing the detail that life produces!  Enjoy!
071119 Off to Market  07/11/19 "Off to Garden Market"  The Art Truck I imaged earlier is now off on a new misson as it goes to the Garden & Art Faire, the dog always seems happy just for the ride!  Enjoy! 071319 Ready to Ride  07/13/19 "Ok Guys Ready to Go!"  The dogs seem to be communicating their ready checklist, I can say for sure it was an awesome ride!  Enjoy! 071519 A Classic  07/15/19 "A Classic"  The Car Show at the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River was awesome! I will be on a photo journal assignment till the end of July so enjoy this image and look forward to new exciting images from my journey!  Enjoy! 072919 Point of Arrival  07/29/19 "Point of Arrival"  The airport in Roanoke Va is an amazing piece of art, I spent the past two weeks in the Star City of the South! The city itself was an awesome place to visit, over the next few days I will be posting my adventure there!  Enjoy!
073119 Thats A lot of Doe  07/31/19 "That's a Lot of Doe, Get It? Doe/Dough/Money"  Deer were my constant companions on my trip! No fewer than 20 deer a day crossed my path which is really amazing considering you can't get close to these things, maybe I was just lucky or maybe a invisible Vegetarian sign hung around my neck what ever the reason the experience was truely awesome!  Enjoy! 080119 Historic Market  08/01/19 "Historic Market"  Downtown Roanoke host a people friendly city market where all kind of shops serve the various taste of their patrons!  Enjoy! 080319 In Another Life  08/03/19 "In Another Life" If I had been a doctor, I might have had the 10 million to buy this baby but atlas, I am a little short but at least I can get my picture with it!  Enjoy! 080519 Worlds Largest Man Made Star  08/05/19 "World's Largest Manmade Star" Roanoke Va is called "The Star City of The South" and for good reason. The Star which sits atop of Mill Mountain built in 1949 can be seen from 60 miles out at night, its amazing!  Enjoy!
080719 Spirt Riders  08/07/19 "Spirt Riders" A pair of bikes seem to be racing with no one on them, all I can say is awesome and ride on!  Enjoy! 080919 Trails  08/09/19 "Mountains and Trails" Hiking trails is always awesome!  Enjoy! 081119 Crazy Car  08/11/19 "Crazy Car" To each their own I say, maybe it is seen as art not sure, it did require creativity and a lot of work and a lot of glue! Enjoy! 081319 Wildfire Alaska Style  08/13/19 "Fighting Wildfire Alaska Style"  A wildfire broke out near Mt. Baldy fire responder's were quick to react spend with Helitack crews and quickly put the fire under containment!  Enjoy!
081519 Still Burning  08/15/19 "Despite Multiple Bucket Attacks....."  The fire continues to smolder requiring extra Helitack runs over the area to quiet down the fire!  Enjoy! 081719 Blue Berry Pickers  08/17/19 "They Came, They Saw...."  They Picked! Every Year thousands of Alaskans ascend mountain sides to savory and  pick ripe wild blue berries to enjoy the tradition and of course the blue berries! Bears and other wild animals if they could speak would say tradition, "heck we been doing that since the dawn of existence! Its Awesome!"   Enjoy! 081919 Wood and Steel  08/19/19 "Wood and Steel"  A off road trail bridge slats rattle as cars pass overhead a reminder of the way bridges sang in the yesterdays!   Enjoy! 082119 Grasses  08/21/19 "Grasses"  Often Overlook, even these plants marvel in detail, They are truely awesome!   Enjoy!
082319 Getting Serious  08/23/19 "Getting Serious"  When wildfires start kicking up so does the fire suppression response. When they call this bad boy in watch out fire you won't be around long!   Enjoy! 082519 Rising From The Ashes  08/23/19 "Rising From The Ashes" McDonalds is finally rising from being destroyed in the Nov 30 th Eathquake, this restrauant a local favored is being rebuilt. Enjoyed! 082719 Hard Summer For Glaciers  08/27/19 "Hard on Glacier's"  Alaska's summer has been nothing short of awesome but the lack of rain and unusal warm temperatures have been hard on our ice wonders but soon Winter will be here and they will recover!    Enjoy! 082919 Boardwalk Alaska Style  08/29/19 "Boardwalk Alaska Style" There are many boardwalks in Alaska so that the many locals and tourist alike can enjoy the marsh's without impacting the enevironment! Enjoyed!
