Alaska Photo Explorer 2017

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond
102116 Auroras 010117 Happy NewYear  01/01/17 "Happy New Year 2017"   In with the new and out with the old as the saying goes, may you new year bring you renew hope and joy to you and yours, remember God loves you!           Enjoy! 010317 High Speed  01/03/17 "High Gear"   Seconds after starting these dogs step up their game into high gear as head towards the trail of adventure!           Enjoy! 010517 Howdy There  01/05/17 "Greetings"   I found this Eagle high above a tree in Eagle River as I went to photographic him, he turn his attention to me and gave me a glance to see what my purpose was! I took several photos and we enjoyed our visit!            Enjoy!
010717 Biking over Frozen River  01/07/17 "Cycling on The Frozen River"   With extreme cold temperatures during the Winter months, The Eagle River has frozen over! However, new traffic now plies these frozen beds of water, as fat bikes take to the river bed suing then as a new and temporary trail system through the natural setting leading towards the Nature Center!             Enjoy! 010917 Full Team  01/09/17 "Sixteen Dog Power"   With the exception of the Iditarod this is the largest team I have seen out at Beach Lake! This much dog power prove to be a quick start as the team quickly disappeared out of site moments after starting!              Enjoy! 011117 Moon Rise  01/11/17 "Moon Rise"   Moon rises on the last frontier can be quite awesome when drape against a mountainous sky!              Enjoy! 011317 Cirrus  01/13/17 "Cirrus Clouds"   Thin and wispy high altitude clouds are quite common over Alaska! Alaska has some of the most awesome clouds and landscape interactions, "The Last Frontier" is truely a magical land of wonderment!               Enjoy!
011517 Cool Highway  01/15/17 "Cool Stillness"   Many places such as this can give a cool still silence where one can come and relax the day's challenges!               Enjoy! 011717 Fire and Ice  01/17/17 "Fire and Ice New Years Show"   Every New Year, Anchorage puts on an awesome display of light, ice, fireworks and sound to celebrate the new year! Thousands brave the cold Winter's night to celebrate this fun fill family friendly atmosphere as we ring in the New Year!              Enjoy! 011917 Anchorage Tourest Office  01/19/17 "First Class Visitor Center"   What better structure to have for "The Last Frontier" but a cabin it's awesome and when you come and visit stop by the people are friendly and always willing to help!              Enjoy! 012117 Snowy Moose  01/21/17 "Snow Blinding Moose"   A Moose out forging yesterday had to snack in the mist of a snow blinding down pour of Winter's magical gift! It was also hard for drivers to see as dozens of cars were stranded on local roads and highways!              Enjoy!
012317 Swony Scene  01/23/17 "Snowy Scene/Quiet Peace"   Standing out on the middle of Beach Lake I take this tranquil image of quiet among the cold to reflect what a truely beautiful world we live in!              Enjoy! 012527 Ready to Land  01/25/17 "Paragliding"   In Eagle River Alaska paragliding is hugely popular! Gliders can be seem riding the currents of wind regardless of the temperature or the season! In the Winter, Fire Lake often provides these soaring adventures a open space in which to land!              Enjoy! 012717 Awesome Way to Travel  01/27/17 "Awesome Way to Travel Around"   Winter cycling has been around for at least the past 15 years! Fat bikes are still relativity new on the scene althought they been around for the few years and vast improvements have been made! Now these awesome bikes are the Jeeps of the Cycle World and are the preferred bike on "The Last Frontier!"                   Enjoy! 012917 SNow Slide Potential  01/29/17 "Snow Dangers"   With a pattern of melting then refreezing and the 12 more inches of the magical stuff, areas in the mountain are becoming snow avalance areas. What appears to be a former glacier valley is the perfect setting for such events to occur!                    Enjoy!
013117 Nature Center  01/31/17 "Nature Center"   The Eagle River Nature Center is an excellent place to give oneself a retreat from the hectic schedule that life often poses on us! This place gives a sense of connection to a greater world that surrounds us and gently reminds of all the wonders that can be experience if we only listen!                    Enjoy! 020117 Polar Peak Glow  02/01/17 "Polar Peak Glow "   The polar peak which stands nearly 7000 ft is ice covered year around. A morning sunrise illuminates the peak in a soft glow!                    Enjoy! 020317 Winter's Own Decerations  02/03/17 "Winter's Decorations"   Icicles hang from roofs edge all over Alaska as Winter decorates with crystal wonderment in frozen water!                    Enjoy! 020517 Pulling In  02/05/17 "Pulling In"   After a amazing trip through the snow and ice on the adventure trail both the musher and the team are ready for a relaxing break only to dream of their next adventure ahead!                    Enjoy!
020717 Musher's Choice  02/07/17 "Musher's Choice"   There are many kinds of sleds use in Dog Mushing on "The Last Frontier" but it seems the Hornet XC seems to be the choice of mushers here in the Eagle River/Chugiak area!                    Enjoy! 020917 Ski Jougan  02/09/17 "Skijoring"   Sleds are not the only way to get around on dog power, Skijoring is another awesome way to experience the Mushing without a full team! The skier and the dogs have the time of their life as they experience the awesome joy of adventure!                    Enjoy! 021117 Final Push  02/11/17 "Final Push"   Skier and Dog make for the final push across the finish line in a race not for glory but for adventure!                    Enjoy! 021317 Waiting Their Turn  02/13/17 "Waiting Their Turn"   A pair of lead dogs wait while others are being joined in the line. By the expression in their eyes, it's as if they are thinking how much longer, while their hearts are screaming let's go!                    Enjoy!
