Alaska Photo Explorer 2015

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eage River Alaska and Beyond!
092714 Shooting The Rapids 010315 Always Ready  01/03/15 "Ready to Fly"  Sled dogs don't have to be asked twice,if they are ready to fly! These breed of canines were meant for running and their sheer joy can be seen as they traverse the snowly trails of adventure!              Enjoy! 010515 Give Me Twenty  01/05/15 "Drop and Give Me Twenty Dough-Boy!"  Oh, I shouldn't have eaten all those cookies oh and the milk at every stop! Santa's in off season training trying lose weight so he can make the same mistake next year!               Enjoy! 010715 Wanting Snow  01/07/15 "A Picture Saids it All"  It doesn't take a mind reader to understand what this dog is thinking, he's wishing for snow so that the sled will be occupied and he will be leading the way!               Enjoy!
010915 On The Way  01/09/15 "Even with little Snow Adventure Awaits"  Snow fall still eludes the area and the present snow is crystallized with the nearly sub zero temperatures. Still there are those who will make the best of things, for them adventure calls and leads on!               Enjoy! 011115 Bitter Cold  01/11/15 "Frosting"  Recent near zero temperatures created horn frost crystals on the snow and trees giving the mountainsides a fluffy frosting coated look!               Enjoy! 011315 Lookout  01/13/15 "Lookout"  This Eagle has pick himself out a prime perch to survey the area below him for opportunities!               Enjoy! 011515 Dreaming for Snow  01/15/15 "Dreaming of Snow"  Well we have gone well beyond fustration as we continue to have no snow fall in South Central Alaska, Maybe next week it will snow they say!               Enjoy!
011715 Ice Sculptor  01/17/15 "Ice Hunter"  Down at Town Square Park, Ice sculptures await viewers of all ages. These magnificent creations hew from ice blocks come alive in the mind's eye. Despite the unseasonable warm temperatures they still stand to awe!               Enjoy! 011915 Ice Musicians  01/19/15 "Cold Play"  Ice Musicians strike up their bows in a frozen symphonic beat!                Enjoy! 012115 Devoid of Ice  01/21/15 "Devoid of Ice"  The Cook Inlet which is normally covered in thick sea ice is totally devoid of ice flows which is something I have never seen! However, there is hope on the horizon as snow is in the forecast and temperatures are beginning to drop, maybe we will have a Winter after all!                Enjoy! 012315 Druming  01/23/15 "Drum Roll Please"  Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages, it Snow!!!!! Guess what a lot more is on its way today!!!!!!                Enjoy!
012515 Maintaining Balance  01/25/15 "Maintaining Balance "  This ice sculpture represent the food chain between The Bear, Salmon and the Seal! Salmon and other fishes are key to the ecology of our great state and presevation of our envirnoments and their ecosystems must be maintain while enveloping  great resources of our amazing state!                  Enjoy! 012715 Two Looks  01/27/15 "Altitude Makes All The Difference"  Ice and Icelss and altitude effects the look! Snow and extreme cold are ever present of the mountains that surround Anchorage, while lower mountains depend on weather  for their look!                      Enjoy! 013115 Rolling Moon  01/31/15 "Rolling Moon"  Moon rises around Eagle River often produces cool effects like this one the moon seems to be rolling from one slope to another!                     Enjoy! 020115 Frozen Inlet  02/01/15 "Frozen Arm"  The Knik Arm continues to freeze as Winter temperatures have return and ice once again flows through the arm. The sleeping Lady is the mountain in the background!                     Enjoy!
020315 City By The Ice  02/03/15 "City and Mirage"  Anchorage lies in the forground while a mirgae of mountains lie in the background! Actually the city is ring by mountains but the image is heighten due to temperature inversions that are create during the Winter!                     Enjoy! 020515 Trails to the top  02/05/15 "Trail to The Top"  The final leg to the summit of Mt. Baldy can be seen trace out in the snow. The peak is favorate for year around climbing!                     Enjoy! 020715 Four Against The Cold  02/07/15 "Four Against The Cold"  Four Bald Eagles stand strong embracing the bitter cold this morning as temperatures were -12 F when I took this photo! These majestic raptors can endure much lower temperatures but they await the sunrise to warm their feathers!                      Enjoy! 020915 Blended Moose  02/09/15 "Blended Moose"  Eating at his own camouflage a Moose blends in as he browses at -17 F!                      Enjoy!
021115 Lost and Found  02/11/15 "Aint That The Truth"  Snow fall this season has been the lowest I can remember. The lower 48 for the first time seems to had more than we did! It's not because of the temperatures as it has been cold but the jet stream is to blame for this year, oh well maybe next year!                      Enjoy! 021315 New Kid  02/13/15 "New Kid on The Branch"  An immature Eagle takes his place on the branch among other Eagles ( Pictured on 02/07/15) watching, his elder eagles and learning the ropes about being an Eagle!                      Enjoy! 021515 Evening Light  02/15/15 "Red Sky At Night"  Red and Orange skies dominate the evening skies! Wind generators can been seem in the distance in front of the volcano Mt. Redoubt!                      Enjoy! 021715 Speed of Ice  02/17/15 "Speed of Ice"  Skate Sailing across the ice with almost frictionless effort, Ice boats take advantage of clear lake ice at Wasilla Lake!                      Enjoy!
