Alaska Photo Explorer 2019

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond!
062418 Tree Hugger 010119 Happy New Year  01/01/19 "Happy New Year 2019!"  The Moon swept by Venus just an hour before sunrise this morning to herald in a new year! May your new year be blessed!                 Enjoy! 010319 After Run  01/03/19 "After Run!"  The guys are saying what the run is over already, hey lets go again, yeah sounds good to me lets go, wait do you speak human we got to tell the musher, nah... lets just take the sled!                 Enjoy! 010519 First Light  01/05/19 "First Light"  The first light of 2019 was awesome as I took this image on new years day! Alaska has some amazing sunrises and never fails to impress!                   Enjoy!
010719 Ice Flow  01/07/19 "Ice Flow"  The extreme low temperatures during an Alaska Winter even freezing natural springs that flow out of hillsides!                   Enjoy! 010919 Inviso Dogs  01/09/19 "Stealth Technology in Mushing"  The military no longer has a monopoly on stealth technology as it has reached The World of Dog Mushing! Dog teams are now virtually undetectable even with sight as this mushers complete's the trail with an invisible team!                  Enjoy! 011119 To Adventure  01/11/19 "To Adventure and Beyond!"  The thrill of the run, the snow and adventure awaits those who dare to dream! Mushing is one of those adventure's everyone should do as it bonds one with the team and nature the only  word that can describe this feeling is "Awesome!"                 Enjoy! 011319 Its Cold Outside  01/13/19 "It's Cold Outside and We Like It!"  Temperatures have drop to as cold as -15F lately. What appears to be snow on the tree's is actually frost that has sublimated from the air and grown as ice crystals on the the trees, sort of like a Winter's Version of a Chia Pet!                   Enjoy!
011519 Tandem Sledding  01/15/19 "Tandem Sledding"  Sledd Dogs are so strong they can even pull two sledds at once!                    Enjoy! 011719 Ski Trails  01/17/19 "Ski Trails"  Cross Country and Skate Sking is big on "The Last Frontier" as Ski trails are everywhere!                    Enjoy! 011919 Cold Sunset  01/19/19 "Cold Sunset" High above Anchorage near Artic Valley, I took this amazing photo of Anchorage in sub zero weather and it produced a awesome clear multi-color sunset of the area! Enjoyed! 012119 Super Moon Eclipse  01/21/19 "Super Blood Moon Eclipse"  Conditions could not have been better as a total eclipse of the moon produced a blood red moon, it was amazing!                    Enjoy!
012319 Awesome Sunset  01/23/19 "Always Cool!"  Our Sunsets never disapoint! They are amazing to watch and always leave one with a sense of wonderment!                    Enjoy! 012519 Eagle and Friends  01/25/19 "Friend's of a Feather or Future Meals Hang Together"  A Eagle seems to have several so called friends hanging out watching the Sunset high above in Arctic Valley! I wonder if those other guys realized that they are potential meals if fish become hard to come by because of the frozen rivers!                     Enjoy! 012719 Start of The Eclipse  01/27/19 "Start of The Eclipse"  I picture the blood moon eclispe few days before but I wanted to show you what the start of the eclipse looked like! It was just as awesome as the blood moon in its own right!                     Enjoy! 012919 Moon Physics  01/29/19 "Kinetic Moon"  Moon appears to releasing kinetic energy as it goes from one high point to a lower on the hill. One thing is for sure I needed a moon filter on my camera to make this a better image!                     Enjoy!
013119 False Mountains  01/31/19 "False Mountains"  While the center mountain is real it is distorted like the ones to right and left of it. Temperature inversion distort light and create this awesome effect and it is always amazing to see what landscape nature is going to paint!                     Enjoy! 020119 Spirling Out of Control  02/01/19 "Spiraling Out Of Control"  During the recent eclipse I got this really cool spiraling moon effect while trying to take a time lapse photo without the tripod!                     Enjoy! 020319 Snow Tops  02/03/19 "Snow Toppings"  Alaska Mountains are always awesome especially during the Wither months with their snow cap peaks!                     Enjoy! 020519 Inspiring Peak  02/05/19 "Inspiring Peak" If you are ever looking for a quick case of wonderment just look up, mountains never fail to inspire!                     Enjoy!