021517 Frozen Iron  02/15/17 "Frozen Iron"   A iron bridge of yesteryear still spans the Knik River while motorized traffic no longer crosses her, she offers her service to many visitors and locals alike to stroll across her span and remind us of the way it was when iron was king!                    Enjoy! 021717 Peering Through The Twigs  02/17/17 "Discovery in The Twigs "   An Eagle is seen through the twig branches of the tree. This shot was difficult to get because of the angle in which I had to take it!                    Enjoy! 021917 We Love Snow  02/19/17 "Loving Snow "   Alaskan's love snow it is one of the traits that make us who we are and the Winter sports in which we enjoy. It is also a great source of clean water for the up coming Spring as seasons begin to flow into another!                    Enjoy! 022117 Build On  02/21/17 "Art in Progress"   Snow Sculptures are a highlight each year at Fur Rondy! Teams are busy at work creating master pieces as the compention nears!                    Enjoy!
022317 Einstein Appears  02/23/17 "Einstein Emerges"   Einstein begins to appear from th snow and ice as this amazing snow sculpture takes form of E=MC2!                    Enjoy! 022517 Snow Sculptures  02/25/17 "Snow Sculptures Fur Rondy Style"   Snow Sculptures abound at Fur Rondy in Anchorage! They were all amazing with detail and themes as aways treat for the crowd!                     Enjoy! 022717 There is No Try  02/27/17 "There is No Try"   Only Do.... Those that crave this amazing sculpture certainly had "the force" of a creative mind as they did an awesome job of bringing Star Wars to life!                     Enjoy! 030117 First Class Chicken Coop  03/01/17 "Chicken Condo"   This most definitely a first class chicken coop for sure! Saw this display near Fur Rondy and you can tell that a lot of work went into these structures. Any Chicken would count themseleves lucky to live in one of these first class units!                     Enjoy!
030317 Rasing  Money  03/03/17 "Alaskan Tradition"   Fur Rondy started in the early days of Alaska when trappers would gather to auction of their furs! The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and many youths in the Alaska Bush today make their money for necessities by following the tradition of their ancestors!                      Enjoy! 030517 Pals  03/05/17 "Pals"   Pals stand guard as if they are expecting someone in the distance, these many more amazing scluptures await to be seen for their sheer beauty and awesome building talent!                      Enjoy! 030717 The Run  03/07/17 "The Run"   Winter, Snow and Dogs and a Musher have one thing in common "Adventure!" Fur Rondy, Has the annual sleddog Mushing contest every year teams compete for the prize but the real prize is joy of the run! Iditarod 2017 is now going on and is its 3rd day of racing!                      Enjoy! 030917 Rocket Owl  03/09/17 "Rocket Owl"   Move Over Buck Rodgers here comes Rocket Owl with Rocket Propulsion to catch all his mice prey! Awesome sculpture!Enjoy!
031117 Family Time  03/11/17 "Adventurous Family Time"   Mushing brings out for all the spirt of adventure in all of us and gives many families in the area quality family time, a bonding that will endure as these memories will live on in each of us through future adventures!                       Enjoy! 031317 EEquals MCSnow  03/13/17 "E = MC Snow"   This the smartest snow sculpture I have ever seen and wise it is! It also won the Fur Rondy snow sculpture Contest! Albert would have appreciated it!                      Enjoy! 031517 Young Eagle  03/15/17 "Young Eagle"   A Young Eagle now on his own learns the tricks of being an Eagle from fellow Eagles as he forges his way into his brave new world!                      Enjoy! 031717 Go Pro Moment  03/17/17 "Go Pro Moment"   A musher films her adventure on Go Pro as she rounds the bend to the finish line! The team are the true stars as they provide the means to accomplish the amazing adventure!                      Enjoy!
031917 The Garden  03/19/17 "The Garden"   A snow sculpture captures very important story from the Bible where Jesus is taken from the Garden of Gethsemane. Each year a labor of love is captured in snow of Jesus's life here on Earth at Fur Rondy. It serves for more than a artwork but also as a reminder of God's love for all of Us that we might be saved through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!                      Enjoy! 032117 Weathering The Cold  03/21/17 "Frozen in Place"   A ski plane is trapped by wind drifted snow as it awaits a change in weather that will free its' skies so that it can once glide over the snow into the freedom of the wind!                      Enjoy! 032317 Raven Dancer  03/23/17 "Raven Dancer"   The Raven is a bird that is common in Alaska but also is wrapped deep in her mystery of folk lore, it is fitting to see a sculpture in snow and ice telling the story of the Raven!                      Enjoy! 032517 Finishing Joy  03/25/17 "Finishing Joy"   Tired from their run of adventure a team and their musher cross the finish line only to dream of runs to come!                      Enjoy!
