ALaska Photo Explorer 2018

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond
14 010818 Santa Moose  01/08/18 "Santa Moose"   Back from the road of adventure and ready for a new and awesome year, I will be publishing pictures from the adventure!                 Enjoy! 011018 One Serious Barbque  01/10/18 "One Serious Barbeque!"    Grillers take notice when you think you have the ultimate grill take a look at this rolling fryer! Animals out their, this one ride you want to definitly avoid!                 Enjoy! 011218 Life at 36000 Feet  01/12/18 "Life at 36,000 ft"   A smooth ride across the Continental United States at 36,000 feet on clear and awesome day produces amazing seen's of landscapes far below!              Enjoy!
011418 Santa's Off Season Job  01/14/18 "Santa's Off Season Job"   Santa's moonlighting job off season seems to be a lineman for the state of North Carolina as he's work's to make sure electrical power is restored! I took this photo while back East over the Christmas Holidays.             Enjoy! 011618 Right to Bear Arms  01/16/18 "Right  to Bear Arms"   If its good enough for humans then its good enough for bears as this Teddy arms himself and excerises his constitutional right! This is one bear who you don't mess with his honey!            Enjoy! 011818 Southern Courthouse  01/18/18 "Historic South"   This courthouse located in Pittsboro NC has seem a lot of history from the revolutionary war to the present! Its structures like these that remind us of where we come from and what we can be, never forget or erase history good or bad, it is said "those who forget the past are doom to repeat it!"            Enjoy! 012018 Frozen Stream  01/20/18 "Frozen Stream"   Temperatures are dropping once again on "The Last Frontier" and streams respond by creating ice art!         Enjoy!
012218 Crazy Eagle  01/22/18 "This Bird Can't Sing!"   A Eagle Parked out on a lamp post is seemly starting to lose it as a near by Raven belches out it's out of tune song!         Enjoy! 012418 Snowly Fingers  01/24/18 "Snowly Fingers"   Snow is slowy coming back after a mid Winter thaw! As the snow falls it creates wonderful fingers on the bushes!          Enjoy! 012618 Doorway  01/26/18 "Doorway to Frozen Stream"   Winter is full of beauty but when you out and about be careful of streams as the icy ceilings may not hold you up! When in doubt do not cross look for another way around!          Enjoy! 012818 Winter Sun  01/28/18 "Flowing Light"   Sunlight gently bathes the Winter's snow landscape below with her golden rays!          Enjoy!
013018 Post Civil War  01/30/18 "Post Civil War Law Office"    A local Civil War General like many other war Verterns on both sides return to their pre-war life and this small law office marks his return to society after years of bloody conflict from 1861 to 1865 forever changed! I found this while photographing North Carolina while on assignment.          Enjoy! 020218 Moon Mountain  02/02/18 "Ground Hog Moon"    While the Ground Hog is looking for his shadow down in the lower 48, Moon rises on our local moutains are spectacular!          Enjoy! 020418 Twenty to Zero in two Seconds  02/04/18 "Twenty to Zero in Two Seconds!"    Sled Dog team passes the finish at blazing speed of 20 miles per hour! Their un-harnessed spirit still moving at top speed the musher's has to apply the brakes sending a cloud of snow crystals flying! Wow watching these animals truely embraces the wonder of adventure that Alaska truely embodies!           Enjoy! 020618 First Responder Heros  02/06/18 "First Responders America's True Hero's"  Our first responders are true hero's who brave all kind's of dangers to help those in need! As this car burned on the Glenn Highway, a fire fighter approaches and quickly extinguishes the flames protecting those nearby! These hero's seek neither praise nor glory but truely deserve both from our community!  I just want you to know we are grateful for your service!       Enjoy!
020818 Inside The Duke Chapel  02/08/18 "Inside The Duke Chapel"  Only one word can describe this place "Amazing!" The chapel is located on Duke University Campus located in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina.       Enjoy! 021018 Top Dog  02/10/18 "The Dog House"  When your out and about on a trip you always seem to run into one of those really cool and different theme eatery's. This one is located Durham North Carolina. 021218 Going The Distance  02/12/18 "Racing Onward" Once the dogs and the musher let loose on the trail there is no stopping the joy of adventure! It is always amazing to watch these teams as they pursue the dream and spirt of "The Last Frontier!"       Enjoy! 021418 Loving Snow  02/14/18 "Loving Snow"  Valentines Day for these guys is an adventure through the snow along the trail! Sled Dogs live for the moments when they race into the unknown excited to see what lies ahead!       Enjoy!
