ALaska Photo Explorer 2018

A Photo Journal Essay of Life in Anchorage and Eagle River Alaska and Beyond
14 010818 Santa Moose  01/08/18 "Santa Moose"   Back from the road of adventure and ready for a new and awesome year, I will be publishing pictures from the adventure!                 Enjoy! 011018 One Serious Barbque  01/10/18 "One Serious Barbeque!"    Grillers take notice when you think you have the ultimate grill take a look at this rolling fryer! Animals out their, this one ride you want to definitly avoid!                 Enjoy! 011218 Life at 36000 Feet  01/12/18 "Life at 36,000 ft"   A smooth ride across the Continental United States at 36,000 feet on clear and awesome day produces amazing seen's of landscapes far below!              Enjoy!
011418 Santa's Off Season Job  01/14/18 "Santa's Off Season Job"   Santa's moonlighting job off season seems to be a lineman for the state of North Carolina as he's work's to make sure electrical power is restored! I took this photo while back East over the Christmas Holidays.             Enjoy! 011618 Right to Bear Arms  01/16/18 "Right  to Bear Arms"   If its good enough for humans then its good enough for bears as this Teddy arms himself and excerises his constitutional right! This is one bear who you don't mess with his honey!            Enjoy! 011818 Southern Courthouse  01/18/18 "Historic South"   This courthouse located in Pittsboro NC has seem a lot of history from the revolutionary war to the present! Its structures like these that remind us of where we come from and what we can be, never forget or erase history good or bad, it is said "those who forget the past are doom to repeat it!"            Enjoy! 012018 Frozen Stream  01/20/18 "Frozen Stream"   Temperatures are dropping once again on "The Last Frontier" and streams respond by creating ice art!         Enjoy!
012218 Crazy Eagle  01/22/18 "This Bird Can't Sing!"   A Eagle Parked out on a lamp post is seemly starting to lose it as a near by Raven belches out it's out of tune song!         Enjoy! 012418 Snowly Fingers  01/24/18 "Snowly Fingers"   Snow is slowy coming back after a mid Winter thaw! As the snow falls it creates wonderful fingers on the bushes!          Enjoy! 012618 Doorway  01/26/18 "Doorway to Frozen Stream"   Winter is full of beauty but when you out and about be careful of streams as the icy ceilings may not hold you up! When in doubt do not cross look for another way around!          Enjoy! 012818 Winter Sun  01/28/18 "Flowing Light"   Sunlight gently bathes the Winter's snow landscape below with her golden rays!          Enjoy!
013018 Post Civil War  01/30/18 "Post Civil War Law Office"    A local Civil War General like many other war Verterns on both sides return to their pre-war life and this small law office marks his return to society after years of bloody conflict from 1861 to 1865 forever changed! I found this while photographing North Carolina while on assignment.          Enjoy! 020218 Moon Mountain  02/02/18 "Ground Hog Moon"    While the Ground Hog is looking for his shadow down in the lower 48, Moon rises on our local moutains are spectacular!          Enjoy! 020418 Twenty to Zero in two Seconds  02/04/18 "Twenty to Zero in Two Seconds!"    Sled Dog team passes the finish at blazing speed of 20 miles per hour! Their un-harnessed spirit still moving at top speed the musher's has to apply the brakes sending a cloud of snow crystals flying! Wow watching these animals truely embraces the wonder of adventure that Alaska truely embodies!           Enjoy! 020618 First Responder Heros  02/06/18 "First Responders America's True Hero's"  Our first responders are true hero's who brave all kind's of dangers to help those in need! As this car burned on the Glenn Highway, a fire fighter approaches and quickly extinguishes the flames protecting those nearby! These hero's seek neither praise nor glory but truely deserve both from our community!  I just want you to know we are grateful for your service!       Enjoy!
020818 Inside The Duke Chapel  02/08/18 "Inside The Duke Chapel"  Only one word can describe this place "Amazing!" The chapel is located on Duke University Campus located in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina.       Enjoy! 021018 Top Dog  02/10/18 "The Dog House"  When your out and about on a trip you always seem to run into one of those really cool and different theme eatery's. This one is located Durham North Carolina. 021218 Going The Distance  02/12/18 "Racing Onward" Once the dogs and the musher let loose on the trail there is no stopping the joy of adventure! It is always amazing to watch these teams as they pursue the dream and spirt of "The Last Frontier!"       Enjoy! 021418 Loving Snow  02/14/18 "Loving Snow"  Valentines Day for these guys is an adventure through the snow along the trail! Sled Dogs live for the moments when they race into the unknown excited to see what lies ahead!       Enjoy!
