Alaska Photo Explorer 2016

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond
030915 True Compeditors 010116 Duke Chapel  01/01/16 "Duke Chapel"  The famous "Duke Chapel" located on The World Famous Duke University in Durham North Carolina is amazing site to see on the college campus! The chapel is actually much taller as there is slight distortion to get the image to fit the frame. I will be posting images of the trip and new photos of Life in Alaska on the next couple of weeks as we begin a new and awesome year in 2016 on "The Last Frontier!"                                         Enjoy! 010316 Scapy Elephant  01/03/16 "Scrappy Elephant"  This fellow not only has a long memory but many parts which includes bicycle wheels and corrugated tin roofing. I found this guy in Durham NC near where I was staying while my family and I were visiting!                                        Enjoy! 010516 Metal Rex  01/05/16 "Metal Rex"  A Metallic T-Rex rises from the scrap by imagination to a work of lawn art! I found this creation of the mind in Pittsboro NC while on my trip back East!                                         Enjoy!
010716 House of Sticks  01/07/16 "House of Sticks"  Like straight out of the story "The Three Little Pigges" a house of sticks rises from the woods along the river walk on the Eno River in Hillsboro NC! It was really an awesome structure intertwine with sticks of all sizes creating this structure of wood!                                         Enjoy! 010915 One Smokin Bell  01/09/16 "One Smokin Bell "  A copy of the Liberty Bell Made out of Tobacco can be seen at "The Duke's Homestead Museum" in Durham NC. The museum tells the story of tobacco and it's role in the history of life and economics of North Carolina during the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries!                                         Enjoy! 011115 Unity  01/11/16 "Unification"  Many believe that the American Civil War ended with Lee surrendered to Grant on April 05, 1865! However, the largest surrender of Confederate troops took place on April 26, 1865 with Johnston's surrender to Sherman at Durham NC. Many other surrenders took place over the next year finally ending the America's greatest tragedy!  Place is marked by one word "Unity!"                                        Enjoy! 011315 The Griraffs  01/13/16 "Giraffes Abound"  Like a tale out of the plains of Africa, Giraffes graze upon Pittsboro NC. Actually it's a really cool art store that seems to specialize in recycled art, and they are great at it! Soon I will be back to publishing pictures from Alaska as Winter seems to have finally returned!                                        Enjoy!
011516 Service  01/15/16 "Selfless Service"  This statute is honor of those medics,doctors and nurses who put themselves in harms way to treat the wounded on the battlefield so that they may be restored to health once again. This only part of the statute the other half is a soldier running with a unit of blood as the doctor is calling him. This awesome piece can be found on Duke University Medical Campus in Durham NC!                                        Enjoy! 011716 Awesome Range  01/17/16 "Awesome Range"  Some of the highest mountains in the world span across "The Last Frontier!" Denali on the right is the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 ft. Mt. Folker on the far left spirals to a height of 17,420 ft!                                        Enjoy! 011916 Sunset Over Snow  01/19/16 "Peak Background Light"  On our short days during Winter the Sun rises late in the morning but sets early afternoon leaving twilight for several hours but the days are growing longer as we head into the new year!                                        Enjoy! 011216 Aurora 2  01/21/16 "Best Light Show On Earth!"  Nothing tops The Northern Lights for an awesome display in the night sky! I saw these on the way to work yesterday morning oh how I wished I had my tripod along with me, oh well maybe next time. The next two nights promise a second act, however,snow is in the forecast may block the view!                                        Enjoy!
012316 Aurora Ribbon  01/23/16 "Best Light Show On Earth Take Two!"  An Aurora Ribbon dances across the sky above! It was truely an amazing display, as from the fuzzy photo you know I was wishing "only if I had brought my tripod", it's already loaded in the car for the next amazing event!                                       Enjoy! 012516 Ice Warrior  01/25/16 "Ice Warrior"  A frozen warrior arm with weapons through the ages stands guard in the Park as part of the Ice Show of 2016. Their were fewer structures this year but the ones that were created were amazing!                                       Enjoy! 012716 Rose By Any Name  01/27/16 "Rose By Any Name"  An icy floral springs forth from the frozen block of ice reminding us that a rose can grow from anything and make the impossible possible!                                       Enjoy! 012916 Rolling Moon  01/29/16 "Moon Jump"  The Moon appears to have rolled off the mountain summitt and now as taken flight! Actually it is an optical illusion that the Moon interacts with our majestic mountains that gives the moon the appearance of free flight!                                         Enjoy!
013116 Icy Peace  01/31/16 "Icy Peace"  A peace sign sets a top of a frozen world longing for peace. Hopefully the world leaders and people of the world will finally put aside their differences realize we are all human!                                         Enjoy! 020116 Pearl of Ice  02/01/16 Pearl of Ice A icy pearl forms under layers of ice among towers of frozen coral! Enjoy! 020316 Frozen Whale  02/03/16 "Frozen Whale"  A Humpback Whale dives into a frozen ocean on Earth! I am always amazed by the talent and visions of these sculptors as they bring out stories from the layers of frozen ice!                                          Enjoy! 020516 Mountain Sheep  02/05/16 "Mountain Sheep"  A Dahl Sleep stands atop it's frozen crest surveying it's territory below! Another amazing example of the art in ice!                                          Enjoy!
020716 People of Pt Woronzof  02/07/16 "People of Point Woronzof"  Point Woronzof in Anchorage is a place of beautiful sunsets, bike trails and hiking along the beach. It also is now home to 100 stone figures that bring forth the stories and trials of those who suffer mental illness so that their struggles are not forgotten among this place of beauty, least we forget those who society often ignores, take time and reach out to help those who are in need in helping them we help ourselves to find true beauty among the shores of this awesome place!                                          Enjoy! 020916 A Good Cause  02/09/16 "A Good Cause"  In Mustang Country you can see kids out and about raising money for their cause such as these guys are doing in a "Pancake Feed" to support Youth Hockey! You got to give them credit for their hard work in times when public resources are being limited and the heart of the community is stepping up to support these kids and besides they get a great breakfast!                                        Enjoy! 021116 Frozen Star  02/11/16 "Frozen Star"  Twinkle Twinkle little ice, a frozen star is born from crystals of ice!                                        Enjoy! 021316 Happy Valentines Day  02/13/16 "Happy Valentines Day"  Even Ice can bring forth love on this day as a heart arises from the ice to profess its love!                                        Enjoy!
