Alaska Photo Explorer 2019

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond!
062418 Tree Hugger 010119 Happy New Year  01/01/19 "Happy New Year 2019!"  The Moon swept by Venus just an hour before sunrise this morning to herald in a new year! May your new year be blessed!                 Enjoy! 010319 After Run  01/03/19 "After Run!"  The guys are saying what the run is over already, hey lets go again, yeah sounds good to me lets go, wait do you speak human we got to tell the musher, nah... lets just take the sled!                 Enjoy! 010519 First Light  01/05/19 "First Light"  The first light of 2019 was awesome as I took this image on new years day! Alaska has some amazing sunrises and never fails to impress!                   Enjoy!
010719 Ice Flow  01/07/19 "Ice Flow"  The extreme low temperatures during an Alaska Winter even freezing natural springs that flow out of hillsides!                   Enjoy! 010919 Inviso Dogs  01/09/19 "Stealth Technology in Mushing"  The military no longer has a monopoly on stealth technology as it has reached The World of Dog Mushing! Dog teams are now virtually undetectable even with sight as this mushers complete's the trail with an invisible team!                  Enjoy! 011119 To Adventure  01/11/19 "To Adventure and Beyond!"  The thrill of the run, the snow and adventure awaits those who dare to dream! Mushing is one of those adventure's everyone should do as it bonds one with the team and nature the only  word that can describe this feeling is "Awesome!"                 Enjoy! 011319 Its Cold Outside  01/13/19 "It's Cold Outside and We Like It!"  Temperatures have drop to as cold as -15F lately. What appears to be snow on the tree's is actually frost that has sublimated from the air and grown as ice crystals on the the trees, sort of like a Winter's Version of a Chia Pet!                   Enjoy!
011519 Tandem Sledding  01/15/19 "Tandem Sledding"  Sledd Dogs are so strong they can even pull two sledds at once!                    Enjoy! 011719 Ski Trails  01/17/19 "Ski Trails"  Cross Country and Skate Sking is big on "The Last Frontier" as Ski trails are everywhere!                    Enjoy! 011919 Cold Sunset  01/19/19 "Cold Sunset" High above Anchorage near Artic Valley, I took this amazing photo of Anchorage in sub zero weather and it produced a awesome clear multi-color sunset of the area! Enjoyed! 012119 Super Moon Eclipse  01/21/19 "Super Blood Moon Eclipse"  Conditions could not have been better as a total eclipse of the moon produced a blood red moon, it was amazing!                    Enjoy!