021618 One Large Pencil  02/16/18 "One Large Pencil"  Talked about making marks wow, this pencil could write down volumes of knowledge and still have some left for doodling! I found this in Pittsboro, NC on a recent trip, but was unable to locate the giant sharpener!        Enjoy! 021818 Streaming Past  02/18/18 "Steaming Past"  The boiler stands still but the story of her heart echoes her past as she lived the dream of pioneers plying the early days of homesteading. The mighty Alaskan Railway now adventures to many parts of the state today!        Enjoy! 022018 Metal Art  02/20/18 "Metal Art"  I image this place before as it is a cool place which host art of the Metallic Sort! There is a lot of talent and creation that goes into these works of art. The place is located in Pittsboro NC were I was photographing on a recent trip.        Enjoy! 022218 Icy Flows in Streams  02/22/18 "Two Season Begin to Emerge"  Ship Creek is an icy flow as we begin to round the corner to Spring. However Spring is still at least two months a day, so this cycle will come and go as Winter and Summer tug at each other!        Enjoy!
022418 Guiding The Team  02/24/18 "Leading to The Starting Line"  Like old time race cars being position for their start, sled dogs have to be lead to the start by handlers because they are so full of energy they are ready to bolt the minute the musher steps on the sled which would cause a re-start!        Enjoy! 022618 Eskimo Drum  02/26/18 "Beating The Drum"  A snow Eskimo readies his drum for singing out traditional rythiums and stories from ages past!        Enjoy! 022818 Christ Trial Snow Scuplture  02/28/18 "Christ on Trial"  Ever year these snow carvers creates scenes from Jesus Christ Life! It is an amzing work of love and faith one to be admired by all who it touches!        Enjoy! 030218 Snow Guardian  03/02/18 "Snow Guardian Angel"  This sculpture won the snow craving contest and stands guarding over the other sculptures! All the scultures are amazing if you get a chance you should see them, they are truely works of art!      Enjoy!
030418 Rookie Run  03/04/18 "The Iditarod 2018 Has Begun!"  A Rookie Musher and her team start out from Anchorage AK from the ceremonial start to begin "The Last Great Race on Earth!" The official restart will take place on March 5 at Willow Alaska some 90 miles North of Anchorage! The musher and her team reflects the next generation's spirt of adventure to carry on this amazing tradition! Good Luck to all racer's and whether you finish first of last does not matter for you embrace the human desire of living life as it was meant to be an adventure! 030618 In Tandem  03/06/18 "Working in Tandem"  Two dogs of a team move as one as they are apart of the incrediable power produced to pull the musher and supplies across the vast expanse of Alaska to the shores of Nome a 1049 miles from the starting point in Willow AK! It always a amazing sight to see these animals who live to run doing what they were meant to do and lived adventure! The bond shared between the musher and their team runs deep and is one of mutual respect and love! The Iditarod is truely "The Last Great Race on Earth!"         Enjoy! 030818 Snow Fortress  03/08/18 "Snow Fortress"  A fortress of ice and snow stands firm against all attackers! This snow sculpture is apart of Fur Rondy Snow Art and is truely awesome!         Enjoy! 031018 Tight Turn  03/10/18 "Tight Turn"  The first turn in the Cermonial Start for Iditarod 2018 as in past starts is very tricky several mushers over turn their sledds which adds to the excitement of the turn as its amazing how the team and musher handles the adversities as practice for the trail ahead!         Enjoy!
031218 If Reindeers Can Fly  03/12/18 "If Reindeer Can Fly...."  So can I! Sledds dogs often leap for joy as they await the command from the musher to go! I have often said how these beautiful animals live for the adventure well you see it in their pure joy imaged here!         Enjoy! 031418 True Perfection  03/14/18 "True Perfection"  There is nothing like a team in harmony!         Enjoy! 031618 Icy Mammoth  03/16/18 "Icy Mammoth"  A Wooly Mammoth emerges  from the icy block of snow and echoes the creatures of the last ice age!         Enjoy! 031818 One Strange Brew  03/18/18 "One Strange Brew"  Many coffee shops adorn the Anchorage area but some have awesome and creative names like the one imaged! The logo is awesome seems like a good place to find spectacular coffee! That Salmon is sure to overcome any falls it might encounter on the return trip to the spawning grounds!         Enjoy!
032018 Frozen Phantom  03/20/18 "Frozen Phantom"  The F-4 once called by her Pilots "The Lead Sled" could out gun and out fight any airplane in the sky during the late 60's, 70'and early 80's! She got her nickname because when she did tight turns across the sky, she actually slide across the sky light a flying brick as she made her tight turns! She was almost impossible to bring down as she could take a direct hit and keep on flying!         Enjoy! 032218 Last Run of The Season  03/22/18 "Until Next Season"  With a blast of snow this musher takes her team on a final run before the trail close because of the advent of Spring! When thawing and freezing cycles occured the trails become icy. However, even with the coming of Spring and Summer, Winter is only a few short months away until the next amazing adventure!          Enjoy! 032418 Gliding High  03/24/18 "Riding The Thermals"  As the season changes so comes the thermals lifting power gliders high above the mountain ranges!          Enjoy! 032618 Twin Peaks  03/26/18 "Twin Peaks"  A favorate mountain to view for both locals and tourist!Twin Peaks is a awesome site to see!           Enjoy!
