Alaska Photo Explorer 2014

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond!
IMG 5147 010114 First Light of 2014  01/01/14 "First Light of 2014"  Happy New Year from Alaska! Had to wait awhile for the Sun to start rising since we are at low light levels this time of year. I hope that your new year is a good one and full awesome adventures!      Enjoy! 010214 Awaiting Chow  01/02/14 "Chow Break"  After another awesome run, two dogs seem to be discussing what's for chow as this is their second favorate pastime after running!        Enjoy! 010314 Chipping Away  01/03/14 "Chipping Away"  With each chisel stroke the ice slowly reveals the master piece within. These artist of the ice work with a vision of what lies within the frozen block  beckoning to be free!       Enjoy!
010414 Making The Cut  01/04/14 "Making The Cut"  Like a surgeon making the precise cut is essential to success in creating ice art. Ice is a very strong but fragile substance and unforgiving if cut against the grain or across stress fractures within the ice, doing so could cause the structure to fracture and crumble!      Enjoy! 010514 Frozen Lady  01/05/14 "Frozen Lady "  Give me your tried,poor, huddle masses and lots of ice! What a awesome work of ice created for the ice show in Anchorage Alaska. The cravers are hard at work and should be finished soon with the the rest of the sculptures!    Enjoy! 010614 Dragon and The Sun  01/06/14 "Dragon and The Sun "  I will showing the 2014 Ice Show over the next few days. This really impressive sculpture is an ice dragon with The Sun riding its's tail!     Enjoy! 010714 Ice Fish  01/07/14 "Ice Fish "  The Ice Fish is really great work. It's hard to believe that this creation was crave out in part with a chain saw. You check this craving  image in the photo gallery under 2014.     Enjoy!
019814 Castle Church  01/08/14 "Castle Church"  It's really amazing what comes out of kids mouths. I was imaging this Cathedral and I heard one child remark look at this cool castle. I guess in his world of understanding turrets mean castles. Anyway, what an awesome church was crave from a block of ice!      Enjoy! 010914 Alien Ice  01/09/14 "Alien Ice"  As if from another world a frozen alien form rise from the frozen media to announce it's presents to our world. It's a really amazing piece of work!   Enjoy! 011014 Mother and Child  01/10/14 "Mother and Child"  What greater bond can their be than the bond that exist between a mother and her child. This single piece of ice embodies that spirit and love that only a mother and a child could know!    Enjoy! 011114 Wave Riders  01/11/14 "Wave Riders"  Sea Turtles ahoy! Turtles are riding the waves to points unknown in this wonderful creation of ice!   Enjoy!
011214 On Tap  01/12/14 "Slow Drip"  Leakey ice facets should not be a great concern as they are very slow drips! Another wonderful sculpture carve from the ice emerges!    Enjoy! 011314 Nearly Finished  01/13/14 "Nearly Finished"  Racing against time these two carvers work hard to create their master piece for the contest. If you look closely they have put a lot of detail into the ice!    Enjoy! 011414 Finishing The Run  01/14/14 "The Final Yards"  After a hard day of competitions a team makes into the finish area! Now that the race is done and the adventure complete, both the team and the musher can look forward to a memory of a day well spent and dream of the next awesome adventure!      Enjoy! 011514 Check In Time  01/15/14 "Check In"  The team has just return and has been fed now they await the bell boy to take them to their suite's to settle down and dream of adventures yet to come!       Enjoy!
011714 Catching Teams  01/16/14 "Scamble Alert"  Support teams go into active status as teams cross the finish line. Once a team has cross the finish support crews rush in to meet any needs that must be given to the musher or the team!         Enjoy! 011714 Kicking Up Snow  01/17/14 "Just Having Fun"  Even through it's a time race and whether you finish first or last, ultimately its all about having fun and enjoying the spirt of life and adventure!         Enjoy! 011814 Orange Set  01/18/14 "Orange Set"  Our yearly Chinook Winds as brought warmer temperatures and a rapid melt off  of snow packs which create hazards in the mountains and the valleys but also bring some really cool "Orange Sets!"         Enjoy! 011914 Frozen Run  01/19/14 "Frozen Run"  As temporary thawing continues hill side stream begin to flow more openly and create wonderful ice structures as the freeze-thaw process continues.         Enjoy!
012014 Sunrise  01/20/14 "Welcome Sunrise"  After days of cloudy overcast a mixture of clouds and breaking Sunlight created a beautiful morning sky!          Enjoy! 012114 Sunrise2  01/21/14 "Another Look"  So awesome was the sunrise yesterday, I thought it deserve another take!           Enjoy! 012214 Transportation  01/22/14 "Dog Limo's"  Dog teams are treated with first class service as they ride in style to events and practice!           Enjoy! 012314 Lady Liberty  01/23/14 "Lady Liberty"  Weather has not cooperated lately. We are having a melt-off right now. These melt-offs usually last a week but this one is going longer than expected. Soon snow will return, so I decided to published another view of Lady Liberty while I await better Winter weather!           Enjoy!
012414 Modern City  01/24/14 "Modern City"  Downtown Anchorage has a great variety of architecture covering many different styles!           Enjoy! 012514 Amazing Sunrise  01/25/14 "Another Excellent Start to The Day!"  Clearing skys are returning and with them inspiring sunrises and sunsets. After seeing this I thought to myself what a beautiful day!            Enjoy! 012614 Moon Rise  01/26/14 "Afternoon Lunar Rise"  Skies cleared long enough to get some good sky shots. I caught a early afternoon lunar rise abound the surrounding mountain slopes!            Enjoy! 012714 Sky Fest  01/27/14 "Sky Fest Continues "  Skies continue to produce some really amazing shots! I took this from my car yesterday. It's a mixture of several cloud types including Altostratus and Cirrocumulus clouds.            Enjoy!
012814 Apline Glow  01/28/14 "Alpine Glow "  A common red mountain feature of Winter is created by the low angle of light which is normal for the Sun at our latitude in the Winter.            Enjoy! 012914 Melting  01/29/14 "Melting Continues "  Our warming trend is wreaking havoc on our streams as the melt off is creating higher than average water flow. Colder temperatures are in the forecast so things should return to normal soon.            Enjoy! 013014 Snow Peak  01/30/14 "Snow Peaks"  Snow is deep on the peaks despite the warming trend. Temperatures are getting colder and we are hoping for snow soon!            Enjoy! 013141 Parked  01/31/14 "Parked!"  Cold temperatures have returned! Now the teams and Mushers are awaiting the arrival of new snow so they can strike out on new adventures!               Enjoy!