021915 Early Signs of Spring  02/19/15 "Early Signs of Spring?"  Mountain Rivers like the Little Susita are showing signs of early breakup at least a month ahead of schedule. Wet ice covers most walk ways and parking lots also of signs that Spring will appear early, I hope Winter will at least appear one more time so we can at least Ski once more!                      Enjoy! 022115 Ultimate Snow Fort  02/21/15 "Now That is Impressive"  Snow forts are usually mounds of banks of snow but this the best by far. Someone took the the time to freeze blocks and color them and then fuse them together, wow! A snow fort that only a kid could dream of!                      Enjoy! 022315 Shoe Tree  02/23/15 "Shoe Tree"  Visitors to Hachter's Pass have left more than footprints behind, they have created their own shoe tree!                      Enjoy! 022515 One Last Freeze  02/25/15 "Looking for One Last Freeze"  Ice Boats will soon have to sit instead of gliding on the wind and ice as lakes are beginning their Spring melt!                      Enjoy!
022715 Mountain Crown  02/27/15 "Mountain Crown"  Despite the lack of snowfall, the mountains still remain snow cap. There is a chance of snow finally this weekend!                      Enjoy! 030115 Shaving Snow  03/01/15 "Shaving Snow"  Snow scultors are hard at work racing against the clock and the elements as they create their master pieces at Fur Rondy !                      Enjoy! 030315 Wille Coyote  03/03/15 "Unexpected Surprise"  Living in Alaska is truly awesome, you never know what you might just meet around the corner in your travels! This Coyote and I sized up our chance meeting and then he headed up hill, while I just took in the moment with wonderment!                         Enjoy! 030515BeachBums  03/05/15 "Beach Bums"  Snow characters depict the life of true beach bums the loveable Walrus! Creating these frozen art  forms is truely special gift of imagination!                           Enjoy!
030715 The Race Goes On  03/07/15 "The Race is On!"  Despite the lack of snow and Spring like temperatures, The Idiarod 2015 is on! Sheer joy and determination can be seen in these sleds dogs as they are loving what they do, sail on to adventures unknown!                           Enjoy! 030915 True Compeditors  03/09/15 "Pure Intensity!"  True althelics and competitors,sled dogs are totally in for the adventure as they compete in "The Last Great Race" across the wild wilderness that Alaska truely is!                           Enjoy! 031115 Mr. Stay Puff  03/11/15 "Mr. Stay Puff"  Mr. Stay Puff once again roams the Metropolis of Anchorage, his greatest enemy will not be "The Ghost Busters" but Mr. Sun!                           Enjoy! 031313 On Their Way  03/13/15 "Team Norway on Their Way!"  "The Last Great Race" has many teams from several countries including Canda and Norway. The Norwegian team picture here are off and running to the wilderness of Alaska!                           Enjoy!
031513 Snow Ark  03/15/15 "Snow Ark"  A "Snow Ark" has landed! A reminder of the great task that God gave Noah to save the animals of the Earth during the time of "The Great Flood! Check out the Holy Bible for the entire story!                          Enjoy! 031715 End of a ERA  03/17/15 "A Iditarod Icon Retires"  I cannot remember a time at the Iditarod Ceremonial Start when we did not here her famous cries of the racer's information as each team approach. I want to say thanks for all you did for the sport and God Speed you made watching those teams run a real joy!                          Enjoy! 031915 The Cross  03/19/15 "The Old Rugged Cross"  Every Year this same snow sculpture appears and it is always beautifully done. It's a reminder of the God's love for all of us that we are worth saving and salvation is there only for the asking thru Jesus Christ His Son!                          Enjoy! 032115 Wipeout  03/21/15 "Wipeout"  The Iditarod is over but I thought you might like this funny scene from the cermonial start, a lot musher's loss it in turn one because of the icy conditions but like champions they got right back up to the cheer of the crowds and head out on adventure!                          Enjoy!
032315 Hope for a Cause  03/23/15 "Hope For A Cause"  The Snow Sculpture represents the struggle for those who face the daily challenge of Autism. I thank those for this touching, reminder!                          Enjoy and Find Hope! 032515 Got Your Ears On  03/25/15 "Got Your Ears On?"  These headsets might cause you a brain freeze as you listen to cool music!                          Enjoy! 032715 Buddies  03/27/15 "Buddies"  A pair of of Polar Buddies set and cooly watch as onlookers pass by!                          Enjoy! 032915 Moose Chill  03/29/15 "Moose Chillin"  After a long early morning of forging for breakfast, it's time to take a brief snooze and enjoy the view by the river!                          Enjoy!