032818 Sking at Hatcher Pass  03/28/18 "Sking at Hatcher's Pass"  Thousands of people took to the slopes this past weekend to soak up Sun and awesome sking conditions!           Enjoy! 033018 A Good Idea  03/30/18 "A Skiing Must"  If you are in the backcountry skiing or sledding even snow shoeing having a transmitter is a safety must as conditions at this time of the year make snow loads unstable and avalanches are quite often a reality!           Enjoy! 040218 Glowing Sunset  04/02/18 "Glowing Sunset"  The day ended with a perfect Sunset!           Enjoy! 040418 Hatcher Pass Lodge  04/04/18 "Emerging from Winter"  The snow depth around the Hatcher Pass Lodge is at least 10 feet deep and this is with some melt off! It's a awesome place to visit and stretch Winter a bit longer! However, with the melting and freezing cycles this time of year avalanches are always presence!           Enjoy!
040618 Indepdence Mine in Winter  04/06/18 " Independence Mine in Spring"  Located near the top of Hatcher's Pass The Independence Gold Mine still slumbers in it's Winter sleep even though Spring has arrived in Alaska!           Enjoy! 040818 Eagle River Glacier Check Up  04/08/18 " Eagle Glacier Checkup"  Once a year I imaged the Eagle Glacier to see it's progress, the process has been on going at least 12 years check it out at Kinder Science!           Enjoy! 041018 Snow Hike  04/10/18 " Have Snow Shoes Will Travel "  Hiking in deep snow is almost impossible but with snow shoes even the deepest snow becomes an easy hike!           Enjoy! 041218 Cross Coutry Skiing  04/12/18 " Cross Country Skiing "  Many people consider alpine skiing to be the most popular when in fact it's cross country skiing that is most common form of skiing!           Enjoy!
041418 Yeti Containment  04/14/18 " Yeti Containment"  Must be a sign of Climate Change when a Yeti migrates to Alaska to keep cool!           Enjoy! 041618 Avalanche Area  04/16/18 " Avalanche Area"  Several small series of avalanches appear on the slopes of the mountains in the Hatcher Pass area! The area  is still being enjoy by winter sports but the slopes are becoming unstable due to the changing of seasonal temperatures!"            Enjoy! 041818 Snow Entrance  04/18/18 "Snow Entrance"     Even in late April the entrance to Hatcher Pass lodge is still deeper than most cars are tall, it awesome diving into this miniature snow maze!         Enjoy! 042018 Now That's awesome  04/20/18 "Now That's Awesome"    After a amazing day in the snow what better way to relax the muscles than hangout in a portable Hot Tub! The Time Machine reference comes from the movie "Hot Tub Time Machine" I believe! Anyway, you look at it, it's awesome!!!!!!         Enjoy!
042218 Trail Maintance  04/22/18 "Trail Maintance"    Snow Machines traverse the trails checking their status!         Enjoy! 042418 Constant Reminder  04/24/18 "Constant Reminder"    Sign's like these dot the landscape all over Alaska as heavy snowfalls and then Spring melt causes many unstable slopes on the mountainsides, so their caution should be well heeded!         Enjoy! 042618 Avalanche Remains  04/26/18 "Avalanche Remains"   What appears to be rough patch of snow is actually a avalanche flow that has come to rest! These rivers of snow have been clocked at sixty miles per hour and need to be respected!          Enjoy! 042818 One of Many  04/28/18 "One of Many"   The Rugged Peaks that across the landscape of "The Last Frontieer" is one of many that tell of Alaska amazing and violent geologic  past and present! These mountains were made from the very force that still changes our world everyday!          Enjoy!
043018 Sledding Fun  04/30/18 "Ready for Fun"   Sledder's as snow machiners are called ready for a fun and adventurer as they prepare to navigate the trails!          Enjoy! 050218 Swinter Returns  05/02/18 "Swinter Returns"   Swinter, you may ask, whats that? It is Spring Winter a new season to be added to the other four! Fresh snow adorns the mountain tops as Swinter introduces itself!          Enjoy! 050418 Moose Pond Awakens  05/04/18 "Moose Pond Awakens"   After a long winter's sleep Moose Pond as it is called by locals is beginning to teem with life as many of nature's inhabinants come to drink and feed in it's water's or just take a quiet moment to reflect!          Enjoy! 050618 Ridgeline  05/06/18 "Ridge Line"   Snow packed ridge lines define and outline the shapes of the mountains!          Enjoy!