032717 Snowy Rose  03/27/17 "Snowy Rose"   Imagination comes in all forms as snow sculptures create the most amazing forms from giant blocks of snow with just the simplest tools at hand! This snow rose will warm every heart!                      Enjoy! 032917 Hey Im Sleeping  03/29/17 "Hey I'm Sleeping"   As schools across Anchorage for a rare snow day Moose also try to get into the act of sleeping in, however,they must not have gotten the bulletin Moose don't attend public school, so it should be back to forging time!                      Enjoy! 033117 Led to The Gate  03/31/17 "Looks like this Season will Last"   Weather Stations are predicting that snow on the lower elevations may now last until June! So mush on!                      Enjoy! 040117 Snow Mountain  04/01/17 "Snow Mountain Season"   Alaska is always amazing with its natural beauty, the high mountains are usually covered with snow giving the state a sense of Winter Wonderland no matter the season!                      Enjoy!
040317 Heart of Snow  04/03/17 "Heart of Snow"   Alaska and Snow has always been a Winter Wonderland love affair between Winter and Summer as it seems! We still have about 18 inches of snow on the ground as of today with Summer insight at least according to the calendar!                      Enjoy! 040517 Skijogring  04/05/17 "Sometimes You don't Need a Sled"   Love Mushing but don't have a sled,no problem dogs love to take you skiing in a sport called Skijoring!                      Enjoy! 040717 Russan Orthodox  04/07/17 "Religon and Alaska "   Religon has deep history and influence on "The Last Frontier!" Faith continues to influence her today! God's presence is very important in people's lives here and one of the things that makes living here an awesome experience!                     Enjoy! 040917 whos Mushing Who  04/09/17 "Who's Mushing Who?"   Psst..hey buddy I am supposed to be in the front pulling you! Ok , I will be the musher this time!                     Enjoy!
041117 Hidden Moose  04/11/17 "Hidden Among The Branches"   A yearling Moose is hunker down getting a well deserved nap after forging for breakfast!                     Enjoy! 041317  Saying Good Bye to Winter  04/13/17 "Saying Goodbye to Winter "   And yet the world turns another page as we head into Spring at last! The mushing trails are closed and the grass is finally beginning to emerge as the season once again change!                      Enjoy! 041517 Frozen Knick  04/15/17 "Knik Thaws"   Rivers once frozen during the Winter begin to surface as Spring Approaches, sorry folks no leaves yet!                      Enjoy! 041717 Russian Christanaity  04/17/17 "The First Alaska Christains"   A very common form of Christianity throughout the State of Alaska, severices all populations of Alaska and was the first Chirstian group that came with Russian traders in the early 19 th Century!                      Enjoy!
041917 Wintering Over  04/19/17 "Its Mine all Mine!!!!"   A little Red Bird stands guard over its find of a seed stash!                      Enjoy! 042117 Still There  04/21/17 "Still Covered"   The mountains surrounding Eagle River still dazzle in Winter Mode as Spring has arrived!                      Enjoy! 042317 Tuff Bear  04/23/17 "Tuff Bear"   This spirt bear with all the themes of Alaska paint on her is wearing Tuff rain boats so she is ready for all kinds of weather to "Tuff Through"!                      Enjoy! 042517 Skater  04/25/17 "Skater"   With the change in season so goes the change in popular equipment as this girl skates from The Anchorage Museum!                      Enjoy!
042717 Empty Street  04/27/17 "Empty Street" A rare sight to behold as Anchorage is usually a very busy hub of trade and sight seeing!  Enjoy! 042917 Spreading Wings  04/29/17 "Spreading Wings"   A Swain challeges my presences even as I photograph with my large lens at quite a distance to let me know that this pond for at least a moment was his domain. Nature always surprize's you when you least expect it, that is what makes the moment so awesome!                      Enjoy! 050117 Glacier Checkup  05/01/17 "Glacier Check UP" The Eagle Glacier is still hanging their but it seems it has taken a hard hit last year when snow levels were low. This recent Winter has provided some really needed snow for it, but it takes a while for it to be turn back into glacial ice. Hopefully its on its way again! Enjoy! 050317 Past and Presence  05/03/17 "Past and Presence"   The best of both worlds merge as mushers carry on traditions that date  back thousands of years against the background of modern reality!                      Enjoy!
050517 Perment Cap  05/05/17 "Permanet Cap"   Even with seasonal change some mountains in the area will retain their snow cap features because of their height!                      Enjoy! 050717 Past Ride  05/07/17 "Past Ride"   Now's here's something you don't see everday a 1920's car tooling down main street. Wow what a cool ride!                      Enjoy! 050917 Moose Pond  05/09/17 "Moose Pond Revisited"   It seems like I picture Moose Pond about this time every year! The Pond seems to be doing better now that construction on Eagle River Rd has finally been concluded more than a year now. Wildlife seems to be returning to the road edge more often as they have come accustom to its presence!                     Enjoy! 051117 Busy Bee  05/11/17 "Busy Bee"   Have Nectar will travel! A bee goes about his work gathering Spring's nectar for the hive, while pollinating the flowers along his travel!                     Enjoy!
051317Two Seasons  05/13/17 "A Tail of Two Seasons"   While most areas of the world have four seasons, Alaska seems to have only two! Winter and Summer and often the two are pictured together such as this scene!                     Enjoy! 051517 Snow  05/15/17 "Snow!"   With trees leafing out one would think that Summer has arrived, suprize Winter lets us know that it still reigns in the higher elevations as snow blankets the surrounding mountains in Eagle River!                     Enjoy! 051717 Turning Green  05/17/17 "Turning Green" Despite the snow covered hill Spring returns to the valley as life Gree's Up all around! Enjoy! 051917 Mom and Twins  05/19/17 "Mom and Twins"   A new Moose Mom takes a rest watching over her new calfs as she begins to instruct them on the life of being a Moose!                     Enjoy!