033115 The Eagle Glacier  03/31/15 "Eagle Glacier Check"  Snow briefly uncovered the Eagle Glacier as snow drifts about as high winds blow from time to time as the seasons change!                          Enjoy! 040115 Can You See Me  04/01/15 "Can You See Me?"  This Moose is not tricking anyone as she is not blending well with the trees and brush! However that's not necessarly a bad thing, because we enoyed watching her!                           Enjoy! 040315 Snow Cap  04/03/15 "Always Inspiring"  I see this mountain almost daily in my travels and I never tired at the amazing contrast between light and shadows as snow drapes across her summit!                           Enjoy! 040515 Happy Easter 2015  04/05/15 "Easter"  I awoke this morning to a wondrous surprize as the land was covered with snow! Even through this amazing event, it does even compare to the wonderous gift God has given us, Jesus Christ The Son of God who was crucified on Good Friday and raise from the dead on this day that we may be forgiven for our sins!                               Enjoy!
040715 Snow Scape  04/07/15 "Winter Glimpse"  Winter still can be view between these two slopes even through Spring has arrived!                               Enjoy! 040915 Area around Mt. Baldy  04/09/15 "Lower Mt. Baldy"  From this point hikers and climbers begin their ascent on Mt. Baldy, which is a favorite among locals, also this is Bear Country, you should hike or climb with others!                               Enjoy! 041115 Beach Lake  04/11/15 "Beach Lake"  A popular fishing and recreational lake for locals is an amazing place to take in the views and spend time with the family regardless of the season!                               Enjoy! 041315 Freedom on The Wind  04/13/15 "Freedom On The Wind"  Eagle River Alaska is were Eagles of all sorts can be seen sailing on the rivers air living the dream of freedom!                               Enjoy!
041515 Freedom 2  04/15/15 "Air Sailing"  Even air has currents on which to sail to adventures in the sky!                               Enjoy! 041715 In Balance  04/17/15 "In Balance"  There is an an art to soaring as both man and machine must be in perfect balance to soar on high. Slight shifts or changes in balance cause the glider to ascend or descend! Alaska is an amazing place full of adventures both on the ground and high above!                               Enjoy! 041915 Landing  04/19/15 "Landing"  As with all flight sooner or later you will have to touchdown which in some cases can be the most intense part of the glide!                               Enjoy! 042115 Only in Alaska  04/21/15 "Spring in The Air?"  Only in Alaska can the weather turn from one season to the next so quickly! It seem Spring had arrived but Winter seems to have had the last word!                               Enjoy!
042315 Lama  04/23/15 "Lama Surprize"  When you think of Alaska, you think of Bears, Moose, Eagles and Lamas? I was out looking for the Alaska "Big Three" when I was suddenly caught by surprize to see a Lama by the roadside, ready to pack out on adventure! It was really awesome to see!                               Enjoy! 042515 Defying Gravity  04/25/15 "Defying Gravity "  What seems like a pretty good trick in antigravity, The Sky Glider is actually attached to cords to a Paraglider which is out of view!                               Enjoy! 042715 Eagle Glacier  04/27/15 "Compressed Snow"  Ever wonder what happens to to compressed snow, ice! This once mighty glacier once craved the Eagle River area, now it seems poised to once again to move on the slopes but that will depend on future snowfalls!                                Enjoy! 042915 Small Fry  04/29/15 "Small Fry"  From such humble beginnings so comes the mighty salmon, a stable on many Alaskan's diet, however, it will be many years before these guys become apart of your food chain!                                Enjoy!
050115 Navigating Clear Waters  05/01/15 "Navigating Clear Waters"  Despite the occasional snowfall water's have clear of ice and the fowl once sail again!                                Enjoy! 050315 Bearly Up  05/03/15 "Bearly Up "  Bears are once again mobile and on the go! I haven't seen one yet this season , so I had to settle for a Zoo Bear, you should go and see the Alaska Zoo its a wonderful place for family time and learn among some of Alaska's Wildlife!                                Enjoy! 050515 What  05/05/15 "What??? "  So, I am a Eagle, I am a raptor, you heard me,Yeah,go ahead take a picture it will last longer!  Eagles are magnificent birds of prey and there are literary thousands of them in Alaska, which add to the beauty of our great state. This guy is being care for at The Alaska Zoo, as his injuries will not permit his return to the wild. The zoo and the animal ambassadors do great job in helping us to understand and connect to to the natural world!                                Enjoy! 050715 I am Owl  05/07/15 "I am Owl"  Another of one of the many wonderful animal ambassadors at The Alaska Zoo! I wondering what this wise bird is thinking...mmh                             Enjoy!
050915 Bear, Moose, Beaver....Roster  05/09/15 "Alaskan Roadside Attractions: Bear, Moose, Beaver.....Rooster?"  When one thinks of the many wildlife attractions one can view from the road, this guy doesn't come to mind. However, I was out and about searching for traditional wildlife and watch this guy cross the road, and guess what, it was to get to the other side!                             Enjoy! 051115 Summer on its way  05/11/15 "Summer is Here"  Snow has given way to Summer. Alaska's Summer is cool usually in the sixties to seventies. The trees have leafed and birds once again soar in the sky overhead and The Giant Mosquito have return!                             Enjoy! 051315 Overnight  05/13/15 "Overnight"  Trees that were asleep sudden bust forth with leaves as seasons on "The Last Frontier" rapidly change!                             Enjoy! 051515 Summer Cap  05/15/15 "Summer Cap"  One of the awesome things about living in Alaska, high some cap mountains give an awesome feeling of both Summer and Winter blending into one!                             Enjoy!