050818 Snow!  05/08/18 "Snow!"   Another surprize by Swinter!!          Enjoy! 051018 Eagle Eye  05/10/18 "Eagle Eye"   A eager Eagle is out for your business! The saying is true "the early bird gets the worm!"           Enjoy! 051218 Moose Tag  05/12/18 "Moose Tag"  Moose will often run out in front of cars and this is one animal that you dont want to play tag with! Please give wildlife a break if it should suddenly appear slow down and enjoy the wonder!          Enjoy! 051418 Have Rabbit Will Travel  05/14/18 "Have Rabbit Will Travel"  An Eagle carrying an in-flight snack soar straight at me as it carry it's prize to a branch! What an awesome experience!          Enjoy!
051618 Fresh Snow  05/16/18 "Swinter Lives ON"  Snow continues to fall on the mountains as Swinter lives on!          Enjoy! 051818 Meal Prep  05/18/18 "Prepping His Meal"  The Eagle preps his meal and gives me a look and seems to be asking me "Hey would you like some rabbit stew?!          Enjoy! 052018 Rabbit Tossing  05/20/18 "Playing With His Food"  Trying to make a rabbit salad? An Eagle tosses the rabbit a bout as he de-furs him!          Enjoy! 052218 Soaring Along  05/22/18 "Soaring Along"  Not the sharpest image but I like the concept and perspective, the picture makes you feel as if your are soaring along with the Eagle!          Enjoy!
052418 Coyote Dash  05/24/18 "Coyote Dash"  Catching these guys can be a little tricky as they do not remain in the open long! So I get a fuzzy image this time oh well at least the experience was awesome!          Enjoy! 052818 Automated Moose Wash  05/26/18 "Automated Moose Wash"  Have sprinkler Have Automated Moose Wash! MMh... she thinks I should have gone for the Ultra Wash, now I have to redo these ears, where's the attendant?              Enjoy! 052818 Moose Kisses  05/28/18 "Moose Kisses"  Being new to the world can often be a little scary and unsure! Nothing like a little kiss of reassurance to help each other as they face a new world and all it's uncertainties!              Enjoy! 053018 Flowing Ice  05/30/18 "River of Ice"  The mighty Matanuska Glacier is 27 miles long and 4 miles wide! It is the largest glacier that can approached by car in The Unites States, she is awesome sight to see, lets protect our glaciers!              Enjoy!
060218 Always Face Traffic  06/02/18 "Learning Moose Ways"  Now remember son always walk facing traffic, yes mom I will!              Enjoy! 060418 Baby Bear  06/04/18 "Brown Bear Rising"  A Brown Bear Cub follows his mom around learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a brown bear!              Enjoy! 060618 Rail Diver  06/06/18 "Rail Diving"  A Brown Bear Cub invents a new way to cross the rail guard  instead of stepping over it like mom, he dives under it! Little Bear enjoy it while you can as you will grow so fast soon you will be leaping the rail like mom!              Enjoy! 060818 Hidden Ice  06/08/18 "Hidden Glacier/Hidden Ice"  At first look it appears the glacier ends with the visible but if you look closer you can see the glacier extending into the rock field as the sediment on top hides the true extent of the glacier!              Enjoy!
061018 Moose Call  06/10/18 "Moose Call"  This Bull Moose is looking towards me as I pretended to make Moose Calls as if I am crazy! He's probably thinking come down the hill and I will stomp you!              Enjoy! 061218 Bear Crossing  06/12/18 "Bear Crosswalk"  Where are the Bear Crosswalks? Wherever the bear decides to cross. Just slow down and stop and enjoy the view!              Enjoy! 061418 I'm Coming Mom  06/14/18 "I'm Coming Mom"  Little Bear follows in close pursuit of it's mom as learns all the do's and don'ts of the bear lifestyle!              Enjoy! 061618 The Shot That Almost Was  06/16/18 "The Shot That Almost Was"  A Cow Moose comes out into the open in front of Moose Pond and no I would not shoot a Moose, I am talking about getting an awesome image but she is a Country Moose and quickly turn to the shelter of cover before I could get a close up!              Enjoy!
061818 Not A Good Idea  06/18/18 "Not A Good Idea"  Some signs may give the wrong idea! Bumping a Moose and her calf is an invination to get stomp!               Enjoy! 062018 Napping  06/20/18 "Keeping One Eye Open"  A Moose Cow settles down for a mid-day nap! She appears to be asleep but on a closer look she has one eye open looking for danger and is merely resting                Enjoy! 062218 Like A Rock  06/22/18 "Like A Rock"  Standing against the rushing waters, like a rock was made to stand the test of time, like a rock I  can face the wind.....                Enjoy! 062418 Tree Hugger  06/24/18 "Tree Hugger"  This little shaver climbs a tree to get a bird's eye view of his surroundings and look for adventure! Baby Black Bears can test their mother's patience as she is not far away eating dandelions which as far as I am concern she stop our house any time!               Enjoy!