021516 Home Away From Home  02/15/16 "Home Away From Home" A ice hut sits out on Fire Lake providing shelter for those who seek the thrill of the chase between fish and man in comfort and solitude!                                        Enjoy! 021716 The Giffin  02/17/16 "The Griffin" A mythological creature transforms from the ice as the craver brings its image forward from the crystals that give ice its structure!                                        Enjoy! 021916 Bond Fire  02/19/16 "One Serious Campfire" It looks like someone has built the ultimate campfire, ready for use! However, I sort of question the location as it sits on a small pond that is adjacent to fire lake unless their purpose is to melt though the ice to fish. I can think of a few easier ways to reach the fish! Then again they might like to roast marshmallows over nice crackling fire!                                         Enjoy! 022116 Pressing On  02/21/16 "Onward" The US Military and its missions have a "Can Do" attitude! It is not not only a force that protects but it is a force that does global good! Remember to thank them for their service and sacrifice!                                        Enjoy!
022316 Fat Bikes  02/23/16 "Winter Cycling" Winter cycling is a big pastime here on "The Last Frontier!" If it can outfitted to be incorporated with snow and ice it will be a sport here as we usually enjoy 6 months of snow on an average year!                                       Enjoy! 022516 Quiet Moments  02/25/16 "A Quiet Moment" Sometimes we just need to drive to a quiet place and let the stillness wash over us, so we just breath as life often overwhelm! In these quiet moments of reflection we gain new perspectives! Alaska is full of places such as these to take our breath's away in awe and splendor and remind us that we are apart of this great land!                                       Enjoy! 022716 Carve On  02/27/16 "Carve On" The joy of bringing forth a dream despite the usual warm Winter , the spirt of the carver and the snow carries on as with each touch a master piece takes form!                                        Enjoy! 022916 Gentle Pat  02/29/16 "Gentle Pat" A craver gives a gentle pat on the back of her creation, what seems like a small reassurance that despite the warm weather you will take form!                                        Enjoy!
030116 Winner  03/01/16 "Winner" "Sharkando" wins the Snow Sculpture Contest at Fur Rondy this year!                                        Enjoy! 030316 Good Have Been Great  03/03/16 "Only If" Had mother nature been a little more kind what master piece this snow sculptor would have made! But like one of the cravers said "it's just one of those years." Winter should be excellent next year as the completion will go on!                                        Enjoy! 030516 Iditarod 2016 Has Begun  03/05/16 "Iditarod 2016" In every heart of a every dog lies a Iditarod Champion but only a few can ever achieve and run the "Call of The Wild" which embodies the dream and spirit of "The Last Great Race on Earth!"                                    Enjoy! 030716 Onward  03/07/16 "Onward" Cries the Musher as both the team and the musher strike out for adventure! The Iditarod is truely a bold voyage into the great vast unknown!                                    Enjoy!
030916 The Mushing Mortechin  03/09/16 "The Mushing Mortician" A very famous and well known musher who bills himself as "The Mushing Mortician" heads out on the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage for the 2016 Iditarod Start!                                    Enjoy! 031116  Pure Joy  03/11/16 "Pure Joy" Give me some snow, good pals, sled, some booties and a bandana and I'm good to go! The joy of the race is written in their expressions and hearts as they do what they were born to do, run "The Great Last Race on Earth!"                                    Enjoy! 031316 Mt Redoubt Awakens  03/13/16 "A Giant Awakens"  An early afternoon 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake herald the awakening of a giant which has been slumbering for the past several years. Mt. Redoubt vents a cloud of stream moments after the earthquake occured. This volcaneo is nearly 110 miles South of Anchorage and sits on "The Ring of Fire!" It has covered Anchorage in the past with its ash cloud. It also serves as a constant reminder of the great forces at work that is shaping not only Alaska but the World!                      Enjoy! 031516 Upclose Moon  03/15/16 "Up Close Moon"  The Moon rises over Eagle River and I took this image through my telescope as I try my hand at astrophography! Moon rises are really spectacular in Eagle River as our small town is ring by the mighty Chugiak Mountain Range!                        Enjoy!
031716 City By The Sea  03/17/16 "Awesome Northern City"  Anchorage is Alaska's largest city with a population of 300,000 people. It is a place design with people in mind. It has hundreds of miles of green belts and bike trails and many parks! It is also home to a vast amount of wildlife such as Moose, Bear, Coyotes,Wolves and Eagles that interact daily with the residents. The mighty Chugiak  Mountain Range rings the city which also gives this city by the sea an awesome place to call home on "The Last Frontier!"                           Enjoy! 031916 Ever Wonder  03/19/16 "Alaska's First Day of Spring"  Ever wonder what they are really saying to each other? Try this, hey isn't today the first day of Spring and I thought you and I were going fishing? Not now, I'm gonna kill me a Ground Hog! Stupid animals can't even predict the Weather! Say, save me a piece, you got it!                              Enjoy! 032116 Mother Ship  03/21/16 "Mother Ship ?"  Like an image out of the movie "Close Encounters of The Third Kind"  what appears to be an alien Mother Ship descends on Eagle River! Actually it is a Lenticular Cloud, a fairly rare form of cloud but awesome to watch!                                 Enjoy! 032316 Winter Mist  03/23/16 "Snowy Veil"  A mixture or clouds and blowing snow creates a veil atop this mountain peak. I really like all the transitions of light and color, giving this view truly awesome effect!                                 Enjoy!
032516 Free Library  03/25/16 "Free Library"  What seems to be a bird house at a distance, is actually a library! These pocket libraries have over the past couple of years seem to be popping up everywhere. They are a really cool idea and who knows what treasure of adventures lye within. All it takes is a turn  of the knob and your imagination!                                 Enjoy! 032716 He Has Risen  03/27/16 "He Has Risen"  Everyday is truly a special day and gift from God. Today, is a little more special because its Easter, Jesus, God's only Son and Gift of Love to the World Rose from the dead on this day that we might be forgiven of our sins! Celebrate this day not just today but everyday in your life embrace the gift and it will change your life!                              Enjoy! 032916 Spring Approaches  03/29/16 "Spring Approaches"  With each passing day Spring draws closer. Only in the mountains does Winter cling on during the changing of the season!                              Enjoy! 033116 Muddy Tidal Beach  03/31/16 Tidal Beach The tital flats reflect the mighty currents has tides flow in and out of the Anchorage Region. People sometimes venture out on these flats and do return! They are cool to look at a distance but very unstable to walk on! Enjoy!