020114 Anything Yet  02/01/14 "Anything Yet?"  Ice fishing is truly an art! It takes patience and cunning skills to outsmart the fish below the ice!                 Enjoy! 020214 Drilling For Fish  02/02/14 "Drilling For Fish Oil"  One of the most basic fundamentals of the sport of ice fishing is getting there first. Ice in Alaska is very thick and often requires the use of an arguer to reach the lake below and then place the waiting game!                  Enjoy! 020314 ice Suites  02/03/14 "Ice suites"  The waiting game play in luxury style. These Ice suites can hold a lot of equipment and buffer from the elements , so can wait just as long as you want for that fish to bite!                   Enjoy! 020414 Ultimate Dog  02/04/14 "Ultimate Dog"  This guy has his game face on, uniform and frisbee and is ready to play, one of the greatest sports ever!  One can hear him bark on "Ultimate!"                  Enjoy!
020514 Ice Fog On The Knick  02/05/14 "Ice Fog on The Knick River "  Ice fog abound the other day when I went out to get some images. The mixing of warmer air above the river surface with icy air temperatures created the icy bank that covered the river!                   Enjoy! 020614 Golden Set  02/06/14 "Golden Set "  The day closed out with a good show and snow is in the air!                   Enjoy! 020714 Frisbee Dog  02/07/14 "Frisbee Anyone"  This dog is ready for game as he sports his Frisbee for anyone to play!                   Enjoy! 020814 Northern Lights  02/08/14 "Northern Lights Appear!"  Late last night, the northern lights appear just above the mountain ridge. While not very bright they were awesome watch! Cloud like feature is not the northern lights but my breath from the cold!                  Enjoy!
020914 Moose Greetings  02/09/14 "Moose Greetings"  Welcome photographer is "the look" that this bull moose is saying! Nice day for browsing, don't you think? This guy was really tolerant  of my presence, but like all wildlife, it's wild, and you should keep at a respectful distance and simply enjoy the view!             Enjoy! 021014 Mt Redoubt Let's Off Steam!  02/10/14 "Letting Off Steam"  Mt. Redoubt reminds us every now then that her picturquise snowy slopes are just for show.  She only slumbers in the twilight state of dreams while  forces at work beneath her are in constant turmoil. Her steam plume is putting us all on notice that we live on the edge!             Enjoy! 021114 Hanging Loose  02/11/14 "Hanging Loose"  A pair of eagles share a branch and talk about view before them. I tried to get an better view but I could not get around the branch. Still the experience was awesome!             Enjoy! 021214 Moon Rise  02/12/14 "Mooninneering!"  The Moon practices it's mountaineering skills as it rises of the peak of a mountain in Eagle River!             Enjoy!
021314 Sunset  02/13/14 "Sunset over Eagle River"  Sunrises and sunsets are always spectacular in Alaska!              Enjoy! 021414 NYO  02/14/14 "Junior Native Youth Olympics "  Sochi Olympics in Russa are not the only Olympics to watch! The Alaska Native Junior  Games are happening in Anchorage, come and support the athletics as they test their skills!              Enjoy! 021514 Record Setting  02/15/14 "Record Setting"  With a kick of 7 feet and 5 inches this young Olympian sets a new record! The ball is nearly twice his height!              Enjoy! 021614 Prepping The Sled  02/16/14 "Prepping The Sled"  Race time is near at hand at hand, as this Musher attaches the runners to his sled. Soon he and his team will running against time to see who finishes first!              Enjoy!
021714 Ultimate Sled  02/17/14 "Awaiting Dogs"  The sled stands ready with it's bib, and lead lines extended for the team to race another wild adventure!              Enjoy! 021814 Moon Rainbow  02/18/14 "Moon Bow"  Moon Bows are created with light reflected off the moon hits a thin layer of clouds below it diffracting light into primary colors in the shape of a ring. The constellation Cassiopeia can be seen to the right of the moon!               Enjoy! 021914 New Snow  02/19/14 "New Snow!"  Finally after weeks of waiting new blankets the are with 7 inches of powder! More snow is expected tonight, Let it Snow!               Enjoy! 022014 Snow River  02/20/14 "Snow River"  What appears to be a clearing in the forest is more than it seems! Beneath the snowy blanket lies a river flowing!               Enjoy!
022114 Cloudy Day  02/21/14 "Cloudy Day"  The last couple of days have been overcast skies. Fur Rondy starts this weekend!                  Enjoy! 022214 Snow Cabin  02/22/14 "Snow Cabin"  Snow Sculptors at "Fur Rondy" are busy at work trying to finish for the judging that will take place tomorrow. The snowman in the cabin is keeping cool by his cryogenic fire!                    Enjoy! 022314 Dr Who  02/23/14 "Building The Tardis"  Dr. Who's Tardis as reappeared as it travels through space and time! The police box found itself among the snow sculptures as it appeared from the snow!                   Enjoy! 022414 Olympic Moose  02/24/14 "Olympic Moose"  Going for the Gold Medal is this excellent snow sculpture! The snow sculptures were all winners this year! I will be featuring one day over the next week or so!                     Enjoy!
022514 Icy Mammoth  02/25/14 "Icy Mammoth"  Echoes of the last major ice age come to life as a mother Mammoth and her child come forth from the snowy block to once again walk the face of the Earth!                     Enjoy! 022614 On Strike  02/26/14 "Ice Bowling"  Marine Mammals at play! Ice bowling seems to be a favorite sport of Polar Bears although his pins seem to enjoy taunting him!                     Enjoy! 022714 The Garden  02/27/14 "The Garden"  Every Year a snow sculpture of Jesus life is made. It's always good to see these wonderful renditions of Christ life and his purpose!                     Enjoy! 030114 Listening  03/01/14 "Remembering When"  This guy can recall the glory days of radio when she was king. What great time it must have been when family's gather around to listen to tales of adventure, unlike today when there is so much distraction taking time away from really what's most important family!                      Enjoy!
030214 Menions  03/02/14 "Minions"  Minions rise from crystals of ice ready to do their master "Despicable Me" will!                        Enjoy! 030314 Ice Dragon  03/03/14 "Ice Dragon"  Have no fear this mystical creature does not spew fire but ice!                        Enjoy! 030414 Maurice of The Wild  03/04/14 "Maurice of The Wild"  Maurice is one wild Minion!                        Enjoy! 030514 Ice Eater  03/05/14 "Ice Eater"  This snow sculpture reminds of the movie character from the little shop of horrors that went around saying feed me Seymour!                       Enjoy!
030514 In Stride  03/06/14 "In Stride"  Our Polar Bear friend seems to have his game face on as he takes aim!                       Enjoy! 030714 Taunting  03/07/14 "Taunting"  Seals and Walruses taunt our Polar Bear Friend to bowl them over!                       Enjoy! 030814 Frozen Pharoah  03/08/14 "Frozen Pharoah"  Egypt on ice. A frozen rendition of Ancient Egypt lays staring across a different kind of sand, snow crystals!                       Enjoy! 030914 Sunny Days  03/09/14 "Sunny Frozen Spring"  Spring is opening with cold sunny days. The morning is about 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.                        Enjoy!