062618 Thats Me in A Couple of Years  06/26/18 "That's Me in A Couple of Years"  A baby bears looks on with Mom in the background as one generation passes to another!               Enjoy! 062818 Feeling Dejected  06/28/18 "Feeling Dejected"  Don't worry little guy one day you will grow into an amazing Black Bear until then hang in there!               Enjoy! 063018 Too Much Fiber  06/30/18 "Too Much Fiber"  A Black Bear muses to herself....Oh man all there is grass and some daisies, way too much fiber that's gonna to really hurt later on! What I am really Jones'n is some berries, yeah raspberries or wait blue berries now that's the ticket!                Enjoy! 070218What's Up  07/02/18 "What's Up Man"  Rocky the Bull Moose is pond diving for some water greens with a side of water! It seems I caught him off guard with my presence and he seems to be saying to me What's Up Man!                Enjoy!
070418 Happy 4th of July  07/04/18 "Independence Day"  Happy 4th of July, Celebrating The Greatest Country on Earth!                Enjoy! 070618 Ear Inspector  07/06/18 "Ear Inspector"  Did you wash behind your ear's? Mom gives her cub a diligent inspection!                Enjoy! 070818 Eagle Glacier  07/08/18 "Eagle Glacier Exposed"  The true extend of the Eagle Glacier can now be seen with recent warm days! The glacier seems to have gained a little ground go ice age!                Enjoy! 071018 Can I Go  07/10/18 "Can We Go?"  Mmm... this might be just what we are looking for!  A mama Moose seems to be church shopping for her family as she studies the sign! Her calf seems to asked her mama if they can go!                Enjoy!
071218 Flowers What Flowers  07/12/18 "Guilt by Association?"  Just because we are herbivores, doesn't mean we eat every plant we see! Hey, we are only stopping to smell them we arn't going to eat them!                Enjoy! 071418 Moose Month Continues  07/14/18 "Late Night Food Raid"  People aren't the only ones who seem to enjoy a late night forge of snacks! I caught this Bull raiding nature's fridge at 9 PM, he seems to say, "Hey it's a healthy snack, mmmh... no wait I am sleep walking, yeah that's it, yeah!"                  Enjoy! 071618 Gov Walker on The Roll  07/16/18 "Governor  Walker on The Roll!"  It's election season here in Alaska and our Governor was out promoting his reelection campaign with his Gas Pipeline Proposal, He's been a good Governor and I wish him the best for both his reelection and Pipeline which we need!"                  Enjoy! 071818 Venturing Out  07/18/18 "Venturing Out"  A very young Black Bear appears to be venturing out on his own perhaps for the very first time, he's gain the knowledge I hope from his mom to make it on his own! I will be venturing out myself for few weeks looking for photo op's so I will start posting again soon, so stay tune!                  Enjoy!
080118 View From Above  08/01/18 "Awesome View From Above!"  At 40,013 ft the view of glaciers, mountains and rivers are spectacular!  The magnificence range is several hundred miles East of Valdez, AK!                Enjoy! 080318 Insect Dancers  08/03/18 "Tiny Rhythmic Dancers"  On my trip I encounter a colony of Avid's insects, it was a hot and humid day and the colony worked together creating a waving motion to to fan themselves to cool,it was amazing!                Enjoy! 080518 All American Bike  08/05/18 "Patriotic Cycle"  This cycle can without a doubt be All American at Heart!                Enjoy! 080718 Wind Power  08/07/18 "Electric Wind"  Wind farms such as these located on Fire Island Anchorage AK  provide much needed electricity to the city without hurting the environment! Kind of like that old Bob Dylan Song " The Answer My Friend is Just Blowing in The Wind!"                 Enjoy!
080918 Ice Rivers  08/09/18 "Ice Rivers"  Several glaciers flow into each other creating ice road systems crisscrossing mountain passages, only these roads you can't drive as they constantly moving creating unstable surfaces as the ice grinds the bedrock below at uneven rates of speed!"                 Enjoy! 081118 Blue Hole  08/11/18 "Blue Hole"  A Blue Hole Ice Cave is created by two different glaciers merging at a rocky mountain point. Who knows what wonders lye at this unexplored cave!                 Enjoy! 081318 Moose in The Brush  08/13/18 "I Spy, You Spy"  Through the Birch Trees, a Bull Moose and I catch each other by surprize! We are both a safe distance from each other as we size up each other as friend or foe!                 Enjoy! 081518 Snow Angels  08/15/18 "Snow Angels"  High above Hachter Pass snow still tops the mountains and even snow angels can be found there!                 Enjoy!