051715 Sailing  05/17/15 "Sailing Towards The Horizon"  With a great leap of faith, this air walker breaks the bonds of gravity and sails aloft towards the the horizon of adventure!                             Enjoy! 051915 Sleeping LadIn Hazey  05/19/15 "Hazy Lady"  The Sleeping Lady is rapped in a veil of mist around her base giving this hazy effect!                             Enjoy! 052115 What  05/21/15 "Hey You!" When you can't find a bear in the wild, visit the Alaska Zoo. They are waiting to be ambassador for you. The Alaska Zoo is an excellent facility that cares for and maintains these wonderful creatures and other wildlife!                             Enjoy! 052315 Kayaking The Knik  05/23/15 "Kayaking The Knik" Floating down the gentle currents of the Kink, Kayakers navigate her shallow waters in the Sun!                             Enjoy!
052515 Bull Winkle  05/25/15 Yeh Rockey" Bull Winkle is just hanging out along The Old Seward Highway enjoying a midday snack to go! My family and I were out enjoying Memorial Day Weekend. Please remember to keep in mind all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom as we celebrate this day!                                Enjoy! 052715 Valley Peak  05/27/15 Valley Peak " The Matanuska Valley is an area of rich farm land were giant vegetables grow and the high valley peaks of the mighty Chugach Mountain Range stretch to the horizon !                                Enjoy! 052915 Fearless  05/29/15 "Fearless" Scaling cliff sides, is just one of the many adventures that await those who live or visit "The Last Frontier!"                                Enjoy! 053115 Character  05/31/15 "Rustic Character" Out and about in Girdwood Alaska, I took one of the offshoot roads that eventual led into a dirt road and many pot holes later emerged at "The Crow Creek Mine." It looked pretty cool but the day was running long but my family and I will return to explore this place!                                Enjoy!
060115 Aleyseka Hotel  06/01/15 "Aleyeska" Picturesque Hotel outside of Girdwood host some Alaska's finest scenery! Surrounded by glacier snow cap mountains and fields she is one of the finest ski resorts in the world! The hotel also has many summertime activities as she draws visitors from all over the world. When visiting Alaska, she is a must stay!                                  Enjoy! 060315 Peaks  06/03/15 "Not all Peaks Are The Same" Not all peaks turn green, a lot of mountains in Alaska stay white year round which gives our state a great diversity of beauty!                            Enjoy! 060515JuneSnow  06/05/15 "Of Things to Come" While people below water and mow their lawns in light of Summer, Winter is always not far behind, as snow fell on the mountains today!                            Enjoy! 060715 Scenic Way  06/07/15 "All American Road" The trip down the Seward Highway is America's finest with majestic mountains rising up from the sea and Beluga Whales and The second largest tidal change in the world, it is truely an amazing place!                            Enjoy!
060915 Gridwood Nightlife  06/09/15 "Silvertip Grill " I saw this eatery in the heart of downtown Gridwood, I am sure it is a favorite of locals and tourist. I will stop by next time to see what it has to offer!                            Enjoy! 061115 Rainbow  06/11/15 "Rainbow" Eagle River is an excellent place in which to view Rainbows, which are a beautiful reminders to all of us of God's promise and Love to never flood the Earth again for our transgressions!                             Enjoy! 061315 EggToss  06/13/15 "Colony Days" Palmer held its annual Colony Days Celebrations this weekend, there was food, games and a parade, it was great family fun and the weather was couldn't been better!                             Enjoy! 061515 Eagle Glacier  06/15/15 "Eagle Glacier" Despite near record temperatures this week, this glacier seems to be holding its own! I know it looks forward to Winter which is only a few months away for a frosty recharge!                             Enjoy!
061715 Hauling Tracks  06/17/15 "Hauling Tractor" A Tractor makes tracks has hauls down the road during Colony Days in Palmer AK as a reminder to all of the rich agricultural heritage that is the Matanuska Valley!                             Enjoy! 061915 Directions  06/19/15 "Directions" The Lions Club of Palmer have a direction needle to destinations across the world from the best place in the world which of course is Alaska!                             Enjoy! 062115 River Flow  06/21/15 "Summer Flow" The Eagle River winds its way through the glacier valley as its glacial slit turns it blue gray!                             Enjoy! 062315 Foggy Day  06/23/15 "Overcast Skies" Clouds hang low on the mountainside as the weather in Alaska can change from one extreme to another, in the blink of an eye!                             Enjoy!
062515 Can You See It  06/25/15 "Can You See It?" When I took this image of daises, I didn't noticed at first until I saw the image, a well camouflaged moth is resting on the pad enjoying both a meal of nectar and safety as it blends in with its surroundings!                             Enjoy! 062715 Flying Row  06/27/15 "Flying Row" When most people think of personal transportation a car comes into mind. However, in Alaska, her vast expanses of land and lack of a extensive road service due to environmental factors, often make the airplane the first choice of travel!                             Enjoy! 062915Exploring The Last Frontieer  06/29/15 "Exploring Alaska" It's amazing what one can see, just down the road from own's home in Alaska's backyard, as I travel about, I never tried of the rugged beauty and the call of The Last Frontieer!                             Enjoy! 070115 Babbling Waters  07/01/15 "Babbling Waters" Water rapids big or small bring a calm effect on those who take the moment to only listen!                             Enjoy!