040116 New Camper  04/01/16 "Tiny House"  Tiny houses seem to be all the rage today. This house really pushes the minimum concept of space but does feature a nice walkway! Aprils Fool's it most likely a really upscale chicken coop that's for sale!                              Enjoy! 040316 Eagle Glacier  04/03/16 "Eagle Glacier"  As Spring approaches, I decided to check on the resident glacier in Eagle River and she seems to still holding her own despite the low snow fall this year! If we have a mild summer she may be none the worse for the wear.                              Enjoy! 040516 Cool Top  04/05/16 "Cool Top"  The summitts around Eagle River are truly awesome each with there on unique amazing display!                               Enjoy! 040716 Air Cargo  04/07/16 "Air Cargo Captial"  Ted Stevens International Airport is one of the world's busiest cargo airports in the world. It serves as a cross road between Asia and North America!                               Enjoy!
040916 Water Fall  04/09/16 "Hiking Water Fall"  A Popular stop along the scenic Old Seward Highway is McHugh Creek! Many locals and tourist alike hike along the trail of the waterfall with all it's majestic wonders!                               Enjoy! 041116 The Old Knik River Bridge  04/11/16 "Bridge From a By Gone Era"  The Old Knik River Bridge still spans across the glacial river. The bridge built in the early twentieth century before Alaska became a state is no longer safe for motor travel but bikes and foot traffic still crosses the mightily old iron bridge. The wind this day may the experience even more an adventure as it seem to howl at greater than 80 miles per hour!                               Enjoy! 041315 Butte  04/13/16 "Butte"  A small isolated mountain stands alone in the Matanuska Valley floor surrounded by the majestic Chugach Mountain Range. Rising only a 700 hundred feet it is a popular place for locals to take a quick but challenging hike with spectacular views awaiting the top!                         Enjoy! 041516 Twin Peaks  04/15/16 "Twin Peaks"  Twin Peaks a double summit mountain located ringing the Matanuska Valley is always an inspiring sight to view as you wind along the Old Glenn Highway towards Palmer!                         Enjoy!
041716 Snack Time  04/17/16 "Snack Time"  A Reindeer and her recently new born calf enjoy a feeding and bonding time, as she feeds and bathes her calf!                         Enjoy! 041916 Different  04/19/16 "Truely Unique"  I have seen all kinds of houses in my travels but I have to say this one is definitely different! A Traffic Control Tower house in the mist of farmland with no runway in sight in the Matanuska Valley is the last thing one thinks they will see while exploring but after all this is Alaska and we are a truely unique people, which makes this place all the more special!                         Enjoy! 042116 Bordenburg Butte  04/21/16 "Bordenburg Butte"  Here's a closer view of the butte as seen from the valley floor. If you look closely you can see a steep trail etch into the mountain side, the other side of the butte has a much more friendly trail, but which every path you choose it's an awesome experience. Enjoy! 042316Manuska Valley  04/23/16 "Agricultural Experiement"  In the 1930's during "The Great Depression" many urban families were located to the Matanuska Valley to start an agricultural colony to rebuild lives, most of the families did not succeed because of the remoteness and lack of farming skills. However, those that did overcome, craved out for themseleves a fresh start and a new way of life and today produced some of the largest vegetables on the Earth!                         Enjoy!
042516 Moose Crossing  04/25/16 "My Road Too"  A Moose and her Yearling in near tow decides to cross the road for greener pickings on the other side as leaves sprout from their long Winter sleep! So now we know why the "The Moose Cross The Road" why to sample the other side!                         Enjoy! 042716 The Eagle Glacier  04/27/16 "One Year Later"  As I went to publish this photo, I realized that I ran a picture of the Eagle Glacier one year ago to the date. I never tried of seeing this remnant of the once mightly glacier that carved our valley!                         Enjoy! 042916 Spring Snack  04/29/16 "Spring Mix Snack"  A yearling Moose enjoys a Spring Mix Snack consisting of bark and fresh leaves buds, a big and welcome change from Winters diet of bark and more bark, Bon Apetit!                         Enjoy! 050116 One Tick Off Moose  05/01/16 "One Seriously Ticked Off Moose"  Sometimes a photo opp may not just be worth the danger! Even with my extreme distant lens at 50 yards and wanting to give wildlife the respect it deserves, this young bull moose is letting everyone know today's not the day to stop and view as he charged every car that passed by!                   Enjoy!
050316 Looking Back  05/03/16 "Looking Back"  Moose are curious animals which make them really cool to watch! I often wonder what they are really thinking, because often they see something and seem to reflect or ponder what they saw before moving on!                   Enjoy! 050516 Howdy  05/05/16 "Howdy There!"  A Moose greets me as I capture this photo! Moose seem to be everywhere since Spring has arrived, so keep a lookout for them and when you spot them take a moment to observe these amazing and curious creatures as they are full of personalities!                   Enjoy! 050716 Reflective  05/07/16 "Reflective"  A quiet moment caught in time, as the majestic mountains reflect is slow moving water below. In these precious seconds do we feel connected with our surroundings, it is these experiences that make living on "The Last Frontier" truely amazing!                   Enjoy! 050916 Triming  05/09/16 "Part Giraffe"  Moose seem to have an amazing reach when samplng meal!                   Enjoy!
051119 Nature Center Stream  05/11/16 "Living Stream"  When you look at a stream, what do you really see? Some would say water flowing but if you closely it's a universe in it's self as there are millions of worlds of macroscopic and microscopic life flowing in it's water!                   Enjoy! 051316 Walking Bridge  05/13/16 "Walking On Sunshine"  The last couple of days have been amazing Summer Weather and people are out and about walking on sunshine!                   Enjoy! 051516 The Valley  05/15/16 "The Valley"  Amazing farmland rich in soil and bathe in nearly 24 hour sunshine, produces some of the largest produced in the world! Truely, God has blessed our land and we are grateful!                   Enjoy! 051716 Locked  05/17/16 " A Lock Moosesmith Solution"  Mmh,I wonder if that's a Master Lock those baby's are bullet proof! Now how am I gonna get through this? Why I remember when this was all free range forest!  I guess that I am just going to have to hurdle this baby!                   Enjoy!