052117 Do Not Approach  05/22/17 "Do Not Approach!"   Mom has turned agressive and attacked a walker on the trail! When observing wildlife please be cautious as it will defend its piracy and its young!                      Enjoy! 052517 Bear Arama  05/25/17 "Bear Arama"   Black Bears were out and about last night! In the span of a few minutes I spotted three different individuals out for an evening of forging and exploring! Usually curious in nature, they seem to shy away before I could get a good photo opportunity as this was taken through the front car window but the experience was awesome and worth more than any photo!                     Enjoy! 052717 Twin Power  05/27/17 "Twin Power"   Twin baby Moose look forward as Mom gives them a nudge of encouragement as they begin their adventure into their brave new world!                     Enjoy! 052917 Shy  05/29/17 "Shy Bear?"   Shyness is only a temporary state with these guys! If Black Bears feel corner or generally are in a mood, they will atttack and unlike their larger brothers the Brown Bear, you can't play dead with these guys or be submissive, there is only one way to end that conflict and that's hold nothing back, because they are like small dogs, they have a big bark and want to prove it!                       Enjoy!
053117 Chill Out  05/31/17 "Taking in The Sights"   A Moose lays chilled out by the fence line taking in the sights!                       Enjoy! 060117 Snack Time  06/01/17 "A Mom's Work is Never Done"   Keeping watch, teaching her calves Moose ways and feeding her list of choirs never seem to end!                       Enjoy! 060317 Yard Stalker  06/03/17 "Yard Stalker" A Moose Cow does her rounds much to the joy of the  home owners as they amired their visitor!  Enjoyed! 060517 My Best Side  06/05/17 "My Best Side"   Hey you with the camera, yeah you future lunch, get this photo its my best side, don't you think? Hey, what no Bear Spray? Come a little closer.....                         Enjoy!
060917 Bull Among The Brush  06/07/17 "Hidden Bull"  While out and about in the woods of Alaska you never know when the next amazing encounter will occur!                         Enjoy! 060917 Walking Bear  06/09/17 "Walking Bear"  After taking his picture several times My Black Bear friend has decided to check me out! Bears are very curious in nature and like people often want to know whats going on! As he approached me, I slowly backed away to a safer position!                         Enjoy! 061117 Memory Lost  06/11/17 "Forgetful Moose"  Wow I must have Moose that! A Moose is struck by temporary memory lost as seems to gesture by striking its head with hoof when it realized something it forgot to do!                          Enjoy! 061317 Bike Race  06/13/17 "Cyclist Race"  Cyclist Raced to the Nature Center and back tonight in a 20 mile ride! The road condition was excellent and the chance of encoutering Moose or a Bear along the way was highly probable giving the race an even more exciting element, although none were to be found tonight!                           Enjoy!
061517 Not What You Want to See  06/15/17 Surprize! When hiking this is not what you really want to see if are bush wacking through the brush! This could lead to some very intense moments! Enjoy! 061717 Scenting  06/17/17 "Scenting"  While Bears are curious in nature they often asset their surroundings like scenting the air, This Black Bear is determining if my presences is a problem! He did decided to act on his curious nature and came up to greet me! I on the other hand not in need of a bear hug decided to slowly move away but the encounter was awesome!                            Enjoy! 061917 Whats This  06/19/17 "What This Mom?"  Moose Lessons begin almost the moment they are born! They are taught under watchful eyes whats good and whats bad where everything is new and untested as they come to understand their surroundings!                            Enjoy! 062117 Like My Claws  06/21/17 "Hey Can I Borrow Your Nail Clippers?"  Black Bears can have incrediably long claws which they use for marking territories and and digging for food!                            Enjoy!
062317 Remodel  06/23/17 "Remodeled"  A old school bus stop shelter gets a much needed makeover as it gets new shingles, stain and paint! The stop is looking forward to the next generation that will seek shelter as they wait for the magic school bus to adventure!                               Enjoy! 062717 Raging River  06/25/17 "Raging Waters" The Little Susita flows over time and rock as she makes her way down the mountainsides of Hatchers Pass! Enjoy! 062717 Hatcher Pass Lodge  06/27/17 "Hatchers Pass Lodge "  The lodge is am amazing place to relax and dine after exploring the Independence Gold Mine! It also sports many cabins where visitors can stay overnight and take there time exploring the Alpine Valley!                                Enjoy! 062917 Great Idea  06/29/17 "Have Trailing Wheels First Aide Kit Follows!"  As parents go about choosing their kids first bicycle, there is an excellent gentle reminder underneath! Wow!!!!!, putting the first aide kits under the training wheels was an amazing marketing ploy! Have Trailing Wheels First Aide Kit Follows!  A Pure Stroke of Genius!                                  Enjoy!