070315 Fireweed  07/03/15 "Alaska's Own Fireworks Show" Fireweed is a wildlife plant that blooms from the bottom up as the Summer Progresses and then seeds explode from the top to bottom as Winter's approach. It is often used as a weather gauge to mark the coming of Winter!                             Enjoy! 070515 Landing  07/05/15 "Plane Parking" No set lanes just water as this aircrafts plows its way to its landing berth!                             Enjoy! 070715 Glacier Uncovered  07/07/15 "Ice Extent Exposed" With Summer midway through the extent of the Eagle Glacier can be seen, as covering snow has been removed by Summer Temperatures!                             Enjoy! 070915 Porcupine  07/09/15 "Spiney Explorer" I ran across this guy out forging for some food while looking for an amazing photo! I told myself, hey this guy will do, but upon approach he climb a tree and showed me his nice quills, so I had to use a bigger lens to give him his expected personal space that is well deserved!                                Enjoy!
071115 Soaring  07/11/15 "Riding on Air" A Civil Air Patrol glider soars around Birchwood Airport, riding the river currents of air!                                Enjoy! 071315 Independence Mine  07/13/15 "Independence Mine" Gold Rushes and Gold Mines are apart of Alaskan Folklore and Modern Day life. The Independence Mine produce many tons of gold during it's heyday, now a tourist attraction as a part of the Alaska State Park System, it attracts many visitors each year, and yes, gold is still being found in the surrounding streams!                                Enjoy! 071515 Game On  07/15/15 "Game On" So begins another cat and mouse as both the fish and the fisherman play a sport of trickery and decent as one attempts to steal the bate and the other hopes for one on the plate!                                Enjoy! 071715 Water Art  07/17/15 "Instantaneous Moment " I always enjoy watching water as it falls over rocks. It creates moments in time that can never be dupilcated as droplets of water form art!                                Enjoy!
071915 Natures Engineers  07/19/15 "Nature's Engineers" A home with a pool is common throughout Alaska among the animal world as beaver's nature's master builders reshape the land as they build their homes!                                Enjoy! 072115 Thunderbird Falls  07/21/15 "Thunderbird Falls" My family and I took a stroll off the beaten path to a local favorite hiking spot which at the end yielded one of nature's master piece!                                Enjoy! 072317 Mushroom Shelves  07/23/15 "Mushroom Highrise" On our hike we noticed a Birch Tree ring with mushrooms rising towards the sky!                                Enjoy! 072515 Fireweed Bloom  07/25/15 "Awesome Fireweed"  Fireweed can be found along must Alaska roadsides. It is amazing sight to see the flows of red and purple as the season progresses!                                Enjoy!
072715 Roaring Water  07/27/15 "Flowing Strong"  Rain is upon The Last Frontieer as signs of season change are showing all around us. With the rain streams and rivers flow with a great furry!                                Enjoy! 072915 Monks Hood  07/29/15 "Dangerous Beauty"  Monk's Hood is one of the many wildflowers that grow along the roadside and trails of Alaska's vast expanse. However, this flower should be admired at a distance and not touch as it is deadly!                                Enjoy! 073115 All's Quiet  07/31/15 "All's Quiet"  A cool alpine breeze, flows down the mountainside, as the grass sways gently in the wind. So are quiet moments on The Last Frontier!                                Enjoy! 080115 Whitter Tunnel  08/01/15 "Second Longest Tunnel In North America"  Anton Anderson Tunnel from Portage to Whitter Alaska is the second longest car tunnel in North America and the longest Car and Train Tunnel in The World!                                Enjoy!
080315 Reaching New Heights  08/03/15 "Reaching New Heights"  With the Sun at their backs rock climbers take to the faces and tread where few dare to follow!                                Enjoy! 080515 Butterfly  08/05/15 "Really Awesome Butterfly"  Not sure what type of butterfly it is but it's wings has a awesome pattern!                                Enjoy! 080715 Port of Call  08/07/15 "Port of Call"  The ship Star Princess is one of the many ships that makes Port of Calls in Whitter Alaska, bringing tourist to the adventure of a lifetime on "The Last Frontier!"                                Enjoy! 080915 Amazing Art  08/09/15 "So Realistic"  At a moments glance this realistic art could get any hiker in the woods heart racing as this and many other amazing carved sculptures can be found on the Seward Highway just past the town of Indian at the Turnagain Art and Gift Cabin, check them out it's amazing!                             Enjoy!