051916 Snow Top  05/19/16 " Snow Still On Top"  Snow clings to the mountain tops as Summer Progresses, reminding us that Winter's wonderland is a few short months away!                   Enjoy! 052116 Moose On  05/21/16 " Moose On"  Why does a Moose cross the road? Why of Course, to just Moose along!                   Enjoy! 052316 Bear After My Heart  05/23/16 "Bear After My Own Heart"  A Brown Bear eyes some Dandelions along the roadside as he prepares to eat them. Any bear that wants to pick and consume those weeds is definitely a good friend of mine!  The friendship only lasted a short while as he decided to charge at me and sent me running for cover!                   Enjoy! 052516 Snow  05/25/16 "Snow?"  That's right even through Summer has arrived Winter's Kiss is always a possibility here on "The Last Frontier!" The snow fell high at  high elevation and lasted about a day then Summer returned.                   Enjoy!
052716 Friendly Game of Tag  05/27/16 "Wanna Play a Friendly Game of Tag?"  After polishing off some Dandelions what better way to finish an awesome moment with a friendly game of tag! With that said, not all things are equal! If you get tag by those's paws, "it's game over!" With the distance closing on me I decided to take the better part of valor and head for safety and Yes I did run which is not always the smartest thing to do with a bear!                    Enjoy! 052916 Wildfire  05/29/16 "Wildfire"  Hotshot crews out of Fairbanks and along with local Eagle River Fire Crews battle a wildfire that rage in the Eagle River Valley two days ago! The fire is now contain and extinguish, it is believed to have been started by people. Please be careful when you are camping in the woods and make sure all campfires are putout, so others may enjoy the same wonders of nature!                     Enjoy! 053116 Cable War  05/31/16 "Always at It"  Cable and Dish networks are always at war with each other trying to capture the Lion's share of the market viewers. Dish is up by one with this really awesome Kangaroo and Joey in tow! It will be interesting to see how Cable responds!                   Enjoy! 060116 Chickloon AK  06/01/16 "Chickaloon Stop"  On the highway to Glen Allen AK their are many small communities like Chickaloon AK who have a friendly" how do you do" welcome for vistors. It places like this that make adventuring out on the road of exploration a really awesome experience!                   Enjoy!
060316 River Rescue  Class  06/03/16 "River Rescue Class"  Alaska is full of many adventures on the water's. These individuals are learning how to rescue people who's adventure's that go astray insuring both the safety of the rescuer and thoses that they are saving from harm's way!                   Enjoy! 060516 Eagle River Wildfire  06/05/16 "Eagle River Wildfire"  Summer's in Alaska being warm and long sunny days but along with all the sunshine comes a risk of wildfire's! Quick response by fire teams put this wildfire out several days ago with a loss of 30 acres, it could have been much larger, please remember to be careful when your out in the woods so others may enjoy the wonders of nature!                     Enjoy! 060716 Island in Mid Stream  06/07/16 "Island in Midstream"  A rocky island stands against the current and time as trees's and srubs have taken hold in the rapid current and made an ecosystem in it's own right!                     Enjoy! 060916 Ready to Bolt  06/09/16 "Ready to Bolt"  A brown bear makes his calculations before he bolts up onto the road!                     Enjoy!
061116 Sampling Greens  06/11/16 "Hey You Want Some?"  A young Moose out on their prehaps for the first time is sampling greens at Moose Pond on Eagle River road! The Moose seem unaffected by my presence and even seemed to welcome my visit as if to offer me greens, but I kept it short to respect the distance wildlife deserves.                     Enjoy! 061316 Wet Soggy and Hungery  06/13/16 "Wet, Soggy and Hungry"  A young coyote hangs by the roadside seeking an opportunity in a rain shower waiting to see what he might find for lunch. Even though he didn't pose a threat to me, I kept my distance just in case he might see roadrunner in me!                      Enjoy! 061516 Blending In  06/15/16 "The Return"  One of our local Eagles has returned to his favorate perch on Eagle River Loop Road! I have not seen its mate yet as they have nested there for several years hopefully the other Eagle will return soon!                      Enjoy! 061716  What to Do  06/17/16 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"  Encounters such as these are common in Alaska!  Knowing how to handle the situation  is key to either enhancing the experience or facing a potential nightmare! The best solution is not turn and run but make yourself look as big as possible and slowly back away. Living in bear country, one needs to know bear safety!                    Enjoy!
061916 Dog Driver  06/19/16 "A New Way to Chase Cars"  They will give anybody a driver's license these days it seems, as this dog has discover a new way to chase cars, squirrels and cats on his daily adventures!                    Enjoy! 062116 WWII Army Training Plane  06/21/16 "Overhead Flight"  Most time people look up when a plane flies overhead but this time it was a different! A WWII plane fills the wild blue yonderand is quite a sight to see this 75 year old aircraft still dancing in the sky! Enjoy! 062316 Eagle River Glacier  06/23/16 "Eagle River Glacier Study"  I have been studying this glacier for over a decade through photography to capture changes. This what the glacier looks like this year. To see the change over time visit and click on the link that is the portal to climate study!                    Enjoy! 062516 Sitting Bull  06/25/16 "Sitting Bull"  After a hard day of grazing a Bull Moose is sitting by Moose Pond just taking it all in as the evening fast approaches!                    Enjoy!
062716 Hatchers Pass Peak  06/27/16 "Their's Gold in Them Their Hills!"  One of the summits surrounding Hatchers' Pass seems like almost any Alpine Peak in Alaska except for one thing, this peak hides a secret in her, Gold! Hatchers' Pass is the home to the Independence Gold Mine now a Alaska State Park. However, below these peaks surrounding the pass are areas were individuals can pan for gold and with luck and a lot of hard work find their own pieces of gold!                    Enjoy! 062916 Excellent Summer  06/29/16 "Most Excellent Summer"  This Summer has proven to be full of Sunshine and mild temperatures! Many Alaskans are out and about enjoying the wonderful wilderness around us! Like these two, I hope to be cycling soon along the many trails that are well maintain on "The Last Frontieer!"                      Enjoy! 070116 Checking Things Out  07/01/16 "Curiosity"   It is said that curiosity killed the cat but cats are not the only animals that thrive on their inquisitive nature. Bears are very curious creatures that seek out and explore their surroundings and as far as curiosity killing this guy most things will be on the losing in when facing one of these!                      Enjoy! 070316 Plant Examiner  07/03/16 "Plant Examiner"   Bears love to sample all the greens around them. They are master consumers as they have to pack in the pounds to ready themseleves for the up coming Winter! Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations of America's  Independence! The 4th is also the day in which Nasa's Juno spacecraft enter orbit around The Planet Jupiter!                       Enjoy!