083119 Take a Picture  08/31/19 "Never Stiff a Moose!"  Lady take your picture, it will cost you a Lincoln. Hey, where are you going, where is my five bucks? Nice car wouldn't want to see a dent in it, now get that Lincoln out and I don't mean the cent verison!      Enjoy! 090119 The Little Susitna Flows On  09/01/19 The Little Susitna Flows On" The Susitna is an awesome river that flows through Hatcher's Pass and in one of the most scenic wild river's in the world, it's a must see for all people! Enjoy! 090319 Have Lodge Will Homestead  09/03/19 "Have Lodge Will Homestead"  Beaver's are the ultimate homesteaders, give them water and wood and they can recreate their surroundings to best suit them!      Enjoy! 090519 Call Me Ishmael  09/05/19 "Call Me Ishmael"  Juneau's Whale Fountain became a quest for me, as I hunted the great fountain spray! The fountain is intermittent in spraying and when it operates it makes the whale seem to be breaching out of the water and is awesome! It took no less than 30 visits and three days for me to capture the event as every time I approached the whale and try to take a picture the fountain shut down, it became truely a quest!     Enjoy!
090719 Totem Poles  09/07/19 "Totems of South East Alaska"  When you read a story from the past you usually use a book but among the native population of South East Alaska, Stories are told on totems, which is really awesome! Each symbol means something and weaves a story with the next symbol!     Enjoy! 090919 Bridge of Gulls  09/09/19 "Bridge of Gulls"  Massive flock of Seagulls have taken this abandon pier in Juneau AK, as their own personal landing zone!     Enjoy! 091119 Peaceful Solitude  09/11/19 "Peaceful Solitude"  We remember this day and the past 18 years since that terrible day when so many innocent lives were lost at 9/11! We take comfort that many of those responsible have felt the swift hand of justice! Lets us never forget those who fought for freedom since then as we enjoy our peace!      Enjoy! 091319 Sandy Beach  09/13/19 "Sandy Beach"  Sandy Beach in Juneau was a favorate for my family when we lived in Juneau! It's a mixture of sand and history as you walked among the ruins of Alaska's Gold Rush Days! It was awesome to see her again!       Enjoy!
091519 Drumin  09/15/19 "Drumlin"  Juneau is covered with many glacial features from past advances and retreats such as this Drumlin deposit from the Mendenhall Glacier!       Enjoy! 091719 Echo Cove  09/17/19 "Echo Cove"  At the end of the road in Juneau is Echo Cove a great place for wake boarding and jet sking!       Enjoy! 091919 Cruse Ship Paradise  09/19/19 "Cruise Ship Paradise"  Juneau AK is a very busy port of call for many cruise ships lines as eager tourist look to explore this unique place nestle in South-East Alaska!       Enjoy 092119 First Snow  09/21/19 "First Snow Of The Season!"  It has begun as Winter Heralds its first snow! It was awesome as the high mountains recieved their first coating of termination dust! I stood at the boundary elevation between rain and snow and welcome the first snow flakes!        Enjoy!
092319 Breaching At Last  09/23/19 "Breaching At Last"  I pursued the mighty whale for three days and finally capture her breaching as the fountain erupted! My quest was at last fulfilled!        Enjoy! 092519 Humble Beginnings  09/25/19 "Humble Beginnings"  My first teaching assignment on "The Last Fronteer!, visiting her brought back some good memories"        Enjoy! 092519 Awesome Falls  09/27/19 "Nugget Falls "  To right of the mighty Mendenhall Glacier are the awesome falls which inspires all who visit them!          Enjoy! 092919 Going For The Catch  09/29/19 "Going For The Catch"  Life in the South-East of Alaska is steeped in history of fishing and the tradition continues!          Enjoy!
100119 Thanks  10/01/19 "Being Grateful"  Fighting the recent wildfires that burn in Willow AK, residents let the first responders know how grateful they are for saving their community and homes!          Enjoy! 100319 Mendenhall Flows On  10/03/19 "Visiting The Glacier"  The Mighty Mendenhall Glacier is a massive glacier located in Juneau AK is easily accessible by a short hike is one of the most visited glaciers in the world!          Enjoy! 100519 The Bridge  10/05/19 "The Bridge"  A single two lane bridge connects Douglas Island to Juneau the Capital of "The Last Fronteer" A pair of Eagles can be seen daily perching near the span, I wonder if they are the same pair that I knew 18 years ago when I lived on the Island, most likely are as eagles can live for 50 or more years!          Enjoy! 100719 Serious About Sking  10/07/19 "Heavy Into Shredding Powder"  Can you imaged what the guy would say if someone asked if he was into sking...., are you serious?, I'm just trying to corner the market on used skis would be a classic response. I have to tell I did a double take on this one, it is so awesome!          Enjoy!