031014 Spring Time  03/10/14 "Spring Time?"  Spring on it's way,not quite! Snow is in the air this week as Winter continues to hold her own!                        Enjoy! 031114 Not Yet Spring  03/11/14 "Define Spring"  In Alaska we cannot. We have really only two season which is fine by us. We have Summer and Winter both are excellent for living life as an adventure!                        Enjoy! 031214 Waiting their turn  03/12/14 "Veterans of The Trail"  A hardly team of veterans await their next run as these dogs of The Far North bring joy to those who share the adventure of the trail!                        Enjoy! 031314 End of A Season  03/13/14 "Nearing Season's End"  Temperatures once more are increasing and the days are getting longer, all of nature's signals that this season is nearing an end but do not distress Alaska's Summers are wonderful and short and Winter will soon return again!                        Enjoy!
031414 DJ Eagle  03/14/14 "Radio Personality"  DJ host at "Eagle Station" is broad casting across the waves at you, playing all his raptor favorites!                         Enjoy! 031514 Totem Pole Topper  03/15/14 "Part of The Story"  I saw this amazing totem pole in Anchorage today. Totems are pieces of carved history in that each totem tells a story. I will publish the whole story tomorrow!                         Enjoy! 031614 Rest of The Story  03/16/14 "Now for The Rest of The Story..."  As Paul Harvey once prescribed. Totems are dedicated to honor and tell a story of some great event. They are widely used by Alaska Native Tribes in the South East of Alaska!                          Enjoy! 031714 Moon Rise  03/17/14 "Moon Rise"  The moon made a spectacular rise over the mountains surrounding Eagle River, it was an awesome experience to watch!                          Enjoy!
031814 Global Protest  03/18/14 "Global Warming?"  ....Or is it climate change?  They keep changing their tune all the time. Alaska usual does not experience this warming trend however, we had a mild Winter while the lower 48 as had a record Winter! So climate change/Global Warming,? I think not!                          Enjoy! 031914 Keeping Warm  03/19/14 "Winter Flying"  Winter flying is often a real challenge and very dangerous but necessary here. Pilots have to keep their planes well protected from the elements as they may be called on to fly in any weather anywhere!                           Enjoy! 032014 Eagle Glacier Spring  03/20/14 "Spring Time Alaska Style"  While in many areas of the country flowers are appearing from there beds, different pedals appear and bloom across the ground in the form of "Ice Crystals!"                            Enjoy! 032114 Spring Melt  03/21/14 "Spring Melt"  Yesterday saw a rise in temperatures as snow packs on the mountains begin to thin announcing seasonal change is occurring and wildlife will once again abound!                              Enjoy!
032214 Fading Light  03/22/14 "Fading Light"  Day light is growing throughout Alaska as we head towards the Summer. However, in mountainous regions light is still short as the Sun still is low on the horizon and shines only a few hours between the ranges.                              Enjoy! 032314 Hello Tourist  03/23/14 "Helio Tourist "  With warmer days and increasing light comes the Alaska Tourist. We are always excited to share our wonderful state with those who live for adventure! Welcome to where dreams begin!                              Enjoy! 032414 Waiting for a Bite  03/24/14 "Waiting for a Bite "  Pole in hand and bucket ready to receive,it's now just a matter of cat and mouse to see if it gets filled!                              Enjoy! 032514 Fish Bake  03/25/14 "Fish Bake"  People gather to ice fish together one more time this season as temperatures begin to thaw out the lakes!                               Enjoy!
032614 Snow Top  03/26/14 "Folds of Light"  It's really amazing how you can see something over and over but yet it looks new and different each time. Light and shadow has a tendency to recreate what ever it covers giving the viewer a new perspective every time!                               Enjoy! 032714 Which Way The Wind Blows  03/27/14 "Tale Tells "  Mark the way of the wind. Letting pilots know which way the best lift for take off is. Taking off and landing on lakes that are frozen requires reading all the signs!                               Enjoy! 032814 Seasons End  03/28/14 "Season's End"  After another wild adventure of Winter's trail, the Sun once again warms "The Last Frontier" and the snow melts for sled dogs it's a time to dream of Winter and the trail ahead!                                Enjoy! 032914 Avalance Ridges  03/29/14 "Avalanche Ridges"  With seasonal change snow loads become unpredictable. Snow packs go through a cycle of melt and refreeze. This cycle creates slip layers which can set avalanches in motion, if disturbed,so be cautious while hiking during time!                                 Enjoy!
033014 Alaska Taxi  03/30/14 "Air Taxi"  When you need to hail a ride. in "The Last Frontier" chances are that your gonna need an air taxi as the road system doesn't even connect 25% of the cities and villages! Most places are isolated and we like it like that and requires adventurous ride to get there!                                   Enjoy! 033114 Game On  03/31/14 "Game On"  These guys look serious for some sort of power play!                                   Enjoy! 040114 Waiting for Spring  04/01/14 "Beached"  A seaplane stands wanting to fly but must wait until the lake thaws. Lake Hood is the busiest Seaplane Port in the World!                                   Enjoy! 040214 Sky Writing  04/02/14 "Written In The Sky "  There can be no doubt for all sciences out there let it be proclaimed! A message appear above Eagle River that was clear "CC" Chemistry Cool!" not just once but twice it is written!                                    Enjoy!
040614 Lake Hood Standbys  04/06/14 "Lake Hood Stand Bys"  Ski Planes stand ready to go when called for! Sorry I haven published for a few days "Flu" played a visit, not fun!                                    Enjoy! 040714 Eagles Return  04/07/14 "Eagles Return"  With the approach of Spring more and more Eagles are being seen in Eagle River besides those who Winter over here!                                    Enjoy! 040814 Snowy Weather  04/08/14 "I'M Back Remarks Winter!"  With Spring our mind and flowers beginning to appear out of the garden, Winter decides for another encore as it snowed between one to three inches today!                                    Enjoy! 040914 Clear Day  04/09/14 "Simply Breath Taking"  Everytime I look at the mountains they simply take my breath away. Alaska is truly a place of wonder!                                     Enjoy!
041014 Eagle Glacier Check Up!  04/10/14 "Eagle River Glacier Check Up"  The glacier seems to be holding its own. Recent snow fall has given more snow crystals for potential growth but only time will tell if the glacier will advance again!                                     Enjoy! 041114 Spring and Gravity  04/11/14 "Spring and Gravity"  Spring and Gravity are doing their work on snow loads on mountainsides. If you plan to hike/climb areas such as these you might wait a bit longer till the slopes have stabilized!                                      Enjoy! 041214 Trails Among The Ice  04/12/14 "Trails Among The Ice"  Prehaps a small fox venture out onto the ice for a drink along the river's edge, who'knows for certain. However, trails do tell interesting stories about those who leave them behind!                                       Enjoy! 041315 Ice Fracturing  04/13/14 "Ice Fracturing"  As temperatures rise above freezing, Ice begins to fracture under the stress as stream undercut the ice above creating small bergs in the river!                                        Enjoy!