070516 Not Really  07/05/16 "Technically Not True"  Chemistry defines a solution as two substances dissolved in a liquid to create a homogenous mixture! While even 99.9999% alcohol (Lab Grade) is technically not a pure solution because of impurities and therefore not a homogenus mixture and not a solution!  While one ponders this pun, that alcohol seems to lessen one's troubles, it actually does not because in the end, it only compounds it, not only does the problem still exist that cause to seek it, but now you have other problems, such as a drain wallet and a hangover to deal with!                        Enjoy! 070716 Frozen in Time  07/07/16 "A Moment in Time"   Capturing a single second in time is priceless! We often past seconds without even a thought of them. It is truely amazing all the instantaneous wonders that pass by unnoticed, we need to make time for these singular spans as they offer unique perspectives  like this raging torrent and near perfect sphere's as water dances in a glacial stream!                         Enjoy! 070916 Olympic Moose  07/09/16 "Moose Olympic's Trial"   With the approaching Olympic Games in Rio, even Moose are getting into the spirt as they have been seen Sprinting and Hurdling about trying to qualifiy for a spot in the upcoming games!                         Enjoy! 071116 Funny  07/11/16 "Clever and Funny Pun"   Political elections brings out all kinds of solgans and sometimes clever play on words! This election seems to be particular tough as both parties struggle for a good candidate. I am glad that these two choices are not the only ones running for president, although I wonder what kind of ice cream I would get!                          Enjoy!
071316 Keeping Score  07/13/16 "Keeping Count"   It seems nature is keeping track of our recent clear weather by keeping score in the sky!                          Enjoy! 071516 Mysteriuos  07/15/16 "Mysterious"   Wrapped in a veil of secrets a mountain and her mini glacier hide from view as clouds roll in during evening hours! The clouds however,went their way to some other place to release its bounty of rain, as for us another day of sunshine!                          Enjoy! 071716 That Kind of Summer  07/17/16 "That Kind of Summer"   Sunny days keep persisting throughout South Central Alaska! These are the days that are made outdoor adventure. If you can go and make the time and visit many of the parks that Alaska has to offer!                           Enjoy! 071916 Natures Weather Vain  07/19/16 "Nature's Weather Vain"   Fireweed is a plant found all over Alaska. One of its really interesting characteristics is it's ability to predict changes in the season! The plant is often use to predict the coming of Winter!                           Enjoy!
072116 Doppler Ripples  07/21/16 "Energy Ripples"   Took this picture with my phone last night looks great on the phone but not so when enlarged oh well, object lesson learn take cameria everywhere! Anyway, I thought the ripple effect was cool as the Moose disperses energy throughout  as it drinks! So one thing does truely effect another!                           Enjoy! 072316 Glacier Exposed  07/23/16 "Glacier Exposed"   A rare moment as Summer has almost removed the snow blanket that lied on top of the glacier protecting it from the Sun! A small stream can be seen flowing from the glacier's base. Soon temperatures will begin to cool and once again snow will cover the ice and process of freezing will begin again!                          Enjoy! 072516 Almost Extinct  07/25/16 "Almost Extinct"   Pay Phones have almost gone the way of the Dodo with mass production of cell phones and their relatively low cost and now wide coverage areas! I ran across this one at the Eagle River Nature Center and yes it still works!                           Enjoy! 072716 Snacking  07/27/16 "Enjoy The Moose"   I will out on an assignment doing Glacier Research in Denali National Park, So I will not be publishing for several days! I will return in August so like the Moose just enjoy a snack and I will see you soon!                           Enjoy!
080316 TimesChanging  08/03/16 "Times They are A Changing"   .......and not always for the best! Alaska new law that promotes the selling of marijuana is taking affect! This is really a bad idea because in the end only the love ones of those who use will suffer, just like in the case of alcohol that affects many families in many states. Please break the cycle and don't use!                           Think It Over! 080516 Motorcycle Tent  08/05/16 "World's Smallest Pop Up Tent?"   People travel on "The Last Frontier" by many means. A Motorcycle Tent is one amazing way to do it! Don't except a lot personal space in this, but still it's a cool way to travel!                         Enjoy! 080716 Glaciers Abound  08/07/16 "Glacier's Abound For Now"   Glacier's are a common and awesome sight to see as one travels through Alaska, so let's watch our carbon admissions and keep it that way, so that these inspiring giants of ice will continue to alter the landscape as they should!                         Enjoy! 080916 Heading Out  08/09/16 "Heading Out to The Glacier"   Our Glacier Exploration of East Fork Tolak Glacier  began with a 9 mile hike out to the advance base camp. Along the way, we encounter wildlife and yes the dreaded force march through the tundra, which was very tough! I will be posting images of the adventure throughout the month of August!                         Enjoy!
081116 March Onward  08/11/16 "Marching On"   Our group begins to encounter thick brush as we head across the river plain. Were are yelling "Hey Bear" to let the bears know we are around, because the last thing you want to do is suprize a bear, they don't take it well!                        Enjoy! 081316 Crossing Cold  08/13/16 "Cold Crossing"   Glacial rivers often move swifly as they flow and we had to be careful as we cross them. Their cold waters are a very inviting to one's feet after the tough march through tundra!                        Enjoy! 081516 More Open Country  08/15/16 "More Open Country"   Hiking through Denali National Park can seem neverending as one open expanse leads into another with amazing sights of wildlife, fauna and majestic scenery awakes at every turn!  While we all hope that with each turn through the brush would give us a glince of our final goal, we were never disappointed with what lied ahead!                        Enjoy! 081716 Taken A Toll  08/17/16 "Taken A Toll"   Mile after mile of rock and dense brush takes it's toll as we forged through the wilderness to reach the glacier! Taking breaks about every hour help us to rest and recoup as the 85 pound packs slowly worn us down!                        Enjoy!