081115 Clouds and Ice  08/11/15 "Clouds and Ice"  Two worlds meet on high as a bank of clouds descends over a glacier ice field protecting it from the Summer Sun!                             Enjoy! 081315 Whitter Harbor  08/13/15 "Harbor of Life"  Not only is Whitter Alaska a port of call for cruise ships, but also a lifeline to prehaps Alaska's greatest tradition, fishing. The people of this small town not only subsists on the bounty of the sea but provide millions of people world wide, a taste of the sea!                             Enjoy! 081515 Wooden Moose  08/15/15 "Wooden Moose"  Another excellent piece of chain saw craving art at Turnagain Gallery, as artist on "The Last Frontier" create in so many unquie and different ways!                             Enjoy! 081715 When Dinosaurs Rule The Wood  08/17/15 "When Dinosaurs Rule The Wood"  Over 65 million years ago these creatures disappear from the Earth , some may have become birds but this artist has found these amazing creatures calling from the wood to once again roam the Earth's Surface!                             Enjoy!
081915 Flower Power  08/19/15 "Pedals"  No need for extra gears,This bike as extra pedal power!                             Enjoy! 082115 Ice Tongue  08/21/15 "Glacial Tongue"  As these blocks of snow and ice travel down the mountainsides by the force of gravity their face inspires the viewer the truely complex features they are as the shape the Earth's Surface!                             Enjoy! 082315Auroa  08/23/15 "Aurora!"  Very early AM like three, the skies filled with a curtain of light dancing across the sky, creating a heavenly light show!                             Enjoy! 082515 Art of The Hunt  08/25/15 "Art of The Hunt"  Picking Raspberries at the end of the season can be a daunting task, as we complete to get the last of the best berrries among the thorns!                             Enjoy!
082715 Dragon Berry  08/27/15 "Dragon Berry"  As I was picking Raspberries, I came across this amazing Dragon Fly out looking for a lunch for himself!                             Enjoy! 082815 Old Alaska Homestead  08/29/15 "Old Alaskan Homestead"  This homestead house with a modern roof is located near Butte Alaska in the Matanuska Valley! The valley was once a pioneer colony of farms during the 1930's Great Depression and today it still a major farm producing area sporting some of the largest vegetables in the world!                              Enjoy! 083115 Octowood  08/31/15 Octowood  A Octopus suddenly appears out the grain!  Enjoy! 090115 What's For Dinner  09/01/15 "What's For Dinner"  A ribbon winning prize turkey sets and ponder that thought, after he's been declare a champion, hopefully Thanksgiving will pass this beautiful bird by!                              Enjoy!
090315 Water Walkers  09/03/15 "Not As Easy As It Looks!"  People of all ages found that walking on water is not as easy as it looks. Despite being in an enclose inflated sphere, the would be walkers tumble about before figuring out crawling on all four is the way to success on this fun ride!                              Enjoy! 090515 On The Job  09/05/15 "On The Job"  A Shepard and her Collie shows an enthusiast on lookers, how to get the job done, herding sheep! The Shepard and her Sheep Dog moved as a team as they herded the Sheep around the field at The Alaska State Fair!                              Enjoy! 090715 Veggie Heads  09/07/15 "Veg Heads "  It seems The Grateful Veg is on tour with its traveling fans at "The Alaska State Fair." These and many other amazing creations are on tour, so catch the ride and Veg On!                              Enjoy! 090915 Ice Flow  09/09/15 "Ice Flow"  Nature's mighty force at work as millions /billions of tons of ice flows down the mountainside craving and reshaping the land!                              Enjoy!
091115 View On High  09/11/15 "Amazing View Even on a Rainy Day"  Anchorage as seen from Arctic Valley on High is a breath taking view of city that looks forward to a great future! Today is also 911, please take moment in your today to remember those who lost their lives 14 years ago. We shall ever more be vigilant on those who threaten our freedoms and way of life!                              Never Forget! 091315 The Dust Returns  09/13/15 "The Dust Returns"  So begins Winter's advance on Alaska. Leaves are changing and the termination dust begins it migration down the slopes to turn Alaska once again into a Winter Wonderland!                              Enjoy! 091515 Rescuing a Dream  09/15/15 "Rescuing A Dream"  Alaska is full of tales and adventure, were else could one find a 100 ton boat built in 1912, sunk by an iceberg and raised and moved at 40 miles inland by an adventurous spirt who recently passed, only to have the community to pick up and continue the drive to restore to her former glory! Check out this amazing tale along the Old Glenn Highway and give to the cause!                              Enjoy! 091715 Getting Close  09/17/15 "Getting Close"   Even as rain continues to fall over the region,behind the Vail of Mist lies a different world at higher altitudes as recent snow falls reveal themselves, getting the slopes ready for another season of skiing!                              Enjoy!
091915 Dust Continues  09/19/15 "Dusting Continues"   Snow continues to fall on the surrounding mountain tops creating a cooling effect which will bring snow to lower elevations!                              Enjoy! 092115 Reasurance  09/21/15 "A Little Muzzle Goes A Long Way"   A yearling moose approaches mom for a little reassurance as I photograph the pair from a respectful distance. Their interaction have a lot of human like qualities as mom does her best to raise her calf!                              Enjoy! 092315 Two Seasons  09/23/15 "A Tale of Two Seasons"   Fall in all her splendid colors is giving away to Winter's  approach!                              Enjoy! 092615 Star Light Burst  09/25/15 "Star Flare"   As light filtered through tree branches on the hillside an awesome "Star Flare" was created through the cameria lens!                              Enjoy!