021618 One Large Pencil  02/16/18 "One Large Pencil"  Talked about making marks wow, this pencil could write down volumes of knowledge and still have some left for doodling! I found this in Pittsboro, NC on a recent trip, but was unable to locate the giant sharpener!        Enjoy! 021818 Streaming Past  02/18/18 "Steaming Past"  The boiler stands still but the story of her heart echoes her past as she lived the dream of pioneers plying the early days of homesteading. The mighty Alaskan Railway now adventures to many parts of the state today!        Enjoy! 022018 Metal Art  02/20/18 "Metal Art"  I image this place before as it is a cool place which host art of the Metallic Sort! There is a lot of talent and creation that goes into these works of art. The place is located in Pittsboro NC were I was photographing on a recent trip.        Enjoy! 022218 Icy Flows in Streams  02/22/18 "Two Season Begin to Emerge"  Ship Creek is an icy flow as we begin to round the corner to Spring. However Spring is still at least two months a day, so this cycle will come and go as Winter and Summer tug at each other!        Enjoy!
022418 Guiding The Team  02/24/18 "Leading to The Starting Line"  Like old time race cars being position for their start, sled dogs have to be lead to the start by handlers because they are so full of energy they are ready to bolt the minute the musher steps on the sled which would cause a re-start!        Enjoy! 022618 Eskimo Drum  02/26/18 "Beating The Drum"  A snow Eskimo readies his drum for singing out traditional rythiums and stories from ages past!        Enjoy! 022818 Christ Trial Snow Scuplture  02/28/18 "Christ on Trial"  Ever year these snow carvers creates scenes from Jesus Christ Life! It is an amzing work of love and faith one to be admired by all who it touches!        Enjoy! 030218 Snow Guardian  03/02/18 "Snow Guardian Angel"  This sculpture won the snow craving contest and stands guarding over the other sculptures! All the scultures are amazing if you get a chance you should see them, they are truely works of art!      Enjoy!
030418 Rookie Run  03/04/18 "The Iditarod 2018 Has Begun!"  A Rookie Musher and her team start out from Anchorage AK from the ceremonial start to begin "The Last Great Race on Earth!" The official restart will take place on March 5 at Willow Alaska some 90 miles North of Anchorage! The musher and her team reflects the next generation's spirt of adventure to carry on this amazing tradition! Good Luck to all racer's and whether you finish first of last does not matter for you embrace the human desire of living life as it was meant to be an adventure! 030618 In Tandem  03/06/18 "Working in Tandem"  Two dogs of a team move as one as they are apart of the incrediable power produced to pull the musher and supplies across the vast expanse of Alaska to the shores of Nome a 1049 miles from the starting point in Willow AK! It always a amazing sight to see these animals who live to run doing what they were meant to do and lived adventure! The bond shared between the musher and their team runs deep and is one of mutual respect and love! The Iditarod is truely "The Last Great Race on Earth!"         Enjoy! 030818 Snow Fortress  03/08/18 "Snow Fortress"  A fortress of ice and snow stands firm against all attackers! This snow sculpture is apart of Fur Rondy Snow Art and is truely awesome!         Enjoy! 031018 Tight Turn  03/10/18 "Tight Turn"  The first turn in the Cermonial Start for Iditarod 2018 as in past starts is very tricky several mushers over turn their sledds which adds to the excitement of the turn as its amazing how the team and musher handles the adversities as practice for the trail ahead!         Enjoy!
031218 If Reindeers Can Fly  03/12/18 "If Reindeer Can Fly...."  So can I! Sledds dogs often leap for joy as they await the command from the musher to go! I have often said how these beautiful animals live for the adventure well you see it in their pure joy imaged here!         Enjoy! 031418 True Perfection  03/14/18 "True Perfection"  There is nothing like a team in harmony!         Enjoy! 031618 Icy Mammoth  03/16/18 "Icy Mammoth"  A Wooly Mammoth emerges  from the icy block of snow and echoes the creatures of the last ice age!         Enjoy! 031818 One Strange Brew  03/18/18 "One Strange Brew"  Many coffee shops adorn the Anchorage area but some have awesome and creative names like the one imaged! The logo is awesome seems like a good place to find spectacular coffee! That Salmon is sure to overcome any falls it might encounter on the return trip to the spawning grounds!         Enjoy!
032018 Frozen Phantom  03/20/18 "Frozen Phantom"  The F-4 once called by her Pilots "The Lead Sled" could out gun and out fight any airplane in the sky during the late 60's, 70'and early 80's! She got her nickname because when she did tight turns across the sky, she actually slide across the sky light a flying brick as she made her tight turns! She was almost impossible to bring down as she could take a direct hit and keep on flying!         Enjoy!