081916 Setting Up Advance Camp  08/19/16 "Setting Up Advance Base Camp"   After hiking for eight hours through some very heavy terrain we arrived at our advance base camp site. The group pitched their tents and settle down for the evening meal, tired and exhausted we prepared ourselves for tomorrows next three miles up the glacier face!                        Enjoy! 082116 Our Final Destination  08/21/16 "Our Final Destination Ahead"   After camp was set up, I walked a short distance to take this picture of our final destination, The East Fork Toklat Glacier. It seem as if you could reach out and touch it but in reality, it is a another 3 mile journey with it's own unique challenges!                        Enjoy! 082316 Night of Rest  08/23/16 "Night of Rest"   The long hike and getting settle in, we welcome the rocky hard ground beneight our sleeping bags as we dream about our ascent on the glacier for the following day!                        Enjoy! 082516 Setting Up Sensing Equipment  08/25/16 "Sensing Base"   Preparing for the hike unto the glacier required first setting up the base sensor receiver. Using a remote rover we were able to map the glacier with precision to the base sensor!                        Enjoy!
082716 Treking to The Glacial Face  08/27/16 "Trekking to The Glacial Face"   With our base sensor set up, we begin the three mile hike up the mountain through the tertgerous  glacial till to reach the terminal moraine!                        Enjoy! 082916 The Path Ahead  08/29/16 "The Path Ahead"   Reaching the glacier is not as easy as it seems, the ground is strewed with rocks, bolders and unstable ground. What seems to a surface littered with rocks still in parts have active glacial ice below, making traversing it a challenge in it's own right!                        Enjoy! 083116 Along The Way  08/31/16 "Just over the Next Ridge..."   It seem the closer we got there was another ridge to climb!The ridges themselves often a mixture of ice and rock proved to be quite a challenge as we pushed forward to the main body of ice!                         Enjoy! 090116 Glacial Pond  09/01/16 "Glacial Pond"   Kettles as they are called are small glacial ponds that form when glaciers retreat and large blocks of ice are left behind and melt in the depression! As we drew closer to the glacial face we counter streams and many Kettles of various sizes!                         Enjoy!
090316 Where to Cross  09/03/16 "Where to Cross"   Getting to the glacier's face proved to be more challenging than previously thought! Freezing cold streams and what appears to be glacial till in the back ground is more than just that, parts of the glacier laid just below the surface making walking on the a real challenge!                           Enjoy! 090515 Break Time  09/05/16 "Break Time"   We took breaks along the way to the glacial face as walking over the till prove to be quite a challenge. During this we also began to take elevation measurements of the till to mark the changes in the glacier area. What appears to be a rock face wall in the back of the picture is actually a Lateral Moraine with an active glacier below the surface!                           Enjoy! 090716 Glacier Face  09/07/16 "The Glacial Front at Last"   After several hours over rough terrain, we finally arrived at the glaciers face! Like many glaciers, streams from underneath the massive ice sheet pour out from the face as the bottom ice is melted by friction as the ice slides across the land!                           Enjoy! 090916 Medial Moriane  09/09/16 "Medial Moraine"   What appears to to be a rocky ridge is actually a Medial Moraine covered in glacial till is actually a huge tong of ice that is apart of the glacier's main body. The Moraine is our ticket to the expose ice tongs of the glacier that appear extending out of the clouds!                           Enjoy!
091116 Up The Medial Moriane  09/11/16 "Up The Medial Moraine"   We are actually now on the center of the glacier, you can see the lateral moraine which marks the glacier side edge. Lets us take a moment to remember 911, that we least forget that tragic day and for our enemies, know always we will track you down to the ends of the Earth, until the last, America is Strong and Free!                           Remember! 091316 Deciding Which Fork  09/13/16 "Which Glacier Face to Take"   The Medial Moriane offered us two choices on which glacier tongue we would transverse. Our group here is seen weighing which path would be best to travel. We ended up taking the left side!                           Enjoy! 091516 Campons On  09/15/16 "Crampons On"   With a long journey behind us, we walked down the Medial Moriane, to the glaciers exposed ice field and put on our crampons so we could traverse the 700 foot thick ice sheet ahead of us!                           Enjoy! 091716 Out On The Ice  09/17/16 "Out On The Ice"   With our crampons we were able to walk out on the glacial ice! The ice that we were standing on average at least 700 feet thick! Walking across glacial ice is not as easy as it seems, we had to plant each foot down as we transverse the ice flow, so we would not slip on the slick ice!                           Enjoy!
091916 Magficant Desolation  09/19/16 "Magnificent Desolation"    Standing on this amazing flow ice and the stark beauty of the ice and landscape surrounding me, I felt like I was on another world! Behind the veil of clouds before me the glacier stretch for miles up the winding mountain slopes!                            Enjoy! 092116 Examimg a Glacial Stream  09/21/16 "Examining a Mid Glacial Stream "    As we walk about the glacier's surface we came across stress cracks and water erosion as it cut channels in the surface ice. These streams vary in depth but created awesome canyon like features on the glacier's surface!                Enjoy! 092316 Traveling Stake  09/23/16 "Traveling Stake"   The Toklak Glacier has been visited several times before to research glacier and climate interaction. Pole Stakes such as these were driven into the ice during the late eighties and early nineties. The poles over time often break off under stress and make go markers to how far the ice has traveled!                Enjoy! 092516 Water Erosin  09/25/16 "Glacial Canyon in Progress"   As rain and melt water flow seasonally across the glacier's surface small canyons are created. These pathways give small glimpses to the sub surface below the ice!                Enjoy!
092716 Sensing The Glacier  09/27/16 "Sensing The Glacier"   Using remote sensing our expedition was able to relay data to the base sensor at base camp to plot thickness changes in the ice by using GPS Satellites to measure changes in elevation of the ice over previous expeditions data!                Enjoy! 092916 Another Stake  09/29/16 "Another Glacier Stake"   As our group continued dow the glacier face we encounter another stake pole but this one was much older than the previous one. The stake was from the earlier eighties and had traveled quite a bit down the glacier slope as glaciers are rivers of ice in constant motion!                Enjoy! 100116 Walking Along The Ice Way  10/01/16 "Heading Back to Base Camp"   After spending an amazing time among the ice and the clouds, we headed back to base camp along "The Ice Way!"                Enjoy! 100316 Looking for A Way to Exit  10/03/16 "Looking for a Safe Exit"   Getting off the glacier is as tricky as it was getting on the glacier! The medial moriane to the left of the picture while it looks like solid rocky ground is actually slick glacial ice just covered by a boulder field. We finally decided on a exit point but several of us slide down its slope before we were able to secure firm footing!                 Enjoy!