070117 Heart Of A Champion  07/01/17 "Heart of A Champion"  This young pup carries in him a line of great sled dogs who are born to run! Sled dogs such as these embody the Spirt of Adventure on The Last Frontier!                                  Enjoy! 070317 Brave Little Club  07/03/17 "Brave Little Club"  A young Brown Bear Cub follows in tow with his mom. Although he looks like a Black Bear Cub he is actually a Brown Bear! Great caution must be followed when encountering ones of these little guys because Mom will definitly ruin you day! I will feature Mom on the next issue!                                 Enjoy! 070517 Mom  07/05/17 "Cub's Mom"  Here is reason number one to stay away from the cub! Mom is very protected of her cub! Never come between a cub and its mother many people often find themselves in that situation even if its by accident Mom will not care and a Mauling will pursue! Your best option is if you find yourself in this situation slowy back away don't show aggression and don't turn your back and never run! Have Bear Spray Ready chances are you will use it!                                   Enjoy! 070717 Oh Ok  07/07/17 "Alaska Driver Quiz"  Should Your Drive in Alaska, Oh Ok, lets begin!   Question: A Bull Moose Crosses The Road in Front of You,What Would You Do?  1. Speed Up Damn The Torpedoes and The Car! 2. Stop and Jump Out of Car and Give The Moose a Hug! 3. Slow Down Allow The Moose to Cross Safely! If You Chose Answer "3" Excellent, If You Chose Answer "2" Have Someone Question Your Sanity, If You Choose Answer "1", Forget Driving and Take The Tour Bus, The Moose and Your Insurance will Thank You!       Enjoy!
070917 Drooling Moose  07/09/17 "Drooling Moose"   A Cow Moose enjoys a afternoon of forging and drinking in Moose Pond!      Enjoy! 071117 Hey Taxi  07/11/17 "Hey Taxi"   A 1931 Taxi seems ready to carry her fares to their points of destinations! I saw this cab out and about when I was stopping off at a local restaurant The Sea Gallery, to bad they dont charge the same fares as back then, times they do change!         Enjoy! 071317 Chucky Time  07/13/17 "Token Time"   Kids look into my spending wheel, you want more tokens, that's right feed my games and win tickets! Chucky Cheese is a fun place to Celebrate Birthdays and spend some family time! Besides where else can you have a mouse in a restaurant and not violate health codes!            Enjoy! 071517 Scare Paw  07/15/17 "Bear Paw"   Or Scare Paw as I like to call it is excellent place to take the kids during the Eagle River Festival! There are rides, games and booths to full fill interest of all ages!            Enjoy!
071717 Brodenburg Butte  07/17/17 "The Butte"   Brodenberg Butte is a nice small mountain height which towers above the surronding Valley Farmland! The climb and the view are amazing even small children can make this well rewarded nature climb with ease!              Enjoy! 071917 Nice Stop  07/19/17 "Stop Along The Way"    The Pinnacle MTN Cafe and Lodge is a nice place to stop and rest as you head towards Glenn Allen! The service is friendly and so is the conversation as one travels into the heartland of Alaska on a ride to adventure!              Enjoy! 072117 Sutton Post Office  07/21/17 "Sutton Original Post Office"  Times they sure have changed! This is the original Sutton Post Office no bigger than a large shed use to serve the community for decades. The new post office which is about a quarter mile away is extremely modern and very large compare to its humble beginnings!               Enjoy! 072317 Matanuska Glacier  07/23/17 "Matanuska Glacier"  At 4 miles wide and 27miles long The Matanuska Glacier is the largest road accessible glacier in Alaska and a site worth seeing!               Enjoy!
072517 Alaskan Coal  07/25/17 "Alaska Coal Rush"  When people think of Alaska, they envision snow, ice, mountains, fish and oil but few realize that Alaska has a coal reserve that could power the entire United States for more than two hundred years alone! While Alaska does mine coal, most coal reserves have been placed off limits by President Teddy Roosevelt in the early 20 th century but rest assure their is coal/gold in them hills for future generations if needed!                Enjoy! 072717 Getting Around Alaska  07/27/17 "Getting Around Alaska"  Much of Alaska is off the road system and extremely remote, often the best way to reach these remote experiences one has to fly! Float planes are very common on "The Last Frontier" and add excitement to the exploration of this great and awesome land!                Enjoy! 072917 The Blue Meanie  07/29/17 "The Blue Meanie"  This paint rock art seems to straight out of "Yellow Submarine Movie by The Beatles!" We found it off the beaten path on a dirt road returning from Bonnie Lake. It was an awesome surprise to see as we turn the corner!                Enjoy! 073117 Alaskan Storage  07/31/17 "Alaskan Self Storage"  How does one keep food out of the reach of wildlife in Alaska by building a Cache! Keeping food high off the ground helps to avoid conflicts between wildlife and people!
080117 Wooden Sledd  08/01/17 "Ever Ready"  These wooden dogs seem ever ready to pull its passengers on a spirt of adventure! This excellent wood carving I found down in Seward Alaska at a local business advertising dog sled adventures!              Enjoy! 080317 Reeling Them In  08/03/17 "Reeling Them In"  Out on Resurrection Bay a fishing party once again plays the game of cat and mouse with fish as they tempt to lure their prize to the boat so a tastily treat of Salmon can fill their their adventurous spirt!              Enjoy! 080517 Water Power  08/05/17 "Water Power"  Water Falls abound in Alaska, they range from great to small and can be seem around many bends in the road! Not only are these falls amazing to watch but can be harness for power to provide clean energy!              Enjoy! 080717 Eagle Watch  08/07/17 "Fish Inspector"  Eagle Eye and ready to inspect and confiscate any catch thought as worthy from fishermen who bring their prizes down the dusty road that leads away from the camp grounds at Seward Alaska! Fishermen beware, the toll to pass can be a heavy one!              Enjoy!