081718 Wild and Free  08/17/18 "Wild and Free"  Alaska is land of Mountains lakes and Wild Rivers flowing free!                 Enjoy! 081918 Awesome Bike  08/19/18 "Awesome Cycle"  What an awesome bike and so practical for picking up bike path racing signs! I wonder where can one get one of these amazing machines!                 Enjoy! 082118 Pure and True  08/21/18 "Pure and True" When Anchorage needs a cool drink it looks to this lake as it's supply and yes the water is awesome! Enjoy! 082318 Cool Peak  08/23/18 "Cool Peak" I was up in themountains and saw this jagged peak on the other side of Hachter's Pass and thought it was cool! Enjoy!
082518 Bath and Dine  08/25/18 "Pass The Soap and The Salad Plate"  When Moose hit these wooded ponds they care of two important Moose points Bathe and Eat!                 Enjoy! 082718 Their's Gold In Their Streams  08/27/18 "Their's Gold in Their Them Streams"  On "The Last Frontieer" the lore of panning for gold lies at the heart on many Alaska Tales! It is often true that many streams and rivers do carry gold in them but panning is a lot of hard work often without success, it kind of gives you a new perspective on how hard life was for the miners!                 Enjoy! 082918 Spanding Time  08/29/18 "Time Spanner"  Reminders of Alaska past can be found often in remote roads! You never know whats just around the bend or the amazing story that wants to unfold!                 Enjoy! 083118 Nature Weather Gauge  08/31/18 "Nature's weather Gauge"  Fireweed still proves to be one of the most accurate weather gauges that nature has to predict the unset of Winter! It's accuracy is totally amazing!                 Enjoy!
090118 The Great Pumkin of All Time  09/01/18 "A New State Record!!!"  This year's state fair pumkin set a new state record prehaps close to a new world record! At 1,417.5 lbs It's safe to say that's a lot of of Pumkin Pie, Awesome!!!                 Enjoy! 090318 Wooly Bully  09/03/18 "Wooly Bully"  The Alaska State Fair this year carried a prehistoric life theme from robotic dinosaurs to Woolly Mammoths! It was an amazing  time for all, what a awesome Wooly Mammoth!             Enjoy! 090518 Hey Got Some Wire Cutters  09/05/18 "Psst...Hey Buddy Got Some Wire Cutters? "  These geese are looking for a quick way out of the cage! After all they want to be free range geese and booked their winter accommodations for their Southward Migration before all the ponds are taken!             Enjoy! 090718 Howdy Yall  09/07/18 "Extinct You Bet!"  Howdy Ya'll thats right I'm back! It's been a few millions or ok more your right! Don't tell anyone but I am a robot but thats ok have am amazing time in the Cenozoic Era, by the way love the flowering plants of your day we didn't have them back then!                 Enjoy!
090918 Daring Kayaker  09/09/18 "Daring Kayaker"  If you ever out Kayaking and find yourself among these friends what can one say welcome to the food chain!                 Enjoy! 091118 Freedom Isnt Free  09/11/18 "Freedom Isn't Free"  As we remember the 911 attacks please take a moment to thank all who answer the call to make sure those cowards never harm anymore people and never forget freedom isn't free and safeguard your freedoms from all those who would take them from you!                 Enjoy! 091318 Bee Happy  09/13/18 "Land and Go"  A bee lands and takes on a refuel and then heads off to explore other nectars!                 Enjoy! 091518 Touchdown  09/15/18 "Perfect Touchdown"  After a perfect glide a Paraglider makes a perfect two point touchdown!                 Enjoy!
091718 Winter is Upon Us  09/17/18 "According to Nature..."  The season of Winter is nearing upon us! The Fire Weed has bloomed and seeded that can only mean that Winter's blanket of snow is not not far behind!                 Enjoy! 091918 Promise  09/19/18 "Promise"  Seeing a rainbow is always a amazing site as it's a reminder of God's promise to never flood the Earth again but we must also keep our promise and have faith and treat each other with love!                 Enjoy! 092119 Paraglider Mountain  09/21/18 "Gliding Among Giants"  Paragliding is a awesome sport of updrafts and wind! These birds of the sky glide among giants as they soar over the landscapes below!                 Enjoy! 092318 The Lodge  09/23/18 "The Lodge"  A awesome place to stay on Hachter Pass Alpine Valley! The cabins are nice but the food is just as expensive but the stay is still amazing!                 Enjoy!
092518 Small World  09/25/18 "Small World"  We are so often afix when viewing the world around us at eye level, that an amazing forest of life lies at our feet only waiting to be discovered! Take some time and view this world!                 Enjoy! 092718 Magical Season  09/27/18 "A Season of Color"  The world of Alaska is afire with color as Summer's green has turned to the amazing colors of yellow, orange and reds of Fall!                 Enjoy! 092918 First Dusting  09/29/18 "After The Fireweed is Gone"  The first dusting event happen just the other day heralding the event of Winter's presence is close at hand get those ski's and sledds ready!                 Enjoy! 100118 Duck!  10/01/18 "Duck!"  Duck...Why what's Up? Ducks travel up an down Mirror Lake in an amazing weather!                 Enjoy!