100516 Stress Cracks  10/05/16 "Stress Cracks"   I have decided to publish a few more on ice photos. This crack runs horizontal across the glacier tong and is created when the ice slides against the bottom bedrock and is occasionally stuck then buckles under pressure and continues to side down the mountain side leaving a stress crack running across the glacial face!                 Enjoy! 100716 Tributary Glaciers  10/07/16 "Tributary Glaciers"   Several Tributary Glaciers feed the Tolkat East Fork Glacier, such as this one seen flowing into the main ice flow from the left side. Looking at these massive sheets of ice is an awesome experience!                 Enjoy! 100916 Surfing Erratic  10/09/16 "Surfing Erractic"   Large boulders such as these are created by glaciers as they grind against rock walls. Surf their way down the ice flows to be deposited and then will be called Erratic's as they will seem out of place among the smaller glacial till!                 Enjoy! 101116 Glacier Side  10/11/16 "Ice Wall"   What appears to be a steep slope of rock and till is actually a mixture of glacial ice and rock that is hundreds of feet thick that line the side of the glacier!                 Enjoy!
101316 Preparing The Meal  10/13/16 "Preparing The Evening Meal"   Huddled and exhausted, bracing against the wind our tired explorers begain to prepare the evening meal among the bear containers design to protect our food, if yogi should appear!                 Enjoy! 101519 Constant Companions  10/15/16 "Constant Companions"   Throughout our stay at advance base camp we were constantly watch and visited by our constant companions, Denali Sheep which climb the walls of the mountainside as they gazed on grasses with seemingly effortless effort which made our struggle to reach the those same peaks comical!                 Enjoy! 101716 Wash Plain  10/17/16 "Washout Plain"  As Glaciers advance and retreat they produce washout plains in their wake. These plains have unsorted glacial till and often have lakes or rivers flowing throughout the plain! I will be publishing daily pictures for a while as I have several more pictures from our exploration to share but Alaska is rapidly changing season and I want to share these with you!                 Enjoy! 101819 Volcanic Mountains  10/18/16 "Volcanic Mountains"  Volcanic Mountains and the Glaciers run hand in hand in this magical place where truely fire and ice dot the landscape with each telling its own unique story of this national park called Denali!                 Enjoy!
101916 Volcanic Sediment  10/19/16 "Volcanic Peaks"  Here is another view of a volcanic peak with its signature red layers of volcanic sediment giving testament to the region's violent past! Denali National Park is truely a awesome place to connect with nature!                Enjoy! 102016 The Last Night  10/20/16 "The Last Night"  After a awesome amazing trip of climbing glaciers and mountains and hiking through one of the most amazing places on Earth a well earn sleep await our exploration team as we rested up for the hike home!                 Enjoy! 102116 Auroras  10/21/16 "Aurora's Abound"  One of the amazing upsides to having long Winter nights on "The Last Frontier" is nature's awesome night time light show! Auroa's never fail to leave the viewer in a sense of awe as one watches these curtains of light in their never ending dance!                 Enjoy! 102316 Snow  10/23/16 "1st Major Snow"  Six to Seven inches of the Winter Wonderland fell across the area yesterday, turning Alaska once again into a snowy awesome place! " Ski On! Today is also Mole Day, which we will celebrate on Monday!                 Enjoy!
102516 Mole Day 2016  10/25/16 "Mole Day 2016"  Neither Cold, Snow or Darkness deter more than 300 students from celebrating Awesome Mole Day at Chugiak High School with candles held high their lights of joy shine through the darkness to celebrate the wonders of science!                 Enjoy! 102716 Bull Headed  10/27/16 "Bull Headed"  Moose are very awesome creatures to watch even through they are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They will lock anteliers in combat to attract a mate. The ritual may last an hour or longer and often foes take breaks through the rounds like a boxing match until one one of them decides it's not worth it .I took this picture earlier this month as the snow now blankets our region!  Enjoy! 102916 License  10/29/16 "License ?"  Ever wonder a dog thinks sitting behind the wheel? Here's a thought.... License, License, I don't need no stinking license, I am a dog, I won't ride shotgun anymore, move over man, I am driving this pig! Peace Out!  Enjoy! 103116 In a Hurry  10/31/16 "Solving The Riddle"  Even Moose like to test the all important question, Why does the chicken cross the road? So they often dart across the road to find out! In simple words, watch out for the Moose! Winter is at hand along with the long nights and they are harder to spot along the road, take a few extra minutes and slow down, the Moose will thank you!   Enjoy!
110216 Snow on The Mountains  11/01/16 "Snow On The Mountain"  Our seven inches of snow has melted on the valley floors but the snow remains on the tops of the surrounding mountains. Hopefully more snow is in the forecast to turn our area once again into a Winter Wonderland!   Enjoy! 110316 Aurora  11/03/16 "Winter's Light Show"  Having short days and long nights is not always a bad thing here on "The Last Frontier," often the sky is a glow with The Northern Lights! The light show is an awesome experience!   Enjoy! 110516 Rail Stepping  11/05/16 "Rail Stepping"  Another picture from the recent past that I was unable to publish because of my publishing of the glacier climb. Moose often travel along roadways in Alaska and they like to hurdle guard rails when crossing the roads. Its really interesting to see the care they take to clear the rail!   Enjoy! 110716 Ghost Aurora  11/07/16 "Ghost Aurora"  A ghost like figure appears above the tree in the aurora! Aurora's are created by charged particles in solar wind from the Sun interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere creating amazing light shows high above the Earth!   Enjoy!
110916 Starry Aurora  11/09/16 "Starry Aurora"  The Northern Lights dance among the stars, I never tired of watching these amazing displays of light among the heavens!   Enjoy! 111116 Veterns Day  11/11/16 "Veterans Day"  On this day please remember all those who have served and those are serving in the line of duty protecting your rights to be free. Our nation is a great nation because of these men and women who answer the call for us to have the right to be free to be who we want to be!   Enjoy! 111316 JetVSMeotor  11/13/16 "Jet Vs Meteor"  I was out photographing the Aurora and thought nothing of this particular photo because a jet trail across the sky when I was taking it. However, when I took a second look the Jet was not the only thing trailing, there was a Meteor among the Aurora!   Enjoy! 111516 look Back in Denali  11/15/16 "Looking Back At Denali"  As I awake the next snow fall for imaging, I decided to reflect back to my trip on the East Fork Tolkat Glacier in Denali. Climbing and Exploring the glacier was an awesome experience which I would like to do again in the future!   Enjoy!