092715 Huseby Washeteria  09/27/15 "Huseby's Washeteria"   A little bit of forgotten history rediscovered in Chugiak Alaska! The Washeteria was once a place where pioneering residents of the 1950's could do laundry, take showers and even a steam bath. The new plaque reminds visitors reconnecting with the past that even a Parrot name Tony once greeted patrons as they enter. Get out and explore, who knows what you might discover!                                  Enjoy! 092915 Just Awesome  09/29/15 "Just Awesome"  It's been raining and foggy here the past two weeks but that's ok because as the mositure falls so does the temperatures and when the weather clears, awesome scenes await!                                  Enjoy! 100115Snow  10/01/15 "First Valley Snow!"  Snow has been falling on the high mountains for the past several weeks, now at last it has fallen in the valleys! Eagle River recieved at least 5 inches and higher elevations at least 8 inches!                                    Enjoy! 100315 First Snowman of The Year  10/03/15 "The First Snowman!"  As with snow so comes snowman. This is the first snowman of the season!                                    Enjoy!
100515 Snowy Morning  10/05/15 "Snowy Morning"  A really awesome play of light and snow in first light of the day, create this snow scene!                                    Enjoy! 100715 Clearing the Hurrdles  10/07/15 "Clearing Hurdles"  Mom is taking her yearling on a much needed obstacle course, teaching her offspring all the ends and outs of being a Urban Moose!                                    Enjoy! 100915 UFO  10/09/15 "Alaskan UFO?"  I was taking this really cool cloud image with my phone and noticed something out of the ordinary a green glow descending below the layer! UFO?!! most likely not, more like an optical event between my lens and the Sun light protruding through the layers of mist!                                    Enjoy! 101115 Stand By Moose Picture  10/11/15 "Stand By Moose"  Didn't get out this weekend to photograph so I am using from my stock of recent moose images a stand by photo for the day, sorry about the delay!                                    Enjoy!
101315 Cool Place  10/13/15 "One Cool Place"  High above the Anchorage are many alpine valleys, Arctic Valley is one of these unique places where one can Ski and Hike in the back country with views that are simply breath taking!                                    Enjoy! 101515 As Usual  10/15/15 "Rinse and Repeat"  Seems like the last three weeks as been like a direction from a shampoo bottle, rinse and repeat as rain continues to fall on and off!                                    Enjoy! 101715 Rinse and Repeat 2  10/17/15 "Rinse and Repeat Take 2"  Rain and Fog continue to fall across the area! Temperatures are continue cooling down as we approach Winters Wonderland is own its way!                                    Enjoy! 101915 Moose Pond Lives  10/19/15 "Moose Pond Lives!"  As a result of all the rainfall, a positive aspect has arisen Moose Pond which dried up this year has been reborn and now stands really to serve the local Moose population once again!                                    Enjoy!
102115 Snow Please  10/21/15 "Snow Please"  It's here on the mountain tops and the temperatures are close to being here now is the time for the Winter Wonderland to begin as snow is on it's way next week!                                    Enjoy! 102515 Snow Blanket  10/23/15 "Snow Blanket"  Another snowly scene from past weeks hoping for the new stuff to blanket the area in Winter Dreams!                                    Enjoy! 102515 Snow Tipped  10/25/15 Snow Tipped Mountains glowed in evening light as they reflect the last rays of the day!  Enjoy! 102715 Mole Day  10/27/15 "Mole Day Celebration"  They came by the hundreds and even by Skype when the count had ended more than 400 students showed up to celebrate "Mole Day" at Chugiak High School, it was an amazing awesome experience in honor of Avogadro's number!                                    Enjoy!
102915 Free Flowing  10/29/15 Free Flowing  Stream and rivers continue to flow freely but soon will become ice flows as Winter is nearly upon us!  Enjoy! 103115 Snowy Morning  10/31/15 "Snowy Morning "  What a beautiful way to start the day as large snow flakes fell softly through the air and more is on the way!                                    Enjoy! 110115 Icing Over  11/01/15 "Icing Over"  Lakes and rivers and streams are icing over as temperatures are no longer rising above 32 F. Lakes like Beach Lake image here will need several weeks of continual freezing before her surface will be safe for Winter sports!                                    Enjoy! 110315 Winter Has Arrived  11/03/15 "Winter Has Arrived"  Snow is upon the ground and the quiet scrunching of snow can be heard under one's foot as one ventures forth in a landscape that has finally transform into a Winter's Wonderland!                                    Enjoy!
110515 Low Sun Angle  11/05/15 "Low Sun Angle"  As with Winter on "The Last Frontier" The Far North has little Sun exposure and days are short and nights are very long!                                    Enjoy! 110715 Snowy Might  11/07/15 "Snowy Fortress"  A mountainous peak rises sharply above the surrounding valley floor covered in snow like a Winter Fortress!                                    Enjoy! 110915 Sleeping Among The Clouds  11/09/15 "Sleeping Among The Clouds"  The Sleeping Lady slumbers amist a blanket of clouds under a multi color sky dreaming of the warrior that never return from battle as the tale goes!                                    Enjoy! 111115 Alpine Glow Denali  11/11/15 "Denali In The Haze"  A hazey evening produced this fuzzy but Alpine Glow of Denali. Light has become low making images in the late afternoon a challenge as the Sun sets around 5:30 PM now!                                    Enjoy!
