ALaska Photo Explorer 2018

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond
14 010818 Santa Moose  01/08/18 "Santa Moose"   Back from the road of adventure and ready for a new and awesome year, I will be publishing pictures from the adventure!                 Enjoy! 011018 One Serious Barbque  01/10/18 "One Serious Barbeque!"    Grillers take notice when you think you have the ultimate grill take a look at this rolling fryer! Animals out their, this one ride you want to definitly avoid!                 Enjoy! 011218 Life at 36000 Feet  01/12/18 "Life at 36,000 ft"   A smooth ride across the Continental United States at 36,000 feet on clear and awesome day produces amazing seen's of landscapes far below!              Enjoy!
011418 Santa's Off Season Job  01/14/18 "Santa's Off Season Job"   Santa's moonlighting job off season seems to be a lineman for the state of North Carolina as he's work's to make sure electrical power is restored! I took this photo while back East over the Christmas Holidays.             Enjoy! 011618 Right to Bear Arms  01/16/18 "Right  to Bear Arms"   If its good enough for humans then its good enough for bears as this Teddy arms himself and excerises his constitutional right! This is one bear who you don't mess with his honey!            Enjoy!