111716 Alyeska Glacier  11/17/16 "Glacier at Alyeska Resort "  Alyeska is a ski resort just south of Anchorage near Griswood Alaska. The resort is famous for its five star rating and its five glaciers that touch upon the resort!   Enjoy! 111916Ride Up Alyeska  11/19/16 "Ride Up Alyeska Slope"  The Ski Tram takes powder racers up several thousand feet to the mountain tops to to mix snow and gravity in a awesome free fall down the mountain's side. I took this picture back in August the slopes are now receiving both natural and manmade snow for the opening of sking season!   Enjoy! 112116 Starry Aurora 2  11/21/16 "God's Amazing Light Show"  When one looks into the vast heavens above them many wonders peer out from what seems an infinite space! Some of the greatest shows are closer to home like The Aurora which I like to call God's amazing light show, our universe is definitely not by chance just take a look and wonder!   Enjoy! 112316 Moose Rock  11/23/16 "Rocky Moose"  Another picture from the recent past as I begin in search of new photos over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I picture this Moose back in October standing behind a rock watching two Bull Moose battle it out for the right to be her Champion!   Enjoy!
112516 Ice Play  11/25/16 "Ice Play"   Change of Seasons bring out the kids in all of us! On "The Last Frontier," we embrace snow and ice and delight in the many joys we use to spend time together as a families like this one out on the ice!     Enjoy! 112716 Fata Morganna  11/27/16 "Fata Morgana "   Is it there or not? The volcaneo in the background is definitely real, the mountain wall in front of it is not! While there are mountains in front of the volcaneo, they are on the horizons edge and because of the temperature inversions in the atmosphere, they are projected like a wall of mountains when in reality it is actually a mirage!    Enjoy! 112916 Slow Freeze  11/29/16 "Slow Freeze"   Temperatures have been hovering right above zero! Rivers are the last to freeze because of the flow of water. As Winter's chill progresses even rivers like the Eagle River will eventually nearly freeze solid with only a slow trickle near the stream flowing!   Enjoy! 120116 Denali  12/01/16 "Denali In Low Light"   Denali as it appears from Eagle River AK at more that 300 miles! The mountain is a constant companion on our horizon and reminds us daily of her immense size!   Enjoy!
120316 It Cant be Lost  12/03/16 "It Can't Be Lost"   A sledd dog digs frantically as if he has lost his keys before the big run! Who knows what is going through his mind at the moment, prehaps he's looking for a lost bone or treat!   Enjoy! 120516 Lead The Way  12/05/16 "Lead The Way"   Dogs and machine cut through the snow as they come to the end of a training run. They will be pulling sleds soon as more snow will be packed down for the base allowing the mushers to do an anchor stop if necessary until then you don't need a horse just get a dog!   Enjoy! 120716 Road to Adventure  12/07/16 "Road to Adventure"   A snow machine and dogs lead the way to adventure as doge get their practice runs in much to the delight of the dogs and the musher!Today is the 75th anniversary of the Japanese Surprize Attack on Pearl Harbor launching the United States into WW II, please take time to thank the greatest generation for preserving your rights to freedom as they led the United States to Victory!      Remember! 120916 Waiting Their Turn  12/09/16 "Waiting Their Turn"   Sled dogs waiting their turn sometimes patiently other times with great anticipation! These true Winter athletics know only one thing the way to adventure mush on!      Enjoy!
121116 Ice Fishing  12/11/16 "Icing on The Fish"   At first ice fishing may seem easy but getting there can be tough. These guys seem to have done some serious drilling to reach water below the ice. I wonder what the fish think as they wait for the lure!      Enjoy! 121316 Mountain Excellence  12/13/16 "Mountain Excellence"    Winter and snow make a Wonderland of beauty and enjoyment!      Enjoy! 121516 Being Patience  12/15/16 "Pre Run Stagiest"    Oh man I hope they don't pick that guy, I am tried of pulling his weight. Looks like they going for  Balto,I hope so, it gets old doing all the work. Oh no look, should he be in the fifth spot, does our Musher have a clue of they are doing,mmh.... what do you think?        Enjoy! 121716 Dangers of Shopping  12/17/16 "Headless Mannequin Runs Amuck"   I was out Christmas shopping when I turn the corner and in my pathway like a page out of the novel "Sleepy Hollow" A headless mannequin sporting a sledge hammer instead of a pumkin head appears to be bearing down on me... oh the joy of Christmas shopping and a stern warming to would be shop lifters we will put the hammer down on you!        Enjoy!
121916 Dog Hotel  12/19/16 "Dog Hostel"   Between runs sled dogs hang out in first class boxes to keep warm and rested for the next run. They often like to look out their window door to see how the dogs are doing!        Enjoy! 122116 Learning to Mush  12/21/16 "Learning to Mush"   One of the awesome things about living "On The Last Frontier" is all the Winter sports one can experience! Merry Christmas to one and all!        Enjoy! 122316 Free Flying  12/23/16 "Free Falling in Sub Zero!"   Currents still avail to ride the wind even in sub zero temperatures as the paragliders of Eagle River prove almost everyday! I hope all of you enjoy Christmas, remember God's love has no limits!        Enjoy! 122516 Merry Christmas  12/25/16 "Merry Christmas"   A quiet hush lies across the land and a still icy wonder stands before the viewer, a perfect moment to reflect on this glorious day that Christ our Savior is born in a simple humble surroundings echoing for all the ages God's Perfect Unconditional Love for all of us!        Good Tidings and Joy!
122716 Winter Sunset  12/27/16 "Winter Set"   Sunrises and Sunsets are awesome views here on "The Last Frontier!" They never seem to disappoint even when the day has been a little hard. They give you a chance and a new perspective on just how wonderful things truely are despite life's distractions!          Take Moment and Enjoy! 122916 Ice Fishing in Style  12/29/16 "Ice Fishing in Style"   These guys are fishing in style in a heated tent! The fish below don't stand much of a chance, unless they are sawfish and cut a hole around the tent in the ice!          Enjoy! 123116 Last Sunrise of 2016  12/31/16 "Last Sunrise of 2016"   Dawn has broken and the short daylight begins it's show of hues! The last day of the old year and look forward to the promise of a new and wonderful up coming new year with all its possibilities may your new year be full of adventure and wonderment!           Enjoy!