111315 Promising Light  11/13/15 "Promising Light"  As the last rays of light pass over the horizon it gives a beacon that the Sun will once again return in a few hours. The days are becoming very short as Alaska continues into Winter's Wonderland!                                    Enjoy! 111515 Hidden City  11/15/15 "Hidden City"  Winter in Alaska not only brings cold temperatures but cloud inversions. The city of Anchorage with well over 300, 000 people often simply disappear with these inversions. The Cook Twin Towers are the only structures that pierce the cloud layers giving a hint to the metropolis beneath!                                    Enjoy! 111715 Eagles Return  11/17/15 "Eagles Return"  Winter's chill brings Eagles in from the coastline seeking shelter and a place to Winter over. Every year, they congregate here in Eagle River giving the town its name!                                    Enjoy! 111915 Tracks  11/19/15 "Tracks"  Winter is not only a magical time of year but it also reveals those who have come and gone and tells its own story of those who visited by the tracks in the snow!                                   Enjoy!
112115 Yeah Snow!  11/21/15 "Yeah Snow!"  Human's  Approve and Sled Dogs Love It!  Snow is falling across the region and dog teams and their mushers are out to explore adventures yet to come along the trail!                                    Enjoy! 112315 Get a Dog!  11/23/15 "Best of Both Worlds!"  A Snow Machine being led by a dog team, what awesome sight. It kind of reminds you when cars first appear and people were yelling out get a horse, in this case, its get a dog! Actually four wheelers and Snow Machines act as training platforms for the team, until a good snow surface is packed down for the sleds!                                      Enjoy! 112515 First Light  11/25/15 "First Light of A New Day"  As dawn approaches on a new day the sky turns vivid colors as different waves of light progress until daylight shines on Winter's background. In Alaska, the day is only a brief period of time before it once again sets during Winter's season!                                      Enjoy! 112715 Icy Stream  11/27/15 "Ice Canyon"  Recent melting reveled a stream flowing under the icy covers as it cut a canyon that it had pervious create when it first froze. Nature's icy art is really awesome!                                      Enjoy!
112915 Young Bull  11/29/15 "Young Bullwinkle"  A young Bull Moose is spending prehaps his first Winter on his own, after his mom cut him loose! Noticed the raised hair along his back, this is signal that he is unsure of visitors being near him. I imaged this guy using a 300 mm lense to give him distance along the edge of the bike path along the New Glenn Highway                                      Enjoy! 120115 Waiting  12/01/15 "Ok What's Up?"  Enought already, lets go! You can see the expression on this sleddog as he is ready and wondering what's the holdup from running wild into adventure!                                        Enjoy! 120315 Eagle River Valley  12/03/15 "Eagle River Valley"  A glacial valley in the heart of Eagle River flows and turns as it makes its way back to the glacier that carve her thousands of years ago!                                        Enjoy! 120515 Snow and Haze  12/05/15 "Snow, Haze and Frost"  Snow, Temperatures and Moisture create a landscape that has a ice age look as they combine in Winter's low light to create this effect!                                        Enjoy!
120715 Frost and Light  12/07/15 "Frost and Light"  Low angle light of the short days combined with horn frost create interesting landscapes!                                        Enjoy! 120915 Sky Combing  12/09/15 "Sky Comb"  A jet contrail makes an interesting comb like shape as it meets cold air. It seem to comb the sky as it drifted across!                                        Enjoy! 121115 Faint Auroa  12/11/15 "Faint Aurora"  The aurora was out this morning, it was very faint but was pulsating and flickering across the sky, it was awesome to watch! As a bonus, I caught a meteor entering the atmosphere in upper left hand corner where you notice a small streak.                                        Enjoy! 121315 Moon and Venus  12/13/15 "Moon and Venus Conjunction"  My wife took this really cool awesome picture of Venus and the Moon aligning. It sort of looks like Packman eating a dot!                                        Enjoy!
121515 Getting Around  12/15/15 "Going Places"  Getting around Alaska can mean many things, like using cars, planes, bicycles and most awesome of all by Sleddog's,what an awesome place to live on "The Last Frontier!"                                        Enjoy! 121715 Aurora 2  12/17/15 "Aurora Fade"  The Aurora was fading as I took this image early in the morning but still even faint it was awesome to watch!                                        Enjoy! 121915 Frozen Math  12/19/15 "Frozen Math"  Learning in Alaska takes place on many canvas even on frosted boards!                                      Enjoy! 121913 Off and Running  12/21/15 "Off and Running"  Merry Christmas from Alaska, these guys are off and running like me. I will be taking a break during Christmas will putting up new and awesome photos after the Christmas Holidays!                                        Enjoy!
123115 Burwell School  12/31/15 "Burwell School "  Alaska Photo Explorer is back up and running after My Christmas Break! I have been back East exploring some of Virginia's and North Carolina's history. This is the Burwell School for girls which operated from 1837 to 1857. It was also the home for Elizabeth Hobbes Kelly when she was a slave who later became free and Mrs. Lincoln's dress maker!                                        Enjoy!