041414StarryWaters  04/14/14 "Across The Universe"  Reflections of light dance in the current creating a sea of stars in a galactic cluster!                                        Enjoy! 041514 Red Moon Eclispe  04/15/14 "Lunar Eclipse On "The Last Frontieer"  Last night's Lunar eclipse did not disapoint as the sky was nearly cloud free and the eclipse was nothing less than awesome! A "Blood Red Moon" was a result of this game of light and shadow between the Sun, The Moon and The Earth!                                          Enjoy! 041614 Moon Eclipse  04/16/14 "Eclipse"  Another view of the lunar eclipse prior to becoming the "Blood Red Moon Stage."                                       Enjoy! 041714 Snow Ridge  04/17/14 "Snow Ridge"  Ridges of Snow are common across the mountains in Alaska as Spring Winds continue to redefine snow fields on the slopes!                                      Enjoy!
041814 Icy Bank  04/18/14 "Good Friday"  Often, we are caught up in the daily drama that we call life. Least we forget the meaning of this day, that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins that we may be for given and his resurrection that follow three days later that all those who chose to believe may be saved.                                      Enjoy! 041914 Flying Into Spring  04/19/14 "Flying Into Spring"  Today was awesome for Spring like weather! People were every where celebrating a truly beautiful day.                                      Enjoy! 042014 Easter Rise  04/20/14 "He Has Risen"  Shout the word and the let the mountains proclaim, Jesus Christ has risen! All we have to do is proclaim the good news in our heart and all his glory to enrich our lives!                                      Enjoy! 042114 Increditable High  04/21/14 "Incredible High "  My heart soars along with these riders of the wind. It's an unbelievable step into adventure!                                       Enjoy!
042214 Touch Down  04/22/14 "3,2,1 Touch Down"  Another sky adventure makes a effortless landing after soar like Eagles on high!                                       Enjoy! 042314 Reviewing Adventure  04/23/14 "Reliving The Moment"  After another awesome flight this paragliding pilot seems to be reviewing his flight data!                                       Enjoy! 042414 Moutain Gap  04/24/14 "Wanted Moose or Bear for Photo Opp"  Still in search of Moose or Bear but neither have adventure out in front of my lens lately. So here's another mountain photo still awesome in it's own right!                                       Enjoy! 042514 Follow The Leader  04/25/14 "Follow The Leader"  Paragliders continue to fill the skies over Eagle River. I have seen as may as seven gliders information riding the thermals above Mt. Baldy!                                       Enjoy!
042614 Pond Ice  04/26/14 "Pond Ice"  Even through temperatures have reach into the low fifties lately pond ice still persists over the lakes of all sizes!                                       Enjoy! 042714 Trail Cam  04/27/14 "Say Cheese"  I was out walking through some wetlands for a class I was taking and we came across several of these trail cams. Please leave them alone, they are not for spying but help us keep count on wildlife and their habitat!                                       Enjoy! 042814 Listening  04/28/14 "Listening"  Seeing is only one way to learn, listening is another. This recorder listens for bats and describes their sounds!                                       Enjoy! 042914 New Trail  04/29/14 "New Trail"  A new trail winds through the wetlands off of Lake Otis Parkway.                                       Enjoy!
043014 Riding the Air  04/30/14 "Riding the Invisible Highway"  When we look up all we see is air but with a wing and some warm temperatures invisible updrafts and eddies create a road system in the sky in which Paragliders cruise the skyways!                                       Enjoy! 050114 Mountain View  05/01/14 "Studying Peaks"  Alaska's Mountains are cover in sharp peaks and it's really awesome to take closer looks at the peaks themselves as they are home to  the birthplace of glaciers!                                       Enjoy! 050214 Touching Down  05/02/14 "On Approach"  A paraglider is on final approach. It is really amazing to watch these drifters of air as they effortlessly make their way!                                        Enjoy! 050314 Snowy Mountain  05/03/14 "Snow Top"  Summer weather is definitely here with temperatures in the seventies for highs. Even with this early Summer snow will cling to mountain tops on high!                                       Enjoy!
050414 Life Renews  05/04/14 "Life Renews"  Signs of renewal are everywhere, as Spring has come and the trees and the flowers once again begin to bloom!                                       Enjoy! 050514 That Time Again  05/05/14 "That Time Again"  It's that time again, when we are out and about exploring nature which is awesome. Whether your a local or a welcome visitor to "The Last Frontier" remember this is Bear Country and use good common sense when out!                                       Enjoy! 050615 Moose Pond  05/06/14 "Moose Pond"  Moose Pond is a favorate watering hole for our local Moose. It also attracts a lot of bears!                                       Enjoy! 050714 Eaglewood Rainbow  05/07/14 "Rainbow over Eagle River"  A rainbow appeared over eagle River last night. What is really cool about this picture is that you can see rain patches at the top of the bow. I always amazed at God's reminder that he will never flood the Earth again.                                           Enjoy!
050814 Flowing Again  05/08/14 "Free Flowing"  River's once again are free flowing as Spring/Summer has returned to Alaska. Only patches of ice remain along side the river's bank. Soon Kayakers will once again plow these waters.                                           Enjoy! 050914 Glacier River  05/09/14 "Another View"  Here's the other end from yesterdays' river picture looking in the opposite direction, Alaska is truly an awesome place to live!                                           Enjoy! 051014 Moose Pond 2  05/10/14 "Moose Pond Looking West"  Another view looking westward at Moose Pond. A local watering hole for all kinds of wildlife!                                           Enjoy! 051114 Happy Mothers' Day  05/11/14 "Happy Mother's Day"  Peer through the branches,the eagles are roosting again, prehaps this is the year! Happy Mother's Day!                                           Enjoy!
051314 Mini Waterfall  05/12/14 "Mini Fall"  Waterfalls are always impressive but sometimes the smallest ones have the most interesting details!                                           Enjoy! 051314 Eagle Eye  05/13/14 "Eagle Eye"  Eagles abound everywhere you look in Alaska. Here in Eagle River our town is truly best with these amazing raptors!                                            Enjoy! 051414 Eagle Dining  05/14/14 "Eagle Dining"  An Eagle takes a pause before resuming his meal to check me out as I photographic him.                                            Enjoy! 051514 Snack On  05/15/14 "Snack On"  Enjoying a meal of the hunt, this Eagle seems to have only one thought on his mind, "Snack On!"                                            Enjoy!
051614 Ridges  05/16/14 "Looking Back"  I haven't been out lately to photograph so I decided to published an image from last month. Their has been a lot of seasonal change most ridges are nearly snow free now except the highest ones which are permanently cap.                                             Enjoy! 052014 Lake Hood  05/20/14 "Open For Business"  Lake Hood once again is thaw out and open for air traffic, as it is the world's busiest float plane traffic in the world!                                             Enjoy! 052114 Cool Moth  05/21/14 "Cool Moth"  Against my window did it appear! I really thought this moth had some awesome markings! Sometimes we overlook the wonderful world of the small, so next time your about take a moment to step into this awesome expereince!                                              Enjoy! 052214 Water Landing  05/22/14 "Water Landing"  I watched this plane make touchdown on Lake Hood. The lake is the busiest water landing for sea planes in the world!                                              Enjoy!