100318 Just Different  10/03/18 "Just Different"  I saw this photo at a lodge I recently visited decided it was pretty funny so I wanted to share it with you and yes it is humorous, so have a good laugh unless your a Marmot!                 Enjoy! 100518 Ice Wall  10/05/18 "Ice Wall"  Seeing glaciers are always cool, yes that pun is intented!                 Enjoy! 100718 Stream Pouring Forth  10/07/18 "Water Flowing"  Behind the boulder is a small pool which supplies the water for what appears to be a spring the actual spring is a few hundred yards up slope!                 Enjoy! 100918 Mountain Side  10/09/18 "Mountain Side"  Many Mountain Sides in Alaska are rocky and covered with lichen and moss during the fall these plants turn fiery red and yellow its amazing to see!                 Enjoy!
101118 Sharing The Road  10/11/18 "Sharing The Road"  In Alaska roads can often double as road traffic and landing strips, always amazing what is around the next turn!                 Enjoy! 101315 Amazing  10/13/18 "Awesome Reflection"  The Cook Inlet often produces amazing water reflections from the Sun on clear days, the water takes on almost solid appreance !                 Enjoy! 101518 Inside Hatcher Pass Lodge  10/15/18 "Inside The Hatcher Pass Lodge"  A really nice place to eat and an excellent place to stay!                 Enjoy! 101718 Changing Color  10/17/18 "Changing Colors"  As Autumn fades so do the brilliant colors as Winter's Magic is slowy covering the mountain tops!                 Enjoy!
101918 Flying Around  10/19/18 "Flying Around"  Paragliders weave in and out of thermals and down drafts as navigate the gauntlet of cell towers that act as land marks as they soar like Eagles!                 Enjoy! 102118 Gold in There Them Streams  10/21/18 "Streaming Gold "  This stream is located in a area with a gold mine, chances are their are likely flakes of the gold in this stream, sorry location is kept secret although I am not planning any prospecting!                 Enjoy! 102318 Mole Day  10/23/18 "Mole Day 2018 "  Mole Day What can one say as a High School celebrates this all important event in Chemistry, Science is cool!                 Enjoy! 102518 Hacter Pass Revisited  10/25/18 "Hatcher Pass Revisited"  The Pass is a great place to hike and reflect!                 Enjoy!
102718 Ready for Birds  10/27/18 "Ready for Birds" Trees have produced berries for the firds right before Winter's deep freeze! Enjoy! 102918 First Valley Snow  10/29/18 "Valley Snow Has Arrived!"  13 inches of snow blanketed the Eagle River area of Alaska, it was so amazing and awesome!                 Enjoy! 103118 Shooting Sun  10/31/18 "Shooting Sun"  I took this image last month thought it was cool as it look like the Sun reentering the Earth's Atmosphere!                 Enjoy! 110118 Apline Glow  11/01/18 "Alpine Glow Returns"  With fresh snow that blankets the mountains and valley below, Sunsets bring Apline Glow on the mountain tops!                 Enjoy!
110318 Alpine Glow 2  11/03/18"Alpine Glow 2" A another amzing view of Alpine Glow! Enjoy! 110518 Peaking Through  11/05/18 "Peeking Through"  The Sun low on the horizon peer's through the snow line tree!                 Enjoy! 110718 Winter Beauty  11/07/18 "Winter Beauty"  With Winter here the landscape takes on a magical touch!                 Enjoy! 110918 Snow and Light  11/09/18 "Snow and Light"  The Sun appears over the summit for a brief moment as it is low on the horizon during the Winter months!                 Enjoy!
111118 Happy Verterns Day  11/11/18 "Happy Verterns Day" Please never forget that Freedom is not free! Remember to thank a serviceman or a vertern for your Freedom, they paid the price for you!  Enjoy! 111318 Letting off Steam!  11/13/18 "Letting off Stream"  Mt. Redoubt let off steam tonight reminding us that even though the massive volcaneo sleeps for now, it can await at any moment! A plane is seen flying across the view and wind generators on Fire Island are clearly visible!                 Enjoy! 111518 Christmas Tree  11/15/18 "Christmas Trees"  With snow on the trees it seems as if Christmas is getting close at hand!                 Enjoy! 111718 Mix Temperatures  11/17/18 "Mix Temperatures"  Eagle River has been hit with a freezing thawing cycle that has let a messy Winter mix across the area and driving is not safe, so be careful!                 Enjoy!