020719 Ice Ramp  02/07/19 "Ice Ramp or Do it Yourself Iceship" It looks like this river has provided local wildlife access ramp to its cool waters! It's not made for humans or heavier animals, if you use it, it may just become an iceship!                     Enjoy! 020919 Nice Skyline  02/09/19 "Nice Skyline" Mountains are Always Welcome!                     Enjoy! 021119 Look Ma No Wheels  02/11/19 "Look Maw, No Wheels!" Here's a fact more airplanes are own by private individuals in "The Last Frontieer" than any where else in the world! The famed Alaska Bush Pilot can takeoff and land anywhere, any time! Many planes don Skis instead of wheels during the Winter so any patch of land, ice lake, frozen river or frozen stream can become a landing zone!                    Enjoy! 021319 The Art of Patience  02/13/19" The Art of Patience in Style" Fishing is always been a cat and mouse game but ice fishing takes that to a new level! Many creature comforts have been developed to give the fishers an suppose advantage but still nature persist as a tough opponent!                      Enjoy!
021519 Whats Up Man  02/15/19" What's Up Man?"  So I am in a tree is that a crime? Why don't you go shoot a picture of a Moose, better yet put yourself on this wildlife journal! Eagles sometimes just speak their minds whether we want them to or not!                     Enjoy! 021719 Can't Take a Clue  02/17/19" Can't Take a Clue,Can You?"  So you still want a picture how about some talon!                     Enjoy! 022317 Skiing Adventure  02/23/19" Skiing Adventure"  Two cross country skiers set off for adventure in Arctic Valley! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, the sever I used has been down but now we are back!                      Enjoy! 022519 There it Goes  02/25/19"There it Goes, Gravity is a Friend of Mine"  Building Snow Sculptors can be both Artistic and Physics, as these sculptors use an incline plane to maneuver heavy block of snow from its resting point! That Little Giant Ladder had quite a strain as it bends but doesn't break under the stress of the block load!                      Enjoy!
022719 Mush On  02/27/19"Mush On"  Fur Rondy Mushers compete for adventure and Glory!                      Enjoy! 030119 Winter Special  03/01/19"Just Listed!"  Here's a new take on tiny houses, ready to move in with the state of the art cooling system, owner willing to negotiate terms of sale, not available in the Summer so hurry now while it last!                      Enjoy! 030319 Rounding The Bend  03/03/19"Rounding The Bend"  Fur Rondy had its own mushing compention as mushers and their team raced around Anchorage!                      Enjoy! 030519 Circle of Friends  03/05/19"Circle of Friends"  Snow Eskimos embrace the coming of the Spring Sun!                      Enjoy!
030719 Crash and Go  03/07/19"Crash and Go"  The first turn in the Iditarod start is a challenge to even the most season musher's! The dog team however, just take it in stride!                      Enjoy! 030919 One Cool Dog  03/09/19"One Cool Dog"  This frozen hound redefines cool !                      Enjoy! 031119 Idita Opps  03/11/19"Idita Oops! "  Steering a sled can be a challenge in itself, but being the tow sled is even more difficult as many mushers find out but they always take it in stride!                      Enjoy! 031319 Different  03/13/19"Different"  Half Man, Half ? Not sure, it is a really well done face, not all snow scluptures are completed before the compention but the talent is there for sure!                      Enjoy!
031519Coming Down The Lane  03/15/19"Coming Down The Lane"  Only in Alaska can you see dog teams using the road to race!                      Enjoy! 031719 Cant see The Moose For The Forest  03/17/19 "Can't See The Moose for The Forest"  or is the saying you can't see the tree's for the forest? Anyway, this Moose is using it for good cameo!                       Enjoy!