052314 Smokey Glacier  05/23/14 "Smokey Glacier"  Alaska is battling three Major Wildfires in the Kenai Peninsula, as a result the skies have been filled with smoke creating dim days during our perpetual daylight season. Despite the haze, I was able to grab a shot of the Eagle Glacier.                                                Enjoy! 052414 Red Sun  05/24/14 "Red Sun Rise"  The Sun will not enter the Red Giant Sun phase for another billion years, so what it would look like? Alaska's wildfires have answer that question, with a huge amount of smoke in the air and the local angle rise of the morning Sun produce this Red Sun!                                                Enjoy! 052514 Surprize  05/25/14 "Coyote Surprise"  I was out early this morning along Eagle River Glacier Road when I looked up much to my surprise there was "Willie E Coyote" surveying me! God sure does make some awesome moments!                                               Enjoy! 052614 Challenged Accepted  05/26/14 "Challenge Accepted"  A baby Moose temporarily separated from its' mom stands guard by a set of mail boxes seeking shelter and challenging all those to dare to tread near!                                                Enjoy!
052714 Mail Call  05/27/14 "Mail Call"  A baby Moose attempts to get the family mail but is just short of reaching it!                                                Enjoy! 052819 Tuckered Out  05/28/14 "Tuckered Out"  After a long day of forging and exploring their new world the twins and mom settle down for a well deserved rest and dream of lessons and adventures yet to come!                                                Enjoy! 052914 Seeking  05/29/14 "Seeking"  This coyote is out searching for a quick meal as Spring has brought forth many opportunities!                                          Enjoy! 053014 Mission Bound  05/30/14 "Eager Retriever"  A mother Moose is on a quick step to return to her calf that refused to follow her!                                          Enjoy!
053114 Always Around  05/31/14 "Just When You Think Summer..."  The trees have leafs and the flowers  have bloom and when you think it's Summer, Winter throws little surprise!                                         Enjoy! 060114 Moose Crossing  06/01/14 "Why Does The Moose Cross The Road?"  Why a course to get to the other side!   Driving in Alaska is not only scenic but surprising, you never know what you might come upon, so be respectful of wildlife and let them cross!                                       Enjoy! 060214 Ruffle Feathers  06/02/14 "Ruffle Feathers"  A Stellar Jay has his feathers ruffle by the winds while hanging out on a sign!                                       Enjoy! 060314 Whoa  06/03/14 "Whoa"  Moose can make good decisions, as this young bull proves, as he teeters on a slope much to steep to traverse and turns around!   Enjoy!
060414 Alaska Postcard  06/04/14 "Alaskan Postcard"  When people think of Alaska they imagine this picturesque seem and in many places this view is quite common but Alaska is more than natural beauty it's a place that teems with culture and history of the human adventurerous spirt! Come make your own adventure today and see the place that is truly "The Last Frontier!"  Enjoy! 060514 Cloud Topping1  06/05/14 "Cloud Topping"  Our majestic mountains often stand out with cloud formations as their height interact with clouds to create some really cool images!   Enjoy! 060614 Bull in The Brush  06/06/14 "Bull in The Brush"  Moose are really awesome creatures to watch. Silently they move through the brush forging for greens and have a curious nature. These oversize members of the deer family need to be respected as they can charge you at a moments notice!   Enjoy! 060714 Beard Flying in The Wind  06/07/14 "Stare Off"  A Bull Moose and I have a stare off contest, as I image him. The stare is not necessarly sign of aggression but one of curiosity, still it is important when photographing wildlife give them space and use a big lens so that distance is respected!     Enjoy!
060814 Soup  06/08/14 "Soup"  Eagle River glacier valley is often fogged in the early morning as cool temperatures from the glacier combined with moisture from the river produces this cloudy haze until the Sun rises lifting this vail!     Enjoy! 060914 Mountainside  06/09/14 "Mountain Sides"  As I travel about my daily routines, I always enjoy viewing our awesome mountains!     Enjoy! 061014 Smiling Coyote  06/10/14 "Smiling Coytoe"  This guy seems to be enjoying his morning search for food!  Enjoy! 061114 Snow Again  06/11/14 "Climate What?"  First it was global warming then now it's climate change since the first did not work out too well! Now explain this, snow in June 11th, even for Alaska that's rare! We should take care of the planet, I agree with this but we should do it because it's the right thing but not for climate change bad science!    Enjoy!
061214 Moose Down  06/12/14 "Moose Down!"  A Moose runs in front of a truck and the call goes out. Police arrive quickly on the scene and have to put the animal down. It is sad moment.  Please look out for wildlife as you travel about you never know when it might step out in front of you!   Be Careful Out There! 061314 Coyote Thoughts  06/13/14 "Pondering Coyote"  Ever wonder what goes through their mind, when the seem to pause for the moment!   Enjoy! 061414 Small Step  06/14/14 "One Small Step"  A baby moose strides to catch up with mom! Moose seem unstable when they are first born but soon learn quickly to keep in tow with mom!   Enjoy! 061514 Fixer Upper  06/15/14 "Fixer Upper"  It seems like a old bus stop house is up for sale, it might need a little "TLC" before it's ready! Actually the real house up for sale is up the road, the sign placement made this a really funny picture! Happy Father's Day!   Enjoy!
061614 Cloudy Weather  06/16/14 "Rain Again!"  Rain has fallen on and off for the past two weeks! It's time for some sunshine in the 49th state!    Enjoy! 061714 Falls  06/17/14 "Falls"  All the rain we have for the past two weeks have help water falls to seem more majestic!     Enjoy! 062114 Swinter  06/21/14 "Swinter"  The Summer Solstice the longest day of the year produced a new season I named "Swinter," as it snow on the mountain tops surrounding Eagle River!     Enjoy! 062214 Eagle Glacier  06/22/14 "Eagle River Glacier Check Up"  It's that time of the year when I published my yearly glacier image to see if the the small glacier is advancing or retreating or holding its own! Please visit Kinder Science and click on the left link of the project and make your own decision!     Enjoy!
062314 EagleRiver Road  06/23/14 "Rustic in The Wild"  Eagle River Road, a popular road for local and tourist alike is in the second year of being remade. The road gives quick access to the Eagle River Nature Center and homes along the way. It is truly a rustic road to travel right now!     Enjoy! 062414 Mountain Revisit  06/24/14 "Between Weather"  Rains passed through Eagle River yesterday with rare thunder showers between the storms the mountains appeared!     Enjoy! 062514 Cool Clouds  06/25/14 "Cool Clouds"  Rain continues to fall! Hopefully soon Sunny weather will return! I thought you might enjoy some cool clouds since the wildlife has taken shelter from the rain!     Enjoy! 062614 Moth  06/26/14 "Taking Shelter"  Moth's are vary adaptable creatures as they can take shelter from the elements and predators in all kinds of places like my garage door!  This unknown species seems to be taking a rest! Hopefully the rain will pass soon as it continues to fall over the area!   Enjoy!