080917 Moose Pass  08/09/17 "A Good Idea"  Moose Pass seems to have the perfect solution to people who carry grudges! After grinding the axe take it to the woodshed and and workout splinting logs, it won't take long to put you back in a proper mood!               Enjoy! 081117 Downtown Moose Pass  08/11/17 "Downtown Moose Pass"  Definitly not a place of Urban Sprawl but a quiet small town in which one can stop and and rest and enjoy the beauty of nature! I really like stopping at Moose Pass and make it a point to visit this place when I travel the Kenai Peninsula!               Enjoy! 081317 Trail Blazer  08/13/17 "Trail Blaziers"  The Trail Blazer statue lies in front of Resurrection Bay. Erected in 2008 to mark the  celebrating of the 100th year centennial of the Seward Iditarod Trail into the interior of South East Alaska! Its a cool symbol of the spirt of adventure and making one"s own path in life!              Enjoy! 081517 Sea of Fish  08/15/17 "Sea of Life"  This awesome fish exhibit is one of the active displays at The Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward Alaska! It was an awesome experience visiting the center which is second to none in both its exhibits and friendly staff!              Enjoy!
081717 Running a Fowl  08/17/17 "When Chickens Run A Fowl of The Law "  .....they end up in the "Chicken Penny...Tentiary!" Many of these harden offenders work the egg farm to pay their debt to society, while the more harden ones end up on "Fried Row!"              Enjoy! 081917 Joyest Bath  08/19/17 "Joyous Bath"  A Puffin makes his mood known at the Alaska Sea Life Center as he creates a fountain of water as he bathes!               Enjoy! 082117 Seward Glaciers  08/21/17 "Seward Ice"  These two small glaciers are just  one's of the many small glaciersthat can be found in Resurrection Bay! The bay is famous for fishing which is an important part of the culture of Seward!               Enjoy! 082317 Historical Store  08/23/17 "Nagley's Store "  In the historic town of Talkeetna Alaska is an an awesome store of yesteryear! With its plank floors and log construction it houses many treasures from food to tourist items. Talkeetna is the jumping off point for many aviation and climbing adventures of Denali, North America's Highest point!                Enjoy!
082517 Driftwood  08/25/17 "Driftwood"  Large pieces of Driftwood dot the shoreline along Resurrection Bay in Seward Alaska!                Enjoy! 082717 Exit Glacier  08/27/17 "Exit Glacier"  The Exit Glacier is one of the view glaciers that can be driven to, then following a short hike can be quickly reached! It is located just outside of Seward Alaska and is a awesome/cool (No Pun Intended) place to see!                Enjoy! 082917 Dahl Sleep  08/29/17 "Dahl Family On The Move"  Got see a rare upclose glimplse of a Dahl Family on the Move as it begain to scale the rock face above the Old Seward Highway! The sleep were there only for a few minutes and all I had was my phone cameria on me what a bummer but still the viewing was an awesome experience!                 Enjoy! 083117 Gorellia Fireworks  08/31/17 "If Your Looking for Some Fireworks..."  Go See the Gorilla! Wow this place has everything, if it goes Whistle, Bang and Boom you have found the Alaska Mecca of Fireworks! It is located in The Matanuska Valley, North of Wallisa!                 Enjoy!
090117 A Flower by Anyname  09/01/17 "A Sweet Throne"  Looks like someone has come up with the ultimate idea for a "Throne Air Fresher", go organic, just watch out when you sit upon the seat of power!                 Enjoy! 090317 A Night's Rest  09/03/17 "The Only Inn in Town"  Well The Fairview Inn and Bar is the original Inn/Hotel in Talkeetna Alaska! She is beauty from the days of yesteryear and now seems to be for sale for some new spirt to take the reins and carry on the tradition!                  Enjoy! 090517 Viking Crow  09/05/17 "Vikings Forward!"  A Viking seemly comes out of the woods challenging all those who pass by him on the road! This guy is located several miles outside of Seward AK and can catch you by surprize!                  Enjoy! 090717 Charter Fishing  09/07/17 "In Search of A Catch"  A fishing vessel out of Resurrection Bay in Seward plies the bay in hopes of a catch!                  Enjoy!
090917 Batmobile  09/09/17 "Robin to The Batmobile"  The Batmobile seen spotted outside this fireworks factory prehaps the Dynamic Duo is on the hunt for the Joker or the Penguin or just maybe Batman and Robin are looking for fireworks to celebrate!                  Enjoy! 091117 Spirit of Freedom  09/11/17 "Freedom Lives On"  Today is day to remember and honor those who fell during the 9/11 attacks and stern message to those responsible as you have seen we will hunt each and everyone of you down and when the job is done we will think of you no more! Freedom never dies in the heart of man but shall live on!                  Embrace Freedom! 091317 River of Ice  09/13/17 "Rivers of Ice"  These massive structures of ice and snow crave the ground below them as they advance and retreat and reshape the land!                   Enjoy! 091517 Mighty Force  09/15/17 "Mighty Force"  When one looks at ice you think its only frozen water but if you really look closely it has amazing strength! If you then think about a lot of ice then you realize the incredible force it has as it moves down a mountain side, Wow!                     Enjoy!