100919 Amazing Landscape  10/09/19 "Simply Amazing"  Water, land and Ice, The Alaska I love!          Enjoy! 101119 Just a few more Coats  10/11/19 "Snow is Falling"  Winter has announced, I am right around the corner as snow has begun to fall!          Enjoy! 101319 Awesome Beauty  10/13/19 "Simply Awesome"  Snow Peak Mountains are always amazing and breath taking!          Enjoy! 101519 Bush Pilots  10/15/19 "Alaska Bush Pilots"  Alaska has the best pilots in the world! The famed Bush Pilots can take and land anywhere at anytime! The serve remote communities with deliveries and often take those in medical need to get help when there are no other means of transport, they are truely angels of the skies!          Enjoy!
101719 A Survior  10/17/19 "Climate Change Survior" Glacier's like this are effected by Earth's Cyclic changes in climate. We are stewards of our planet and while we can't control influences from our star which effects climate, we need to do a better job here on Earth and embrace green technologies so we don't add to the problem, so think of ways you can help instead of placing blame change your lifestyles and make a better world!          Enjoy! 101919 Whitter  10/19/19 "Whitter AK" A Seaside Port of Call that is being made into a awesome place to visit! Enjoy! 102119 A 64 Quake Survior  10/21/19 "A 64 Earthquake Survior" Most of Whitter Ak was destroyed in the 9.4 Earthquake in 1964. The main Army Barracks however, weather the storm, but had to be abandon after it was deemed unsafe but it served it's purpose as it protected the residents during the greatest earthquake in North America during modern times!          Enjoy! 102319 Happy Mole Day  10/23/19 "Happy Mole Day 2019" Around 350 Students came together at Chugiak High School in Alaska to celebrate "The Mole" which is Chemistry Rosetta Stone, it was an amazing time, remember only 365.25 days shopping days until Mole Day again simply Awesome! Oh dare I say,  we have the largest Mole Day in The State, Go Chugiak High Mustangs!         Enjoy!
102519 Always Beautiful  10/25/19 " Always Beautiful" The Scenery of Alaska never ceases to amaze me! Enjoyed! 102719 Glacial Caves  10/27/19 "Glacial Caves"  Icy tubes of exploration await those who dare to climb to the heights of these caves, I wonder what amazement they hold!         Enjoy! 102919 SO Flies The Jolly Rogers  10/29/19 "So Flies The Jolly Rogers"  The interior of Alaska seems to hold all kinds of suprizes as found "The Jolly Rogers" hoisted upon a tree pole flying near Willow AK on a piece of vacant land, mmh maybe they are expecting a new inland sea Arr!         Enjoy! 103119 Waves  10/31/19 "Waves" Small waves lap the coastline in Whitter AK. While not large, they had a calming effect leaving you in perpesctive! Enjoyed!
110119 Orange Sky  11/01/19 "Fall is nearing an End"  Fall has hung on longer than usual. Take heart skiers and other snow adventures, for snow is in the forecast but until then enjoy the Orange Sunsets they are awesome!         Enjoy! 110319 Beautiful  11/03/19 "River of Ice"  Gravity pulls rivers of ice down the slopes creating the mighty ice flow!         Enjoy! 110519 Prince William Sound  11/05/19 "Deep Blue"  Prince William Sound is Whitter Alaska deep water port. It provides amazing fishing/shipping and tourism commerce! It is virtually unspoiled and is amazing to sit by and relax and enjoy its beauty and tranquility!          Enjoy! 110719 Filling The Sound  11/07/19 "Filling The Sound" These two waterfalls appear to be filling the sound, which in reallity is like adding drops of water into the ocean, it will take some time, lots of time! Enjoyed!
110919 Pocket Glacier  11/09/19 "Pocket Glacier"  There are literally 1000's of small glaciers that cover "The Last Frontier." These glacier's were once mighty but now are small they still play an important role is shaping the land like their larger cousins the giant glaciers that still call Alaska home!          Enjoy! 111119 Arctic Outpost  11/11/19 "Happy Veterans Day"  Alaska is home to many active and many Veterans who have served our country and protected not only our way of life but our freedoms! Remember to thank those who are serving and those who have served! The image is of a Cold War Nike Missile Site which was design to shoot down incoming nuclear missiles! Although no longer active it is off limits, don't even think of trying to visit it without permission, it is well protected!        Enjoy!