062714 Tidal Change  06/27/14 "Tidal Change"  Like the Cook Inlet, the Knik also experiences extreme tidal changes everyday! I also have have decided to publish every other day for a while. So I will be posting a new photo every other day instead of every day!   Enjoy! 062914 Wetlands  06/29/14 "Wetlands"  With all the extreme tidal changes that Alaska has wetlands abound in this land of snow and ice!   Enjoy! 070114 Mt Baldy  07/01/14 "Mt. Baldy "  The Summit of Baldy lies in a veil of clouds! Mt. Baldy is a favorite climbing spot for locals in all types of weather!   Enjoy! 070314 Yakee Doole Danny  07/03/14 "Dandelion Fire Works"  Dandelions put on a fireworks display of there on as the puff balls resemble shell burst that fireworks display!   Enjoy!
070514 Snow Peak  07/05/14 "Snow on Jagged Peaks"  Despite the beautiful Summer we are having snow still clings to the high peaks as some of the peals are permanetly capped year round!   Enjoy! 070714 Flower Power  07/07/14 "Organic Fuel"  These jet drop fuel tanks from past ages now contain Organic Flower Power, as flowers soak up the 24 hour daylight!   Enjoy! 070914 Old Kink River Bridge  07/09/14 "Crossing Through Time"  As one steps forward across the Old Knik River Bridge, one steps back it time, as this iron bridge from days past now serves only pedestrian traffic!   Enjoy! 071114 Mid Flight  07/11/14 "Mid Flight"  A Dragon Fly soars across the air as I capture this instant in time! It is really amazing the what is often overlook, we all should take these moments to take a minute and apprecaite God's wonderful creations!    Enjoy!
071314 Bear Paw  07/13/14 "Bear Paw"  Bear Paw Festival is up and running with lots of rides, exhibits and things to do! So come on down and enjoy if your in the area!   Enjoy! 071514 Caution Bear  07/15/14 "Caution Bear"  A wooden bear testing his limits as he tries to stretch out the caution tape at the Bear Paw Festival!  Actually its a craving area where artisans turn trees into art!  Enjoy! 071714 Past Fire Engine  07/17/14 "Model T Fire Engine"  A Version of the old model T has been converted into a fire engine! The restoration seems well done, as it was a part of the Model T collection at the Bear Paw Festival!   Enjoy! 071914 Bull Moose  07/19/14 "Master Moose Piece"  I was out on an early morning drive and I caught this execellent Bull Moose forging along the road side. Despite his back leg injuries which seem to be healing from some battle he seem to be in, he seems really healthly!   Enjoy!
072114 Wild Flower  07/21/14 "Forget-Me-Not"  Alaska's road sides are blanket with wild flowers this year! Some flowers are very obvious while others appear with a second look such as these Forget-Me-Not's!   Enjoy! 072314 Quiet Lake  07/23/14 "A Lake In It's Own Right"  Across from Fire Lake is another small lake that can be easily miss if your not looking. While not nearly the size of Fire lake it has it's own personality!   Enjoy! 072514 Old School  07/25/14 "Old School"  I came across this really cool school bus stop while motorcycling up in what I call "Little Switzerland" which is an Alpine Valley located above Hiland Road in Eagle River. The Cabin comes complete with it's own pine forest growing from the roof which is really awesome!   Enjoy! 072714 Rainbow  07/27/14 "Even The Smallest Reminder"  I never grow tried of seeing rainbows! Even the small ones remind me of God's love for all of us!   Enjoy!
072914 Microfall  07/29/14 "Micro Fall"  Waterfalls are awesome to watch but Micro Falls are often overlook. If you take the time you see awesomeness even in the smallest fall!   Enjoy! 073114 The Great One  07/31/14 "The Great One"  Even at a distance of 260 miles Mt.Mc Kinney/ Denali towers over the landscape in Chugiak Alaska! Her size and splendor is truly amazing!  Enjoy! 080114 Larkspur  08/01/14 "Larkspur"  Wild flowers abound all over South Central Alaska! The Larkspur is a beautiful wildflower that can be found by the roadside of South Central Alaska but they are only for seeing do not eat them, they are very poisonous!  Enjoy! 080314 Rock Winkel  08/03/14 "Rock BullwInkle"  Rock stacking can be found everywhere along the roadsides of Alaska. The person who did this one added a cut piece of wood and created a stone moose!  Enjoy!
080514 Breakfast  08/05/14 "Breakfast Moose Style"  What better way to get a early morning snack! Just head down to Moose Pond and get some fresh water grass, graze on!  Enjoy! 080714 Monkshood  08/07/14 "Monks Hood"  The flower in the center is another common wildflower in "The Last Frontier." Monks Hood is beautiful flower that grows along many roadsides and valleys and mountainsides, but just look for it is extremely poisonous!  Enjoy! 080914 Sunny Day  08/09/14 "Sunny Day"  Despite the call for overcast skies and rain a Sunny Day preveils proclaims the Arctic Dasey!  Enjoy! 081114 Chugiak  08/11/14 "Original Chugiak"  Dating back to 1947, the original town area site can be seen along the Old Glen Highway!  Enjoy!
081314 Rock Face  08/13/14 "Rock Face"  A massive Rock Face jets out of the side of the mountain, which was channel for an ancient glacier that created Eagle River Valley!  Enjoy! 081514 Mushrooms  08/15/14 "Mushroom Colony"  Mushrooms seem to appearing everywhere as we begin the nearing of fall! There are many types of mushrooms on "The Last Frontier" each with their own unique look!  Enjoy! 081714 Beach Rain  08/17/14 "Beach Lake Quiet"  The trails are closed along the lake area as bear activity is high! I watch for a short bit and didn't see any but they are there!   Enjoy! 081914 Hometown Feeling  08/19/14 "Hometown Feeling"  Eagle River and the Chugiak Area give both locals and visitors a hometown feeling that makes life on "The Last Frontier" so awesome!   Enjoy!
082114 Rainbow  08/21/14 "Eagle Rainbow"  Rainbows were everywhere yesterday in Eagle River. I always enjoy seeing them and remembering them as God's promise that He will never flood the Earth again, his creations are truly awesome!   Enjoy! 082314 Military Presence  08/23/14 "Military Connection"  Alaska is home to a vast military installation which protects the North American Continent from Pacific to The Arctic. Her Military history is one that is rich in tradition!   Enjoy! 082514 Eagle Glacier  08/25/14 "Hanging On The Edge"  I photograph the Eagle Glacier several times a year and she never fails to impress me. It's really awesome to have a glacier in one's own backyard!   Enjoy! 082714 The Looked Over  08/27/14 "Small Details"  Small details often provide the most amazing photos! Bees gathering Nectar on this flower race against the change of seasons to produced honey for the hive to survive through the upcoming Winter!   Enjoy!