091717 Always a Pleasent Sight  09/17/17 "Always a Pleasent Sight" I never grow tired of seeing Rainbows as they are God's Promise to never destory the Earth by floods again.  Enjoy! 091917 The Dust Appears  09/19/17 "The Dust Returns"  The Dust Line also called termination dust, again begins to trace across the mountain tops signaling that Winter is close at hand!                     Enjoy! 092117 Glacier  09/21/17 "Unknown Glacier"  I saw this small pocket glacier which I don't know its name but I am sure it has one. Glaciers in Alaska are awesome to view and explore they need to be protected please recycle and change the way you use resources so that these wonders can be enjoyed for generations to come!                     Enjoy! 092317 Dusting Continues  09/23/17 "Dusting Continues"  Rains has been falling on the lower elevations while on the summits dusting continues to grow as Winter is on a fast approach!                     Enjoy!
092517 Small Glacier  09/25/17 "Small Glacier"  Alaska has many small pocket glaciers dotting the landscape! These with the more massive glaciers are true reminders of the rugged beauty of the amazing place!                     Enjoy! 092717 Portage Glacier Visitor Center  09/27/17 "Portage Glacier Vistor Center" The vistor center is a first class place to spend a little time with the ice and its an amazing place! Enjoy! 092917 Stream Flow  09/29/17 "Fast Streams"  Rain has been common place over the past several weeks causing streams to swell!                     Enjoy! 100117 Double Fun  10/01/17 "Double Fun"  A Old Double Decker English Bus sits quietly on the roadside by Gorilla Fireworks North of of Wallsia,awaiting passengers!                     Enjoy!
100317 Twin Glaciers  10/03/17 "Twin Glaciers" These two glaciers once flow into one and created the u-shape valley below. Now time and climate have chnage their common flow prehaps they will once again crave the land scape into magjestic features as they did 1000's of years ago! Enjoy! 100517 Alaska Brewery  10/05/17 "Its A Yeast's Life"  Alaska Brewery is a place where the art of fermentation is well practiced! I had amazing experience of being privileged to tour this world class brewery in Anchorage Alaska! The process is a science in itself! The staff is friendly and very professional and Master's of the Art!                     Enjoy! 100717 The Brewing  10/07/17 "The Brewing Process"  Beer Starts off as a mixture of water, hops and other secret ingredients! The process can take hours to years depending on what they are trying to make!                     Enjoy! 100917 Chacon  10/09/17 "She Stills Stands"  After more than a 105 years the Chacon still stands on her rest blocks high above the water's edge on a mountain side in Chugak AK! How she got their is a story in itself! Come and visit her and learn her incredible voyage to her new home!                      Enjoy!
101117 Chugiak's First Laundry Mat  10/11/17 "Chugak's First Laundry Mat"  The First Laundry Mat in Chugiak still stands from the 1950's! All that is left is the small front part of her that is slowly returning to nature creating wonderful ecosystems on her!                      Enjoy! 101317 Friday Night Alaska  10/13/17 "Friday Night Alaska"  Football is a wonderful time to spend a cold frosty evening watching the game!                      Enjoy! 101517 Fast Moving Dust Line  10/15/17 "Fast Moving Dust Line"  Termination Dust is quickly moving down the mountainsides as Winter is at hand!                      Enjoy! 101719 Soon to Be Frozen  10/17/17 "Soon To Be Frozen"  Wild flowing rivers will soon be still as temperature continue to drop and icy crystals take the place of free flowing water!                      Enjoy!
101917 Night Sky  10/19/17 "Night Sky"  I was out testing my camera for the Aurora season which is here and took some amazing star pictures!                      Enjoy! 102117 Mystery Objects  10/21/17 "Night Sky Mystery"  I was testing my camera for Aurora imaging and I got these mysterious objects in the star field. I know they are not airplanes, weather balloons, novas or flares! I used a simple 35 mm lens with a ten second shutter delay. They seem to orient and move in different follow up images! Aliens? not really sure they are but it is very intertesting and hard to explain!                          Enjoy! 102317 Mole Day  10/23/17 "Mole Day!"  Nearly 400 students brave the cold and the dark to celebrate this awesome day in Chemistry, fun was had by all! Mole Day was invented back in the mid 80's as a way to represent Avogrado's Number which is 6.022 X 10 (23 Exponent) This number represents the number of atoms, molecules in one Mole of a Substance!                           Enjoy! 102517 Orange Sunset  10/25/17 "Orange Sunset"  Winter time Sunsets are the best and are very awesome experience on "The Last Frontier!"                           Enjoy!
102717 Dust Battles  10/27/17 "Dust Battles "  With temperatures going from cold to warm and cold again the termination dust receeds and advances as Winter approaches!                           Enjoy! 110317 Glass in The Wind  11/03/17 "Grass in The Wind"  Green Grass is long gone as snow and ice covers the ground, only tall dry grass remains swaying in the wind!                           Enjoy! 110517 Snow Walking  11/05/17 "Snow Walking"  Ravens try out their talons as studded feet to grip the ice and snow as take cross a local Eagle River parking lot!                           Enjoy! 110717 Aurora  11/07/17 "Aurora Waves"  Light pulses across the night sky in waves as the aurora displays its magical show of light! Aurora watching can be really cold but the show never disappoints!                          Enjoy!