111918 Sea of Trees  11/19/18 "Sea of Trees"  Alaska has vast expanses of open spaces but are literally Sea's of Trees everywhere!                 Enjoy! 112118 Frozen Dreams  11/21/18 "Frozen Dreams"  Rivers take on a new look as they freeze over during Winter! In many places after the deep freeze sets in they become road ways for many remote villages to connect with each other!                 Enjoy! 112318Between The Uprights  11/23/18 "Through The Uprights"  And..... it's good! The planetary team has score the field goal attempt as the Moon splits the uprights! Solar System 3 Stars 0               Enjoy! 112518 Early Riser  11/25/18 "Early Riser"  This young Eagle is up very early as the sky is really dark outside. I had to lighten the picture to get details out of the Eagle. So its true the early bird really gets the worm!                Enjoy!
112718 Towing Alaska Style  11/27/18 "Towing Alaska Style"  If you break down on the last frontieer Have Sleds Dogs No problem they are amazing animals and pull almost anything! These dogs are actually training as they wait for better snow to begin pulling sleds!                Enjoy! 112918 Sunny Eagle  11/29/18 "Catching Low Rays"  An Eagle attempts to warm himself in the low level light that we experience during the Winter Season!                 Enjoy! 120118 Earthquake!  12/01/18 "Earthquake!"  Alaska experience a 7.0 earthquake the epicenter was only 7 miles from Eagle River which is 20 miles North of Anchorage was hit the hardest, major damage to roads and bridges, also buildings were damaged including schools! Homes and belongings were and tossed hard and damaged! They can be replaced, but I thank God that everyone is safe!                 Stay Tune for More Pictures! 120318 Repair Effort  12/03/18 "Around The Clock!"  Road crews work without stopping to restore vital arteries of transportation for South Central Alaska! They face fractured and collapsed roads, sinkholes and damage bridges. Please give them plenty of space as they work tirelessly to restore services!                 Stay Tune for More Pictures!
120518 Tunneling  12/05/18 "Tunneling"  The bridge at Eagle River Loop Road will be close for quite awhile, they have to replace the collapse pedestrian tunnel that runs under in front of the bridge! Remeber please be patience and give these rebuilding hero's the space they need!                 Stay Tune for More Pictures! 120718 Building Damage  12/07/18 "Building Damage"  The Mormon Church on Eagle River Road took quite a hit during the Earthquake although the brick was damage the church itself survide!                 Stay Tune for More Pictures! 120918 Earthquake Survior  12/09/18 "A Survior"  The old bridge has seen more than its share of earthquakes during its nearly 90 years of existence! While no longer used for decades it does stand for the old saying "they don't build them like they used to!" and its survivability proves that!                 Enjoy! 121118 Supplies  12/11/18 "Supplies" After an Earthquake the local stores are overrun with people seeking to replace dwindling suppies at home! A good thing in mind is always be prepared like the Boy Scouts Motto! Enjoyed!
121318 Damaged lights  12/13/18 "Damaged Lights" Evem stop lights weredamaged in the Great Quake! Enjoyed! 121518 Christmas Lights Abound  12/15/18 "Christmas Lights Abound"  Ah, its that time of the year when displays of Christmas lights abound as we announce the birth of our Lord and and Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God!                 Enjoy! 121718 Beaming Steady  12/17/18 "Beams Abound"  The Nov 30 Earthquake has destroyed roads and several buildings were badly damage. This Elementary school will most likely need to be rebuild and the students have been moved to nearby elementary! Now steel beams have to support the walls as they continue save what they can!                 Enjoy! 121918 Even Santa Shops Here  12/19/18 "Even Santa Shops at Fred's!"  Santa was spotted shopping about at The Eagle River Fred Meyer's! Many people were greeted with joy when they saw him jingling along as he happy filled his cart with supplies!                 Enjoy!
122118 Snow Driving  12/21/18 "Winter Driving in Alaska"  Driving in Alaska is always an adventure! Wintertime is even more magical as the snow adds its own unique perspective to this amazing land!                 Enjoy! 122318 Adventure Ho!  12/23/18 "Adventure HO!"  With fresh powered on the land musher's and their teams are taking to the trails for adventure's unknown!                 Enjoy! 122518Merry Christmas 2018 From Alaska  12/25/18 "Merry Christmas"  This the day in which Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born! Always live your life in the goodness that Christ  taught us and receive the wondrous Gift that God has given us!                Enjoy! 122718 Suds Machine  12/27/18 "The Suds Machine"  or better known as "The Happy Wagon!" has appear on the land to deliver liquid bread to the many thirsty customers!                Enjoy or Should I Say Bottoms Up!
122918 Frozen Fish  12/29/18 "Frozen Fish"  I just bet those fish are ready to jump out of the fringed water into my plate oh yeah right! Ice Fishing is a art in patients that's for sure just asked any fish!                Enjoy! 123118 Joy of Mushing  12/31/18 "Joy of Mushing"  Whether you are a beginner or a season veteran there is no joy like driving a team to adventures unknown!                Enjoy!