082914 Rugged Beauty  08/29/14 "Rugged Beauty"  In all kinds of weather Alaska's awesome peaks never disapoint the onlooker!   Enjoy! 083114 Looking Toward Anchorage  08/31/14 "Looking Towards Anchorage"  I snapped this photo at about 4000 plus ft and the haze made it look like some faded photo from the 1970's! The towers in the background are wind turbines which create power for the region on Fire Island.   Enjoy! 090114 Rafting  09/01/14 "Weekend Fun"  Alaskans have many ways in which to squeeze the maximum amount of fun and adventure during the short summer time, rafting on a glacial river is just one of the many adventures here on "The Last Frontier!"    Enjoy! 090314 Nature's Clock  09/03/14 "Nature's Clock"  Fire Weed is Nature's Clock as as the cotton like fiber blooms out from the bottom to the top so does the change of season from Summer to Winter take place !"    Enjoy!
090514 Awesome Glacier  09/05/14 "Inspiring"  Alaska is full of glaciers, icy sentials that echo her history! I never tired of seeing these awesome creations of snow and ice!    Enjoy! 090714 Hidden  09/07/14 "Hidden"  Behind a misty veil a new season awaits! The higher tops surrounding Eagle River are beginning to show snow as rain falls on lower elevations.    Enjoy! 090914 River Hazard  09/09/14 "River Hazards"  In silty blue grey waters, snags and other river hazards are hard to spot, and rafting down a river is truly an adventure!    Enjoy! 091114 Winding River  09/11/14 "Least We Forget"  Like a winding river that records the ebbed of time, we shall never forget this day, when innocent lives were lost in 9/11! America will shall always pursue those who harm the innocent!    Remember!
091314 Peeking Sun  09/13/14 "Peeking Out"  Rain has been falling for the past few days and still it rains on! The Sun did make a brief appearance the other day as it peer through the mist.     Enjoy! 091514 Awesome Ending  09/15/14 "Awesome Ending"  After a rainy couple of days with grey skies, we had had an awesome ending!     Enjoy! 091714 Sky Island  09/17/14 "Sky Island"  Peering through a sea of clouds, a majestic mountain sential rises above the mist as if something out of "Jack and The Bean Stalk!"     Enjoy! 091914 Stay Steady  09/19/14 "Hold On!"  Under Water rocks can cause hydraulics and can over turn boaters in an instance! Understanding and being able to read the rive is as important as knowing how to operate the craft. With these two skills in hand, it will be an awesome ride for both the pilot and their passengers!      Enjoy!
092114FallColors  09/21/14 "Peak Season"  Fall Colors are beginning to peak! Rain and cloudy days have hamper attempts to get great shots prehaps today I will be able to snap some awesome shots but we have to wait and see if the Sun decides to shine!       Enjoy! 092314 Fall Colors  09/23/14 "Peak Colors Continue"  Fall Colors are starting to open up as Winter approaches! Temperatures have dramatically drop over the past few days!       Enjoy! 092514 Rainbow  09/25/14 "Always A Welcome Sight"  Every time it rains, I look for God's  Wondrous Promise !       Enjoy! 092714 Shooting The Rapids  09/27/14 "A Way of Life"  Kayaking is a popular sport among Alaskans as the state has nearly countless of lakes,  rivers and the Pacific Ocean for those who adventure into the great blue!  Enjoy!
092914 Snowfall1  09/29/14 "It Has Arrived!"  Snowfall has finally started to dust the mountain tops! As Fall quickly progresses, dusting will leap from mountain to mountain and quickly descend down to the Valley's below! Get Your Skis Ready!  Enjoy! 100114 Dusting  10/01/14 "More is On It's Way"  Friday there is a chance for more of Winter Wonderland! The air this time of year in Alaska is clean and crisp and fill with excitement!  Enjoy! 100314 Permanet Cap  10/03/14 "Permanet Snow Cap "  Many mountain ranges in Alaska are covered in year around snow because of their altitude. Snow has fallen over the region as we awoke to a dusting in Eagle River.  Enjoy! 100514 Two Seasons  10/05/14 "Two Seasons Intertwine"  Winter meets Fall as snow progresses down the mountain side!  Enjoy!
100714 Fosty Mountainside  10/07/14 "Frosty"  Temperatures have really cool down over the region! Ice and snow are now capped along mountain tops and the dust has begun it's descent!  Enjoy! 100914 Fall Fog  10/09/14 "Foggy Fall"  Rain and Snow mix along with fog has been the order of the day!  Enjoy! 101114 Tube Fog  10/11/14 "Tube Fog"  Reminds me of toothpaste being squeezed from it's container as rain still falls throughout the area! I did mange to see a bear today, but the image turnout fuzzy because he dove into the brush as I took his picture, oh well the experience was at least awesome!  Enjoy! 101314 Near Miss  10/13/14 "Near Miss"  Reaction time of the camera just didn't work! Instead of a awesome black bear shot, I ended up with this! At least the experience was cool!  Enjoy!
101514 Orange Set  10/15/14 "Sunset"  Sunset is always awesome here in Alaska! The mountains, clouds and the high latitude always paint interesting colors and contrast in the sky- scapes!  Enjoy! 101714 Surreal  10/17/14 "Surreal"  As if out of a poem, the hues and shadows of light create a surreal image among Earth and Sky!   Enjoy! 101914 Snow Progress  10/19/14 "Snow Progress"  Snow dust continues its Winder's march down slope, soon it will cover the valley's floor!   Enjoy! 102114 Nike Missle Site  10/21/14 "The Last Sential"  A Nike Missile Site still stands as a reminder of Alaska's role during the cold war days with the former Soviet Union! The site's primary mission was air defense against incoming ICBM's.   Enjoy!
102314 Mole Day 2014  10/23/14 "Mole Day"  Another successful Mole Day at Chugiak High! Students braved the cold weather this morning at 6:02 AM to celebrate science and The Mole!   Enjoy! 102514 Sleeping Volcano  10/25/14 "A Sleeping Giant"  Mt. Spurr dominates the skyline across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage. This seemingly gentle mountain is actually a Composite Volcanoe that stirrs everynow and then reminds of the truly dynamic place, Alaska is!   Enjoy! 102714 Snow Dusting  10/27/14 "Snow Dancing"  Sun sparkles dance upon the waters as the banks gather snow!   Enjoy! 102914 Sunset  10/29/14 "Amazing"  Sunsets are amazing in Alaska! Given our high latitude and the bending of light rays, The Far North is an amazing place to see awesome sets!   Enjoy!