110917 Another Amazing Aurora  11/09/17 "Another Amazing Aurora"  Viewing the Aurora is always like seeing it for the first time its full of wonders and truely amazing!                          Enjoy! 111117 ScienceArt  11/11/17 "Science Art"  Is it a worm hole to another dimension or a wave, whatever it is amazing piece of art work in front of the Science Building on the UAA Campus!                          Enjoy! 111317 UAA  11/13/17 "UAA"  University of Alaska of Anchorage, nice school and an awesome campus with a world class education for those students who love to learn on "The Last Frontieer!"                          Enjoy! 111517 SchoolMoose  11/15/17 "No Moose Left Behind"  Even the Moose here in Alaska value a free public education as this Moose takes interest in lessons being taught behind the glass windows" MMh I wonder if this is evidence that wildlife can actually read and there is some sort of school for the animals in the wild!                           Enjoy!
111717 Virtual Sandbox  11/17/17 "Virtual Sandbox"  I was at the UAA Engineering Building and they had this awesome virtual sandbox that one could make topography lines on any shape by moving the sand around it us an awesome idea for classrooms teaching geology in their class!                           Enjoy! 111917 Aurora Background  11/19/17 "Aurora Background"  I never grow tried of these amazing lights, I have seen them hundreds of times but one cannot help to be filled with wonder as if it was the first time seeing them!                           Enjoy! 112317 Pre Black Friday  11/23/17 "Pre Black Friday"  Tranksgiving Meal is over and football is done, Wally World as I like to call went on a pre Black Friday sales event! I really have never been to one before and after what I saw I don't think I will again! People weren't really rude like you see in the news but it kind of took the fun out of shopping as you ran the gauntlet! Also sorry I haven't been posting regularly but life has been busy, hopefully I will get some good pic's soon! 112517 Winters Awesome View  11/25/17 "A Winter Sunrise"  The sun rises and sits quickly on "The Last Frontier" Days here is South Cemtral Alaska are about 5 hrs long but as we approach December the light will last maybe three hours, during that time its a magical Winter Wonderland!                              Enjoy!
112717 Line Check  11/27/17 "Line Check"  Making sure all connections are in order is an important part of the team pulling together!                              Enjoy! 112917 Having Fun  11/29/17 "Always Amazing"  Whether you are riding a sled or a ATV being pull by a team of dogs is always an awesome experience and brings a smile out from the riders! Mushing is an awesome sport and way of life that makes life in Alaska very special!                                  Enjoy! 120117 De Icing  12/01/17 "De Icing"  After another amazing run a  good de-icing is in order as these wonderful creatures live for the adventure!                                  Enjoy! 120317 Past and Present  12/03/17 "Past and Present"  Sledds and Dogs share common tie between the past and present of life on the trails as both worlds bring adventure!                                  Enjoy!
120517 Another Amazing Run  12/05/17 "Another Amazing Run"  After finishing their adventures these dogs are ready for a rest then like the true champions they are ready for another run! Musher's however, know to rest them well at least they can do the second run in their dreams!                   Enjoy! 120717 Snowly Top  12/07/17 "Snowly Top" Living in Alaska is like a Winter wonderland you never tire of the ever presences of Winter around you!  Enjoy! 120917 Say When  12/09/17 "Say When"  These sledd dogs are ready to go, as one yells back to the musher, "Say When!"                   Enjoy! 121117 Cloud Waves  12/11/17 "Cloud Waves" Clouds are always fun to reflect with! These clouds seem to waver across the sky as they pass by!  Enjoy!
121317 Light Through The Trees  12/13/17 "Light Through The Trees"   This the time of low light her in Alaska! It is kind of cool watch days to last only for a few hours and the starlit sky more than makes up for the lost of daylight!                  Enjoy! 121517 Look Back Aurora  2/15/17 "Look Back Aurora"   Haven't been able to get a new picture lately, so I decided to share this Aurora that I took recently. I will be out and about on photo assignments so stay tune for new and upcoming photos!                  Enjoy! 121717 Granite Peak  12/17/17 "Granite Peak"   Granite Peaks ride high in the skyline of Alaska, what an amazing place of wonderment!                  Enjoy! 121917 Seasonal Shop  12/19/17 "Seasonal Shop"   Many businesses that are tourist or seasonal driven close shop for Winter's sleep, but when Spring once again arrives they buzz into life! They are also very interesting to visit and an adventure in their own right!                 Enjoy!
122117 Winter Soltice Mountain  12/21/17 "Winter Solstice"   Winter Solstice is the shorest day of the year. In South Central Alaska we have right around 3 to 4 hours of day light! Once the Solstice has passed we gain light by a few minutes a day until we have 24 hours of Sun light during the Summer!                 Enjoy! 122317 Illusion  12/23/17 "Illusion"   The temperature inversions here are awesome and they create these mountain illusions! While the mountain itself is real  the fortified looking wall is not its awesome!                 Enjoy!