103114 Mountain and Mist  10/31/14 Mountains and Mist The landscape is quickly changing as with each new veil of mist lifts reveals more and more of Winter's upcoming "Wonder Land!"  Enjoy! 110114 Ice Way  11/01/14 "Ice Way"  Rivers and lakes are transforming into pathways and skating rings! While a good layer of ice is being form, give it a couple of weeks before you venture out to make sure it's safe!   Enjoy! 110314 When Houses Fly  11/03/14 "When Houses Fly"  Ever heard the saying "I'll believe that when pigs fly" Here  on "The Last Frontieer," we don't have alot of pigs but we have a lot of planes, some seem to come in a house form!   Enjoy! 110514 Snow Season  11/05/14 "Snow Season!"  Daily Snow will start falling as Alaska is being transformed into a Winter Wonderland! Ski On!   Enjoy!
110714 Awesome Moon Rise  11/07/14 "Awesome Moon Rise"  I looked out my window last night and saw this awesome display of light and shadows being played out on the mountain between the Moon and the clouds it was really awesome! God sure does create wonders all around us if we only take the time to see!   Enjoy! 110914 Mt Foraker  11/09/14 "Mt. Foraker"  At 17 400 feet Mt. Foraker is impressive in its own right along the Alaska Range as it dominates along with Mt. McKinley the horizon in Eagle River!   Enjoy! 111114Denali  11/11/14 "Veterans Day "  Denali embodies the spirt of the day "The Great One!" Veterans  and those who serve today you are truely great, thanks for all you do!      Enjoy! 111314 Fake Mountains  11/13/14 "Fata Morgana "  Mirages often form along the skyline in Anchorage as temperature inversions create mountains and Castles in the sky! The mountain in the background is not real, how cool is that!      Enjoy!
111514 Mt Redoubt  11/15/14 "Mt. Redoubt Shows It's Presence"  The mountains surrounding Anchorage and Eagle River are apart of "The Ring of Fire!" Volcanoes and Earthquakes are a way of life here and the locals take it all in stride as apart of adventure "On The Last Frontieer!"      Enjoy! 111514 Local Stop  11/17/14 "Local Stop"  While the box stores and shops are trendy, it's often the the mom and pop shops that hold the spirt of the town and where locals go to connect with the spirt of "The Last Frontieer!"      Enjoy! 111914 Whats Missing  11/19/14 "What's Missing?"  The dogs are ready the season is upon us but the snow is yet to fall. While our snow seems to have gone South to the lower 48, soon we will be blessed by it again!     Enjoy! 112114 Still Waiting  11/21/14 "Still Waiting"  The Mountains are covered, the temps are hovering at the point but, yet snow still refuses to fall! The ski's are prepared, the snow shoes stand ready for Winter's Wonderland, now all we need is snow!     Enjoy!
112314 Snow Peak  11/23/14 "Mountains at Least..."  have snow as we still wait amist layer of black ice that is making walking and running around an adventure on it's own!     Enjoy! 112524 Slight Dusting  11/25/14 "And We Wait and Wait..."  A slight dusting in the from of a ice fog let a small dusting of snow on top of black ice, oh well it's a start!     Enjoy! 112714 Happy Thanksgiving  11/27/14 "Thankgivings Eagle"  Eagle's are apart of of the Eagle River landscape! They are always amazing to watch as they soar or roost in the trees!      Enjoy! 112914 Sleeping Among The Clouds  11/29/14 "Sleeping Among the Clouds"  The Sleeping Lady rests among a bed of clouds as snow finally falls over the region!      Enjoy!
120114 Sunrise  12/01/14 "Quiet Sunrise"  Sunrises and Sunsets during the Winter in Alaska never cease to amaze me!      Enjoy! 120314 Iceways  12/03/14 "The Measure of Ice"  Ice can be used in many ways in Alaska. Some people skate and others use it for means of travel. Before going out on the ice measure it's thickest especially at the start of Winter, a Polar Swim might occur if you don't!      Enjoy! 120514 ZooLights  12/05/14 "Zoo Lights"  The Alaska Zoo has an awesome display of Christmas lights that one can see! This is just a small sample of the magical Christmas Winter light show that awaits the visitor, it's well worth seeing! Also there will be many amazing animals to greet you along your journey through this Winter Wonderland!    Enjoy! 120714 Never Forget2  12/07/14 "Remembering The Greatest Generation "  Seventy-three years ago,Japan launch it's suprize attack against Pearl Harbor which ushered the greatest generation into action. Their dedication and sacrifice still echoes events around the world today, Thanks for all you did!    Enjoy!
120914 Bond of The Wild  12/09/14 "Bond of The Wild"  There is something to be said of the bond that exist between us and nature. It's a trust that no words can express but is written in the actions in which we do. The animals of the Alaska Zoo share this bond as they are well care for and in return they offer us a glimpse into their world as animal ambassadors so that we might understand their roles and needs, just as they give us joy and wonderment! You should come and see all the wonderful things that they do at the Alaska Zoo, its an education on the wild side!    Enjoy! 121114 Sheer Joy  12/11/14 "Sheer Joy"  A wolf and her handler at the zoo enjoy a monment together. The wolf's expression of sheer joy saids it all! When in Anchorage take time to see these amazing animals at Alaska's Zoo!          Enjoy! 121314 Lighted Mountain  12/13/14 "Alpine Illumination"  The Sun sets clouds ablaze behind mountain spirals illuminating these magnificent rock sentials!          Enjoy! 121514 Lighted Ridge  12/15/14 "Snow Wanted"  Snow has not been the season this year. We are accustom to having weekly snow falls but this year it seems late arriving. While the ground is snow covered by a few inches, we usually have two to three feet by this time!          Enjoy!
121714 Past Plane  12/17/14 "Plane Skiing"  Aviation doesn't take a snow break on "The Last Frontier" as wheels are placed by skies and lakes, rivers and streams become airports for the season!           Enjoy! 121914 Where's The Snow  12/19/14 "Howling Concern"  Even Wolves are concern about the lack of seasonal snowfall. While there is snow on the ground we are at least two feet behind in snowfall totals.The Weather Service is calling for snow on Christmas Day, let's hope!           Enjoy! 122114 Wheel Sled  12/21/14 "Sleigh Modifications"  With snow mounts on the down side, Alaskan are really good at adapting to any situation! Low snow no problem, just attach wheels and we are good to go! On a positive note, it snow today and more is on it's way!           Enjoy! 122314 Snow!  12/23/14 "Snow!"  The beautiful white stuff finally made its way after a long absence and more is on it's way!           Enjoy!
122514 Merry Christmas  12/25/14 "Merry Christmas"   The bows have been unwrapped and the presents exchange but the greatest gift awaits all who will receive it, God's Love for on this day is born to us a Savior which is Christ The Lord!           Enjoy! 122714 Eagle Eye  12/27/14 "Looking Towards a New Year"   Eagles are roosting over for the Winter here in Eagle River, This one seems to eying the up-coming New Year!            Enjoy!